Nigeria Army To Launch Operation To Check Violent Agitations in South East

Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai [Photo credit:]
Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai [Photo credit:]

The Nigeria Army is to launch “Operation Ogbu Eke II’’ – “Python Dance II’’, in the South East between September 15 and October 14, to check violent criminals, agitators and other forms of criminalities.

The Chief of Training and Operations, David Ahmadu, a major general, announced this at a news conference on Friday in Abuja.

He said Operation Python Dance was launched between November 27 and December 27, 2016 in the zone to tackle kidnapping, armed banditry and other crimes.

He added that the second phase of operation would focus on raids, cordon and search, patrol road blocks, as well as “show of force’’ to deal with suspected criminals.

Mr. Ahmadu recalled that the aim of the first phase of the operation was to effectively contain kidnapping and other vices common in the South East during Yuletide.

He added that “the effect of that exercise yielded tremendous results and law abiding citizens celebrated 2016 Christmas in safer environment than what it used to be.

“Building on this achievements, exercise Ogbu eke II has become more expedient due to spate of assassinations, even in religious places, attacks on security personnel and theft of weapons, kidnapping, armed banditry, violent agitations by secessionist groups, among other crimes that have recently bedevilled the region.

“The need for troops to be refreshed and imbibe the requisite skills, to cope with these emerging security challenges within the 82 Division area of responsibility in aid of civil authority necessitated this exercise,’’ Mr. Ahmadu said.

He said the exercise would be conducted in conjunction with other security organisations.

“During the operation, emphasis will be placed on raids, cordon and search, anti-kidnapping drills, road blocks, check points, patrols, humanitarian relief activities such as medical outreach and show of force to curb the rising threats to national security in the south eastern part of the country.’’

He explained that the safety and security of law abiding citizens in the area of the operation, comprising Enugu, Imo, Anambra, Abia and Ebonyi states was guaranteed as they were “adequately factored into the exercise.”

The chief of training also said that the fundamental human rights of the people as enshrined in the nation’s constitution would be protected during the exercise.

He added that “additionally, exercise ogbu eke II has been conceptualised to transit into real time operations, thereby fulfilling both training and operational objectives of sharpening operation skills of personnel, as well as provide avenue to conduct operations against violent criminals and agitators, when called upon.’’

He said a Brigade Headquarters would be established in each of five South East states and urged the people of the areas not to panic as their safety was guaranteed.



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  • obiora

    Any man that feeds his Family with Blood Money by killing other people,His Family will surely end up like those people he Killed. There will never be anything good in that Family till all are dead.Amen

    • Julius

      Amen !! You should let your drug dealers fighting drug war in the church know that !

      • King Bona

        No one has monopoly of violence and weapons.

        • Julius

          Ipob and the biafraudians think they do !

    • Iweka Okparaocha

      We have Igbos in Nigerian Military what will they be doing? fold their hands watching fellow comrades, Fulani and Hausa military men kill all their Igbo tribes?, or there is a hiding agenda by Buhari to kill them all first. They better be wise and stop this nonsense operation in South East of Nigeria only. An attack on one Igbo race is attack on all Igbos including Igbos in all Nigerian forces, army, navy and air force etc. I have said it before, President Buhari is “sick” and Nigerians do not have any idea what he is sick about, could be mental sickness or religious madness and Nigerian house of Congress has no power because majority of people there are Arewa’s. Other Nigerians would keep quiet because they are envy of Igbos economic progress. No restructure, no unity period any other thing goes.

      • Julius

        I don’t know how old you are but, remember that there were Igbos in the Nigerian army , Navy and Air force fighting on the FGN side. Keep that in mind.

  • Agba

    The end of Nigeria is near,because army are not for this type of operation,they have no civil approach in matters like this,because hopelesness in the SOUTH EAST have turn million of them without job caused by the fed and state govt,and the millitary should be prepare to kill thousands of youths in the SE,and they should prepare to face THE HAGUE COURT IN HOLLAND.

    • King Bona

      No body is taken them to Hague, we shall march their zones down with our own weapons. If our father’s were able to build what they built out of nothing before what can you imagine we can in this scientific age. No fear. The world Will marvel at what we shall do.

      • Julius

        lmaooooooooooooo, you are a funny fella !

  • 0tile

    Buhari vandals are coming to SE to guide the murderous Fulani herdsmen who are supposed to start a fight with the natives then the army will intervene and complete the genocide. What kind of provocation is this nonsense? It will not be well with the murderers, and Islamic terrorists.

    • King Bona

      Don’t worry. The more they try try the more prepared we are. We are millions. We are very rich and have well elites to build biological and chemical weapons to defend ourselves when it becomes the only alternative.

  • PolyGon2013

    All these brigades headquarters are not necessary. Federalism and devolution of power to each zone is the option. It will stem the tide of violence and the agitations.

  • realist

    Nigeria will now be fighting two wars, one against boko haram and two, the newly declared. All at the cost of suffering masses, food will be farther away from their tables.

    • 0tile

      Buhari is the worst evil bedeviling Nigeria right now. He dishonestly claims to love the SE by invading them with armed Fulani troops. Nobody loves an armed missionary.

    • thusspokez

      You are implying that fighting kidnapping, armed banditry and other crimes is a war?

      • realist

        When armed forces are deployed to a territory by a commander in chief, the order is for the forces to go and play game with the people? Abi?

      • 0tile

        Where is hypocrite Buhari fighting Badoo kidnappers, ritualists and odua armed bandits with soldiers? So you are implying that killing innocent civilians, women and children of Igbo origin with Nigerian soldiers is not a not a war crime punishable at the Hague?

    • Julius

      Is this a declaration of war .. Stopping the kidnappers, robbers and baby sellers and the drug wars ?

    • 0tile

      When you hear oduafraudian assholes bash SE with the labels of kidnapping, robbery, baby selling, and drugs you can’t fail to laugh at their hypocrisy. They give the impression that their cities are cities of angels. They will never talk about Badoo robbery cum kidnapping, Buruji drug baron, or tinubu dishonest drug kingpin. The cannibals kill people for food and rituals, they sell babies for rape and money. What else do they not do in the name of making money. Awon odale.

  • 0tile

    Why are these lazy parasites bent on setting Nigeria backwards?

    • Gugurus Ekpa

      Otile, do you need your diapers changed again?

      • obiora

        Why not give your diapers to the Tyrant Buhari mr Change. He deed them too much.

        • Gugurus Ekpa

          obiora, seems like you love speaking in tongues

  • thusspokez

    The Nigeria Army is to launch “Operation Ogbu Eke II’’ – “Python Dance II’’, in the South East

    Chineke who says federal development doesn’t reach Ndigbo? No doubt, this must be a prestigious development; even the name of the operation, i.e., “Python Dance II’ had been chosen, more than like, by the snake farmer himself.

    • 0tile

      This is the typical euphoria of a moslem convert/jihadist of your ilk. You can’t wait to see your masters invade the South East to steal their belongings in the name of Operation Nonsense. This kind of backward thinking euphoria will sure keep you and your asshole cohorts going for some time. Clap for yourself, nonsense.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    This is very good news. Let the agitators now agitate with their big mouths.

  • FreeNigeria

    our military is so might when it comes to defenseless civilians, but they go AWOL when they hear Boko Haram. Comeroun is killing our citizens in Bakassi and South Africa is using Nigerians as target practice, I didn’t hear the mumu COAS talking of “Operation Cobra Dance.” Imbeciles.

    • AryLoyds

      It’s a zoo , so why can’t the same zoo army find sheakau

      • FreeNigeria

        don’t mind the useless animals parading themselves as humans. Products of romance.


    They rise up when it is time to shoot innocent Kids but when someone who can shoot back arrives, they call Britain, and blackmail USA for not selling them Weapons.

  • igboham

    at least the army is looking for excuse to kill us unlike before when the killings needed no explanation.
    I am not amused that criminals only exist in the East of Nigeria. We shall be gone soon.

    • Izedomi Ohirein

      Biafra miscreants are not innocent trouble makers.
      They are criminals heating up nigeria preaching tribal hate like boko haram preaching religious hate.
      The earlier they are crushed the better for Nigeria.
      They represent cocaine, fake drugs and expired food smugglers. Armed robbers and kidnappers. Nigerian killed in South Africa. On death rows and jail all over the world.

      • marc umeh

        If they are that bad , please let them go so you can have your graveyard peace.

        • Izedomi Ohirein

          Left to me, you should be charged $100 to pass through Benin City or Bendel.
          We are stronger together in one nigeria.

  • Indomitable Victor

    Why must Buhari’s government continue to ridicule Nigeria before the international community. Must they continue to contribute to increasing Nigeria’s ranking in the list of failed states. Often times we get vexed when Nigeria is paired with Libya or Syria or Somalia in certain decisions by international bodies, like OPEC did recently? Is this government so grossly lacking in leadership capabilities really this dangerously much?
    Who does not know that this mess of misuse and abuse of power is all about dealing with the issue of IPOB, a non violent sessionist group demanding for self actualization through convocation of a referendum?
    If this the best idea this government can come up with to engage IPOB agitators then Nigeria might be in a bigger trouble than we ever thought with this group of people at the helm of state.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    The crimes mentioned as reason for this python dance are not peculiar and prevalent ONLY in the South East. Then why is the South East singled out in this extension of the python dance? I smell something and that something might sink Nigeria.

    Buhari has told the security agencies to stop insecurity in the country and the only place of insecurity the security forces identified is the South East? Hmmmm, again, I smell something coming. These people in military and police uniform are not disciplined. Since Buhari has given them the Carte Blanche, it is now Open Sesame for them to commit all sorts of atrocity in the South East in the name of maintaining security in the South East!

    If this is the dividend of democracy this government has carved out for people of the South East, then the nation should be very wary, very careful because the activities of these soldiers could ignite serious conflagrations in the nation, the end of which no one can foretell.

    Maybe, this government is spoiling for another civil war? Then it could be foreseeable that Buhari would become the last president of what we now call NIGERIA. I cannot understand how some people cannot reason properly. The people of the South East are really at the end of their tether and here is the government enunciating an action that could cause serious provocation in that part of the country.

    This is similar to what had happened in 1966-1967 when the people of the Eastern Region were nursing the series of difficulties arising from the stinging carnage, pogrom and genocide against them. And the only thing the then Federal Government could do was to continue playing poker and ping-pong with Ojukwu and the rest of the Region, while people in the East were languishing in intense suffering and deprivation. And then when the civil war broke out, everybody on the Federal side said that Ojukwu started the war! And lack of history knowledge has made many Nigerians not to articulate fully what really caused that civil war.

    Nobody wants another civil war in Nigeria. However, should another one happen, the world would be much wiser this time, since already the United Nations has been primed, sensitized and made aware of what is happening in today’s Nigeria. It is no longer a situation where Britain would come to pool the wool over the eyes of the world. Things have changed; and 2017 is no longer 1966!

    Nigeria and its government must be very cautious in the way they handle the affairs of the Igbo at this material time. That’s all!

    • Amechi

      They brought it to themselves. Yes there is insecurity in the South East as a result of some mischievous individuals.

    • Rev

      Apparently, drawing close to another civil crises. Those who fostered Buhari on Nigeria shall not know peace. Where is MrTinubu? He gone silent!

  • Ajayi balogun

    Mad policies,call for dialogues…

  • Capt

    You lunch military operation for an internal agitation. What then is the duty of the police? Anyways, bring it on. Operation python dance part II.

    • King Bona

      Nigeria Army will soon launch operation students stop noise in Biafran land. Shame. In places that are countries before you see their army it is very difficult but in Nigeria, they Will soon become vigilante what a shame.

  • johnsont

    This operation has only two purposes: (1) the quench for quest for Biafra (2) to protect the murderous Fulani herdsmen. I am stunned by the silence and inaction of Igbo leaders – so-called Ohanaeze and stuff like that, as they are there in Abuja to line their pockets and send their kids to overseas schools, but let the Igbo homeland and culture vanish into oblivion. I am afraid the Igbo will become extinct in the next 30 years, and only Fulani and their cattle will be found there.

  • Mentus

    The crime rate in the SE is nothing to be compared with what is going on in Lagos, Kaduna, Rivers, Ogun and several other states. This is an excuse to kill innocent people on the pretext that they are criminals, the way they usually kill those peacefully protesting against against the government claiming they are miscreants and yet when Buhari supporters protest they are given police protection.
    The bizarre thing about the list is that medical outreaches are included. This is to ensure that the injured and sick when and where they operate are left unattended to die.
    SE already has the highest number if check points which do not even exist in other parts of Nigeria and yet they want to introduce more to cripple the states.
    The Fulani activists have always complained the Buhari is not hastening Islamisation of the country, this is nothing but officially giving cover for this to happen for jihadist herdsmen to operate unchecked.
    If the army devoted this much time and force on Boko Haram, they would have been a thing of the past, but then they will rather counsel them and let the go.
    Like David and Goliath, they are coming against the unarmed SE with the might of well equipped army, the Christian SE should resist them with prayer in the name of their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
    It is time real Christians engage in spiritual warfare.

    • King Bona

      They can’t do anything. We are waiting for them. If they kill one of us we kill 1000 in theirs. No one is afraid of the foolishness of this administration anymore. The more they try to oppress Biafrans the more powerful we become and more prepared.

    • Rev

      We are fervently praying!

    • marc umeh

      Keep your prayer but give me the gun. It’s a deal I will accept anytime.

  • King Bona

    What of operation market women make noise. Buhari rubushing a whole Nigeria Army. Reasons why Biafran want out. You will not see even Biafran Security Services anyhow, whenever they come out the cities shake.

  • King Bona

    When have IPOB become violent. Buhari administration is the worst and confused government I have ever seen in the world. Nothing to hold onto, absolutely nothing.

  • marc umeh

    Where does the function of police stop and the army begin.? What is the difference.? Why do we need police force then ?
    Confusion everywhere .!!!!!!