#ResumeorResign: “I’m not happy with you,” Charly Boy calls out 2face

Charly Boy
Charly Boy

The outspoken Nigerian musician, Charles Oputa, popularly called Charly Boy, has challenged his colleague, Tuface Idibia, to speak out and join the clamour for better governance.

The 66-year-old singer made the call in a new video, which he posted on Instagram on Wednesday night. It comes on the heels of his suspension of his participation in the #ResumeOrResign ‎protest.

This comes a day after he and members of his group were assaulted at Wuse market in Abuja.

The protesters demand the immediate resumption of President Muhammadu Buhari to office or his resignation.

2face had earlier organised the #IStandWithNigeria protest in February but pulled out in the last minute due to police reports that hoodlums were planning to hijack the protest. The protest however, still held in major cities across the country.

In the video, Charly Boy said, “My guy 2face, I am not happy with you. Since I couldn’t reach you directly, I decided to reach you through this medium. Do you remember when you called on Nigerian youths to come out and protest? We obeyed because we thought you had a good intention to stand up to the injustices against the youths and masses of this country. But, as you retreated into a hole since then, I am very pained. If a beckon of hope like you can be lily-livered when people need you more, what is your problem?

“2face are you happy with the way Nigeria is headed? Are you saying you have not heard about the resume or resign protest, why are you not involved?”

2face is yet to react to Charly Boy’s comments.

The singer also lamented the absence of his colleagues at the protest. Interestingly, actor, Jim Iyke, who joined the protests on Monday, is also yet to react.

Meanwhile Area Fada as he is also called defended his decision to withdraw from the protest indefinitely.

“This wasn’t an ethnic Protest, but they turned it so. It was a peaceful protest, but they made it violent. It wasn’t a personal attack on our sick President, but they twisted the matter. I called off the protest because I value the lives of the tenacious, consistence, dogged, rugged and focused exceptional Youths. We know the game and we will beat the modaf**kers at it. OurMumuDonDo,” he wrote on Instagram.

The Presidency on Wednesday reacted to the protests that rocked Wuse market in Abuja describing it as ‘ethnicised’ and selfish.

It also criticised the #ResumeOrResigngroup led by Charly Boy, for taking the protests to a sensitive spot like the Wuse market.

The protesters were attacked by persons believed to be supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari leading to injury to some including police officers who tried to maintain peace.

Watch Video below:

2Face Say something. See our country.

A post shared by CharlyBoy Oputa (AreaFada) (@areafada1) on Aug 16, 2017 at 11:38am PDT



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  • Oskirin

    no b by force to join u.tuface over to u.

    • Bello

      Abi o! Tuface should just ignore the 66 year old spoiled brat!

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    Being a mumu like charly Boy is not the right way to fight for a better Nigeria.
    The mumu attack Buhari fighting corruption and criminality and saying nothing against looters, criminals, biafra miscreants and Ijaw pipelines vandals.
    Buhari has broken no law to be sick and receiving medical treatment in London.
    The mumu should be campaigning to change the law.

    • djay

      That’s what they fail to realise. Buhari has met the constitution provisions by handing over to his VP so all these noise for him to resume or resign is politically motivated .

      • Izedomi Ohirein

        Charly Boy is mumu at 66.his education was wasted.
        But. I do not support physical attacks on him He is within his rights to protest.

        • whereto

          I understand your position regarding the attack on Charlie boy and others. That’s the reason I’m happy the police rescued them. However, I think he and his gang should be prosecuted. A market might be a public place but it’s also a place where people earn a living having paid to hire shops .
          They can’t go around disturbing the peace of others under the guise of exercising their rights.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            I might not agree with charly Boy, he is within his rights to protest. Anywhere.

          • whereto

            Well, let’s agree to disagree on this point. I think there are limits to rights in any sane environment. They can’t disrupt other people’s means of livelihood in the name of exercising their rights.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            They did not disturb the market or trade otherwise I would not have said they were within their rights.
            I opposed biafra agitators not only because I am pro one nigeria, but because they were violent, insultive, blocking niger bridge, roads and obstructing businesses.

          • Tonnero

            Not anywhere. You need a police permit to do so. Else, the man go enter your bedroom to protest one day o.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            You don’t need police permission to protest. You only need to notify the police if it is going to involve many people.
            Your wife could protest in your bed room.

      • Kofi

        …and that’s where the need to re-emphasise on education again comes in. It’s not enough to read articles on papers, on blogs, etc – most of which are construed by biased folks by the way. Nigerians are biased to the core of their souls. And there’s hardly room for redemption. It’s hard. If you won’t/can’t read & understand your own country’s constitution, or align with experts who are detached from the sentiments often attached to constitutional interpretations in your country, some crazy folks will exploit your inadequacies and foist their own understanding and interpretation of the so-called constitution on you! Now, it’s become obvious that the old man had satisfied the constitutional requirements, what next? The bad guys will exploit another scene. They won’t stop will they? Typical of them.

    • pheliciti

      The situation is just an excuse to act out his personal need for attention.
      The existing provision of S. 145 is modified from the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution. In fact, the US Constitution almost permits the President a full term to recover from any illness once an Acting President is in place.

      • The facts

        So for how long should Buhari be out of the country?

        • jude L/A USA

          As long as he wishes. Do you have problem with that? Rubbish!!!

        • pheliciti

          Till he recovers or until he is deemed ‘permanently’ incapable. That’s what the Constitution states.

      • Timo

        I’m beginning to see Charly’s agitation from an ‘ambitionist’ point of view. But where would he fit into sef in the scheme of things?

  • Paul Graham

    A spoilt old man seeking attention will go to any length to get noticed even dance naked in a market place. Tuface is too refined for such company! Spoilers should carry dem cross alone!

    • Credo O’Revo


      The problem
      with Nigeria is that those who have clarity of thought on how best to turn the
      country around use biro to fight their own war; whilst those who want to
      pillage and plunder the country use rifles and revolvers. In this deaf dialogue
      the crooks and the thieves continue to have their way. And so until the good
      people of Nigeria shed gentleman’s toga and carry the national war to the turf
      of the crooks, by selecting more potent means of enforcement of a rational
      order – including grenades and assault rifles – the country will continue to
      sink. The Nigerian war for direction cannot be fought with
      biro alone. It must be fought on the streets, with assault rifles and with
      deadly grenades; and less with biro or protest marches, because only
      a bloody revolution can save Nigeria.

      • Dan_Arewa

        You are a Biafrud member that9only interested in destroying our country. Why can`t you start from your Street?

  • Zubby

    Charly Boy mumu never do, make him continue dey mess himself around about. Where him dey when them dey loot our country blue and black? Him never hear about all those lootings and corruption wey happen? Na resume or resign him dey talk about. Make him go siddon for where reach am abeg. Yeye dey smell.

    • Al

      I like your comment

  • akinwumi komolafe

    Why all these attacks on Mr Charles Oputa ,popularly known as Charlie boy?Buhari has tried his best to get Nigeria returned to the right path.Now he is sadly going downhill due to poor health and ageing.He needs to give way for an energetic hand.Nobody has monopoly of wisdom of leading or ruling a country; if Buhari resigns and becomes a retired stateman, there are other capable hands that are ready to follow his footsteps.Presently,Nigeria is dangerously being dragged down the murky water of ethnicism and this will not augur well for its pauperised citizens who are,definitely in the majority. Leading protests by the musician,Mr Charles Oputa,against the ailing presidency is a step in the right direction.Nigerian troublous problems–archaic transportation system,constantly recurring electricity outage, frighteningly terrible security challenges, embezzlement and misappropriation of public fund and so on–are too challenging as to allow the ship of the Nigerian state to be steered by a spent force.

    • Ado

      You can continue from where he stopped. Why must he be the only one to lead the protest? Since you believed is a step in the right direction pls mobilize to site now and meet with the same reaction that made the boy to resigned from it.
      Simply because you have access to internet and can write English that does not make your opinion majority.
      Majority of Nigerians still trust Mr President, trust his intention and willing to give time.
      Mr President has done the right things by handing over to his deputy who has been doing very well in exercising his presidential power without any hindrance.
      Most of you that are making noise were the same people that condemned Umaru Musa Yaradua for not handing over to GEJ then and yet turned around to condemned Buhari for doing what you had earlier asked for.
      One is at lost of what you want, particularly considering the fact that when the looting was going on during the PDPs 16 years of destruction you all lost your voice, but recovered it now on the site of the corrupt who are under the heat due to the effort and courage of PMB and his able VP.
      Nigerians are watching particularly those you always term illiterate Who you assumed are not capable of doing anything.

      • Dan_Arewa

        Well said Mallam Ado.
        These shows that your I.Q is more sharp than those that said: We are illiterate.

      • wak

        @Ado, its a shame that the Northerners don’t see anything wrong with this administration and the fact that Nigeria as a country is loosing steam. @akinwumi komolafe, you have spoken well. the fact still remains that, no northerner will ever criticize his fellow Hausa man. Never in the history of this country have we seen the hausa calling their own thief…the like of Former FCT Minister Bala Mohammed who made ill gotten wealth through Park an Pay never stole, the likes of kwankwaso never stole, the like of Dasuki etc. never stole…but you hear names of others who are not Hausa’s in public domain being called thief. The stealing in this administration is double of what they stole in Jonathan regime, yet they say it is no bodies business for Nigerian’s to know what is wrong with Buhari but our tax payers money including mine is being used to finance his treatment and pay for our private jet parked in London. Let God fight his battle.

        • pheliciti

          Stop the divide and rule….it’s not just Northerners! Most right thinking people see and appreciate that the govt is on the right track even if there are areas to improve. We see the sincerity and focused action…

  • Damilola

    The best form of domination is achieved when citizens are well inducted into elite ideology, they are willing to die to defend it and will not seek to change it….. leaders are secured forever and do not need to risk violence to sustain rule.– Michael Foucault. When u see or hear pple dt are baring the brunt of bad leadership giving dea last drop of blood defending ineptitudeness of government either in words or actions, just rem Foucault. Porous and myopic Elitist Ideology sold Africa to Europe, we still live through it today. Who shall safe my people?

  • Ena Jr.

    Please leave 2face out of this! You are old enough to act with some measure of wisdom, but you’ve not done any better yourself!

  • Dazmillion

    Charlygranpa why go down this chest beating route. Why call out a man that had nothing to do with your protest? this is just hitting below the belt and pathetic. Charlygranpa if you were such a lion why did you call off your protest. Charlygranpa your mumu never do?

  • Straight Shooter

    Charly Boy is just a mumu old man stuck in youthful exuberance. Pls go join the elders and leave the youth alone. At 66 your name is still Charly Boy……..that says alot.

  • Dan_Arewa

    Let’s read what Charly GrandPaa said to 2Face:
    Do you remember when you called on Nigerian youths to come out and protest? We obeyed because we thought you had a good intention to stand up to the injustices against the youths and masses of this country.
    My question; Is Charly GrandPaa who is 66 years A YOUTH member?

  • suleiman

    And most of the commentators here are youths, right? What would Nigeria look like if youths take over? Answer, look at what the Kogi State governor is doing. A young man who did not contest election, but was given the governorship on the platter of gold cannot run the state. Ask how many months workers have not been paid salaries in the state. Yes, these are the youths agitating to be given an opportunity to run Nigeria. Chalie boy is wasting his time fighting for knuckleheads that have no direction. While youths in other parts of the world are presidents, senators, ministers, Nigerian youths are still babies living under the armpits of their parents. Give them a job, they can’t perform because they did not passed their degree exams but merely copied other people’s work, popularly known in their language as “ECOWAS.” They are so lazy that they can’t be productive except to be used as thugs during elections! At my age, I wouldn’t stick out my neck for Nigerian youths because they are simply a disappointment. This country would be dead in one day if youths take over.

  • wode

    The protest was destined to fail because it’s needless in the first place. This comment by Charlyman shows that he was just looking for relevance. Why should you be looking for somebody else to join you if you are convinced of what you want to do. The man that triggered the popular Arab spring in Tunisia wasn’t looking for anybody to join him before he set himself ablaze in protest of what he considered an injustice. When people saw that his cause was justified, his one-man protest turned to a revolution and the rest is history.

    In this case, here is man, PMB, who said he has never been this sick. This is an indication that his sickness is largely born out of his patriotism, determination and resolve to serve and save this country from the clutch of the hawks who would rather run the country aground than to do the right thing. This man could have chosen to live in his comfort zone and totally ignore Nigeria and all its woes. Now, having suffered temporary “injury” and needed some time to address his condition, he did not only do the right thing by making sure that he fulfilled all the constitutional provisions by handing over to his Vice to be in acting capacity, he gives him (i.e. AgP) all the support that’s required, by making sure that nobody comes to him (PMB) to seek authority from him in defiance of loyalty to his vice (i.e. the AgP) while he (PMB) is still away. What else could you expect a forthright person to do? He’s overwhelmingly given a mandate that lasts for 4 years. This still subsists, please.

    For some people to now come out and try to give him an unfair, unconstitutional and almost impracticable options, as if it’s in his wish to be sick, leaves one with no thought than to think of those group of people to be seeking undue relevance because their cause is absolutely unjustified, needless, frivolous, albeit their right of expression. Charlyman is just lucky that he hasn’t gone down the drain after taking his protest to the extreme – Wuse market. He is an elderly man, he should learn to be one.

    • Manmbombano123

      Spot on. God bless you for this apt post

    • aisha ani

      You deserve a standing ovation for this.

    • suleiman

      Stop this nonsense. PMB has been sick for many years now. He refused to disclose his health status out of selfishness and desire to rule simply because Obasanjo other soja ruled twice. It is a war between generals not for Nigeria. All these militarymen destroyed Nigeria and are pretending to want to fix it. Lest you forget, he is yet to account for the 2.8 billion naira missing during his tenure as petroleum minister during the Obasanjo military regime. People think this man is not corrupt, I refuse to believe them. Lest you forget, he is presiding over one of the most corrupt regimes in Nigeria. Here is the list
      1. Senate Pre. Bukola Saraki PDP gov for 8 and PDP senator for 4 yrs. joined APC in 2014
      2. Speaker Yakubu dogara two-term PDP house of rep member, joined APC in 2014
      3. VP Atiku Abubakar Nigeria’s VP under PDP for 8 years, presently an elder statesman in APC
      4. Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba, PDP senator for 12 years, recently decamped to APC and is chairman NNDC
      5. Sen. Heineke Lokpobiri, two-term senator under PDP. he decamped to APC in 2015 and is now a serving minister
      6. Sen. Ita Enang, tow term PDP senator, joined APC in 2015 and now SSA to the president on NASS
      7. Gov. Samuel Ortom, long serving Benue State SSG under PDP, National Auditor PDP and former minister under PDP, joined APC in 2014
      8 Sen. Barnabas Gemade, founder father of PDP and National Chairman of the party and senator under PDP since 2011, joined APC 2014 and is serving senator
      9.Gov. Atiku Bagudu., a two-term senator from Kebbi under PDP, is APC governor of the state
      10. Gov. Aminu Tambwwal former PDP speaker of the house of reps. joined APC 2014 and is now governor of Sokoto State
      11. Sen. Abdullahi Adamu, two-term gov. of Nassarawa State under PDP and senator since 2011, joined APC 2014
      12. Sen. Danjuma Goje, two-term gov. of Gombe state under PDP, joined APC 2014
      13. Hon. Dakuku Peterside, was rep under PDP joined APC with Ameachi in 2013 and is DG NIMASA
      14. Sen. Rabiu Kwankwaso, two-term PDP gov in Kano state, former minster of defence, joined APC in 2013
      15. Hon. Rotimi Ameachi, former PDP speaker, tow-term PDP gov of Rivers state, joined APC 2013 and now serving minister
      16. Gov. Rochas Okorocha was special adviser to Pre. Obasanjo, won gov. under APGA, joine APC in 2013
      17. Sen. George Akume, two-term Benue State gov under PDP and senator since 2007, now a serving senator under APC
      18. Gov. Nasiru El-Rufai, former FCT minister under PDP 1999-2007, he is serving as APC gov. of Kaduna State
      19. Gov. Aminu Bello Masari, PDP speaker of house of Rep in 2003. Joined CPC 2010 and is now APC gov. of Katsina state
      20. Senator Adamu Alero, two-term PDP gov. of Kebbi State and senator in 2007, was FCT minister under PDP during Yar’aduwa’s presidency. He is senator under APC
      Sen. Udoma Udo Udoma, to-term PDP senator, we are unsure if he ever joined the AP, he is minister of Budget and planning.

      The list is endless. So tell me who is APC and who is PDP. Who is fooling who and who really ruined Nigeria? Is it PDP or the people. So please stop this nonsense about Buhari or APC coming to save Nigeria. It is the same criminals that are still in power. Do not be deceived by the lies they tell us everyday.

      • wode

        I don’t like joining issues with people with this type of comment because I.m just wondering which one is nonsensical among the two comments. Your references lacks the required substance. This discussion has nothing to do about APC, PDP or any of the personalities you have listed. Your comment about the health record of the PMB would have made sense assuming he wasn’t the one that visited 35 out of the 36 states of the nation campaigning in addition to other meetings, all within a period of about 2 weeks. You that is younger and healthier (I assume) try visiting all the states within that period and see how it would tell on your health. That enough disproves your assertion on his health. Here is a man that has been contesting as far back as 2003, even when Obasanjo was there as the President, so, where is the substance in your comment?

    • Black power

      Thank you for lending a voice.