Nigeria Police declare senator deserter


The Nigeria Police Force has declared a senator, Isah Misau, as a deserter from the force.

The News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, reports that the Chairman, Senate Committee on Navy, Mr. Misau, had in an interview granted to a newspaper published on August 10, alleged that police officers pay bribe for special promotion.

The lawmaker had also accused the Inspector-General of Police of embezzling N10 billion monthly Internally Generated Revenue and taking bribe to post Commissioners of Police to State Commands.

The Force spokesperson, Jimoh Moshood, who disclosed this while briefing journalists in Abuja on Sunday, said Mr. Misau deserted the force on September 24, 2010.

“The Nigeria Police Force hereby declares DSP Mohammed Isah Hamman (Sen. Isah Hamman Misau) a deserter from the Nigeria Police Force.

“The Force will definitely take appropriate action in this circumstance as it has to do with a deserter under the Police Act and Regulations,” Mr. Moshood said.

He said that Mr. Misau deserted the force when he was redeployed to Niger Command where he refused to report for duty.

He said that under the Act, the Criminal Code and Penal Code treat a deserter as a suspected criminal under the law.

“All other security agencies in the country are equally implored to assist the Nigeria Police Force in this regard,” he said.

He said that the retirement letter Mr. Misau presented to journalists recently was forged and dubiously obtained.

The Force spokesman said that Mr. Misau perpetuated an act of impersonation by acknowledging the receipt of the suspected forged retirement letter, as a Deputy Commissioner of police instead of his actual rank of DSP.

Mr. Moshood added that the letter dated March 5, 2014, four years after Misau with AP No. 57300 deserted the force was being investigated by the force.

“AP No. 57300 DSP Mohammed Isah Hamman is still a police officer and not regarded as a Senator by the Nigeria Police Force.

“The retirement letter he is parading is a suspected forged document under investigation.

“It is on record for the public and the media to verify that, as AP No. 57300 DSP Mohammed Isa Hamman was being wanted as a deserter, he contested and lost the Bauchi Central Senatorial seat in 2011 under the then Action Congress of Nigeria.

“This is a clear element and criminal liability of fraud and impersonation, because under the law you cannot be a police officer and still stand for election,” he said.

The spokesman advised members of the public to disregard all the allegations against the I-G and the Force by Mr. Misau.

He said that considering all the above, the Force was compelled to seek the prompt consideration of the Senate Committee on Ethics and Privileges to prevail on him to return to the Force.

Efforts to get the reaction of Mr. Misau proved abortive as calls and SMS to his cell phone were not responded to.



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  • FreeNigeria

    He’s fine until he spilled the beans on the IG. Fake country Nigeria

    • DanJ

      I wonder oh. Did he run for election in Mars or Jupiter?

      Tomorrow they will settle their differences and abandon the people.

      Maybe they are gunning for negotiation. Stir the Hornets nest till they approach you with a peace Accord. Like one of the Korea’s!

      • Raphael

        No he run for election in Pluto that’s the reason they can’t see him my bro

  • Delta_Quagmire

    Police corruption fighting back!

  • emmanuel

    What a shame. Corruption indeed fighting back. This is the face of Nigeria today!

  • Chin Ce

    As a nepotism challenged president slinks on unperturbed by his strings of poor and disappointing executive choices, we the people need more ‘deserters’ like Misau to expose a corrupt ‘Inspector General’ and his herd at Nigeria Police ‘Force’

  • Alex

    A country and people without shame. this kind of mischievous finger pointings will only take place in Nigerian. Only now he start talking they knew he was a deserter?

    • Arkhuma

      I wonder oooo

  • Ijeuwa

    When did they find out he was a deserter? Shame on the Police force. Somebody left the force 7 years ago and now that he started criticizing the force, they remembered that he’s a deserter.

  • Nkem

    Police is thief and corrupt; the Imper-senator Misau is fraud and emblematic of the sickness that afflicts this country in the name of the so-called ‘upper’ chamber of the house of legislathieves. So what do we do now? Someone should please and please help me unravel this puzzle.

  • Ferra Realman

    Nigeria police that claimed to has no car to investigate and apprehend armed robber syndicates even when one of them was arrested by vigilantee in the mid night. We pray for serious political leaders and system to come.

  • Dr

    IGP, the little respect I have for U has dropped by 50%. By law an officer is declared a deserter when he absconded for 7 day .U are declaring Misau a deserter 7 years after he left office. Unfortunately, this is coming against the backdrop of weighty allegations of corruption the senator labelled against U. Instead of U to address the matter and come out clean, U are wasting ur time declaring the whistle blower a deserter

  • Afo

    I believe God is intervening to sanitise the rotten police. PMB must suspend the IG and set up high power panel to investigate the unbridled corruption in the Police if we are seriousin the fight against corruption.

  • Abdullah Musa

    Those who live in glass houses…
    Let’s see who will triumph.

    • princegab

      They are all dirty but the police is quite a bigger sinner. It is understood from the article that the police is caught red handed by the senator. Why wasn’t the senator decleared deserter long before now? Not that the police has any integrity left as we already know, and they know that we know. They are just desperately trying to cover their head in shame. Perhaps , must have taken bribes from the senator to see him through all the crimes the police is now accusing him of. The IGP should resign in shame.

  • Simeon Nigel

    A couple of months ago, I commented about “evil returns parctices” inside the whole of Nigerian police force that has been the routine ways inside the entire Nigerian police force, whereby from the lowest caders police officer; i.e. ordinary police officer to State police commissioners and up to IGP Idris himself, it is a daily occurance that all police officers on road-blocks mandatorily must collects money from the general public or motorists and then pass on to areas commanders and to state commissioners who then pass-on all collected bribery monies to IGP Idris in Abuja-(the highest oval office of the final police authority), and such collections “evil” monies are from each state of the federation. Each 36(thirty-six) states has its ordered discretional sum of amount already set targetted figure of amount that are being expected to be brought over in grand total to IGP Idris in Abuja. For example; Lagos, Kano, Maiduguri in Borno state, Ibadan in Oyo state, Portharcourt in Rivers, Onitsha in Anambra state, were considers a business centers that are expected to generate highest returns sum than those states with lesser business nerve towns/cities. So, every stations’ DPOs-(Duputy police Officers), across the entire Nigeria are being expected to bringing each respective amount of returns based on their assigned set amount of target figure of amount which they are expecting to returns to each state police commissioners. Every month IGP Idris usually holds “a monthly briefing updates” reports meetings in Abuja where each and every state commissioners are expected give account of their stewardships in their individual respective state command and together with what has been generated or realised by each commissioners in form of “returns” to IGP Idris. The most richest man in Nigeria today iside Federal Government is the IGP police boss Idris. He is making a cold and a silent racking-in huge amounts of money to his private pockets, apart from the entire police federal budegtary allocations for police running expenses. That is why all manners of crimnalities do strives inside Nigeria when the police boss would not admits the indept rots in the entire police establishment in Nigeria.

  • Simeon Nigel

    Another rotting sides being daily practice by Nigeria police force is “the uppermost closed guarded and secret gangs structure” for running prostitutions rings and kidnapping rings as well as higher value cars snatching syndicating with selected notorous criminal members, including provinding on the off the records/ unofficial private security guarding services to those would-be richermen or women, in the Nigeria society, that could afford such security services. In towns and cities, every police sub-stations must markets police service to bars, hotels, eateries and suppermarkets shops and others, by which each police officer price tag every month is N10,000-N20,000. Assuming, a hotel owner wants three(3) police officers to guard his/her hotel premises, it will cost him/her this:- 3x N10,000 or N20,000 equal to N30,000 or N60,000 per month fee needs to be paid to the state sub-station DPO police officer who then pass-on such monies collected to the overall state police boss, commissioner. The Lagos police commissioner is the richest among all of the entire police state commands commissioners in the whole of Nigeria, because Lagos is classified the highest Nigerian city with wine bars, different grades of hotels dancing nites clubs and brotels-(staying-in accomodating housing prostitutes) houses than any other Nigerian towns or cities inside Nigeria. The police also provides body guards security services to rich individuals too. So, the whole of the Nigeria police have not gotten enough men to go around to dealt with all mmanners of Nigerian criminals. The shouting by the general public about there are no enough police to serving the entire Nigerian populations are not true, because no one bothers to take a closer look at the activities of the whole Nigerian police force daily routines schedules, If the president do bother to take a serious examination over the whole of Nigerian police force duties, it will soon discovers the rots that has been perpetuating by all of today’s police senior commanders and IGP Idris. Security service being provided by the police force, officers do not wear uniforms in majority of each situation for fear of critizism by the general public’s observations over the police’s current “rots” methods service delivery, partially, to the general public in today’s Nigeria environments. Until APC Federal goovernment is very serious in keeping daily atone to its campaghn promises of 2015 election, only then that the Nigerian police force will be very much alives to its transperent civil responsibilities to all Nigerians, then there will be respects to law and order and criminals, militants and insurgencies will reduced drastically so deeply down. When will that ever going to happen?

  • thusspokez

    He said that under the Act, the Criminal Code and Penal Code treat a deserter as a suspected criminal under the law.

    Why has he not been arrested? Or what is the police waiting for? Directive from the President. The Nigeria police if unfit for purpose. It failure to carry out its duties is the main reason why corruption will continue to flourish ans people like Kanu feel that he is above the law. Frankly, in my Nigeria, I get the police chief arrested and prosecuted for not doing his job.

  • Gary

    The Police are making no bones at this brazen attempt at intimidation and malicious persecution of a legislator who dared to allege corruption in its ranks and leadership.

    The question is whether IGP and his men will be alllowed to get away with the effort to divert attention from the weighty charges against the NPF by making Mr. Misau the issue.

    The Police had no problems with the legislator’s past until he began to use his insider knowledge to put them on the spot.

    We want an independent panel to answer the questions raised without IGP Idris playing judge in his own case. Or nakedly abusing his office to go after a Whistle-blower.
    The impunity stinks to high heavens.

  • tundemess

    A senator forged retirement certificate? What else do u expect? Did Bokohari Mohammadu not do the same? Anything happen? When the head of the fish (Abi na Dog, Baboon or Hyena) is rotten what do you expect of the rest of the body?

  • Amin

    what stop the police from declaring him a deserter long before now? is ti the weighty allegation against the police that reminded the force of missau being a deserter?
    oh! the NPF have lost all integrity and value
    oh! my country Nigeria