Boko Haram: How Jordan will assist Nigerian Air Force – Commander

Sadique Abubakar
Chief of Air Staff, Sadique Abubakar

The Jordanian Air Force has expressed its readiness to collaborate with the Nigerian Air Force, NAF, in the fight against terrorism.

The Commander of the Royal Jordanian Air Force, Yousef Alhnaity, stated this on Monday when he visited Nigeria’s Chief of Air Staff, Sadique Abubakar, at the Nigerian Air Force Headquarters in Abuja.

Mr. Alhnaity, a major general, said that Jordan would provide Nigeria with logistics, aircraft spare parts, as well as the training of NAF pilots and engineers.

Mr. Alhnaity said the world was fighting a new brand of warfare that requires collaboration.

He said “air power” was the way to go, if the country must contain the war against terrorism.

The NAF chief, Mr. Abubakar, while welcoming Mr. Alhnaity and other members of the Jordanian delegation, said that the 21st Century conflict was characterised with armed fight against non-state actors, and that no country, no matter how powerful it is, can singlehandedly defeat terrorism.

Mr. Abubakar, an air marshal, added that NAF recent visits to countries like the U.S, the U.K, Russia, Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Jordan was aimed at building strong partnerships with friendly nations.

Three NAF pilots, according to Mr. Abubakar, had already been trained in Jordan, while another set was about to depart for training.

Mr. Abubakar said NAF was committed to building its partnership with the Jordanian air force.

He expressed NAF’s readiness to offer assistance to the Jordanian air force in the area of research and development, which he said NAF has recorded major feats.

The Jordanian military chief, Mr. Alhnaity, visited the recently established Air Force Comprehensive Girls School Abuja, and expressed satisfaction with the standard of teaching facilities in the school.

He also visited the Chief of Defence Staff at the Defence Headquarters, Abuja.

Mr. Alhnaity and members of his delegation is scheduled to visit some select NAF bases, including Maiduguri and Yola, where he is expected to interact with NAF frontline pilots.

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari had recently, during the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly, praised the Jordanian government for its support for the country’s fight against Boko Haram terrorist group through the donation of military hardware.


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  • M

    Jordan, of all people. When there are more professional and effective armies out there. Shows the thinking of the people in this country are warped by the religious leanings. Love em or hate em, Israel has dealt with terrorism in all forms since its inception in 1948. They have managed to be a bastion for democracy despite having hostile neighbours on all sides. Why can’t we ask them for help. Or will that stop the free money from Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E?

    • whereto

      The level of bigotry displayed by some of you is alarming. If you bothered to follow the news with an open mind, you would have seen Israeli instructors training Nigerian Air force troops in counter terrorism warfare. This was on TV less than a month ago.
      Even the Americans collaborate with Jordan,especially on intelligence matters. A few years ago, Al- qaida killed CIA and Jordanian intelligence officers who were working together, in a bombing in Afghanistan.
      Jordan has plenty of relevant experience and, we are lucky to have them on our side.

      • marcos avelino

        What do you expect of a people who were animists worshiping every object in the forest just less than a hundred years ago – primitive savages. The christian nations they are worshiping now took millions of their ancestors in extreme brutality and misery over the seas as slaves to the Americas for two hundred years. When they no loner needed slaves they then brought them their expired religion.

        • 0tile

          You are a damned religious bigot. Islam a religion of peace my foot.

          • marcos avelino

            Yea christianity is a religion of peace my heart !! I defend mslims here because of your toxic type have turned these news forums into christian bigotry platforms. Now when we speak about christianity I dont think of Ibos at all – you people just joined that club in the 1930’s. Before then the christian white man had taken millions of your fore fathers and mothers to america as slaves. He made your young Ibo girls into minced meat as his sex slaves immediately they landed in the americas. Those poor women experiened extreme sexual violene and brutality – pity yr poor ancestors at the hands of your peaceful christian masters. Millions and millions of ship laden wretched souls from gulf of Biafra
            As for christianity being a reliion of peae – thats only today after it had been tamed and emasculated by the long suffering jews. Read what yr god jesus said in mat 10:34
            -Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.
            And truly he proved it by slaughtering nearly two hundred souls in a single night of an orgy of vilennce – this is because Jesus can be substituted for God as you claimed they are one- see the action of his sword — He went on and slaughtered 185,000 Assyrians in one day with this sword or blade of his – read your bible to find out

            Christianity used to burn people alive on stakes, it commcitted countless pogroms and genocide against jews in the middle ages.

            Finally the two most evil butchers of humanity were christians – Hitler and Stalin What a great medal for a peaceful faith.

          • 0tile

            Muslimi, don’t mock me because Europeans took our forefathers into slavery. I am not mocking you because Arabs took your own people into slavery. It should not be a thing of joy for you that exploiters oppressed my people. Also don’t rejoice that your present looting exploiters have been oppressing my people. One day your rapes, genocide, looting and suppression of my people will be over. Nothing lasts forever.

            One day the Yorubas will see through your cunning and stop obeying your orders. One day they will look back and regret having aided and abetted your people to oppress and commit genocide on my people east of the Niger. One day when the crude oil in my region is threatened the Yorubas will turn against you and it will be too late for you. Your god Imam Buhari is not going to live forever. One day the devil will call him home and a sensible person will take over to bring peace among Africans who inhabit what you see as Nigeria today. Jordan or any other Islamic country cannot alter our destiny. My people will be free from your oppression and inhumanity.

            Salam Alekum

          • marcos avelino

            Arabs did not take thirty million Africans in trans Atlantic ships throwing over ten million dead and sick into the waters for sharks . This was a rand rape for 200 years and used to build the North and South America. Arab slaves were not treated as animals , made to fight each other with hammers and then fed to dogs like your Christian white slave owners in Mississippi , Alabama or Haiti. Arabs slaves became even emperors if you have not heard of the Mamelukes. Christian African slaves could not even worship except in Black churches that were always attacked and burned by white supremacists like the KKK.

            Biafra will exist if 16 million Ibos can fight 180 million Nigerians – a tall dream.

            Your christian faith has murdered more people on earth than all other faiths combined – Jewish pogroms , the crusades , the inquisitions , Pizarro and Cortezz , then Hitler and Stalin.
            Dont worry we are not holding you responsible for the crimes of Christianity – you just joined when that monstrosity had been tamed and emasculated by science and freedom and left for primitive africans like you

    • 0tile

      Don’t say Jordan of all people. The co-mingling between Nigeria and Jordan is just to strengthen their Islamic alliance and nothing else. Jordan has nothing to offer Nigeria in the way of arms, Mohamed Buhari is deceiving you.

  • Ishaku isaac

    Now that the fight is almost over every country that could not help when help was needed now wants to be a part of the success story. Let’s not be fooled; let’s give thanks to countries like Russia, China and the likes that supplied us with arms when the going was indeed rough. God bless Nigeria.

    • thusspokez

      Now that the fight is almost over every country that could not help when help was needed now wants to be a part of the success story

      That is Nigerian governments for you. I seriously don’t know why Nigerian governments are such mumus. There are no thinkers in these governments.

      Nigeria funded and lost many Nigerian solders in Liberia, and Sierra Leone to bring peace to these countries. But guess what happened next: The UK under Tony Blair claimed the credit for doing so — never even once mentioning Nigeria and her loses in the many times he talked about these countries in the UK parliament. And did the then president OBJ and subsequent governments ever protested to the UK government about this? The answer remains No!

      This British would never do this to the US in Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan, but it knows that it can get away with it in the case of Nigeria because it knows how nonchalant and stúpid Nigerian governments are. And as you said, the Jordanians are in Nigeria now so that one day, they too will be able to claim credit for the defeat of boko haram.

      • 0tile

        What are you talking about, did Liberia and Sierra Leone fight with any Nigerian made weapons? Those weapons came from UK and other places. You may say that Nigeria donated troops, but the Nigerian troops were dysfunctional, unruly and rather prolonged the two conflicts. Your troops under Gen Malu were mining and selling diamonds in S Leone and wanted the war to continue without end. In both Sierra Leone and Liberia there were woes of ugly rapes, looting, and molestation of civilians. The worst thing Nigeria troops brought to Sierra Leone was the Islmaic practice of hand cutting. Thousands of innocent people lost their hands when the Nigerians entered the conflict.

        My friend, Sierra Leone and Liberia might say to Nigeria, thanks but no thanks. Ogbeni, e gbo mi nko?

    • 0tile

      I do not share your sentiment that Russia, England and the Arabs used Nigerian army to kill 2 million Igbo children. May Beelzebub use Boko Haram to decimate the Nigerian aggressors.

  • FreeNigeria

    “Mr. Alhnaity, a major general, said that Jordan would provide Nigeria with logistics, aircraft spare parts, as well as the training of NAF pilots and engineers.” Hmmmmm what type of aircraft do the Jordanian manufacture that they will be providing these supports?

  • thusspokez

    Mr. Alhnaity, a major general, said that Jordan would provide Nigeria with logistics, aircraft spare parts, as well as the training of NAF pilots and engineers.

    On logistics, would Nigeria be allowing the Jordanian air force to fly in Nigeria’s airspace in other to collect and provide the logistic?

    And on spare parts, Jordan does not make aircraft spare parts. Would these spare parts be used ones from the 60s and 70s now rusting away in some field or breaker’s yard?

    Militarily, all Arab countries are weak; they, therefore, have nothing to teach African countries, militarily. I don’t know why Nigeria is looking up to these undemocratic third-world countries with grossly inflated military strength instead of forming partnership with the likes of South Africa and Ethiopia to benefit Africa. South-Africa makes aircraft spare parts, Ethiopia have world-class aircraft maintenance industries and schools established since the 1950s.

    • 0tile

      Don’t discourage them, let them buy more 30s and 40s spare parts, that way they can suffer more crashes and shoot-downs to minimize civilian casualties. Don’t mind the rusty parts, they will be white-washed and shiny Nigerians will not notice the difference. Already Buhari and his minions are exuberantly looking forward to getting the parts. Allah dey.

      As for logistics Colonel Sadique Abubakar and his Jordanian counterpart know that both of them are working for the common good, Nigerian airspace belongs to Jordan. Both are serving Islam in their war against Jews and infidels. Is Nigeria not a member of Arab Islamic Coalition? The Arabs cannot wait to spread Islam in Southern Nigeria under the pretext of fighting terrorism, they have already declared your unarmed enemy IPOB terrorist. Buhari is a disgrace to black African leaders.

  • otunne steve gofrey

    Another smoke screen. Is Nigeria at war? why buying Military hardware by proxy. Is Jordan richer than Nigeria to dash us 200 armored tanks. Only the senseless would accept this lies.
    The government knows where they are stockpiling arms.

  • Bond, James

    Boko Haram terrorists are sponsored by US. France, and Israel. Jordan will help in the extermination Boko Haram