Restructuring: Why Buhari directed debate to National Assembly – Aide

Buhari in NASS
Buhari in NASS [Photo Credit: Linda Ikeji's Blog]

The Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on National Assembly Matters (Senate), Ita Enang, said the president directed restructuring agitations to the legislature because of his belief in due process.

According to Mr. Enang, restructuring is a constitutional matter and the legislature deals with review of the constitution and should, therefore, handle any issue that calls for change of law.

Mr. Buhari had in his national broadcast on his return from medical leave in London said that the National Assembly and National Council of State were the legitimate and appropriate bodies to handle issues of restructuring.

The president directed all agitations to both bodies in line with statutory responsibilities they had.

Mr. Enang said at a News Agency of Nigeria Forum in Abuja that because restructuring meant different things to different people and groups, and may require constitutional amendment, only the National Assembly could deal with it.

He said that the legislature needed to receive the demands on different aspects of restructuring, debate on them and come out with the best recommendations.

“That is why the president said `look, we are a government sworn in under the constitution, anything you want done must necessarily be as required by the constitution.

“`I cannot as chief executive, as head of government, do a thing that is different from what the constitution says. I and have no power to amend the constitution.

“`The person who has power to amend the constitution is the legislature and they are handling the process.

“’Please whatever you want done I will do it so long as it will be done as approved by the legislature and it goes through the entire process that is needed by the constitution to amend it.’

“That is why the president said that all agitations for restructuring should go to the legislature,’’ he said.

The presidential aide said while some people saw restructuring as removing control over land from the governors and vesting it to the federal government, some saw it demand for state police.

“The man somewhere will say I want to have state police and that is restructuring, and another one will say you cannot have state police.

“His thought is that if you have state police you will use it against your citizens and the interests of the federal government.

“He believes that you may not have the interest of the entire people because you are run by a political party and you will only use it in one way or the other to suit you.’’

Mr. Enang added that some people also viewed restructuring as allowing states to exploit their resources and pay tax to the federal government.

According to him, the man in South-south will say that the restructuring I want is resource control. I want to control my petroleum resources.

“The man in the North will say no, you cannot control it because it is federal resources taken from the ocean which belong to all of us.

“Some will say they can control it because we have solid minerals in the North that they can also control.

“But, some will say no, don’t control because if you do, I will control the food I produced and I will use it to deal and bargain.’’

Mr. Enang, however, advised people with specific demands to forward it to the national assembly.

On why the legislature dropped restructuring in spite of the serious agitations, he said that nobody knew the type of restructuring demand that was presented.

“To my knowledge, most of the people who are quarreling that the legislature did not approve restructuring may not know the level of restructuring that was presented to it.

“However, any bill that was rejected can be represented. So, let any person who wants restructuring present what aspect of restructuring they want to the national assembly,’’ Mr. Enang said.



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  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    But the National Assembly knew what was meant by devolution of powers yet they rejected it. They cannot use that language to deceive the public. There was no general restructuring amendment in the list of 33 amendments presented to them.

  • thisnigeria

    Thank you Mr Enang for deceiving your self.

    • stackCrawler

      what are you saying

  • Agba

    Buhari knew RESTRUCTURING wll die natural death in NASS.Let wait and see the end of DRAMA.i

    • All Trust

      Dying a natural death is not the issue. The issue is that if it dies a natural death at NASS, will agitations also die a natural death? And is Nigeria likely to make any meaningful progress if the agitations are not genuinely addressed? And will Nigerians likely to live in peace if agitations come with every little thing? Oga Agba, these are the questions. The earlier the problems are addressed and addressed honestly the better. Let me tell you, the Kanu’s IPOB thing is a blessing in disguise for those who support restructuring because Kanu’s IPOB agitation has given such people an opportunity to speak up in favour of restructuring or to lend their weight to restructuring. You can agree with me that Nigerians actually want to live together but they know that Nigerian’s situation/foundation is unsustainable and they are looking for ways of removing the factors that can make their togetherness unsustainable. This is why many are now selling the option of restructuring. And, I think this is a far better evil than balkanisation. If I were the Hausas/Fulani, I would not hesitate to say yes to the call of restructuring because this is the best that any region can get to still feel there is one Nigeria.

  • Jon

    Nigeria’s only constitution is the Independence Constitution. The 1999 Abubarka constitution is for him and his Hausa/Fulani parasites.

  • emmanuel

    It is a big lie. Buhari is part of the game to ensure Nigeria never move forward, except for his tribal agenda.

  • Frank Bassey

    “The Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on National
    Assembly Matters (Senate), Ita Enang, said the president directed
    restructuring agitations to the legislature because of his belief in due

    1. Shaibu Musa – MD, NNPC Medical Services
    2. Ibrahim Birma – Group General Manager, Audit Division
    3. Ahmed Katagum – Group GM Shipping
    4. Kallamu Abdullahi – Group GM, Renewable Energy Division
    5. Dr Bola Afolabi – Group GM, Research & Development
    6. Adeyemi Adetunji – MD, NNPC Retail Division
    7. Usman Yusuf – Group GM, NNPC GMD Office
    8. Bala Wunti – in charge of Corporate Planning & Strategy
    9. Umar Ajiya – MD, Nigerian Products Marketing Company
    10. Muhammed Abah – MD, Warri Refining Petrochemical Company
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    12. Adewale Ladenegan – MD, Kaduna RefiningPetrochemical Co
    13. Diepriye Tariah – MD, Integrated Data Services
    14. Rland Wubare – GM National Petroleum Investment Services
    NOTE: Maikanti Baru – still GMD, NNPC.
    Isiaka Abdulrasaq – GMD Finance & Services
    Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari – Petroleum Minister

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      Will you crawl back to your hell hole? Where were you when your Lord of otuoke was planting his co-looters in every nooks and crannies of the country. Who cares if buhari puts all his family members in all sectors go for stall Corruption. Tell what your tribe represented in the history of this country. Politically motivated killings of the 60s agunyi ironsi,Igbo,civil war of 60s igbo,high level of drug business,igbos,armed rubbery, Igbo,baby factory, igbos,hatred Igbo,the greatest lootings in the Nigerian history, Igbo,worst recession, Igbo. Ask okonjo,ask diezani, ask emefiele, who brought recession on us before you start opening your dirty mouth.

      • Frank Bassey

        “Who cares if buhari puts all his family members in all sectors go for stall Corruption.” Including Babachir Lawal? So, Buhari can put all his people in charge of oil produced in Akwa-Ibom while we suffer environmental degradation? You are telling us History? Have you forgotten that the 23-year son of Alhaji Umaru Muttalab, is languishing in jail in the US, and will remain there for life? Can’t you see the kind of people you are? His dad gave him good education to be useful to mankind and society. He chose the way of blood. Can you imagine what would have happened if that minion had succeeded in bombing that international flight? Can you see why the Devil is always working in you, your leaders …. THANK GOD FOR NEMESIS. IT IS ALREADY DEALING WITH CERTAIN PEOPLE.

        • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

          I want you to read what you’ve written again, does it make any sense to you? Yes babachir,a Christian, a Hausa man,who was placed in a honourable position, but dishonored himself with a miserable amount,he was named and shamed. Pius anyim,an Igbo man,held the same position, and was accused of Corruption in the centenary estate, what happened, diezani was accused of stealing billions,what happened, were you not busy defending her,a person who has stolen your future,Stella oduah,the formal minister of aviation, was accused of shady deal,it took your Lord of otuoke an eternity to remove her. Almost all officials of Jonathan administration was accused of one allegation or the other including Jonathan and his wife. Name them,is fanikayode,is it namani zambo,is it olisa,is it akpobolokemi,is it Bala Mohammed, is diezani, is it …….just Name it and I will tell you he is corrupt. What is the correlation with mutallab,are you trying to say Muslims are terrorists? I guess you should choose what name suits the Jewish isreal who have invaded and occupied the Palestinian land,the Christian Britain who enslaved almost have of the world,the Christian America who has invaded almost all the Muslim territories, spilling the bloods of their innocents,men,women and children, spreading terrorism. I know you won’t be able to comprehend if I go on and on.

          • Frank Bassey

            Babachir Lawal was named and shamed. Where is he? Bring him for persecution. PMB will not because he knows there are many Islamic fundamentalists involved in the corrupt scheme. Anyim was accused of corruption; Babachir Lawal was proven to be corrupt. Sanni Abacha was a Christian, kwoo? Kwankwaso is a Christian baa? Atiku who is now being called corrupt, is also a Christian, no be so? NEMESIS MUST CATCH UP WITH SOMEBODY.

        • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

          Your former governor, GODWIN akpabio was accused of embezzling about #180b of your future, what will you say about that,all you know is our oyel

          • Frank Bassey

            Akpabio “was accused” of embezzling our oil money. Akpabio is our son. The oil is in our land. He has used the money to develop our state – put infrastructure all round. He instituted a sustainable scholarship scheme. We are benefiting from it. Let the North leave our oil for us, and let us continue to embezzle the money. Go and embezzle the Desert Sand money. Nigeria must be RESTRUCTURED or dog and baboon will swim in pool of blood.


    Tyrant Buhari through his deep seated wickedness ,exclusion and open brutality of the SE Igbos is the greatest recruiter of sympathy and chief fund raiser for the IPOB and many pro Biafran groups springing up all over the globe.Buhari the tin-pot hitler wannabe has by his actions demonstrated a hatred of inexplicable proportions towards the SE, he is a sectional president who has completely Islamized, nepotized and tribalized the system so if you are not a northerner from the NW in particular and you are a Christian, and you happen to come from the SE OR SS,YOUR CASE IS WORSE.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      Says you,in the darkness of your confused mind. Your hatred is your right,you can continue to have your say as enshrined in the Constitution, but buhari and those who meant well for this country will continue to have their way,inshaAllah. You may die if you whish, but islam will and shall continue to be and above you,inshaAllah. You have hated God in ignorance and all His creatures have hated you in return,watch out and see as things begins to turn against you,unless you repent from hating islam and all what God loves.


        I worship JEHOVA, I am content with that.

        • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

          Good for you, but it should reflect in your mind.

  • Bright Ezeh

    Referendum or Restructure one must take place,

  • dpfrank

    Plain truth spoken by Enang

    • stackCrawler


  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    Baba I like your style. They pushed obasanjo,HD hurriedly cooked up a China made and handed over to the foools,oputa panel. Jonathan came and organised his own shambolic, ABA made conference, and handed it over the foools. Today,the same foools are again shouting the same thing,but baba being very intelligent and calculative has refused to be moved by their rhetorics,emotions. Some e diotz on ray pawa,were even threatening that iin case buhari refuses to respect the view of the masses,they will be forced to take action,and my question is,against who? These groups of corrupt elites have forgotten that the game is over for them. Let them play along. Buhari has refused to be brain dead or bodily dead. You have made a come back with bokoharam, he has dazed you. You tried with fake Fulani herdsmen, you equally failed,now it is ipob and see how he has beaten you to the game with your masses of ignoramouses. When God be for me……that is buharis slogan. Come up with more gimmicks, baba is a gamer. It is amazing with the calibre of people coming out to declare the operation python dance unconstitutional, yet these voices were very silent or rancheros when the dumb kanu was instigating conflagration. Hypocrisy, conspiracy….. All failed. Thank God!

  • stackCrawler

    we believe in Nigeria