Gunmen strike at another Anambra church, two killed

Police on patrol [Photo: Beegeagle's Blog]
Police on patrol [Photo: Beegeagle's Blog]

Some people suspected to be gunmen on Sunday, shot dead a policeman and a civilian near Assemblies of God Church, Oguta Road Onitsha, Anambra.

A witness said the gunmen had stopped near the Church, adding that on sighting some policemen at the church, they opened fire on them.

The source also said the attackers made away with the rifle of the slain policeman.

“When the firing became too hot, the policemen abandoned their patrol vehicle and ran away for safety.

“The gunmen moved to their patrol van and took a gun belonging to the policeman they killed,” he said.

The witness said he could not identify the number of armed men involved.

Another witness said, “Gunmen on Okada (motorcycle) shot a policeman and collected his rifle.

They also shot dead an Okada man while escaping and the passenger he was carrying was injured.

The policeman was the one armed among his colleagues; they were providing security while church service was going on at Assemblies of God Church, Oguta road Onitsha.

Reacting to the incident, Garba Umar Commissioner of Police in Anambra confirmed the incident to journalists.

Mr. Umar said it was not an attack on the church, adding that the gunmen took away a rifle belonging to the slain cop.

“My men were on patrol near the church when they were attacked by some gunmen. ‘’It was not an attack on the church in the real sense of it, “he said.

Unknown gunmen on August 6 attacked worshipers at St. Philips Catholic Church, Ozubulu, Ekwusigo council in Anambra, killing no fewer than 13 persons and injuring 27.

A Federal Government delegation,led by Minister of Labour and Productivity, Chris Ngige, had on August 12 visited Anambra to condole the people and government of the state as well as the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi over the incident.



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  • amazing2012

    …the criminals have realized that church constitutes among the true worshippers, faked and criminals alike. This is the result of both church and mosque honoring criminals because they pay much to the religion institutions. The more religious leaders collect blood morning and give criminals positions and front seats the more we will continue to battle criminals hands on our midst!

    • Julius

      Indeed !

  • Julius

    “My men were on patrol near the church when they were attacked by some gunmen. ‘’It was not an attack on the church in the real sense of it, “he said. Yeah sure !. Make I dey read where the folks that do not trust the Nigeria Police will be agreeing with him. The hypocrites !. Biafraud is going to hell with all these church killings . Where is kanu the emperor ?

    • Quality Deal

      Cesspit !

      • Julius

        lmaooo…where is your emperor ? Rumour has it that he is the one sending his criminal boys to do all these killings of your people in church. Remember he is Jewish !!! Hahahahahahaha !

        • Riot50000

          Not long ago, he was a NOBODY.
          He finally got promoted to emperor.
          Who knows what his next title would be, Mr President?
          Meanwhile, your people continue to sit in anguish. scratching and sniff their Asses, waiting for their own brave man to help RESCUE them from the ZOO, but that a will never happen. Hahahahaha

          • Julius

            Yeah , the President of biafraud leader of you the losers. We will not be attacking, insulting and name calling anybody or tribe if we chose to go our ways. You and your family are living in that ‘zoo’ and that makes you all animals. Right ?

  • Abdussalami Yaro

    Hope Enugu is not turning into our “Mexico City”, a drug war lords’ heaven.

    • aisha ani

      It is because of the upcoming election, Politicians at work.

    • Riot50000

      Or maiduguri, our TERRORIST enclave

    • Senator D

      Or are we having militias from the Nort… coming to cause panic and fear in the East?2019 is fast approaching so insecurity and fear is one way to beat people into line for panic voting…

  • Jackson

    If the FBI or CIA were to operate in Nigeria they won’t make any headway, witnesses in Nigeria are not witnesses in the sense of the word they’re actually idiots who run into the nearest bush at the sound of any bang, even from a burst balloon, typical jungle attitude, think about it….have you EVER heard of a Nigerian witness describe a criminal at the scene of any crime?!! The church was full when the attackers came last week yet not a single witness to say hey the guys came in so car or looked like this or were tall or short…. nothing! Blackman is a curse to this world

    • Aquasina

      Any country whose populace queue up in the sun to vote for a semi-illiterate like BUHARI as president

      is a mindlessly lost country of morons and retards that’s best ignored by the rest of the civilized world.

      • Senator D

        But not just Nigeria… See Kenya, Zimbabwe and so on…

  • aboki

    WAILERS should please comment and suggests the way forward with blood letting on weekly basis IGBO LAND.
    The noise makers may have realized that violence and killing of innocent souls has geography or boundary.

    • Hillary Egwim

      When mass amounts of people die in the Southeast, it’s news. When mass amounts of people die in the North, it’s a common occurence.

  • Riot50000

    Well. Since Jesus has abandoned his people, Mohammed is busy molesting them.
    Time to look into what we are really worshipping, real God or the same old bull shit the white man brought to us and took our lands and resources?
    Where else would a police man run from civilians except NIGERIA?
    Nigeria is like a CHEAP PROSTITUTE, loved by no one, hated by everyone, but tolerated by all for her CHEAP, sweet , tight Pussy.

    • Mazi Efuna

      Which Jesus, the one I heard of, came and tried to liberate his people and got killed by the Roman masters in disguise of his people. For us, our Jesus is here in Umuahia and the masters have no access to him.
      When Ozubulu happened, we warned the emotion ridden Igbo narators that more of such incident is in the pipeline, now less than two weeks, here we go. The Fulani with use of the Nigerian state weaponry and trained personnel have concluded a war plan against Ndiigbo with an end goal of islamizing the entire Nigeria. If anyone doubt it, just wait and see the events as they unfold.

      • Senator D

        It will also begin in Ekiti and Ondo state very soon…

  • Noble-E

    I really don’t know what the govt spokesperson is saying on this that the church was not under attack . . The police providing security for worshipers in the church were attacked. They were overpowered . and someones gun was taken . Isnt that ridiculous ? You would expect the law enforcement to have the upper hand in such an encounter that left the church attendees open to another attack similar to the one in Ozobulu. What is the essence of providing fake security if the police is not up to the job. ?

  • Senator D

    If the police can’t protect us anymore why not we be allowed to carry-arms to protect ourselves? Is it not time for us to have state and community policing as obtained in United States? Why this sudden upsurge in church attacks???