NNPC Shake up: Ohanaeze condemns ‘lopsided appointment’

NNPC Towers
NNPC Towers

Top Igbo socio-political organization, Ohanaeze, has appealed to President Muhammedu Buhari to revisit the recent reorganisation at the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, in the interest of peace, unity and good governance.

Ohanaeze, in a statement on Sunday signed by its President General, John Nwodo, said it was appalled at the “consistent disdain” for the South East by the Buhari administration as copiously displayed in the recent reorganisation.

The body said that it had thought that after the president’s declaration in a broadcast recently that Nigerian unity is settled and not negotiable, that he would take all necessary actions in his governance to show that the administration is walking its talk.

Mr. Nwodo said that new managers selected for NNPC showed a tilting clearly in favour of the North in which the South-east “was totally ignored.”

“As long as President Buhari continues to ‘live out his speech abroad’ that his government will favour those who voted 97% for him against those who voted 5% for him so long will the dissatisfaction and unrest in our polity subsist,” Mr. Nwodo said.

“There is no oil well anywhere in Northern Nigeria. Four of the five states in the South-east have proven oil resources some of which provide our nation’s revenue yet our people are not found fit to be adequately represented in a key corporate institution like the NNPC.”

Ohanaeze urged the president to revisit this recent reorganisation exercise in NNPC ‘in the name of God and in the spirit of the ongoing festivity being celebrated.’

On August 29, as part of the ongoing restructuring of the NNPC, 55 top management staff were either appointed or redeployed across the company’s operations in a major management shake-up announced on Tuesday.

The Group Managing Director, GMD of the Corporation, Maikanti Baru, said the new appointments would not only help reposition the NNPC for the challenges ahead but would also help to fill the gaps created due to statutory retirements of staff.

Under the new arrangement, Mr. Baru said a former Managing Director of the Integrated Data Services Limited, IDSL, Roland Ewubare, was appointed the new Group General Manager, GGM, National Petroleum Investment Management Services, NAPIMS.

Former GGM and Senior Technical Assistant, STA, to Mr. Baru, Diepriye Tariah, would take over from him as the MD of IDSL; while the Executive Director, Operations, of the Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company, Malami Shehu, was appointed Managing Director, Port Harcourt Refining Company.

A former MD of the Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company, Adewale Ladenegan, was moved to KRPC to assume duty as MD.


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  • Ola

    If I get the gist of this article right, this is a shuffle of existing management staff not new employments. I don’t understand what the hue and cry is all about.

    If Ohaneze is demanding that NNPC must shuffle into the management staff Igbos who are not employees , then they have completely missed the road to redemption.

    • Akpobu

      It will not bother you as long as it favors your ethnic group. Oh my God!!!, this country is just full of hypocrites. I am not an Ibo man but I can recognize these appointments and this your comment as wickedness

      • Ola

        Akpodu, I don’t care who is in what position as long as we get quality for our money.

        It is impossible to have equal representation of all ethnic groups in the agencies of government.

        It is like asking FCT administration to stop selling land for development to Igbos because they presently own about 75% of properties within Abuja.

        Will it be right for other ethnic groups to make such a demand on FCT ?

        • Guest

          You have wisdom my friend. Do we not have over 200 tribes in Nigeria, are other minority tribes not Nigerians?

        • emmanuel

          Hear this satanist, when the foolani boys gag Osibande, you change your monikers to criticise them, but when appointments favours your tribesmen, then you do not care who is appointed.
          Afterall, Osibande, Kemi and Fashola are sourcing for funds from other budget heads to complete Lagos Ibadan Expressway and have set aside second Nigeria bridge.
          Meanwhile, the weakling called Jonathan took that road abandoned by Obasanjo and bi-courtney from them and incurred Obj’s wrath, for the good of the South West. But the gang of tribalist never bothered to affect others positively.

    • Eluba Inas

      Where is Ohanaeze when those positions where filled by their Kinsmen. They call it merit. When the reverse is the case they shout marginalization. I doubt there is anyway you can satisfy this miscreants.

  • joelaw

    I’m one of those who used to think the Igbos are making too much noise about marginalization, however on this NNPC issue they are correct to cry foul. The President should be more sensitive about ethnic balancing, why load the place with northerners with only five offices to the south excluding the south east as against 10 or 11 to the north. Action speaks louder than voice, Mr President you can’t continue to mouth national unity while at the same time creating an evil imbalance in your appointments. The present situation is very unfair to the south east, i can see why they are shouting biafra. The way things are going many even in the southwest who voted for Buhari in 2015 may not vote for him in 2019 if e decides to run, we’ve never had ethnic insensitive as bad as this.

    • Frank Bassey

      Buhari is one of the most corrupt leaders Nigeria has ever produced. He is deceiving the populace by his skewed anti-corruption crusade. If this is not corruption, what is?

  • Owejah

    Is it possible that those who should have come on board are neck deep in the current struggle for actualisation of Biafra? Just wondering …



      • Frank Bassey


      • Owejah

        Hahahahaaa! tawanda, when will you grow up and jettison gutter language? Are we not friends again?

      • Yemi

        The moron in chief is back. I had hoped you had been eaten up by your cannibalistic tribesmen.

        • emmanuel

          On two occasions and the only time i have seen cooked human meat were in South West Nigeria. Showed life on Television, yet you refer to fables about some ethnic groups being cannibals.
          Who is more cannibal then?

          • Yemi

            Please google Talbot Igbos and cannibal. The British historian P.A. Talbot has chronicled his experiences of travelling in the east and discovering a massive problem with people eating people

  • SeniO.

    Premium times can do better by providing deployment statistics per region. Let the data speak for itself without any speculation.

    • MilitaryPolice01

      PT owes you and me nothing. They have done better and continue to do a good job with their numerous and mostly objective expose. They are a private outfit just like every other citizen, so if you need truck loads of ‘deployment statistics’ to prove that the Igbo are being treated unfairly by this regime, then why not do some research yourself.

      • SeniO.

        Journalism isn’t just writing a story. Story tellers do that. The real work is verifying what has been said before publication.

        Do you even have any idea the damage fake news from an organization like PT can do? Read the comments generated already.

        Tell the best journalists (e.g. Amanpour) in the world that they owe their audience nothing…

        • MilitaryPolice01

          I think you are getting this twisted. What is fake in this news? That the recent nnpc appointments were mindlessly skewed in favour of one region or that Ohaneze just released a PS to make their stand justifiably known. Are these not facts that indeed happened and where national reported across majority of the media.

          What exactly do you want PT to verify about this report? What additional extra do you want PT to add to make this report up to Amanpours standard? – and come on Amanpour? Is she your benchmark standard? Have you never watched Amanpour being schooled in her own show by intellectually better guest of her show. Bro you should aspire to exist out of Amanpours box like these guests, and not be like the usual Nigerian politician that stutter or cower when they are before her.

          G, the joke is on you, the comments along the thread reflect the reality of todays ethnically divided Nigeria under an insensitive FG.

          • SeniO.

            ‘Super’ G, why the sentiments na? “Oppose all forms of falsehood, hypocrisy, injustice & bigotry”.

          • MilitaryPolice01

            Thank you for reading my bio :). That is exactly what I am doing with this convo

          • SeniO.

            Shocker! Lol

      • Okokondem

        You go bro, tell him like it is. It’s exacerbating having to encounter jokers who feel compelled to post something even when obviously they have nothing to contribute to the dialogue.

        • SeniO.

          Did you literarily just describe yourself…? Lol

  • Maitama Tambari

    When Jonathan Administration was pampering Ndigbos, other Nigerians only wait and watch because the South West and North, being a society that inherent culture of organizations and Administration of the society, allowed the Ndigbos to mess up Jonathan Administration. The South South did not benefit from Jonathan Government as they should.

    I wondered when does the North becomes really Northern? Whenever the Ndigbos wants to claim victimization of the group, they combine the North as one entity, while in the dark of the night they would make the misguided Middle Belt areas of Benue, Plateau, part of Kogi and Kwara to claim that they have nothing to do with the North. This is not the first time.

    NNPC must have done the reorganization following the civil service tradition of seniority and federal character spread, forced on the Civil Service by Decree 43 of Babangida Administration in 1988. If there is any case by this group, they should take their case to Federal Character Commissioner for redress not to Mr. President for political action.

    • Rev

      That is your vandetta, to avenge goodluck, pampering of the Igbos. Not forgetting that for fifty years, you robbed the South of everything that was their portion of the national cake. And you couldn’t stand just four years of Jonathan trying to redistribute the national wealth for the first time! Because according to your definition, the North owns Nigeria. Little wonder the emergence of Biafra!

  • Mizch

    Long live ONE NIGERIA AND MAN OF INTEGRITY. Surely nepotism is not corruption, or is it?

  • Okokondem

    Question is, where are the elected Igbo members of the Nigerian national assembly? Why do they seem not to be bothered by the blatant marginalization and quite frankly a deliberate and obvious emasculation of their constituencies, or do they care only about their bloated remuneration including the unconstitutional security allowances. Juxtapose these lopsided appointments with Buhari’s recent one Nigeria and unity speech.

    You may tolerate manipulation by someone of superior intellect but it is an insult watching northerners blatantly cheat us while extolling the virtues of unity and indivisible Nigeria.

    • emmanuel

      Nigeria is not united and will never be until it eventually fragment. It is a fraud

  • emmanuel

    Ohaneze is a bunch of indolent old folks. They chided Kanu for asking that IgbOs leave, yet they have no strategy for equity in Nigeria.
    Any day, Kanu is still the best thing for South East Nigeria.
    They earlier they are let go, the better for them. Buhari is not pretending to hate them at all, as he demonstrates it every passing day.
    There is no where in the World were oppression does not end up in wars or serious crises.

  • Pat

    What did East get from romancing Jonathan’s Administration that is believed to be better than what we have now by most Eastern leaders?

  • FreeNigeria

    The question is, are the appointment the best qualified Nigerians?

  • Rev

    Anyone who thinks that Buhari came to bring balance to the national conversation is dreaming. This man came to specifically avenge the administration of goodluck where they claim, he was biased. This man is evil and decrepit. The only language he understands is the language of sectionalism. He cares less of Nigeria. Nigeria by his definition, is equivalent to Daura, Sokoto and the Northwest. The rest are buffons and cockroaches!
    Nigeria needs a leader far more patriotic than this man!