How we killed three students, removed, sold breasts for N15 million – Ritual killers


Three persons in the business of luring and kidnapping girls for the purpose of killing and selling their parts have been arrested by the Ondo State police command.

They have also confessed to have been involved in the kidnapping of students of the Adeyemi College of Education in Ondo town.

While parading the suspects at the police command in Akure on Thursday, newly deployed Commissioner of Police, Gbenga Adeyanju, said the suspects had been engaged in the crime for a while and had extended their activities to neighbouring states.

He said the suspects, John Adenitire, a.k.a Emir; Fisayo Fasanu, a.k.a Abore, and Abdurafiu Tijani, a herbalist, were arrested at different locations, and had confessed to killing three students of Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo.

Mr. Adeyanju noted that a report of a missing girl made at Fagun Police station in Ondo town on July 28 triggered police investigation that led to the arrest of the suspects.

He explained that one of the suspects, Mr. Adenitire, was arrested in a robbery incident in Ondo, and later confessed to the kidnap and killing of the missing girl for ritual.

He said further investigation led to the discovery of two other female students who had been killed for rituals disclosing that Mr. Adenitire’s confession led to the arrest of two other suspects who participated in the killing.

According to the police boss, Messrs. Adenitire and Fasanu specifically confessed to selling the bodies of the ladies to Mr. Tijani in Ore, who promised to pay N15 million for the parts of the ladies.

Admitting his involvement, Mr. Adenitire, 30, said he was yet to get any pay for the parts of the ladies delivered to the cleric.

“They promised to give us N5 million for a left breast and left hand and we were able to send three different bodies to them but they have not send the money before the police nabbed me,” he said.

“We have killed three girls and remove their breast and buried their remains in the bush. We gave the parts to the Alfa and Sile who is also part of us but has taken to his heels after our arrest.

“I was not there when the victims were killed but I was the one keeping vigil at the entrance of the bush and the operation was successful. I did not participate in the killing.”

Mr. Fasanu also made confessions, saying, “I was in my house when John Adenitire, Emir, told me he has business that can lead to cool money for us. He told me it’s about ritual and assured me there was no problem.

“We went out the second day around 9:30 p.m. and two girls and one boy were picked and we killed them before removing their parts while Sile took them to herbalists in Ore and Ijebu Igbo.”

Further shedding light on the arrest, Mr. Adeyanju noted that the suspects only made confessions to killing and mutilating the bodies of their victims for ritual purposes after series of interrogation.

“They took us to where they buried one of the victims, and we found the body already decomposing,” he said.

Two female students of the college, Oladepo Blessing and Oluwasemilore Mary, were earlier declared missing.


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  • PolyGon2013

    Kill all of those ritualists.

    • musa aliyu


      • Tunji Olarewaju


        • Otile

          I know you were going to say that.

      • Otile

        Gbam what, if you kill off Yoruba canibals known as ritualists what about Arewa Islamic terrorists? Are you going to leave them to rule the land?

    • Sanssouci

      I used to frown at comments like yours, but honestly I have a rethink. This is getting out of hand, just last week someone was caught making “pepper soup” with a man’s intestines..Anyone who confesses to such acts or is caught red handed should be bumped off! There is no sense in wasting tax payers money defending or incarcerating those that have opted out of the human race.

    • Otile

      If you kill all the canibals you call ritualists how many people will remain in Yoruba land?

  • ed

    Hope premium time will follow the case to conclusion. We read about arrest and the case seems to go no where.
    Police and the court have to be accountable.
    The killers should be executed.

    • marc umeh

      That is the big problem — lack of follow- up. I wish we had a paper that will follow a case from beginning to end

    • okenwa


  • marcos avelino

    Southern nigerian cristians are not humans but animals.What do you expect from forest animist joining the civilised world only 90 years ago !!

    • Frank Bassey

      Are you saying the opposite? Killing is a way of life to Muslims, especially in the North. Without killing and violence, their religion has no impact.

      • A.A.Ngalos

        But are these Muslims?

        • Frank Bassey

          This is an aberration; not a tradition.

          • A.A.Ngalos

            Aberration is unusual, therefore unacceptable you must condemn it in totality if you want to comment fairly, but they way you comment is still an aberration

          • A.A.Ngalos

            Because they are christians, their action became aberration, is your comment balanced?

          • Otile

            They were Christians of good behavior but now see what has happened. Islam is not a religion of peace.

          • Frank Bassey

            It is not the culture of Christianity to kill; killing is an aberration in Christianity. Of course, you know. Think of the groups upsetting the world peace – Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Al Quada ….. What faith are they professing – Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism …?

        • Otile

          Yes they are our Yoroba Muslim converts. Are they not?

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      Boko Haram

    • okenwa

      Forest animals are healthier, more intelligent than desert rats.

  • marc umeh

    This is mainly a yoruba phenomena.!!!! Sadly it is spreading to other southern states.

    • West


      • Otile

        Yoruba otokoto indeed.

  • Abdullah Musa

    Humanity suffers when some harbor wrong belief.
    Cultism seems to be an exclusive African affair.

  • thusspokez

    I think that the Nigerian government needs to set up a special branch with extended powers in the police force to search and destroy this despicable practice, particularly rampart in western Nigeria. War should be declared against it!

    • Otile

      Thak God these ritualists are not from the East people like you would have sorrounded the South East for assault.

  • Kole Benson

    This is the latest avenue through which young men employ to make money without working. The politicians are the end takers of this gruesome enterprise. We are indeed in a mess. 8 out of 10 boys in our society today are ready to do this business because they see it as a sure route to get rich, because those they look up to as mentors are fraudsters who make money through government contracts that were never executed but go about flaunting their wealth without sanctions. Since they cannot get contracts, they make do with yahoo+ which is money ritual approach. It is easy for them to get through because Nigeria is a lawless country. May God save us

  • rancher

    The sad thing is not that this is committed by Yoruba or any particular ethnic group. Rather, it is the fact that people like these people will still walk free due to corruption in law enforcement. This will be the last time you hear about it, and the next three months they will all relocate to another town. There was a man from my home town that was found to be doing this kind of thing. Our villagers were so enraged that they lynched some of his accomplices on the spot. But for the man himself, he was handed over to the police and, guess what? Six months later he was living free on another community. But my people have promised that if they ever see him on our soil he will be killed on the spot.

    • Otile

      If he runs to Katsina state how are you going to get him?



    • ed

      That’s bringing to justice criminals.
      Unlike you people that support and make excuses for your own criminal.

  • AryLoyds

    These ritualist should be used for medical tests for new Drugs !

    • Nicodemus

      No. They should be boiled in hot water or better still, fried in hot oil.