Olori Wuraola confirms marriage crash with Ooni of Ife

Ooni Adeyeye and Olori Wuraola
Ooni Adeyeye and Olori Wuraola

The now ex-wife of the Ooni of Ife, Zaynab Otiti-Obanor, has confirmed that her 17-month-old marriage to the monarch, Adeyeye Ogunwusi, has indeed ended.

She made the disclosure via an official statement on her official Instagram page on Wednesday morning.

OFFICIAL STATEMENT We have got to stop this culture of shaming and vilifying women with false stories of infidelity & nefarious behavior. The spreading of false information (through "sources" afraid to be identified) is the mark of cowards and a cover up for guilty parties to justify their horrific actions. There is absolutely no truth to the media circulated lies of infidelity and infertility- on my end. What I can confirm, is that the Ooni and I are no more. I inhale love & exhale gratitude. My journey continues as a Humanitarian aiding women and victims of domestic violence & abuse with the United Nations. No matter how much time you've invested, no matter the use of media to silence & manipulate, no matter the circumstance, slander, embarrassment, threats and lies: Get out and seek immediate help! We've seen this movie before. Women being dragged in the press & blamed for everything under the sun. This behavior is unacceptable. I urge those involved to be mindful of their actions for the eyes of our Almighty God are always watching. The seeds of slander is a cancer that harvests to eat away the souls of the planter. The throne is sacred and the attempts to tarnish the name of a Queen, in defense or on behalf of a silent King makes all involved look terrible. Remain dignified in all you do. It's not the end of the world, but the start of a new chapter and you must turn the page with grace. The world is watching. As I bid adieu to this chapter, my wish to you all is to step into your lives – boldly & fearlessly, the way God intended and live not just by words, but through example. The best chapter in our lives is the one we are writing now. Thank you for your love and support. With peace, love &  light, -Her Highness, Zaynab Otiti Obanor.

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Her post partly read, “What I can confirm, is that the Ooni and I are no more. I inhale love and exhale gratitude. My journey continues as a humanitarian aiding women and victims of domestic violence & abuse with the United Nations. No matter how much time you’ve invested, no matter the use of media to silence & manipulate, no matter the circumstance, slander, embarrassment, threats and lies: Get out and seek immediate help!”

Ovation Magazine publisher, Dele Momodu, who had also earlier dropped hints of the separation confirmed that the royal union had indeed crashed in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

He wrote: “Our Majesty, 
blessed are the peace makers. Thanks for the honour of pouring out your immediate and future plans to me. Thanks for vowing not to disrespect the revered throne of Oduduwa; the progenitor of the Yoruba race. When marriages break up, it comes with painful stress and traumatic strain.The pressure can be lessened by staying positive.
It shall be well with you.”

Mr. Momodu’s post generated mixed reactions from Nigerians with many saying it was uncalled for.

However, despite the public empathy, Olori Wuraola appears to have moved on.

In the last two weeks, there have been growing concerns on the state of the royal union following reports that the couple had been living apart in the last 8 months.

The Ooni got married to his now estranged Edo bride at an elaborate traditional marriage held in Benin, the Edo State capital on March 16, 2016.

The wedding rites were performed in the traditional Benin culture at the residence of the bride on Ewere Street, Etete, in Oredo Local Government Area of the state.

Although the monarch was not physically present, he was represented by his father, Oluropo Ogunwusi.


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    What a shame to the so called Throne of Oduduwa. Maltreating of women cannot be justified under any frivolous excuses. The monarch should have give this lady at least some benefit of doubt before sending her packing just like that.

    • Chairman

      Are you a friend of the couple ?

  • sunsun

    There is more to it than the eye can see and the ear can hear.

  • Agba

    i only pity the lady because,of her former status,like what the former olori of DEJI Akure in Ondo state said,and i quote,No resonable man will cross the wife of KABIYESI,because she also pass through what the king pass through before he became king.She need a lot of clensing,because men will be afraid.

    • FreeNigeria

      Hahahahahaha, story, she’s very pretty, some guy will snag her very soon.

      • Iyanda

        My thoughts too.

    • Anna Nascimento

      Must she marry a nigerian man or do you forget there are 198 countries in the world.. hahahaha

  • Ohajianha Ozichukwu

    Polygamy in our present generation is very irresponsible, no matter where, who or how it is being contrived. When a young, promising man takes up a traditional stool, he should strive to give it a new and modern image. He most not begin to live like his ancestors in the name of tradition. Things must begin to appear modern, civilized and decent.

    • Iyanda

      Polygamy is irresponsible in your words, what do you say of adultery.

      • Charles

        both stinks, they both are two evils born on the same day, adultery is the elder and more treble. They are a coin of the different face.

        • Iyanda

          I beg your pardon. I am a Muslim and my religion allows polygamy. I’ve also been there and will be there again if the opportunity arises. It may stink to you but I do not believe it does.

          • Anna Nascimento

            It does stink, the women are in the better position to be truthful on the matter.

          • Romberg

            How would you feel is your wife brings another man to your bed? It’s alright for you to have many women but Allah forbids her because she is not a man! You need serious help!

          • suleiman

            But the Ooni goes to church and is not a Muslim! At least he claims to be a born-again Christian. So what are you talking about. Christianity forbids polygamy and divorce!

          • Gabriel Popoola

            By a born again Christian definition, A true Christian is a doer of His words and not just a hearer. You got to know the Bible in totality and meditate on it daily. And you can’t worship two masters. Otherwise, you’ll be engage in a spiritual contradiction and warfare. God is not the author of confusion. However, God has freely given us freedom of choice. But we’ll be responsible for the consequences of our choice.

          • AMA AMOAH

            I sincerely do not believe that it is your religion. It is just in your character to want as many women as you can get which is your prerogative. Your prophet said if you can love them equally then marry them. Do you love them equally? It is not possible to love two people equally with the same measure. many muslims who practice polygamy always say this and I (my opinion) believe it is not true or possible. Humans are emotional beings. Just giving them money equally is not loving them equally. There is a lot which entails bringing 2 or 4 women under the same roof. Even if you get separate apartments for them, that is not love. May your god give you more understanding.
            In Christianity woman is not merchandise for man’s amusement, and not for man’s enjoyment, but it is a holy secret binding them together .
            In Islam, in the book of Sahih Al-Bokhary, menses chapter: the prophet says about women:” those deficient in mind and religion”. Also in Sahih Al Bokhary, the prayer book, a converse saying:” woman is like dog and donkey as she disrupts the prayer, if someone touches woman before praying and he had already performed ablution, his ablution is ruined and he must do ablution again. Now you can see that the two religion treats women differently.
            Could you imagine in woman chapter (Surat An-Nisa’), verse 15 and 35: it was mentioned that man or the husband can punish his wife by striking her, abandoning her and imprisoning her to death

            You practice polygamy because it pleases you. SIMPLE.

    • Otile

      I give Imam credit for being faithful to our beautiful First Lady. The President found out that with such a good spouse he doesn’t need another woman. I also give IBB praise for that, both of them are morally praiseworthy in that aspect.

  • FreeNigeria

    One chapter of your life just closed, a new one is about to begin. live your life, you only live it once.

  • MilitaryPolice01

    I have always seen this lady as a reserved person who cherished her privacy and immediate space. No doubt her love for her husband must have blinded her from seeing he belonged to the people and she was basically getting married to the Ife public. It must have been difficult for the beautiful lady to share her seemingly loving husband with all sorts of traditionalists,herbalists,hangers on, jesters, sycophants,flute blowing noise makers to name a few. No doubt such can strain a young marriage. I have no doubt that Ooni himself is a good man having read and heard his antecedents before the throne. I wish both of them nothing but the best.

  • Shop Ryte

    Isn’t it obvious that this boy king has a problem himself? This is like the third wife he’ll be sending out packing. Wuraola may be anything but this King sef! The grapevine has it that Wuraola was found, introduced and compelled the king to marry her by his dad who was also the architect of how the former was sent packing.

  • Dazmillion

    I dont know how and why the Oni went and carried Lebanese man’s wife and put in his house?

    • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya


  • peter


  • peter

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  • suleiman

    This man has problems with women. Married the former Attorney-general from SK, and the third one is also leaving? If you are such a high profile king, the position should at least control and humble you one way or the other. One other problem he has is talking too much. The man justs brags and talks to much

    • FreeNigeria

      he’s young. probably should not have been a king anyway.

      • aisha ani

        True talk!

        • Rote

          Age do not always have nexus with wisdom. His Majesty Ogunwusi has achieved what many of today’s older royalties have not achieved in 50 years!

      • Sam

        Josiah was eight years old when he became king

        • FreeNigeria

          But this one is not Josiah

          • Sir Louis

            On Point. It takes time for blood to become blue, as well as the grace of God and good breeding.

      • Sir Louis


  • government

    No qualms.Life goes on.

  • 45Degree

    Why is it that Mr. Dele Momodu is ALWAYS in the midst of couples’ marital problems? Is he a marriage counselor? Be very careful tarnishing the image of this Ooni because, he has our absolute support.

  • Healings Mpore

    Thank u for making my wish come true MAMA I was totally devastated when Allison left me. It was like all my world vanishing into sorrow and pain. But your kind words when I first emailed you gave me hope even when i was very far from you. I felt how sincere, honest and authentic you were from your first email. I know it sounds weird but out of all the casters I contacted, you were the only one who told me all my enemies and performed a special prayer and gave me powerful Indian crystals,oil,stick and ring to use at my work place,business as well as my home.UNBELIEVABLE!in less than 1 week,all my problems were over and I`m very happy in my marriage and my husband left his girl friend and came back to me.MAMA i will keep in mind the fantastic work you accomplished for me even when i was a thousand miles away from u. You brought my lover back and you made all my businesses improve. My business has now 18 branches in every city.My husband is now loyal, pays attention to me, he offers me flowers every Sunday, and we often go out at the cinema or at the restaurant.The holy oil you gave my husband after bathing it for three days last week he was promoted at his place of work. I will be forever thankful for turning my life from hell to heaven!”Those reading this testimony and have the same problem its just a call a way no matter where you are your problems will be solved over the phone or email;mutubba@gmail.com.
    Patricia LONDON+27836708212…

  • Olubode Samuel

    Living apart in the lat 8 months? She and Ooni attended Obasanjo’s son’s wedding together in May 2017. What’s going on?

  • galaxy

    I thought Ifa chose you. I begin to suspect- we have some 419 ifa oracles now. all these guy-kings!! Oluwo of Iwo, Ooni Of Ife, etc. Na wah for you o!!!

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    I don’t know why I have always been of the opinion that the present Ooni isn’t mature enough to be king. He talks too much; travels too much; tries too hard to be “royal”, etc.. Meanwhile, if you say someone is no more, it means they are dead. So, Zainab, are you and the Ooni dead or what? Because your instagram post says: “the Ooni and I are no more”. Lol

  • Otunga

    I hope this got nothing to do with his “staff” of office…

  • Olumide Soneye

    Who is now going to be eating the same food with Oba now. At least we know that our tradition forbade Ooni’s wife remarrying. Even if Oni dies, the new Oni has to inherit the late Oni former wives. Nobody, and I repeat nobody can marry any woman that Oni has marry before.

    • Pathways

      So she should remain single forever because of your useless traditions. Your useless laws are made by who? Men. Did your ancestors consult any woman before making such rules. So while the Ooni can take as many wives as he wants she cant remarry abi? All the useless one sided traditions can not hold her or any woman down.She will live her life and continue her advocacy and refuse to stay in an abusive marriage.

  • Lanre

    This Ooni is bringing shame to an institution that is already gradually sliding into disrepute. The only place you see Yoruba Obas nowadays is Sunny Ade Parties, living large and enjoying this delusion of grandeur. From The Alaafin to The Osemawe. From The Awujale to The Osile. What exactly is our problem? This one got there and his first executive action was to marry a new wife. Then he got into a quarrel with Oba Akiolu of Lagos another famous Sunny Ade patron. Negative news everywhere.
    Yorubaland is sick. We have problems. We do not have good schools, hospitals, roads or infrastructure anywhere. Our rulers are living large and stealing our commonwealth. Yoruba Ronu! Enough of the negative useless news. Perception is reality!

    • Sir Louis

      Lanre,the debauchery and sickness is a national problem. The entire nation lost track a long time ago. Only a clear- headed and dynamic leadership and a thorough national re- orientation and value re- discovery can bring the country and its people back to the right path.

  • taiwo

    Ooni made mistake right from the outset of this. Every man getting married to such a socialite like Wuraola is bond to lose such marriage.


    This is a very pathetic story. Many men do not understand what many women suppress or condole to stay married in this our dispensation. Many men do not even know they are abusive because the abusive behavior is so entrenched in them that they do not realize it is mental abuse on the women. The woman is an emotional being and in this modern day, what used to be taboo is been exposed. Many women especially our mother went through years of abuse but endured because of the children. Today, the modern woman will cry out and walk away. I admire these two but no one really knows what happened in the other room. She is probably not even saying anything to protect the throne. She has even refused to live a lie by coming out to say the marriage has crashed. In Africa, if marriage crashed, the women are at the receiving end and will be cursed by everyone. This Wuraola woman is in deep pain. No woman wants to be jumping from one husband to another. She is in deep pain which many women suffer silently. May God help us all. I admire the new Ooni but he is also to be blamed. A man who cannot love and keep his home is a vagabond to God according to the Christian faith. He should also check himself.