Biafra war: You lied, IPOB, FFK tell Gowon

Yakubu Gowon
Yakubu Gowon

The Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, has reacted to a claim by ex-military head of state, Yakubu Gowon, that late warlord, Odumegu Ojukwu caused the Biafra civil war.

IPOB asked Mr. Gowon to stop making “false” statements against the late warlord. The group accused Mr. Gowon of having the penchant of distorting history, especially as it concerned the civil war.

Mr. Gowon had recently in an interview with AIT Television said ”Ojukwu’s lies caused the civil war in the country between 1967 and 1970.”

He made the claim while giving insight into what happened at the Aburi Conference, in Ghana, convened to resolve the war.

He alleged that the civil war broke because Ojukwu went on television and gave his account of the Aburi Accord, which was at variance with what was agreed upon; thereby deceiving the people of Biafra to go to war against the Federal Government.

But IPOB in a statement by its Media and Publicity Officer, Emma Powerful, described Mr. Gowon’s comment as “total falsehood from the mouth of a hater.”

“At the ripe old age of 83 and with the little window God has left open to him to repent and show remorse, Yakubu Gowon has chosen to continue to deceive himself with his bouquet of falsehood”, the statement partly read,

“It was the Labour Party government of Britain that cleverly convinced the Arewa North to put pressure on Gowon to feign illness, thereby making it difficult for him to tell the country what was agreed in Aburi because they were not comfortable with the agreement.

“Today, Gowon, whom we are led to believe is a prayerful Christian, has said he wasn’t able to speak when he returned from Aburi because he was ill. Question is: Was his information minister also ill? Were all government’s spokesmen in Lagos also down with illness at the same time that made it difficult for Lagos to make a pronouncement on Aburi Agreement several weeks after the meeting?”

The group said ”Mr. Gowon’s attempt to rewrite history would have worked had IPOB not been in existence.”

Also reacting to Gowon’s claims, a former minister of aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, maintained that late Ojukwu agreed to the terms reached at Aburi.

Describing Mr. Gowon’s remark as false, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, chieftain stressed that the former head of state reneged on the agreement upon his return to Nigeria from Ghana.

In a tweet on his Twitter handle, Mr. Fani-Kayode wrote: “Gen. Yakubu Gowon, an elder statesman said Ojukwu caused the civil war by lying about what transpired in Aburi. This is false. Ojukwu told no lie. Gowon agreed to all the terms in Aburi but when he got home, he reneged on the agreement. This is what led to the civil war.”

After over 50 years of the Nigerian Civil War, better known as the Biafra war, where thousands died, the Nnamdi Kanu – led IPOB is still asking for a Biafran state.


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  • share Idea

    Lying is second nature of people from that part of the country. Not ordinary or occasional lying but lying with straight face.

    Why did Gowon not tell the nation his own understanding of the agreement that was reached if Ojukwu lied according him. Nigeria we hail tehe

  • thusspokez

    But IPOB in a statement by its Media and Publicity Officer, Emma Powerful, described Mr. Gowon’s comment as “total falsehood from the mouth of a hater.”

    “At the ripe old age of 83 and with the little window God has left open to him…”

    “Today, Gowon, whom we are led to believe is a prayerful Christian… “

    Igbo argument: define as the use of insult as substitute for argument in a debate.

    So let’s have reasoned rebuttal backed by evidence — not an overdose of ‘Igbo argument’.

    • Otile

      Bigot. One day you will think of Igbo and you get heart attack and die. Nonsense

  • thusspokez

    But IPOB (sic) the banned terrorist organisation

    PM, please note that IPOB is a banned terrorist organisation and readers are entitled to be reminded of this at every mention of IPOB.

  • Decimator

    “He alleged that the civil war broke because Ojukwu went on television and gave his account of the Aburi Accord, which was at variance with what was agreed upon; thereby deceiving the people of Biafra to go to war against the Federal Government”. Gowon PT

    My question to General Gowon goes thus;

    1. After 50 years of the Biafran Genocide, do Gowon and his genocidal machine still believe that no document was in existent regarding
    the Aburi Accord?

    2. If there was a distortion on the side of Ojukwu as claimed by Gowon now or even if Gowon and his federal government then had some
    concerns about what was agreed upon in Aburi , knowing fully well that the Ojukwu /Biafran Slogan at the time was the famous “On Aburi we Stand”; why did Gowon and his then federal Government not also adopt similar slogan to “On Aburi we stand” , which then would have
    ultimately landed both parties back to Aburi for clarification, rather than declare war to officially overtake the already existing pogrom against the Igbos then?

    3. At no time to the best of Gowon’s knowledge and that of any other person did Ojukwu declare war, he declared secession. The war was declared by Gowon as a counter reaction. At that point he had also the possibility of igniting an Aburi Clarification even in theTelevision.

    Our brothers in Aburi to the best of my knowledge, at that time had at no point refused further mediation.

    Knowing fully well that you will be reading this Gen. Gowon, I humbly request for your explanation to the over 2 million slain innocent compatriots.

    You owe them exactly that now.


    • Rumournaire

      First, I agree that Gowon lied. When he returned from Aburi, his British advisers told him he had negotiated a bad deal. So he reneged. As you said, even if he was ill, the matter was so important that he could have delegated the announcement of the Aburi accord to his Information Minister – or his Chief of Staff. He reneged – Period!

      However, all this talk of genocide against Igbos is balderdash and also an attempt to rewrite history. If you want to get the balanced history of the Civil War, you must rewind to the 15-Jan-1966 coup. The coupists, almost entirely Easterners, killed all regional leaders except theirs and installed their own tribesman (Ironsi) as Head of State – who declared a unitary government (from which Nigeria has never recovered). (Igbos should be reminded that the current unitary government with which most southerners are dissatisfied was foisted on the country by Lt-Gen. Aguyi-Ironsi). After killing other regional leaders, Igbos embarked on a triumphalist mockery in the media of the Northern leaders whom they had killed. That triggered the massacre of Igbos in the north (very sad!) and the counter-coup by the northern military officers on 29~30-Jul-1966, which eventually brought Yakubu Gowon to power. In reaction to the masscre of Igbos in the north, Ojukwu declared the Republic of Biafra and northerners in the East came under attack by Igbos, just as Igbos in the north were fleeing the pogrom in the north. Initially, Gowon did not want a war and so sent only the Police to the East, in what was then called “Police Action”. Many of those policemen were killed. That was when Gowon embarked on a war to keep Nigeria one.

      You can only use the word “genocide” if indeed one side in the war was completely docile and at the mercy of the other side. But that was not the case. There was a war both sides fought. I, on the Nigerian side, lost a relation killed by Biafrans during that war. Igbos should remember that the Biafran troops actually pushed to extend the would-be Biafran territory to Lagos. Have you not read of the “Battle of Ore”? Yes, Biafrans pushed the war as far as Ore before they were pushed back.

      How can you, because you lost the war, now claim the war was genocide? That is most dishonest.

      • Abdel-Gafar Akinlabi Salaudeen

        Thanks for your educative response.What happened between 1967 to 1970 is not a genocide because all Nigerians lost their loved ones during the war.

      • marcos avelino

        This is a very good rational level headed summary. These ibos are a very terrible people as you can see they started the last war and want to start another. They are not satisfied with controlling the largest share of nigerias trade. As for power the Ibos should never be allowed to have it because they have a criminal DNA period

        • Okokondem

          As for you troll, you have long proven as well as demonstrated lack of objectivity and empathy, and for the most part, it is self proclaimed virtuous people like you that constitute Nigeria’s biggest problem.

          Listen to what you said that is informed by nothing but ignorance:

          “They are not satisfied with controlling the largest share of nigerias trade.”

          Really? The Igbos stopped you from trading? The Igbos returned to Nigeria in 1970 after the civil war empty-handed, and ever since have remained subjugated by successive Nigerian governments. They have been reminded at any chance by both the military and civilian governments that they were defeated in the dreaded civil war that ended 50 years ago. Resorting to self-employment, mostly trading, became their only option, and here you are attempting to besmirch and disparage them based on their natural inclination towards entrepreneurship. Shame on you.

          Federal roads and highways in the zone that are statutory responsibility of the federal government are deliberately abandoned to the chagrin of the people of the zone. But I suppose you are not concerned about that.

        • Ceejay ilo

          You also remind them of their stupidity when they choose to opt out of the union. Your likes wont stop chanting- the unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable. How dare you come to like and even resort to killings in order to live with ‘terrible’ people?

      • Okokondem

        First, I commend you for recognizing that Gowon’s recollection of the agreement in Aburi, Ghana is flawed.

        However, I disagree with your characterization that the treatment of the Igbos by Nigerian government during the Civil War did not rise to genocide.

        This is how Merriam-Webster dictionary defines genocide :

        “the deliberate killing of people who belong to a particular racial, political, or cultural group”


        ” the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group”

        As you can see, the definition didn’t include a caveat, as you have alluded, that exempts or excuses genocide if the victim was fighting back.

        Whether the January 1966 coup by predominantly young military soldiers of Igbo extraction that resulted in the killing of northern political leaders was justified or not, deliberate, targeted, mass killings of Igbo civilians living in the north is a classic case, and meets the definition of genocide.

        Also, the orchestrated, strategic and targeted use of hunger as a weapon of war against the Biafran civilian population, including and especially children, again meets the definition of genocide.

        At this point in history, 50+ years later, we all owe it to posterity to not engage in obfuscation and deliberate misinformation about what transpired during the darkest period in our republic. One has to wonder why Gowon, who in spite of his role in the civil war is viewed as an elderly statesman, would engage in falsehood about such a critical period in our history.

        Today, his people, the area I grew up knowing as Benue-Plateau, is under siege by the hausa-fulani cattle herdsmen. One would think as an elderly ‘statesman’ he should be able to see things in Nigeria contextually rather than engaging in misinformation.

        • concernednigerian

          Gowon was a main actor in the events in question. Who can give an account of the events better than him?

          • Okokondem

            So, what did you just contribute to the dialogue, that Gowon has earned the right to express opinion about the civil war because ‘he was a main actor’? No one is disputing that. At issue here is whether his account is truthful and accurate, and I can’t tell which side you are on.

          • Rumournaire

            I personally cannot trust Gowon’s account of anything – and I am really sorry to say that. I have seen that he has difficulty being objective where he has an interest. So, the fact that he saw it all does not mean that he would preserve the true account of things.

            But, as I already said, Igbos should also stop narrating the Civil War story from the middle. It started on 15-Jan-1966 and not when the pogrom broke out in the north.

      • Factual Bob

        What a jaundiced view and distortion of facts.The 15 January 1966 coup was purely a military affair that had nothing to with the Igbo civilians.The pogrom and genocidal massacres of Ndigbo in the North was very visibly clear to even the blinds.How does the actions or in-actions of the coupists concern the civilians? Why were the civilians of certain other tribes not massacred after subsequent successive coups in Nigeria master-minded by officers and men of their ethnic tribes? The pogrom of Ndigbo in the North started decades before the 15 January 1966 coup.
        Gowon declared war on the Biafrans,and they fought gallantly to defend their sovereignty and defeat the invaders which could only be achieved by capturing Lagos (the seat of government of Nigeria) and possibly Gowon. How else can the Biafran military capture Lagos without Benin,Ore,etc in their control?
        War crimes and genocides were committed by the Nigerian military against the Biafran,and you should be ashamed of yourself for dancing around facts..

        • Okokondem

          “Why were the civilians of certain other tribes not massacred after subsequent successive coups in Nigeria master-minded by officers and men of their ethnic tribes?”

          Exactly! The Colonel Dimka led coup of the mid 1970s that led to the assassination of Murtala Mohammed in retaliation for his coup a year earlier that led to the ouster of Gowon did not (and should not) result in the massacre of the civilian population of the former Benue-Plateau, the home state of both Dimka and Gowon. I get offended when ‘informed’ engage in misinformation and obfuscation.

          • Rumournaire

            Let me make this point clear which I think people missed in my post. The 15-Jan-1966 coup did not immediately lead to the war. What actually triggered the pogrom was the mockery in the east-controlled media, of the Northern leaders that had been killed on 15-Jan-1966. Several months elapsed after 15-Jan-1966 before the pogrom started. I was in High School then and I can recall seeing cartoons in newspapers and in Drum Magazine, of Sardauna being depicted as a donkey and Nzeogwu riding on him. It was actually the mockery that triggered the pogrom, not the killings of 15-Jan-1966 per se.

          • Okokondem

            It doesn’t make it right. You don’t massacre thousands of innocent women and children, and men, on the account some cartoonist made a caricature of Ahmadu Bello, when will you get that?

            What about the decision to block food from reaching starving, innocent Biafran children, an act in contravention of the Geneva convention? Do you have a justification for that cruelty?

          • Rumournaire

            1) Have you seen a war where people provide food for the families of their enemies?
            2) Do you know what started World War 1? It was the assassination of ONLY ONE man – Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, assassinated in Sarajevo in June 1914. Think of millions that died of bullets, bombs and starvation in that world war. The lesson is this: When you roll out drums of war, innocent civilians ALWAYS suffer. That happens be the nature of war. So, people should think carefully of their unarmed women and children when they start to fan the embers of war.

          • Okokondem

            You seem to be saying that it was ok for Nigeria to put in place a blockade denying food to innocent women and children because people also lost access to food during World War one? Does that make it a badge of honour? Had Nigeria been made to pay a price for perpetrating genocide, as did the perpetrators of the 1st and 2nd world wars and their collaborators, you would not be patting yourself on the back for Nigeria’s role in starving Biafrans. Those who willfully starved civilians in wars not incidentally but deliberately, in violation of the conventions of war, often pay a price eventually. Ask the former leader of Liberia and former Yugoslavia.

          • Rumournaire

            You have just justified why United States refused to be a member of the ICC. If every war would be called genocide because one side lost, then every victor in every war should face trial. In wars – which are nearly always started by military combatants, innocent civilians not only get starved; they get bombed, maimed and killed. In a war, there is no practical way of isolating civilians from military combatants. You cannot say you are sending food to only civilians in militarised areas – it cannot work. That is how the term “collateral damage” came about. The military do not deliberately target civilians, but civilians caught in a war front are unfortunately exposed to the same dangers as the combatants.

            I know this is hard for those who have been at the receiving end to swallow, but it happens to be the reality of war. USA refused to be part of ICC because of your type of sentiment – where once you lose a war, the victorious side is immediately guilty of genocide.

            We can go on and on in this argument, and I can assure you, we may never agree. One thing is clear: those who fan the embers of war must think carefully of the potential consequences – not only for themselves, but also for their unarmed kith and kin. The wound could take a very long time to heal, as is obviously the case with you and many other contributors in this forum.

          • Wale

            You’re watering a stone.

          • Rumournaire

            I know, but sometimes it is good to take these people on and tell them the truth from a first-hand perspective. Otherwise, children unborn would think their jaundiced account is the truth.

          • Otile

            It is dangerous for children to take your deceptive al-Taquiyya as truth. Next you will swear that you are not a Muslim anymore, that in reality you fathered 2 children from Igbo women, bla bla bla… We know your type – as treacherous as your tribesman Yakubu Gowon. Yes Gowon too fathered children from Igbo women. What else?

          • Rumournaire

            I do not have any child from any Igbo woman. But I do have an Igbo son-in-law to whom I happily gave my daughter in marriage, and I have no regrets whatsoever. Otile, I have actually stopped responding to your post because you believe anyone who suggests that any Igbo ever did any wrong must be an Igbo hater. You read everything through tribal lenses. It is amazing how biggoted you are – to think that anyone who suggest you could be wrong must hate you. Anyway, I hope you now understand my Igbo link.

        • Amobi Nnamani

          If you have access to foreign memos on the Biafran War like the CIA,M15 classified/declassified memos and true life witness accounts, one thing is clear, saying that 1966 coup was Igbo coup is standing history on its head. It is well known that the North came late into the Nigeria project because of fear of domination due to thier nature and low level of exposure. It was evident in every aspect of the country’s existence most especially the Army. That was why the north was at the low ranks and was not qualified for participation in the coup purely organized by few senior officers at that time. There is need for us to make use of truth at all times for the sake of our chidren and children’s children. So that thier lives are not hatched on falsehood. Otherwise our future is lost. God help us.

        • Rumournaire

          Thanks for your view. You have just demonstrated the difficulty Nigeria has establishing what should be taught as Nigerian history in our schools. The tribes across the country will never agree as to the true account and motives behind the various actions. To someone like you, when you lose a war, then it is genocide. I have no intention of arguing this point with you. It is your view to which you are entitled. But just bear in mind that, just as my post represents my view of things – and I am old enough to remember the account first-hand, you are also entitled to your interpretation.

          One thing I advocate is this: Never start the story of the Civil War with the massacre of the Igbos in the North. Start the story from 15-Jan-1966. However you choose to interpret the actions and motives of the various parties is up to you. But don’t start the story in the middle

          • Okokondem

            Start the story of the civil wherever makes you happy, that doesn’t entitle you to your own definition of genocide. You just stated,

            “To someone like you, when you lose a war, then it is genocide.”

            I know you are capable of being objective. And you know the decision to enlist northern soldiers and civilian alike to unleash meyhem on Igbo civilians, unarmed women and children in Kaduna, Kano and Zaria, etc. in 1966 was genocide. You could have insisted on exerting revenge on Zik and others (although two wrongs don’t make a right). But you made the decision to kill women and children in the thousands or millions. You can not wish such atrocities away.

          • Mr.Val

            You have a poor understanding of the true meaning of genocide,and your biased recollection of the sad events is repulsive.Massacres of the Igbos in the north started in Jos in 1945,repeated again in 1953 in Kano, before the Jan 15,1966 coup that had nothing to do with Igbo civilian population.
            Can we start from there and then?

          • Rumournaire

            The fact that the massacres of 1945 and 1953 did not lead to a war tells you that it was not the killings of 15-Jan-1966 that immediately led to the Civil War. It was the mockery that followed. And by the way, the derisive mockery of the assassinated northern leaders by the Igbos was by Igbo civilians. So when people come here and say it was only the Igbo military boys that committed the crime, they hide from reality. If it were the killings by the Igbo coupists on 15-Jan-1966 that triggered the war, the war would have started almost immediately. But it didn’t. It was actually Igbo civilians that embarked on the mockery in the media. They even composed songs to mock the northern leaders. Now, you and others want to tell us that Igbo civilians were innocent? Tell us more!

          • Factual Bob

            Jesus wept !,…”mockery in the media by Igbo civilians triggered the civil war”…how low can you go? Two successive genocidal massacres of Ndigbo in 1945,and 1953 in the north was not crime enough but your so called ‘mockery’ of northerners killed in the Jan 15,1966 justifies the ethnic cleansing of Ndigbo. Examine your conscience again if you have one,and weigh 2 genocidal massacres against so called mockery.
            Can you please provide evidence of your ‘fabrication’ of mockery in the media controlled by the military, that justified ethnic cleansing of Ndigbo?

          • Rumournaire

            You are so bigoted, believing that Igbos cannot do wrong and did absolutely nothing deserving of any suffering, that there is no point going into this discourse with you. You are asking me for evidence of what happened in 1966. How ridiculous can you get? Am I a historian? I have told you what I knew as an eye-witness. You do not have to believe it, and I owe you no evidence. Believe what you want to believe. If most Igbos have your mindset, then I would be the first to vote for Biafra independence. Please, wherever you are, go home and build the Biafra of your dreams.

          • Factual Bob

            Thank you for being honest enough to admit that you cannot corroborate your hallucinations.Your deep-seated hatred for Ndigbo rendered you ‘intellectually sterile’ and unable to remember that an eye witness account (as you claimed to be) is false unless proven with factual evidence or statistically within a population of data.An eye witness owes humanity every evidence,but you have none because there was absolutely none whatsoever except in your warped mind.
            I pity your miserable mental enslavement,and wish you all you wish Ndigbo and Biafrans.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            But nothing justified the murder of Igbo civilians. No matter what they did, there can never be a justification for that.

          • Rumournaire

            Really? Your statement is completely self-serving. First, Igbos in this forum should tell us what they did that provoked their mass killings. Coming here to tell us of “innocent, peace-loving, defenseless Igbos” is hogwash and self-serving. First acknowledge what you did, No Igbo in this forum has done that. Rather, you continue to portray yourselves of completely innocent. If that were the case, why were other tribes in the north not attacked?

            Whether or not the northerners (and I am not one) over-reacted is subject to discussion. But if Igbo soldiers killed the northern leaders, and Igbo civilians then embark on a mockery of those slain leaders, how the northerners would react is subject to debate. We all have our threshold. But let me advise all Igbos in this forum: Stop down-playing the role Igbos played in their own sufferings. It is the type of arrogance that provokes resentment. Acknowledge the role you played in your own suffering, and then whether or not the northerners over-reacted would be subject to discussion. Tell your children the whole truth!

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            I did not deny that Igbo civilians may have mocked Northerners after the 1966 attempted revolution, but if someone mocked you after a tragedy, you may desire to beat up the individual but killing them is unjustifiable, pure and simple. There is no way around this.

          • Rumournaire

            When I was growing up, one of the things my grandmother told me was never to mock a deaf or dumb person because, what he does not have in words, he has in violence. There is no doubt that the press in the south has always been vibrant. It is said that the media can bring down any government. Picture this: Northerners, after having their political leaders killed, began to see mockeries in the media of their slain leaders. (If you have access to media archives, flip through the newspapers and Drum Magazine of 1966/1967.) These northerners were not nearly as articulate as the south. They did not even have the media machinery. How they would react to such mockery is anyone’s guess.

            Never judge another person by how you would personally react. I do not in any way justify the mass killing of Igbos in the north. It was horrible and detestable. But I have also stepped back to try to understand why things went that way. I personally think that while the killings was an over-reaction, there was also a lot of insensitivity on the Igbos’ part. Now, I know the Igbos in this forum don’t want to ever hear anyone suggest that Igbos ever did any wrong. But that is in fact <b.the problem – the mindset that Igbos are a tribe of saints who never did anything to warrant any ill treatment. Igbos think anyone who suggests that Igbos ever did wrong must be an “Igbo hater”. (I remind those close to me that I gave my daughter to an Igbo in marriage – willingly and happily, and have no regrets whatsoever.)

            Bear in mind that long before that 1966, there had been a bottled-up resentment against the Igbos in the north. Recently, I and and an Igbo friend both watched a video clip of a BBC journalist interviewing Sardauna in the early sixties – before the pogrom. You could see Sardauna breathing resentment against Igbos. He said he would rather employ an expatriate than employ an Igbo in his government, and that any Igbo he would hire would be on a very limited contract. When the BBC journalist asked him why, Sardauna said when you employ an Igbo, he quickly floods the place with his fellow Igbos and the locals become completely marginalised. After watching the video, I asked my Igbo friend if he thought the Sardauna made any point. Not unexpectedly, my friend acknowledged that what the Sardauna said was true, but that it shows Igbo’s hardwork and focus on delivery. He said the Igbos just want the job done and would bring people they know can work with them to get the job done. Now, do you really think that is an acceptable attitude? So, if I hire you to come and help develop my people, it is alright for you to flood the place with your own people instead of developing mine?

            Igbos play down the impact of their insensitivity. You may think it is nothing to warrant killings, but what you consider insignificant in Igbo culture could be a big deal in other cultures.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            But could you not accuse Buhari of acting the same with his appointments (he just wants the job done so he needs to find people to work with him)? Aren’t we seeing this behavior across Nigeria? Pius Anyim was accused of this under Jonathan, Femi Kayode when he was Aviation Minister under Obasanjo. Kwankwaso was widely accused of ignoring Sabon Gari and treating it as if it was not part of Kano. I don’t think it is just an Igbo problem of ethnic preference.

          • Rumournaire

            You are doing what many online discussants do – point out other people guilty of an offense to water down the gravity of an offender they seek to defend. Buhari’s narrow-minded focus on the north has earned him much of the resentment against him across the country today. Regardless of who does it, whoever practices such tribalism and nepotism attracts resentment against himself. That is why I said the resentment against Igbos in the north was already bottled up before Jan-1966.

            Let’s stop pointing at other criminals as a way of trivialising our own crimes. Wrong is wrong, no matter how many people do it. We should take responsibility for the part we have personally played in creating the mess we are in today. Let no one or tribe come here to paint themselves as a saint and a victim when they have contributed to the disadvantaged position they are in. Many armed robbers operate successfully and never get caught. The one that gets caught cannot say he is innocent just because there are other armed robbers who have not been caught. Many including Buhari, practice nepotism and get away with it. But not everyone will get away with it. Eventually, when the repercussions manifest, it may consume even their innocent relations.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            You know Pius Anyum is Igbo right? I mentioned him also. The end point is that Nigerians from all sections of the country have done these things and it is a national rather than just an Igbo problem.

          • Rumournaire

            One advise for you: All those older Igbos who told you of the massacre of Igbos in 1945, 1953 and 1966, go and ask them to complete the story by telling you what led to those massacres. It is dishonest of them to have told you of the massacres without telling you what led to them. And you, as an intelligent person, should also have asked them!

          • thusspokez

            Massacres of the Igbos in the north started in Jos in 1945,repeated again in 1953 in Kano, before the Jan 15,1966 coup

            If so, why had the Igbos not left the North after the first so-called massacre, let alone after Kano? Is life and self-preservation not important to them?

          • Rumournaire

            Furthermore, the question which begs for answers is: Why were the Igbos singled out for massacre in those years? What was special about them? They would readily say it was out of envy. Envy for what? Igbos talk of how illustrious they are. But that is all in buying and selling – which is not rocket science. Igbos are not the most educated in Nigeria – the Ekitis, Ondo and Egbas are the most educated Nigerians. So, can the Igbos tell us their view of what led to those massacres. They cannot just be crying about the massacres without telling us why.

          • thusspokez

            Why were the Igbos singled out for massacre in those years

            The Igbowoman is so un-Igbo to be called Igbo or put in the same basket as the Igboman who have a penchant for creating enemies for himself and consequently makes himself an object of hate everywhere he goes. His This empty braggadocio is, no doubt, borne out hidden inferiority complex — as is often the case with persons and groups, in history, who claim to be superior to other people(s).

          • Decimator

            You kept on attesting to a targeted Pogrom against the Igbo civilian populace, yet to you that does not amount to genocide because of the cause and effect.

            According to the New York Times, on 10th January, 1968, “Federal troops…killed, or stood by while mobs killed more than 5000 Ibos in Warri, Sapele, Agbor…”.

            Not to talk of the targeted starvation of the Biafran Civilian populace in its entirety through the food blockade program of Gowon’s government, one of the very first in the history of mankind.

            What else do you want Genocide to look like?

            According to your analysis genocide could only have occurred, when the entire Igbo civilian populace remained docile and surrender themselves to be wiped. That is really not fare!

            Remember we have witnessed similar scenario later in Rwanda, where the entire Tutsi civilian populace were accused by the Hutus of shooting down their Hutu president with resultant ethnic cleansing of the Tutsis. Here as we know, only
            the intervention of the RPF under Paul Kagame could stop the genocide.

            Please for cordiality sake in the discus, in as much as the January 1966 coup plot was callous and totally unnecessary not to talk of the wasted lives of fellow eminent citizens, the perpetrators remain the perpetrators and not their
            entire ethnic lineage, with resultant stigmatization and ethnic cleansing.

            A student does not and cannot take an exam for the entire class.

            And just on a final note, the United Nations’ Genocide Convention defines genocide as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group”.


      • Funso Famuyiwa

        Thank you. for your account which was reflective and factual. I too was an eye witness to these events as I was a 3rd Year Medical Student (1st Year Clinical) at UCH Ibadan in 1967. The Biafran invasion of Yoruba west that was stopped at Ore was an eye opener and there was equal concern about planned Bombing of Lagos by Biafran Airforce. These were the developments that changed Yoruba attitude to the War.
        In Medical School, all our Igbo Colleagues decided to return home despite remonstrations from us that they would be safe in Ibadasn, but those from what is now called South-south All stayed. After the War, our Igbo Classmates came back but graduated 2 to 3 years after the rest of us. Some carried lingering resentment that was manifested in their attitude even two to three decades after.
        As we make our bed, so we shall lie on it.

      • John Abayomi

        Thanks for the timely reminder, the problem is most commentators here aren’t old or sincere enough, perhaps don’t care to read and schooled themselves with history of Nigeria, they all just indulge in their lazy state, use every slight opportunity to launch tirades against anyone with differing views just to make themselves feel better and/or escape the harsh economic conditions in Nigeria or wherever they are based. Rather than wallow in the past and hate, I implore everyone to tarry alittle, take time to study Nigerian history and treat others the way they want to be treated. The exact thing the then late leader of Biafra complained about with Nigeria, he institutionalised in the current south-south region, in places like Port Harcourt, and other major cities of the south-south, the non-indigenes took complete ownership of commercially viable properties and land, shared these amongst the tribes and kins of the late leader of the Biafra who coincidentally happens to be appointed governors/representatives and non-indigenes of South-South. Recently our south eastern brothers and sister s went completely to bed during GEJ era, they didn’t even ask GEJ to implement some of the Sovereign Conference recomendations that doesn’t require going through the national assembly. “Make we hear word jor”. That said the current “King of the North” in Aso Rock should be more “King of Nigeria”, recent events shows he is unapologetically biased and ethnocentric which is the worst form of corruption, show me your friend and I will tell you the type of person you are, a sincere man cannot surround himself with corrupt elements and/or shield them went they do wrong, that is my view.

        • Rumournaire

          Thanks. You are right that we all must be objective and accept our responsibilities for whatever ignoble roles we played in Nigeria’s history. Sadly, people only want to talk about what they suffered without stating their own contribution to the suffering.

          Buhari has a very narrow view of Nigeria. When he wants to make an appointment, the only names that come to his mind are northern names – the very reason Igbos courted the resentment of other Nigerians. Buhari has difficulty trusting southerners to advice him on appointments. If you suggest a Yoruba name to him, he immediately thinks he is linked to Tinubu. If you suggest an Igbo name to him, he thinks the Igbo would have a secessionist agenda – and the Igbos do not help matters with the likes of IPOB. Even Kachikwu was a nominee of one of the retired Generals from the North. Buhari definitely has to work at broadening his view of Nigeria and acknowledge that all parts of the country have good people. I personally do not believe he is interested in stealing. But unfortunately, there are too many dubious characters around him, undermining his own integrity.

          I believe Nigerians voted for Buhari only because the way GEJ was running the country, anything else was deemed better. Just imagine all the revelations of stealing, and the huge moneys being recovered from those who served in that government! I am hoping Nigerians will have better options in 2019.

          • Sir Louis

            On point. The most important thing Buhari would be remembered for, going by hindsight is getting Goodluck Jonathan out of the presidential villa where he was messing up. Pitiably, other things so far done by Buhari would be deemed controversial and a distraction from the goal of national integration, peace, justice and unity.

  • Intrepid

    gowon is the most deceptive, dishonest and doubled -face Nigerian Ruler.


    Gowon is a disgrace to himself and Christianity !! To take advantage of the demise of Ezeigbo gburu-gburu to distort history is very unbecoming of a states-man to say the least.


    • marcos avelino

      What christianity ? nonsense move on to realism. Your people became christians mostly in the 1930s . Leave this tribal and religious fanaticism , its very primitive , out of date and will take you no where.


        You side-stepped the issue of Gowon spreading lies about Aburi to launch personal attacks.

      • Mufu Ola

        Thank you.These rats are forever doomed in their hatred for truth & alternative views

        • Okokondem

          There you go, not contributing anything substantive to the dialogue except throwing insults, guided exclusively by your natural hatred and loathing of a people. Shame!

  • The Spiritual Man

    Leviticus chapter 20 vs 28…gowon has chosen to be a wizard and have familier spirit. ..we stone him to deat and his blood shall be upon him..

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Gowon is a backstabber, coward and bloody liar whose regime was propped up by Sir David Hunt and the UK Government! Why did Gowon not say all these when Ojukwu was alive? At least he would have had some replies from Ojukwu. He has waited till Ojukwu died and then here he is spewing all sorts of lies and deceit against Ojukwu! I wonder the kind of self-acclaimed Christian Gowon is when he finds it interesting, enjoyable and comfortable to lie against the dead!

    Gowon now carries himself like a hero and very important person in Nigeria. Gowon has forgotten that he was just an accidental military head of state, placed there for the convenience of the time. And after that how has Gowon’s popularity fared? As of today, nobody even knows whether he visits or mingles with his people in Pankshin. Here is a man who lost all elections in the part of Nigeria he currently resides. And he thinks he is important or popular?

    Enjoy your retirement, dear man; a retirement foisted on you when you refused to leave power, vacillating on when to leave power. And when you left power you were fingered in a come-back coup d’etat that caused the deaths of many people.

    Please, go and bury your head in shame! It would be interesting to see how this man would look Obasanjo in the eye, after what had happened on that fateful day of February 13, 1976.

    I say, again, keep quiet, Gowon, and enjoy your retirement. You don’t have any standing to speak publicly in Nigeria.

    • Sir Louis

      Gowon cannot enjoy any retirement. He is in agony in retirement except he does know the condition of his people on the Plateau.

  • obiora

    What Gowon said is Good for Biafrans that wanted to leave Nigeria. He is helping Biafrans because the problem when talking of Nigeria is about Minority Christians in the North. But he is telling the world over that Northern Nigerians are One.

  • Mohammed Bello

    Nigerians are such a wonderful people. Do you want us to believe what gowon said or your imaginary concocted version ? Ojukwu said he led the first war and does not think another is necessary! Otherwise those who lost their lives in that tragedy would’ve been in vain. FFK or whatever can continue to delude themselves, trouble is FFK knew he is in trouble for soiling his hands and the long arm of law will soon descend. Get serious on other matters please.

  • Mohammed Bello

    At this age and time, Nigerians are still talking in terms of tribes or religion! Others are busy exploring the universe and you are here spewing nonsense. We have heard enough of the tirade


      Tell that to your brother at Aso-rock who runs the most tribal based government since the country was founded.

  • Dazmillion

    Why is Gowon still slaving under the table of his slave masters? Have the Hausa Fulani not killed enough Northern Christians to wake Gowon up? When will Gowon speak up against the Hausa Fulani herdsmen ravaging his village. Is Gowon cursed to be a Hausa Fulani slave forever?

    • Okokondem

      You have to wonder why Gowon is still peddling falsehood 50 years after the fact whereas currently his people are under siege from the herdsmen. And we call such people statesmen.

    • Biafran 1967


    • Vincent Izuagba

      He’s under Oath to serve his masters till death or until released by his masters(though unlikely)
      He’s a loyal slave.

    • Sir Louis

      He will remain who is is, someone who cannot speak for himself or anyone else. Sorry for his people, the christians on the Plateau.

  • Okokondem

    There’s a guy here, @thusspokez, whose first inclination always is to attack and disparage the Igbos, and I’m curious as to his ethnic nationality.

    • Otile

      The bigot is Yoruba, but he pretends he is not Nigerian. Just correct him when you see him going wild with his morbid hatred against Igbo people. When his reasoning gets too asinine to be ignored anyone is free to step in and correct the moron.

      • Susan Mitchell

        He most be a Yoruba. I have lived in Lagos, it is in their DNA. Envy for the Igbos

        • Ekoile

          Another exaggeration of self importance, what’s to be envy in biafraudians? Fact is from Cameroon to Cape Verde, biafraudians are irritants.

    • Biafran 1967

      He’s yoruba.

    • Vincent Izuagba

      When you see a faceless poster, attacking igbos or Biafrans, and bearing a name which can not be tied to any Nigerian tribe, there’s 99% chance that he’s a coward. He hates igbos yet he’s afraid to confront igbos. A hausa or fulani man are not cowards. We know the betraying cowards among us

  • Musa M. Dantsoho

    The podium is charged with tirades, rhetorics, humours, derisions of Gowon, the North and Hausa/Fulani simply because an imbecile happened to be on the sprawl..

  • Anonymous

    I sincerely think that Gowon at his very old age shouldn’t have lied against the dead. Most of us are well informed about what transpired at Aburi. Gowon as a symbol of one Nigeria, integrity and honesty should be his utmost cherished virtue.

    • Otile

      One Nigeria is nothing but hoax. Everybody laughs about it.

    • Sir Louis

      Gowon is not and never was a symbol of one Nigeria. Gowon was an unfortunate accident backed by the western powers.

  • Olu-Lion

    What a meddlesome interloper. FFK just want to remain in the news

  • Biafran 1967

    Gowon is christian hypocrite. He doesn’t forgive. He’s a liar and evil. He was the only Nigerian leader that refused to go to Ojukwu’s funeral. Everyone else went. Vile man. Lying against the dead.

  • Profy

    IPOB is a terrorist organisation. This has been agreed by both South East Governor who should know better and Federal Govt. So we should be careful the way we respond to IPOB statement on this fora.

    • Otile

      You are the same_idiot also posing as thusspokez. Continue to_fool yourself. Omo ale.

    • newday

      The executive does not make laws. The judiciary does not make laws. The ex parte ruling is under challenge.. Listen to Mr Saraki & bring the issue of proscription before the legislature that makes laws, first as a bill.& argue your case.. Western gov’ts say Ipob is no terrorist organization. Let’s have a referendum, is not terrorism. . Those working against the rule of law & spilling IPOB innocent blood, may even be the terrorists.

    • Vincent Izuagba

      Your illiterate is permanent. You will witness the restoration of Biafra, after which you can hang yourself

  • Ishaku isaac

    FFK. please, please SHUT UP. I thought you were a sensible person?!

  • May30th1967


  • Patriotism

    Premium times, you have reputation but comments by terrorists and senseless people like FFK shouldn’t be part of your reports. If you don’t have news, why can’t you go for investigation as you are well known of. Biafra is a death issue, which crop up by political lossers. Ojukwu run and left poor foot soldier dying with hunger. Similarly, Kanu run away.

    • Really

      But comments like yours that contributes nothing to the discussion should be given audience by premium times?
      Very Intersting!!

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    IPOB, led by the felon,Nnamdi Kanu, is already a proscribed terrorist organisation as classified by Nigerian court, and Nigerian authorities.
    Late chief Odumegwu Ojukwu, as a Eastern region,s military governor representing Nigeria military government, was the one who rebelled against Nigeria-state and Nigeria ruling -military then and declared Biafra Republic,out of Nigeria, thereby declaring war against Nigeria-state, hence, civil war ensued that lasted three years of blood-shedding and destruction of properties.When Nigeria declared real war depriving food importation and distribution going into South-East region, that was at war against Nigeria-state, then chief Odumgwu Ojukwu, fled to Ivory-Coast, on exile and remnants of Biafra Republic, surrendered to Nigeria troops led by General Olusegun Obasanjo.FFK. is a ceritfy advance looter and thief as well as embezzler, of Nigeria-state, public funds under chief Olusegun Obasanjo and also under GEJ.-re-election campaign funds. FFK. is a rogue!

    • Vincent Izuagba

      You are just a bastard. A faceless one at that

    • Really

      Babalawo Dr. at it again.

  • Ajiboye

    Who is FFK to challenge Gowon? I hope FFK know that the man talking was the head of States as at that time therefore he see more than anyone else moreover how old was FFK as at that time of Biafra war and where was he then,FFK should just shut up he know nothing than what he read in the book.

    • Sir Louis

      Ajiboye, age is not the issue here. The account of the Aburi accord and all that happened including the role of each of the principal actors is well documented in books and official correspondences. Gowon does not know what he is talking or choose to lie. Hope you are aware of Gowons level of education and appreciation of issues at that time. The poverty of Gowons persona was and remains a huge tragedy for Nigeria.

  • Susan Mitchell

    Nigeria government is just deceiving themselves. The Elders in the North are deceiving the youth in the north for their selfish gain. Referendum must come to pass, otherwise Nigeria is going nowhere. No reasonable person will come to invest in Nigeria as long as the Military keep terrorizing people and acting in a terrorist manner by killing unarmed people. Freedom of speech and association is one of the foundation of democracy which this illiterate government has failed to understand. Nothing stays forever! No champion forever! A day is coming when the oppressed shall become the oppressor – By Trump at the UN Assembly (2017).

    • Chukwuka Okoroafor

      Why use the name ‘Susan Mitchell’ for your agitation? Is it to make it appear that Westerners care about the Igbo people? If they care that much, there must be an ulterior motive don’t you agree?

      • Susan Mitchell

        Is the name also a call for war?!

        • Chukwuka Okoroafor

          Perhaps for deception?

  • NwaIgbo

    My Senior Christian Brother Gowon, please before Aburi, there was the ghastly pogrom during which Igbo blood flowed on the streets of Northern Nigeria. Male babies had their hands slashed and cut off because there were Igbos even though they were sucklings. We won’t forget!

  • Susan Mitchell

    I asked a Yoruba man why they don’t want the Igbos to exit? He told me to take a look at all the shops and accommodation in lagos which people occupy them. He said that igbos occupy 80% of them and if igbos should leave who will occupy them? It means he will be forced to go to the village and farm because a Yoruba man like him can not afford to pay the rent amount igbos pay. Then I said so it has been this all long. We Igbos are finished!

  • Susan Mitchell

    This morning my wife told me that our marriage after 57 years has brought us no children, it is better we divorce and try other ways. I told her she is beating drum for war, then she said she would go to the court. I said to her, where were you when the federal government cleared that self determination is a call for war?! It is said that if you think education is expensive, then try illiteracy. This illiterate Buhari out of shame and his illiteracy just paid 88bn to constituency he said gave him 5% vote. He has seen nothing yet.