PROFILE: New CBN Deputy Governor Aishah Ahmad

Aishah Ahmad
Aishah Ahmad [Photo Credit: Olusegun A. Adekanye]

Aishah Ahmad, 40, has been actively involved in banking at the top level for most part of the last 20 years, either as a banking executive or investment adviser on retail banking, wealth management, consulting and financial advisory.

Born October 26, 1977, Mrs. Ahmad, an indigene of Niger State, was, prior to her appointment, the Executive Director (Retail Banking) at Diamond Bank Plc.

She is the chairperson of the executive council of Women in Management, Business and Public Service, WIMBIZ, a Nigerian non-profit organisation, established in 2001, focused on addressing issues affecting the interest of women professionals in business, with particular attention on promoting leadership development and building capacities to engender growth.

Mrs. Ahmad’s appointment is expected to fill the void created by the exit of the former deputy governor in charge of Economic Policy, Sarah Alade, who retired from the Central Bank in March 2017 as the only woman in the top hierarchy of the apex bank.

Mrs. Ahmad’s professional banking experience traverses the NAL Bank Plc, Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc and Zenith Bank Plc.

A member of the Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst, CAIA Associations, Mrs. Ahmad was until her appointment in charge of the Consumer Banking Division at Diamond Bank Plc, covering the consumer banking, privilege banking, retail assets chains.

A holder of the Master of Science, MSc in Finance & Management from the Cranfield School of Management in the United Kingdom, Mrs. Ahmad, an accounting graduate from the University of Abuja, also has a Master of Business Administration, MBA in finance from the University of Lagos.

She is married to Abdallah Ahmad, a retired brigadier-general. They have two sons.

He appointment was announced by the presidency on Thursday. She is expected to assume duty as CBN deputy governor immediately after her confirmation by the Senate.


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    I guess Yorubas get the vice presidency, so it doesn’t matter if they get no security, or financial position for the government they helped bring to fruition.

    Conquered people.

    • yosef

      You are nothing but a merdiocre sadist

    • Fernando Luis

      For your mind hausa Fulani will forever rule Nigeria. Please don’t think like stone age people. Brainwashed bastard.

  • Lanre

    Thank you for this information, Premium Times. She is married to a retired Brigadier General – Abdallah Ahmad. She is from Niger State, where is the retired army officer from? Thank you, once again.

    • Mufu Ola

      Professional fault finder on the prowl! What do u want to do with her husband? Some people will never grow.

  • Mufu Ola

    Ask Biafrans,this woman is not qualified because she’s a ‘Fulani’.

    • ADAORA

      Where do Biafrans come in here? You are just a mischief maker Mufu, just the way your name sounds…SMH..

      • Mufu Ola

        I know them like d back of my hand!

    • Fadama

      You are a f0ol and will always remain so

    • MilitaryPolice01

      I didnt know you were an ethnic jingoist, I never saw this part of you. Wow.

      • Mufu Ola

        I deliberately ambushed those my friends.I know ‘ em well well! I was d 5th (or so) to comment & I was already seeing a trend.Somebody was even asking where her husband come from.What the hell! Anyway my tactic worked. U can notice that even “Otile” is now applauding the woman which is very strange thing to do. Have a good day.

  • GusO

    Maybe I’m too conservative and if that is so, please forgive me, but I think her dress showing her body parts is not in good taste for a person holding her present and just appointed position.

    • Sam

      You have a point. But, the clothe is lined with skin-colored lining. It’s only the shoulder part that is not lined.

      Let women be women.

  • Braun

    40? Her experience and exposure for this job is below average.

    • Sammy

      An ED of a bank not qualified?! It is well with you. Please go and find out what it takes to get be a branch manager, to talk less of ED.

      • Stephen

        She had good background originating from affluent/rich families which is why she could join bank management at 20 years old

    • MamaHannatu

      And you’re the same guys shouting that Nigeria should give women and younger people a chance! I think this appointment is a good development.

  • 0tile

    Congratulations Mrs Ahmad, your qualifications are superb. I hope the system will not corrupt you, in appearance you look intelligent, competent and honest. Keep it, bebe.


      such a traitor!!!!
      I knew it all along but you just confirmed it.
      Your thinking faculty is wired to your lower extremities. DO NOT EVEN BOTHER REPLYING TO MY COMMENT.

      • Ishaq Saidu

        I dont understant your vehemence! I agree that being 40 & at this top is puzzling. But her qualification is outstanding. In finance, the CFA designation is the most respected professional certification in the world. To the best of my knowledge, it is not obtainable in the free market no matter your level of affluence. Every member without pass through some mind boggling examinations.
        How is she being judged because she’s beutiful. Remember she is a present ED of Diamond Bank.This young lady is amazing. Young, smart, intellegent and well connected. I wish you very well.

        • 0tile

          Tell the envious Yoruba man. I duff my hat for Mrs Ahmad’s excellent academic qualifications, she is a great achiever. I know the yoro touts would like to behead me for praising her, but the truth must be told.

        • COL. MARYAM

          How could she have worked at the top echelon of the banking industry for 20 years when she is only 40 years old? At what age did she complete her secondary education, then her undergraduate education and numerous master’s degrees? The ability to read between the line while important, is not one of your strongest points. Did she even perform the obligatory NYSC sha? Haba! Which kind country be dis? Something isn’t quite right here except that Buhari wants her on a fast track to becoming the next governor of CBN. Learn how to think critically by asking relevant questions.

      • 0tile

        I am neither a traitor nor a bigot like you. Whether you like it or not her qualifications and appearance look good, and I believe she is going to do a superb job judging from her education and past experiences. I do not dislike people because of their religion or ethnic group. There are good people in every ethnic group. I cannot condemn every Yoruba because of a few touts like you. For you touts, I believe money is your motive for verbally support the incompetent regime of Imam Buhari. I know that deep down you don’t like what you are doing. As you people know very well, money is the root of all evils especially in bad politics.

    • Solomon Brown

      You see your life, calling me a mohammedan in a diff article only to find you caping for Aisha on this one, you are a walking contradiction. Stop carrying H2O for APC with a PDP hat on.

  • emmanuel

    NAL Bank? Forty?

  • ojomaje ijato

    “Aishah Ahmad, 40, has been actively involved in banking at the top level for most part of the last 20 years” – Premium Times. Does this mean that this woman started at the top from about age 20 years? Can you attach dates to her schooling and career movements? For instance, at what age did she get her first degree? NYSC? First job in a bank?

    • bashwaziri

      I thought I was the only one that noticed this. If she is 40 and have been involved in top hierarchy or managerial position of the banking sector for 20yrs, how the hell did she attain managerial position at the age of 20?

      • Stephen

        That is feudal government and oligarchy for you. From the time she got admitted to university, this position has been prepared by her sponsors. She only needs management experience. So she joined bank management on graduating not customers service

    • pheliciti

      Most part of last 20 years could mean 11 years and above

      • ojomaje ijato

        Yeah but giving us the dates will clarify lots of things; afterall the most important one that women want to hide (age) was given, why not the rest?

    • Darcy

      Mark Carney.

      Age: 52.

      Got his Masters in 95. Became Governor of the central bank of Canada in 2008 at 43. 2008-1995= 13 years Banking experience. So that is the minimum we can expect.

      Nigerians, she is a woman, she is young, she is “seemingly” qualified. This, I dare say is good.

      Personally, I think Diamond Bank is too much of a peripheral player to send someone to the central bank, and the military connection stinks of nepotism to me, but still it’s 2 strikes vs 3 positives. Let’s not let it distract us from Kachikwu’s case though.

    • Frank William

      I tire oh,the numbers just don’t add up,I thought I was the only one who noticed that,naija wonders shall never end!!

    • Bakanridi

      The records are there for those anxious or curious to know. Don’t forget some people are lucky to accomplish academics within shortest possible time. Refer please to the comment made by Dr. Godwin Obialor – Madrid, Spain above.


    Here is my heartly ConGRAtuLaTION in advance. Looking forward 4 quick SENATE Approved. Of ur Appointment. Once again CONGRATULATION. Note: It’s high time our banking sector should rearrange in d area of excessive charges on d masses 4 d betament of our ECONOMY.

    • IronDome

      This is what the CV of a central banker in serious countries look like

      Janet Yellen was born to a Jewish family in Brooklyn, New York, the daughter of Anna (née Blumenthal) and Julius Yellen, a physician.[4][5] She graduated from Fort Hamilton High School in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn.[6] She graduated summa cum laude from Pembroke College in Brown University with a degree in economics in 1967. At Brown, Yellen had switched her planned major from philosophy to economics and was particularly influenced by professors George Borts and Herschel Grossman.[7] She received her Ph.D. in economics from Yale University in 1971. Her dissertation was titled “Employment, Output and Capital Accumulation in an Open Economy: A Disequilibrium Approach” under the supervision of Nobel laureates James Tobin and Joseph Stiglitz, who later called Yellen one of his brightest and most memorable students.[1] Two dozen economists earned their Ph.D from Yale in 1971, but Yellen was the only woman in that doctoral class.[1]
      Yellen is married to George Akerlof, a Nobel prize-winning economist, professor at Georgetown University, and professor emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley.[8] Their son, Robert Akerlof, teaches Economics at the University of Warwick.[9]

  • Godwin Oluchi Obialor

    Congratulations Madam. May God who has given you the exceptional intelligence in your academic achievements and privileges, continues to give you wisdom and strength in your new challenges job on National assignment – Amen.
    For those who may be doubting on how possible for her to have had such great achievements at her young age and time, should know that everybody’s destiny from God are not the same. Also at her age in Europe and in USA, thousands of people have made greater achievements than her. With favour of God, all things are possible.
    CONGRATULATIONS Mrs. Aishah Ahmad!!

    From Dr. Godwin Obialor – Madrid, Spain.

  • emmanuel otobong

    we should stick to being proud of our individual ethnic capacity rather than abuse ourselves.
    Everyone should see this our geographical entity as a fight to be better in all sphere rather than an opportunity to cast aspersions on others characters.

  • Waandu

    I think she is a bit late in her banking career. Joshua Oigara was appointed the CEO of Kenya’s biggest bank at 37.

  • FrNinja

    The main qualification is that she is Northern muslim, a woman and married to a Brigadier General. Otherwise there are far more qualified even just FEMALE banking professionals than her.

    • Abubakar Sadik

      Ah ah chill now…How many people have the CFA charter in Nigeria as a whole? Chair of WIMBIZ, Bank Executive and CFA at 40. She definitely has something special. Mention the more qualified ones.

      • FrNinja

        She is not the best qualified. There are far better banking professionals like Funke Osibodu, Caroline Anyanwu, Sola Borha

    • Alesh

      You are a pathetic tribal rogue for descending too low to this mud. Anyway, if you are not contented with her appointment into this enviable height, go and die (Oshiomole, 2014)

      • FrNinja

        You first you quota recipient.

    • Abdel-Gafar Akinlabi Salaudeen

      What main qualification do you expect apart from her ?She has over 20 years experience as well as Msc in Banking&Finance.What else do you want?Please do away with your parochial sentiments.

      • Kay Faisal

        Mr. Akinlabi, please, don’t let us stir up ethnic issues on her appointment. How many individuals in Nigeria has her qualification and experience. CFA is the highest Financial qualification anyone can achieve as at today and comes with alot of Ethical responsibilities. I am proud of her achievement as a woman . She will be a role model for our female children that they can be who they really achieve to be. This is he most sensible and credit worthy appointment ever made into the CBN in the last 10years.

        I hope same can be replicated across board in other government agencies to check unethical practices.

        • Bakanridi

          Do you mean all qualified candidates applying for a given position must be given the same and only job? Or does other citizens of the country be denied a position they deserved because their son is the President or Governor?
          Your argument may hold water, if the said candidate in question is personally related to the President; but she is not. She is from NIGER STATE not KATSINA STATE.Period!

        • Dare S.

          Good talk, in fact, the day she was appointed, i took the newspaper cut to my 15 years old daughter who just gained admission into one of the Federal University, she was so inspire by her achievements at age 40, since then that name ‘Aisha’ has been ringing bell in my house. Kudos to her, any one who is not satisfy with her appointment can go and hang.

      • FrNinja

        Nothing parochial. There arr better candidates.

    • Peter Ajewole

      I agree with you. A Shola Bhora who managed StanbicIBTC group, who happened to have been a boss to Madam Aisha while they were both in Stanbic and who now manages the rest of Africa for Standard Bank group, is a more qualified female Nigerian.I am sure the government was not looking for the most qualified person. I still congratulate Madam Aisha anyways.

      • FrNinja

        Many are more qualified:

        Rose Okwechime
        Funke Osibodu
        Yvonne Ike
        Aishetu Dozie

        • Olu-Lion

          How many are from the North Central?

    • Bakanridi

      I pity you with your evil heart and jaundice mind, that blocks you from reasoning and seeing good in anything Northern. Her credentials are indisputable and track of records are there for you to crosscheck.If you are in doubt of her capabilities and competencies verify from her former employers.

      I pray for you so that you will be delivered and relieved from from your envious and jealous mind.

      • FrNinja

        I pity you quota defender. No wonder everything run by your fellow northern academic underperformers are utter rubbish.

        • Someone

          honestly, everything ran by them comes out to rubbish

        • Bakanridi

          No wonder, there is a time we have a President from “over performance South” that cannot differentiate stealing from corruption. Or for a place First Lady whose “eloquence in Grammar” shook even the Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth, when she spoke during the Chibok Girls Abduction Saga.DIARIS GODoooooooooo!
          That’s why you amzed me alot Mr FrNinja or who soever”, to call a region under performer,because “ias if you are a Briton or Americano” who was born in the Buckingham Palace or the White House. I hope one time we shall discuss a real intellectual topic, to test who are the “under” or the “over” academic performers.

          • FrNinja

            Truth be told if you were to take all the ministries in Nigeria and say find the best qualified candidate for Minister or Permanent Secretary or Director-General 9 times out of 10 that candidate would be from South of Lokoja. This is after 57 years of independence and over 100 years the British walked into Nigeria with their language and education systems. Conclusion, Northern Nigerian leaders are an unmitigated disgrace and bunch of generally useless set of people.

            Now saying that Northern Nigerians are generally academic underperformers doesnt absolve the rest of Nigerians from rubbish education and the propensity to cheat. I have said elsewhere that if you go around the continent, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya are pumping lots more money into education. Minus the Nigerian diaspora effect they will blow out many Nigerians both North and South on competency by the end of the decade if they havent already.

            That my friend is truth not political fantasy.

          • Bakanridi

            It baffles me to see somebody who claimed to educated will written unsubstantiated, biaised and unempirical trash as basis of argument. Where did you obtained the above statistics?What is basis of the conclusion you have drawn “Mr Academic Over-Performer”? I believe in an intellect discourse, a researcher does not just throw his heap of trash as empirical evidence.
            I am waiting for an EMPIRICAL STUDIES conducted to justify ignoble assertion.

    • Tunsj

      Your misogyny is showing especially towards a qualified woman from the North.

      • FrNinja

        Learn english before putting it to use stupidly.

        • RealObserver

          But Tunjs use of english in this sentence is absolutely correct. I respect that you may disagree with his view though.
          “Really? Don’t be absurd. Your misogyny is showing, especially towards a qualified woman from the North. Your comment is ludicrous and childish.”

  • Jideofor

    Cock and loaded. She goes nowhere cause she will be the next CBN Governor after Buhari’s regime which is in Fours years time and then it’s time for an Igbo president. Madam Aisha get ready to warm the Igbo president’s bed to be CBN Governor. Trust igbos they will institutionalize sexual immorality and introduce sexual immorality to Islam and muslims. Igbos don’t exist in places where they is no sexual immorality. Madam Aisha your welcome now wait for the next president after Buhari which will be igbos when power come down south. You will warm an Igbo man’s bed and learn sexual immorality of Igbos.

    • Oskirin

      wetin u dey pour for mouth like ds? abi u took overdose? pls help understand ur poem.

      • Jideofor

        You will not understand cause only the educated igbos can read and understand this but you will understand it when an Igbo man becomes president.

        • Bakanridi

          You wonder, you sound like an educated illiterate.

        • Wise Head

          Why are you hiding your true identity? The tone of your writing shows you are not Igbo. If you want to disparage Igbos, come out in your true identity. Coward.

    • Peter Ajewole

      This is not a clean talk in the public space

    • Bakanridi

      You sound imbecile, immoral and lack manners. Will you be happy if your Mom, Sister, Daughter is addressed as such? It is not surprising you people do not respect women; you deny them inheritance from their parents and deceased husbands and degrade them to the status of apparatus in baby producing machines. You make subjected young innocent girls to inhuman treatment; using them conceive, bear and sell their beloved ones.


      • Wise Head

        The worst part of it is that he a non-Igbo hiding behind an Igbo name. His tone betrays him

    • Kazeem Oyetunji

      This comment is unfair and does not qualify to be posted. Why all this? Does not sound educative at all.

    • Wise Head

      Why are you hiding your true identity? The tone of your writing shows you are not Igbo. If you want to disparage Igbos, come out in your true identity. Coward

  • Oskirin

    d picture of ds lady no tell us say she is from niger state…abi na only my eyes? she resemble people frm d east….pls make we check her root well well.

  • LagosBoy

    Her real qualification that earned her this position is as stated in the news
    “She is married to Abdallah Ahmad, a retired brigadier-general.” Otherwise there is no other special qualification that we do not have even better ones to qualify for that position.

    • Waandu

      Just like Deziani is married to a retired big military man, right?

      • FrNinja

        Exactly and we saw what niger delta quota did to the petroleum ministry where Omokore, Aluko looted like no tommorow.

  • My nam Ayo AJISEGBEDE

    I don’t have any problem in appointing qualified people in positions of this nature. (my question, Is there no qualified persons suitable for this type of position among the sons and daughters from unknowns family in this country to be appointed to this kind of position ? Why is it that before you can get anything from the government you must know one politician or one army general this altitude is local, and uncivilized we should change it Nigeria cannot progress in this way. Government should learn from Dezani misbehavior and what gives her the confidence was that her husband was a retired soldier, But politician in the country because of their selfishness wanted to be recycling their familys and friends in government even in office’s it not good at all. Government should start looking for qualify citizen from unknown family for appointment and also gives a level playing ground for us all in our willingness to contribute our cotters in development of our dear country Nigeria.

  • Game changer

    Why is she not in burka, she is married to a mullah

    • Dr Norm

      buhari was also in a suit and bow tie when he was running for president. You know what has happened since he “won.” taqiyya.

  • Ifeanyianadu

    Is this the husband of the new nominee…?
    Abdullahi was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, on 22 August 1945. He attended primary schools in Zaria and Keffi and secondary schools in Freetown and Abuja. He was admitted to the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna, graduating in 1968. Later he studied at the British Royal Army Signals School for Basic Communications (1970–1971), US Army School of Artillery, Oklahoma, USA, Command and Staff College, Jaji (1978), US Marines Staff College, Onautico, USA (1980–1981) and the Imperial Defence College, London (1991–1992). was Military Administrator of Kwara State, Nigeria between December 1987 and July 1988 during the military regime of General Ibrahim Babangida. Abdullahi was commissioned as lieutenant in July 1968. He was appointed second in command and then commander of 2 Division Signal Regiment, Benin City. In 1973 he became Commander, 4th division Signal Regiment. He was a lecturer at the Command and Staff College, Jaji (1982–1984).

  • Someone

    I have to agree with others on Saharareporters, good qualification in finance, and a retail banking experience, but I wonder can she handle economic policy?

    I really want to hear her opinions on economic matters.

    She’s replacing Dr. Sarah Alade, I think.

  • Bayo_Bamiduro

    This seems a good appointment.

    • Muhammad

      Check her profile and see .

  • Bright Ezeh

    Good at least she is young, we need more Young people in the government

    • Someone

      The question is, is she qualified??????

  • psammy

    The good thing about Aisha is that with her track record as the Chairperson of WIMBIZ i know we have a Deputy Gov who will be interested in Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship as a means to Economic growth. We’ve always had bankers who are just interested in Numbers and not the little things that can better the Economy.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    That somebody is deputy governor is no automatic ticket to the CBN governorship post. There are other CBN deputy governors like this new appointee. Who becomes the next CBN governor is dependent on politics, seniority and professional qualifications.

    On the other hand, a new government in Nigeria might just sideline all these deputy governors and bring in a complete outsider from any of the banks and make such a person the CBN governor! So, many factors will be at play, as you can see.

  • Ola

    Is CBN an extension of commercial banks? The Governor is also from Zenith bank. It doesn’t happen elsewhere that way. Except for the corporate services area, central banks are meant for seasoned economists with masters and doctorate degrees in the field. Because of nepotism, Nigeria will remain backward till the second coming of Jesus. I left some 16 years ago, and the country is at least 16 years worse.

    • Lanre

      Thank you Ola. I was going somewhere with my questions which have not been answered. Nigeria can never change. Just motion without movement.

  • Oga

    Are we expected to believe that she was a banking executive at the age of 20? Nigeria and lies. The introduction says she is 40 yrs old and has 20 years experience as a banking executive.