Nigerian govt shifts northern oil search to Nasarawa

Crude oil extraction [Photo credit: Bloomberg]

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s quest to find oil in the northern part of the country shifted to the inland basins with the commencement of exploration activities in the Benue Trough.

The Group Managing Director of the Corporation, Maikanti Baru, announced the commencement of the search during his visit to the Nasarawa State governor, Umaru Almakura, in Lafia on Thursday.

The NNPC GMD said the visit was in line with the presidential directive to the corporation to resume oil exploration activities in some of the nation’s inland basins, including the Chad Basin and the Benue Trough.

The search is coming a few months after the NNPC opened a new frontier for oil exploration in the Sokoto area.

He said the presidential mandate was driven by the urgent need for the country to increase its oil and has reserves, improve revenue streams and create more business and employment opportunities for Nigerians.

Mr. Baru said the move was also in line with NNPC’s corporate vision under the 12 Business Focus Areas, 12 BUFAs.

He told the governor that the NNPC team was in Nasarawa to sensitise the government and people of the state on the mission.

“I am therefore happy to be personally here to kick-start the beginning of a high-profile stakeholder engagement towards oil exploration in the Nasarawa State’s part of the Benue Trough,” he stated.

He assured that as a responsible corporate organization, NNPC, through its Frontier Exploration Services, FES, would do everything possible to operate peacefully among the people and with much respect to the environment.

Already, the GMD noted, the FES had mobilised the Integrated Data Services Limited, IDSL, an upstream data services arm of the NNPC, to acquire seismic data in the Benue Trough commencing from the Keana area.

“I am convinced that the success of the results from IDSL’s seismic data acquisition will lead to the drilling of exploration wells in the area, which hopefully, would launch Nasarawa state into the league of oil producing states in the country,” Mr. Baru stated.

On petroleum products supply, the GMD assured that Nasarawa State indigenes would enjoy more products availability once the Corporation rehabilitates the Makurdi Depot pipeline, which feeds Nasarawa and Benue States.

“We have resuscitated Mosimi, Ibadan, Kano and Aba depots. Once we are done with Aba-Enugu line, we are heading towards Makurdi Depot,” Mr. Baru added.

Earlier, the governor who expressed delight over the commencement of oil search in his state, assured the GMD of Nasarawa people’s support to the venture in the frontier basin.

He particularly lauded the GMD for ensuring stability in products supply and distribution across the country.

“Since your appointment as the GMD, NNPC, I cannot remember any issue of fuel scarcity surfacing in the country. You are also known by many for your transparency and accountability, which is very crucial in a national company like the NNPC,” the governor stated.

Governor Almakura said the state government had deployed special “environment guards” to safeguard critical national assets and infrastructure across the state, including the Pipelines Right of Way, PRoW.

He pledged to direct the Ministries of Land, Physical Planning as well as Housing & Transport to work with the NNPC team towards ensuring the success of the oil exploration in the area.


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  • Frank Bassey

    We are diversifying the Economy!

    • ray


  • John Middle Belt

    I hope this is not another jamboree or an exercise in futility. I hope this search does not have a political undertone. If the management of NNPC is serious, they should go beyond Nasarawa end of the Benue – trough. Why Nasarawa end alone, when there is an existing oil well head located in Apa, Benue State explored by Chevron before the Nigerian civil war?
    Governor Ortom should watch out in order to guide against ceding oil rich territory to Nasarawa State.

    • ray

      Be patient. Stop reading meanings where there are none.

  • Decimator

    O thau, May this search for once be fruitfull so that Mohammadu Buhari and his intended larger Fulani dominated Arewa Nation could subtly decamp as they kept indicating, so that other Nations in the Nigerian Enclave coud be allowed to live in peace and justice.

    • Eluba Inas


  • Jon

    What Buhari and his Huasa/Fulani invaders from Futa Jallon Mountains are saying is that: No RESTRUCTURING or Devolution of powers until North finds oil in the North. Period.

    • Eluba Inas

      So let’s pray they succeed so we can go our separate ways.

      • ray

        Where do you have to go?

        • Eluba Inas

          The truth is we have no where to go. God in his infinite wisdom created and brought us together. He knows we are better together if only we know. Some people are lazy while some are filled with hatred and they see other people as detriment to their progress and lives. The reality is you are what you choose to make yourself. If you stand up and work hard you will be successful even in Beijing, if on the other hand you are lazy then you will make no progress in life and will find excuses and will blame others for your misfortunes.

          • Otile

            Are you therefore saying that Northern cheating does nothing to set hardworking Southerners back? Do you think that without adverse Nothern influence the South would not look like Dubai today?

          • Eluba Inas

            The only cheating is from the elites and they come from all corners of Nigeria. They cheat, they steal, and they cause division among the poor masses and people like you consume everything they say hook-line-and sinker.

  • Kambiri

    Buhari is using the NNPC to waste the resources of Nigeria in a fruitless search for crude oil. The North has been given adequate land for agriculture and they should harness that. The north will never find oil even if the drill every meter of the grassland looking for oil.

    What is the connection between these Hausa-Fulanis and oil?

    • Jon

      It means that if the North can’t oil in the North, there will be no restructuring or devolution of powers to the States and the NORTH will continue to control the oil resources in the South and the South can go to hell if they don’t like it.

    • Smart

      Kambiri means goat in malay language

    • Eluba Inas

      They found oil in Chad and Niger fo0l. Oil has no connection to your vitriolic tribal nonsense. Hatred will eventually consume you.

      • ray

        Thank you my brother. They eat fulani cows they don’t complain, they eat grains, yams, vegetables and other food items from the north the don’t complain.

        • Otile

          Yes, we buy those crops from you, but you steal oil from us. If you don’t steal our oil where can you get enough money to pay your emirs, sultans, imams, chief imams, and marabouts?

      • laki

        Looking for oil now with the low price of oil does not make any economic sense. Even the one that we have , they don’t have enough people to buy. The law of demand and supply. The dwindling oil and gas price makes exploration unviable during this time.

        • 0tile

          Where else are the rogues going to sink the humongous secret contract Baru & co forged for themselves. The people are evil and corrupt indeed.

  • Mariamyn

    Almighty father, please forgive these lazy, parasitic, blood thirsty, Hateful, unforgiving, uncircumcised, herdsmenish, bokoharamous, wicked, God forsaken, northern Hausa Fulani people and please let them see some oil in thier land. Because they have made it clear that without oil money they will all perish for thier laziness and absolute lack of basic survival skills and abilities. If they find this oil by your mercy lord, they will at least go thier own separate way. We do not in any way share any similarities with these savage beings that understand nothing else but kill and destroy. The spilling of blood gives them joy but we the southerners value human lives.
    Father please give them some oil so they can seperate from us. They are contaminating us.

    • Smart

      Hope this your hatred will not kill you.

      • Jon

        How is this hatred? You have eyes, but cannot see. You have ears, but cannot hear. We the Southerners support what Mariamyn has written above. That is the truth and nothing but the truth.

        • ray

          Hatred will kill you

    • Eluba Inas

      The lazy ass is you. Get up and fight for your right to be free from hatred of others that you know nothing about.

    • ray

      Your Hatred will kill you.Oil was found in Oloibiri.all Nigerian’s.rejoiced.Oil was found in Lagos all Nigerian’s rejoiced.Why the now? Because it is from the North.Hate Buhari if you like it won’t change anything. Stop eating cows, yam, rice, tomato and other food items that come from the northern part of Nigeria then we will know .Hypocrite”

      • Otile

        We don’t own your cow blocks as you people steal and own our oil blocks. Go away from us devils, you are cheating us badly.

      • Adedapo Osanyinbi

        There is no oil there! A waste of N30b and you will be saying it was GEJ’s regime rhat was wasting money! There are six indications that have ro be present before you invest so much money into sending exploration teams! There are plenty of solid minerals in northern Nigeria, but no, it has to be oil which is easy to steal and tuck up the value up the sleeves of a few elite! The N30b would have been put to use in developing what can earn us income! The phosphate rock at Somoto would have been put to good use instead of importing it from Morocco! There are two gold fields in Northern Nigeria, but no, it has to be oil! There are plenty of solid minerals, gemstones, titanium, uranium, tin, and other ores, but no, it has to be oil, the stuff of big stealing!

    • AryLoyds

      Amen Amen and AMEN !!!!!!

    • AryLoyds

      Wait a minute ! I thought Buhari said some thing about diversification . Why is it that they say one thing and do another when no one is watching !

      • 0tile

        My brother, nobody in his right senses believes anything Mohamed Buhari says after that monstrous lie about his certificate. Imagine, he was asked to present his certificate, he presented 13 lawyers to defend him. Shame

  • 2015 Progress

    So much noise for economic diversity indeed! Wish them fruitful venture and successful search.

  • Otile

    Imam Buhari and his looting gang are becoming desperate for crude oil. Who told them there’s oil in Nasarwa Emirate?

    • Eluba Inas

      Pray they find it as that is the quickest way they will leave you alone before you get consumed by hate.

      • Otile

        You don’t waste good prayers that way. Either the oil is there or it is not, no amount of prayers can create oil in the cursed land of core North and vicinity.

        • Eluba Inas

          The only cursed one here is you who is so full of hatred of others.

  • Jon

    No oil in the North, no restructuring or devolution of powers. And, this is the stand of Northerners.

    • Eluba Inas

      The more reason why all hands shall be on deck to support them and pray they find oil, so we can go our separate ways as that to me is what the restructuring is all about.

  • Daddy cool

    See the reasoning of a cowbrained president. I pray earnestly for this oil to be discovered in the desolate northern Nigeria as soon as possible so that these leprous abomination called Hausa Fulani can just peacefully go thier seperate way. These abominable beings who know nothing but kill and spill blood. Thier lives are so dependent on this oil in another man’s land that they are ready to spill all the blood in Nigeria to hold unto it. Lazily Acursed people.


    Lazy people……give igbos that land without oil and see what we make of it in a decade.

    • Eluba Inas

      Charity starts at home. Let’s see what you can make out of SE first.


        Not with you breathing down our necks and blocking all progress with vindictive policies.

  • igboham

    I can only pray that they find the biggest oil field in the world. Freedom, here I come.

  • princegab

    No oil anywhere near nasarawa. It will be a better waste of money than parking a plane in London for 4 months while pmb supposedly recovering from a faked illness.