UPDATED: Calm returns to Jos, large police deployment in volatile areas

Plateau state on map
Plateau state on map

Calm has returned to the parts of Jos where there was a minor clash between some Hausa and Igbo residents

A witness said the police have taken over the Rwang Pam street and Ahmadu Bello way, the scenes of the violent incident.

“Everything is under control now as everyone is now rushing back home,” the witness, who asked she not be named for security reasons, said.

Another witness who resides in the area also said the situation is calm.

“The situation is calm now, we can see the police everywhere.”

The situation was said to have been caused by a disagreement between some Hausa and Igbo residents of Rwang Pam street over the ongoing violence in Abia.

“I’m passing through the location right now. Just a small group of hausa/igbo having disagreement.security has calmed the tensions already,” a Twitter user @julskat said.

The police, whose new commissioner recently assumed duties, have not released any statement on the incident as at the time of this report.


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  • Gov. Okowa Mouth

    Exactly what Buhari has called for, evil and wicked monster president. He wants to set Nigeria on fire so he can loot like his predecessors.

    • systematic

      U are animal

      • Gov. Okowa Mouth

        Yes I am animal just like your father and mother.

        • systematic

          Biafraud shame on u

          • Gov. Okowa Mouth

            Animal pikin shame on your generational lineage.

  • systematic

    KANU most pay the price

  • Rollingdollar

    Evil Buhari, this is the crisis you have instigated. God will surely punish you for your unquenchable thirst for human blood. Hopeless President

    • systematic

      Biafraud can u see what ur main cause for their brothers up north, that is the result of what the are doing

  • The Optimist

    Sheer nonsense end result of jobless criminals called IPOB. What do they expect when they stop and search interstate vehicles for a particular tribe? All these post civil war IPOB youths are just invariably setting flames on their fellow Igbos up north. Nonsense approach to an agitation.

    • Agba

      After a lot of warning for them to vacate boko haram region,but they ignore it




    • Bernard Okoye Ogoegbunam

      Your a common criminal and bloodsucker

    • Factual Bob

      You can’t be seating on my nose for long,and expect me NOT to react against you. Do you expect the marginalized, and oppressed Igbos to eulogize the oppressors and invaders?

  • systematic

    This is just a signal for biafraud and kanu

  • Cheadle

    Guys. the country has seen more than its share of violence, I urge you to restrain you tongue, say positive things you don’t know who might be inspired or angered by what you write. Let apply the gift of intelligence given by God and use this medium to spread positive messages and by God’s grace you will not regret it

    • MilitaryPolice01

      May GOD richly bless you for this. This is the best comment I have read today.

    • Tony Z

      God bless you!

  • dave jacob

    From his carriage, Kanu is a power-monger, very egocentric. He is not fighting for the masses but fighting for his ego. He keeps saying so many things, all a bundle of contradictions.

  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    This is spreading. 1966 is repeating itself in a more convoluted way. However, God is intervening in Nigeria’s affairs.

    • Mazi Efuna

      Listen guys, the over use of God’s name as though the Igbos are the only people created by God is truly getting old. If the isrealites didn’t respond to Goliath with David’s string, the God of the Jews may be missing till today. Let’s tone down this emotion and choose between being slaves to Hausa Fulani or go for self defense. Nothing and I repeat, nothing can make the Hausa Fulani feel our hurt if we do not let them know it. A man can only die but once. Dying under adrenaline rush may never be as painful. Some Biafran vets still carry bullets in their bodies and most of them didn’t even know when the bullets entered their bodies.

      • Chukwuka Okoroafor

        I never used God’s name over the Igbos alone but over Nigeria. The conditions are being created for the current elites to be swept away. They are in a storm and they will try to use ethnic conflict to deflect from it but it is not going to work. There was a pogrom against the Igbo people in 1966 but there was a revolution also. Nigeria is in the midst of a revolution right now.

        • How many people would lose their life on all side before the looter come back to to power?

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            Which looter?

  • You want to fight us in our own land?


    • Frank Bassey

      When did “Plateau” become ‘our own land’?

      • You must pardon me i didn’t know ‘Plateau State’ was part of biafra’s five landlocked states. I thought it’s in the north and belong to the Northerners, and that the Miango are Northerners ‘though they practice Christianity.

        Gowon is from SE?

        • Frank Bassey

          They had issued a release extricating themselves from the nebulous, desert-stricken land-locked region called North, where disease, ignorance, illiteracy thrives on greed, hypocrisy, laziness and calamitous urge for blood. A region that breeds violence and pogrom. Continue in the delude that landmass is the asset. It is not; compare Sudan with Belgium; Congo with Japan, Borno with Anambra; Niger with Enugu or Akwa-Ibom. The “land-locked Biafra” is ahead of you in economic, technological, educational and scientific development. You are only ahead in the army of pilgrims that go for Hajj.

          • So when would ‘all’ of you be moving to biafra land of honey and gold?

            You’re nothing but a hooligan, thuggish, violent, ungrateful, rude, obnoxious, breed, who has no friends.

            Your so call education and intellectually fake accomplishment is nothing without an ounce of decency, humanity and respect for other you’re empty hollow miserable people.

            You’re also ahead of us in;
            -Being hanged all over the world
            -Being jail all over the world
            -Being killed in SA
            -Being disliked and distrusted by all the other tribes
            -You’re ahead of all the other tribes in FRAUD

          • Frank Bassey

            When you relinquish the Oil Blocks …. Lazy crooks.

          • Frank Bassey

            Oh! You have your statistics? Please be patient to read this:

            1. 12 million Nigerian children are out of school. 10 million are from the North
            2. Kano State alone has 3 million beggars.
            3. Nigeria has the highest number of young girls suffering from Vesico Vaginal
            Fistula (VVF) in the world. And 90 per cent of those young girls are from the North.
            4. According to the UNDP 72 per cent of Northern Nigerians are living below the
            poverty line.
            5. According to UNICEF if Nigeria were to ever break up the core North would be
            the poorest and most barren place on the African continent.
            6. According to Nasir El Rufai, if the
            north-western zone of the country were to ever find itself on its own it would
            be poorer and more ravaged by war than Afghanistan.
            7. According to the World Terror Index Boko Haram and the Fulani militias are
            the first and fourth “most deadly terrorist organisations in the world” respectively
            and they both come from Northern Nigeria.
            8. According to UNESCO 65 million Nigerians, which represents 50 per cent of
            the total population!) are stark illiterates and 55 million of them are from
            the north.
            9.According to UNICEF the heartland and base of pedophiia, child sex, child
            slavery and child marriage on the African continent is Northern Nigeria.
            10. According to President Donald Trump of the United States of America “Northern
            Nigeria is one of the most dangerous places for Christians to live in the
            world” and “Christians are murdered there in their thousands every year whilst
            Churches are blown up and burnt down”.
            11. According to CNN “the bastion of radical Islam, Islamic terror and Islamic
            fundamentalism in Africa is Northern Nigeria”.
            12. According to Governor Yari of Zamfara state, the north has been afflicted
            with all manner of diseases and epidemics, including meningitis, as a
            consequence of their many sins against Allah.
            13. According to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo the northern states “have the
            highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the country, the lowest rate of
            child enrolment in schools, the highest number of unemployed young people, the
            highest levels of poverty and faces the challenge of inter-ethic and
            inter-religious conflict including the Boko Haram terrorism.”