After military invasion, Nnamdi Kanu’s whereabouts unknown – Lawyer

Nnamdi Kanu
Nnamdi Kanu

The lawyer to Nnamdi Kanu has alleged that men of the Nigerian Army invaded the home of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra on Thursday afternoon.

In a statement made available to PREMIUM TIMES, the lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, accused the Nigerian Army of declaring war on Mr. Kanu and “innocent, unarmed and defenceless” supporters of IPOB.

“The Military has declared war on the innocent, unarmed and defenceless civilians. Sporadic shooting is going on in the premises of Nnamdi Kanu now.

“The situation is serious. My client’s whereabouts has remained unknown. His entire house has been shattered with bullets and missiles.

“The soldiers had just forcefully gained entrance into his house after shooting for about 40 minutes. His entrance gate was broken and forced open. Their mission is still unknown as every person seen in his house has surrendered, including his aged parents.

“We will avail the world with the pictures of these dastardly acts,” Mr. Ejiofor said.
The lawyer called on supporters of Biafra to remain calm in the face of what he described as “unprovoked killings.”

“In the face of this unprovoked killings, torture, abduction and malicious destruction of property, I still appeal for calm from IPOB members. Just be assured that the entire world is watching. Do not take up arms, continue to conduct yourselves in the most civilized manner you are well known for,” Mr. Ejiofor said.

Mr. Ejiofor has repeatedly accused the Nigerian army of plotting to forcefully take down his client, alleging that several members of the IPOB have already been killed by the soldiers.

On Sunday, the lawyer accused the army of attacking IPOB members, ‘without provocation’ killing several people.

“They had continued to shot sporadically into the air through which assault, about five of his family members were brutally wounded and some unfortunately killed.

“There is no doubt that the present deployment of troops to the South East is to haunt for my client and possibly eliminate him,” the statement said.

There has, however, not been any evidence of deaths, although there have been reported injuries to civilians as well as security personnel.

A video footage forwarded to PREMIUM TIMES by Mr. Ejiofor regarding the said killings, indicated that soldiers driving past the neighbourhood of Mr. Kanu’s residence in Abia State were being pelted with stones by the IPOB members, who appeared to also be armed with sticks, as seen in the footage, shortly before one of the IPOB members was shot in the leg.

Reacting to the allegations, the Nigerian army denied attacking the agitators without provocation, adding that the presence of soldiers in the area was a continuation of a military exercise in the south-eastern region of the country, tagged: Operation Python Dance 2.

In a similar development, the Nigerian army has vowed to investigate another video footage where some members of IPOB were seen tortured by men alleged to have been military operatives.

In a third video seen Thursday evening by PREMIUM TIMES, unclear sounds are heard while a cameraman goes round Mr. Kanu’s house, describing what he (the camera man) called ‘shootings by soldiers’ at the gate of Mr. Kanu’s residence.

The army is yet to speak on the current development.

However, the police on Thursday confirmed that suspected IPOB members burnt down a police station and assaulted an officer in Aba, the state’s commercial centre.

A dusk to dawn curfew on Aba was extended by the state governor to Friday.


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  • 0tile

    The Fulani vandal army cannot face Boko Haram but they are robust in attacking and murdering innocent civilians. Islamic terrorists.

    • paul irumundomon

      This why Nigeria will remain backward and in darkness

      • sunday

        My brother I can see you want Esan as part of Biafra. I wish you success before you see the consequences.

        • Tonnero

          You and he are mad. We go turn am to suya for Edo state if he even mention Bia talk less of fra. He is free to cross over if he wants but not Biafra in Edo State.

  • systematic

    This is just a signal for biafraud and kanu.ipob and KANU most pay the price

    • Alexis J

      What price?

      • Tonnero

        Kanu should have thought of the price before starting his nonsense. Shebi him want challenge the FGN. Oya now.

        • Alexis J

          If every violation is rationalizable for you because you have empathy for the political party in power, if the military in civil spaces is sweet music in your ears because of a long history of animosity between the three big ethnicities in Nigeria and just because your own ethnicity is not at the receiving end of such violations today, if every outrage is tolerable because you and the victim of the outrage are not of the same faith, you have no business in the business of trying to envision the future of Nigerian society.
          Pius Adesanmi wrote the above for folks like you who think they are patriots but do not understand the first thing about patriotism.

    • abodes_124

      It is phase 1 of Buhari’s plan. Flood the Southeast with blood hungrysoldiers . The soldiers kill igbos. Hausas in Igbol and are attacked, reprisal attacks take place in the north, more happen in the East and as Buhari watches in delight the dog and baboon will become completely drenched in blood. Apart from pure blood lust i cannot fathom what Buhari hopes to gain from the country unravelling. As they will say in Igbol and , you leave a mad man with his thoughts.

  • Yahuza Ibrahim

    Pikin wey talk say in mama no go sleep,n ma no go sleep period, Mr lawyer as a learn Person, did you tell your client the consequences of breaking bail conditions? if no, why if yes why are you complaining now?

  • Ignaze

    Very good for them. Were are they and why are they running. Come out and fight. Senseless people.

    • Ilyasu V.

      Be careful what you wish.
      This is only the first salvo in what is to come.
      It will not be that easy.

      • paul irumundomon

        He can borrow nukes from North Korea and at the end he will fail

        • susy tutor

          Don’t celebrate yet, because we don’t know who sent him and their next step, just wait and see

    • Jon

      How did Buhari what allegedly looted Petroleum Trust Fund become President?

      So, that uninformed Nigerians may know:
      Saddam Hussein, the former President of Iraq was tried, convicted and executed by hanging for murdering 122 Iraqi citizens in the Dujail Province of Iraq. Buhari has so far, massacred more than 122 Nigerian citizens and therefore, should face similar fate like Saddam Hussein.
      What’s your thought on that? A’int that justice?

      • Ezekiel


      • Oladele

        Are you smoking pot? Why are you guys born-liars?

    • Mimi

      U have shown u don’t have access to news.. who is running, despite being unarmed IPOB is unshakeable by ur zoo military, listen to news ..u cretin of d zoo.. O hail Kanu

  • paul irumundomon

    When you voted for Buhari, what else do you people expect. The blood loving buhari can only do this in the south, but the brothers in hate and killings, are busy killing christians all over in the northern part of Nigeria

    • Tonnero

      The people that voted for Buhari are not complaining, You that did not vote for Buhari are the ones who refuse to concede you lost an election and are busy fomenting all kinds of trouble. Buhari loves blood the same way you Biafran love suicide. Continue.

      • susy tutor

        Lets see how long your celebration will last. Remember, this is just the beginning

        • West

          This is just the beginning and yet Kanu has started going into hiding, then what happens when it reaches the crescendo. What many senseless fish like you will never realise is that the jobless man will put you guys on front line and then simply disappear with his UK passport. Ojukwu did it.

          • Oke

            Rubbish u told kanu is hidding, all ur reasoning is not from that of animals … U r all afraid $ waiting to see if kanu wl succeed so that u can start asking for ur own independence…. Kanu$ IPOB are unshakable….mind u IPOB is all over d world $ can’t be suppressed by ur intimidation

      • Keket

        Cos u $ ur kinsmen r afraid speak out of all d ugly trends in d zoo, cos Nnamdi kanu $ IPOB do not belong to d zoo that’s y they can come out $ say no .. Biafra wl come before ur python finish dancing…. Woe to u zoo people $ ur president of d zoo

  • Arogbo

    There is no civilized country in the world that will support Nnamdi Kanu base on the hate speeches attributed to him. A lot of these biafraud e rats are so blind folded by social media that they believe they can project and propagate their agitation through lies on social media. Every Tom, Dick and Harry from Biafra are on Youtube telling one story or the other about Biafra, even my ten year old got more viewers that these biafra miscreants on Youtube. Tufiakwa!

    • Juda

      Who engages in hate speech than ur arewa youths that issued a quit notice to d ibos, cos u guys think d same way $ u can’t see d reason kanu is speaking out. U can’t suppress kanu cos non of ur kinsmen can stand out $ speak like kanu to say d truth $ mess of d zoo govt… Shame to u … Biafra win

      • Oladele

        Arewa responded to hate speech by issuing quit notice to perpetrators of hate and hatred. Please lets not get it twisted. We warned you, but you refused. There is still enough time for you to change your ways.

    • Alexis J

      Is there any civilised country that will support Nigerian Army for invading a man’s home because he violated bail conditions? Think.

    • Tony Z

      Hypocrisy is a disease…here you are using a derogatory name “biafruad” which is hate speech to complain about hate speech..Naija, we are in trouble.

  • Smart

    Our gallant army, may God almighty continue to help, protect and bless you and your family always.

  • 45Degree

    I hope we never hear of that useless boy again. His father house should be pulled down and completely razed. This boy must never be allowed to cause war in Nigeria.

  • aisha ani

    Kanu needs to fire this lawyer immediately.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    If Nnamdi Kanu, likes to continue to cause terror crisis and ensure there is no stability and peace in Nigeria, then Nigerian army must eliminate him from existence in order to bring everlasting peace to all regions of Nigeria.If Nnamdi Kanu,will continue to cause further crisis then he must be taken out of circulation for peace to rein in Nigeria instead of allowing him to usher in another civil war in Nigeria.If Nnamdi Kanu, calls for war, then war will consume him.

    • Shamezoo

      nonsense…when ur zoo president is marginalizing the ibos he didn’t think of civil war..thank God kanu $ IPOB have gone internarionally, all they r asking for is freedom..people said they tired of d zoo continous impunity, is it by force to belong to d zoo with u.. U can’t understand their biafra agitation until u come out of d zoo..

      • Beauty

        You call it a zoo when 70% or more of Igbos are still living in the Zoo, if you think you are not living in the north, am very sure you have 50% of your siblings living in the Zoo, and feeding you in your so call paradise. I know Zoo is meant for Animals that means more than
        70% of Igbos are Animals.

    • Tony Z the peace in Northeast after Yusuf, like the peace in SS after Sarowiwa? keep deceiving yourself, like we have peace in Iraq, Libya etc…killing anybody will never bring lasting peace, dialogue and diplomacy will! are you sure you’re a Dr?

  • Security personal for a bleach up boy without job?
    Three dead, five dead now you’re saying zero dead, which version should be taken seriously, for the peace of the country take out kanu.

  • Tonnero

    Propaganda na just words. It won’t help you. Biafra propaganda under Ojukwu pass this one. It deceived child soldiers to fight with wooden guns and lose their lives but it did not help with the war. You better start behaving yourself or you will end up badly.

  • Jo Elue

    Who cares where the beast is?

    • Nigeria My Country

      You are turning him into a celebrity if you call him a beast.He is just an Ant

      • wode


  • Ezekiel

    A dog that will get lost will not hear the whistle of the hunter, to before warn is to before warn.

  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    Kanu is going to be the last spark for this crisis I have feared for the past 4 years.

  • djay

    I thought he said he is ready to die for biafra now he is has gone hidding. The war has not started just operation python dance and the coward is no where to be found. Just like ojukwu they will always run away and let the pons die

  • Alexis J

    If every violation is rationalizable for you because you have empathy for the political party in power, if the military in civil spaces is sweet music in your ears because of a long history of animosity between the three big ethnicities in Nigeria and just because your own ethnicity is not at the receiving end of such violations today, if every outrage is tolerable because you and the victim of the outrage are not of the same faith, you have no business in the business of trying to envision the future of Nigerian society. Pius Adesanmi.

  • U.A.S.

    How I wish what this lawyer is saying is not one of the several propagandas.

  • simon tor gideon

    But the man Kanu told the whole world that if any Army from the `zoo` called Nigeria steps into any Biafran land,none of them will go back alive,so why is he hiding instead of coming out to kill the zoo army?I de laaf,hahahaaaaaa Kanu the demented and imbecile beast,hallucinating about Biafra that willl never come to be probably in hell fire with the devil called Satan

    • Igwe Bu Ike

      very soon you will hear

      • simon tor gideon

        Are you also a deluded Bigot like Kanu?I pity you, continue waiting till you are taken to your grave prematurely.

  • JasV

    May they find his dead body. amen

  • thusspokez

    Mr. Ejiofor has repeatedly accused the Nigerian army of plotting to forcefully take down his client, alleging that several members of the IPOB have already been killed by the soldiers.

    Mr Ejiofor should go and sodomise himself!

  • Uzoma John

    I did warn Kanu and his supporters about what is happening now months back. Parents should keep their children in check. More people will die for disobeying the law. Kanu is a common criminal taking laws into his hands to disturb the peace of peace-loving Ndi Igbo. Biafra is a political tool by those who feel they lost out after last election. Our problem as Ndi Igbo is not having our own country called Biafra but purposeful and conscientious leadership. Biafra is not and can never be the solution of Igbo problem. The problem is insincere leadership structure in Igbo land where politicians feel opportunity to serve means converting public resources to selfish gains. This is what Kanu should be fighting for. If given this Kanu same opportunity he will be worse than the present crop of leaders. He does not know what he wants for himself talkless for Ndi Igbo.

    • Sunny

      Thanks my bros.You actually said my mind.

  • Ahmed Ali

    “I will go to Abuja, and when am coming home I will bring Buhari’s head”Nnamdi Kanu.
    ” If they don’t give us Biafra, there will be nothing left breathing in that zoo called Nigeria” Nnamdi Kanu.
    “Its either Biafra or death” Nnamdi Kanu.
    “If they don’t give us a date for referendum, there will be no election in Anambra or any part of Biafra land” Nnamdi Kanu.
    ” It is clear that the only language the zoo called Nigeria understands is war and death and we are ready for war” Nnamdi Kanu.
    “From today forward, I put the protection of Biafra land in the hands of the Biafra Security Services” Nnamdi Kanu.(no wonder ipob started collecting Taxes)
    ” If the zoo Army enters Biafra land, they will die” Nnamdi Kanu.
    “Buhari is a mad man” Nnamdi Kanu.
    “I call on all Igbo’s who have the know how to manufacture bombs, arms and ammunitions to come forward, we need to take this war to the zoo ( via Biafra radio). Nnamdi Kanu.
    He publicly made the above statements and even more, some of us didn’t think he went too far, nor caution him or publicly denounce what he is doing, but now, tongues are quick to wag in condemnation of the Nigerian Army’s action.
    We pray God’s wrath, come down hard on all the enemies of peace and their sponsors plus supporters.

    • Sunny


    • Olatubosun

      You and your Kanu are crazy

  • The purported actualization struggle has not even commence and the self-styled hero is no where to be found. I only hope the gullible ones learn a quick lesson at this early stage, before sacrificing their dear lives for a man who have failed to lead by example.. If messrs Kanu believes in his course, then he need not fear to lead his IPOB followers for the world to see. Only a coward dies many times. .

    • wode

      He has already learnt how it feels to be in prison, so the quick disappearance can be understood, that if it’s not the military that has taken him into custody like El-Zakzak. What he is yet to experience is war. That’s why he’s been beating the drum. Meanwhile, nobody is interested in war apart from his gullible and parochial supporters. By the time the military get hold of him, he would go and fight his war either in army barrack or somewhere in Gausua prison. There, he would be able to converse with his Boko Haram friends.

  • Hassan Lawal

    …i knew the bastard will disappear like the late Ojukwu…these people are bunch of cowards..they only know how to mouth war and cant fight war..we told you all bastards!!!

  • Guest

    There is injustice in Nigeria, nobody can deny it…

    • Olatubosun

      What are you saying

  • Olatubosun

    Useless Kanu….
    Why can’t you wait

  • Olatubosun

    You need drug

  • Salmanu Gwarzo

    Check him at his other country, no be dual citizenship?

  • Joe

    everything about kanu and his disciples are just mere propaganda. this lawyer better find him because we want to hear from him now. the so called zoo army have come to him on his own request.