FOR THE RECORDS: Kachikwu’s letter to Buhari on NNPC chief Baru

Baru and Kachikwu
Baru and Kachikwu

The Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu, has reported the Group Managing Director of the NNPC, Maikanti Baru, to President Muhammadu Buhari, urging him to take urgent actions on matters ranging from alleged illegal practices to insubordination.

Mr. Kachikwu said he found it pertinent to call the attention of the president to his misgivings because they’re capable of hindering progress in the country’s petroleum sector or even reverse recorded strides.

“Parastatals in the ministry and all CEOs of these parastatals must be aligned with the policy drive of the ministry to allow the sector register the growth that has eluded it for many years” Mr. Kachikwu said. “To do otherwise or to exempt any of the parastatals would be to emplace a stunted growth for the industry.”

Mr. Kachikwu said he wrote the August 30 letter to Mr. Buhari after concerted efforts to have a one-on-one appointment with the president at the State House fell through.

The letter, which emerged on the Internet Tuesday, was widely circulated on Twitter. It is not immediately clear how it made it to the public domain.

The minister said he suffered “disrespectful and humiliating conducts” from Mr. Baru.

A spokesperson for the NNPC did not immediately have reactions about the specific elements of the letter, telling PREMIUM TIMES it was not meant for public consumption.

“It was a private communication between party A and party B,” Udu Ughamadu, NNPC’s head of media, told PREMIUM TIMES Tuesday afternoon. “I don’t think it’s proper for us to comment on that.”

A spokesperson for Mr. Kachikwu, Uche Ozurumba, did not immediately respond to PREMIUM TIMES requests for comments.

The conflict between the duo had been well concealed from the media for the most part, although it was first hinted more than a year ago.

In September 2016, the Daily Independent in Lagos reported friction between Mr. Kachikwu and Mr. Baru, which centred around the administration’s Niger-Delta policy.

While Mr. Kachikwu, a native of Delta State, urged peaceful resolution and increased economic development for the restive region; Mr. Baru was in favour of a military crackdown on criminal elements vandalising oil pipelines, Daily Independent reported.

The NNPC GMD said the economic sabotage by militants had cut deeply into the country’s revenues, a situation he said was unsustainable.

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  • Owenz

    Sincerity of purpose is missing when you appoint a highly experieced and qualified individual like Dr Kachikwu, and then proceed to undermine him. Nigeria we hail thee!

  • Franklin

    Its not surprising ….the Minister of state for aviation also being a Northerner will not submit to Minister of Transportation being a southerner…This is the bane of Nigeria Progress. where those who are competent and technocrats are made subservient to inept and incompetent lakers..

  • Why is is so much difficult for Nigerians to resign from appointments. Kachikwu should have read the hand-writing on the wall and throw-in towel. How on earth will a whole minister denied of seeing the president, all these can only happen under this fossil government. Why won’t Baru disrespect Kachikwu, when Buhari that appointed him has already humiliate him. Same thing is happening to Amaechi. It is high time the southerners in this government put in their resignation letters and leave everything to Buhari and his Northern gang

    • Ndidi

      Before quitting Dr Ibe should first try all he can. Had he quit before this letter got leaked we wouldn’t have known what massive corruption Baru is planning.
      This is Niger Deltan oil money that these people are all stealing and scheming to steal. Niger Deltans whose environment has been destroyed worse than what Boko Haram has done to the north because the UN has said it will take over 30 years to fix the Niger Delta destruction.
      It’s high time not only Southerners but all honest Nigerians began to insist on Restructuring where each Zone gets resource control and self-determination, so that this dead country can become revived and resurrected again.

  • Sheikh Messi

    This is the real koko PT are silent on:

    PUNCH NEWS, 4th OCTOBER 2017

    Kachikwu said against the rules, some major contracts were never reviewed or discussed with him or the board of NNPC.

    Some of these contracts, he stated, include the Crude Term contracts, valued at over $10bn; the DSDP contracts, valued at over $5bn; the AKK pipeline contract, valued at about $3bn; various financing allocation funding contracts with the NOCs, valued at over $3bn; various NPDC production service contracts, valued at over $3bn to $4bn.

    “The legal and procedural requirement is that all contracts above $20m would need to be reviewed and approved by the board of NNPC. Mr. President, in over one year of Mr Baru’s tenure, no contract has been run through the board.

    *The legal requirement is that ALL contracts above $20m are to be approved BY THE BOARD.
    But here we see contacts well over $25b were awarded without recourse to the board!
    This part of the memo borders on CORRUPTION and not just ethics!
    Where is Sagay?? Where is the ‘independent’ Magu???
    Fighting ‘kwarafshun’ not corruption abi??
    Hahaha! I dey laff ooO!

  • Eluba Inas

    The first mistake by Buhari was combining the two positions, GMD NNPC and Minister to Dr. Kachikwu in the first place. These are two separate positions, one heading a corporation and the other running a government ministry that supervise the corporation. Later when he corrected that mistake, he made another one by appointing Dr. Kachickwu as the Chairman of the NNPC board; this directly made Dr. Kachikwu to be again involve with the activities of the corporation. This dichotomy of conflicting roles is the bane of contention. The GMD NNPC needs a room to run a corporation without an overbearing minister on his head at every turn. People are failing to see this conflicting crisis because they have allowed the tribal jingoist to define it as tribal and as a north vs. south issue.

    • Ndidi

      If there is any tribal stuff going on, perhaps it’s by you. Perhaps you should first read Dr Ibe’s letter. It IS NOT about any tribal issue but about Baru not following due process and running NNPC as if it is his own personal company. NNPC has always been known for high handed corruption and impunity, with lack of transparency. Dr Ibe is addressing that but is being sidelined and prevented by corrupt Baru who is showing his corruption by not following due process and legal frameworks.
      We are here talking about Niger Deltan oil money and the biggest losers are Niger Deltans who if they don’t stop all this using peaceful but effective means will be the eternal losers given their land has been ecologically destroyed and their oil money stolen.
      Restructuring where every Zone has resource control and self-determination will greatly stop this corruption and unjust situation.

      • Eluba Inas

        You are a moron if you believe everything in that letter.
        Restructure all that you want, if you don’t see through the lenses and start being honest with yourself nothing will change.

  • Ndidi

    This is gross misconduct by Baru. If President Buhari does not fire this corrupt Baru then his will be yet another useless African presidency. And President Buhari will have no moral leg to stand on against Niger Deltan militants if he allows this level of gross misconduct by Baru.

  • Mani_Kay



    If the Minister of State could not secure an appointment to see Buhari ….. how did Baru get those hefty contracts approved?
    Was Baru able to secure appointments to see the President and discuss the approval of the hefty contracts with Buhari? We need to know.