PHOTO NEWS: Buhari meets Abike Dabiri, Lai Mohammed, others in London

Buhari meets Abike Dabiri, Lai Mohammed, others in London
Buhari meets Abike Dabiri, Lai Mohammed, others in London


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  • 0tile

    What are these con-artists trying to show the world here? We want this chirography in Abuja not London. What a disgusting show of deception!

    • ayo

      Whatever you like you can say. Your hatred for Buhari getting stronger by the day will not change anything. Whoever is not happy that the President is feeling better must surely die before he comes back. Amen in Jesus name.

      • 0tile

        Our Lord Jesus Christ rejects you prayer. How do you know that Imam is any better than when he left? From day one the lairs have been telling Nigeria that Buhari is hale and hearty, that he will be back soon to resume duty. Each time they show his shadow his worshipers go frenzy, start cursing people and intensify their satanic prayers against those who question his indefinite stay in foreign land. Nonsense

        • blackdove

          Otile, please do not engage in reverse curse oo! Thread carefully in life!

        • Abdussalami Yaro

          Otile my good friend. I always try to avoid replying your comment, but sometimes I find it difficult to ignore you. To my understanding, you post comments just for the fun of it and just away to touch the sensibilities of others. By your comment above, I don’t know if you are a true disciple of Jesus Christ (May the peace of Allah be with Him), otherwise you would not have said “Our Lord Jesus Christ rejects you prayer”(sick). Do you really know who Jesus Christ is? Please don’t allow sentiments to becloud your spiritual sense of judgement.

    • Simon Templar

      Lol. OK. So now he is not dead or on life-support ??? How do you want him in Abuja? On a stretcher or same life-support machine?

  • Okokondem

    There’s something wrong with this picture. Not only is it wrong and unfair to the average Nigerians struggling to make ends meet that their president is expending scarce resources in a foreign land for medical situation his African counterparts would treat in their home countries, but to have these government officials frequent London at further additional expenses to the country is simply unconscionable. It’s adding salt to injury.

    The fleecing of Nigeria will go on until the people said they have had enough. But to sit around and complain expecting a miracle will not cut it. Right now Venezuelans are telling their leader, Maduro, they won’t have it. Yes, change may not come today or tomorrow but eventually it does come albeit with some serious sacrifice. But it doesn’t have to be violent. In fact such opposition movement by the disenfranchised is often more effective nonviolent, so I’m not advocating violent. But the people must express discontent or the fleecing goes on. But that’s what democracy is all about. The people must participate in their governance.

    • Kunle Shith

      You guys should stop being emotional & say the truth even if for ounce. If not for the 16 years of misrule & barbaric bleeding of our sovereign wealth by PDP which makes nothing to be working in this country, I believe PMB would have been accessing Medicare in the country by now but all our health institutions were not attended to by the previous PDP looters.

  • deriBest

    What is the meaning of the media team visiting Bingo Buhari in London——to show that he is still alive and well abi? They should not forget Bingo Buhafri was nominated or imposed on the Nation by d CIA— to do a job—-and if he is sick and can no longer perform that task he should simply quit———period——The same way he asked late Yara Adua to quit or have him impeached——Besides it was Liar Mohamed who requested the Senate to impeach Yara Adua also–Sadly the two of them–now members of the Apes in Apc are as it is usual with them ppl from d old regions–of Nigeria–are again attempting to lie their way–through the hearts and minds of Nigerians—in far away London———————Time for Buhari to speak to the Nation———Nigeria is more divided now than when Bingo Buhari took over from—Ijaw man Jonathan——-

    Fulanis want Igbos out of the North—-while the Niger Delta people have asked the Yorubas and Fulanis to leave their abode before 1st of October—-Yet we have the man in charge of the Affairs of the Nation—Bingo Buhari——–busy laughing his head off in London–while at the same time claiming not to be well enough to assume the mantle of leadership——-Such can only happen in Nigeria-Hence the need for us to call for—-Separation now—via a referendum——What a country—what a shame—-we can not all be laughing jackasses like d above———————-

  • aboki

    “Death is a NECESSARY END it would come when it’s supposed to come.”
    GOD gives and takes life!
    It’s not a big deal
    Their PAY MASTERS are not happy of they’re seeing in PMB.
    They fabricate lies in various forms PMB as if they give or take life.
    2019 is very close and by the corner and voters would definitely vote in Nigeria at various polling stations not through internet or premium time.
    It’s a one MAN one vote with card reader verification as the case may be.

    • Justice Equity

      Honestly it has nothing to do with death which is a divine debt that every living thing ,both animal and human must pay to exit this world at the appointed time. What is at stake is an old man who knew his state of health and his advanced age ,and allowed himself to constitute a big impediment to the progress, prosperity, peace, unity and good development of his nation. It is so disheartening that within a short period of time, that buhari have so much wounded Nigeria in a very terrible manner.
      Buhari have shamelessly failed on economy, food security, power, infrastructure, maintenance of peace, unity and security of lives and properties. Therefore he should show that he is a man of integrity by resigning so that more competent Nigerians can show him how to lead a nation.
      It should be an act of wickedness, lack of integrity, lack of patriotism, and shamelessness for buhari to continue to insist on hanging on the seat of power when Nigerians are facing the worst of calamities, pain,hunger, sorrow, death ,as the result of buharis incompetence and lack of leadership credentials and yet buhari is unconcerned and unmoved.
      May God give buhari grace to resign so that Nigerians shall live in peace, progress, unity ,love ,safety and prosperity again. Nigerians are tired of motion pictures of buhari, they want to read his resignation letter so that Nigeria can move ahead.

  • Paul Graham

    Shame of awon olote!

  • Yahuza Ibrahim


    • xandril

      But seriously, is like common sense is no longer common oo. Who pays for this bills?could it be from their pocket.

  • FreeNigeria

    Our president in diaspora, hope you’re enjoying the constant power supply and good security provided by the British

  • Yahuza Ibrahim


    • paul irumundomon

      Is there really a court competent to legally prosecute in Nigeria. If there is one, is for poor Nigerians

  • Yahuza Ibrahim