PDP will not support separatist agenda – Akpabio

Senator Godswill Akpabio
Senator Godswill Akpabio

The chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Senate caucus, Godswill Akpabio, has said that the party will not support any separatist agenda in the country.

Mr. Akpabio made this known while speaking at the Non-Elective Convention of the PDP in Abuja on Saturday.

He said the party would continue to promote anything that would ensure the peace and unity of the country.

Mr. Akpabio, who is also the Minority Leader of the Senate, condemned hate speeches in some parts of the country, saying the unity of the country was non-negotiable.

He assured of the PDP’s support for policies of the present administration.

On the PDP’s stance on fight against corruption, Mr. Akpabio said it believed strongly in the cause, saying it was a PDP government that established the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

“Corruption is endemic and it was brought about by the colonial masters.

“In 1960 when the Governor-General of Nigeria was handing over to the elected government of Alhaji Tafawa Balewa, one of the things he said was that the problem of Nigeria was corruption.

“So, it is not a Nigerian invention and PDP has been fighting it.

“However, we must distinguish between the fight against corruption and the fight against political opponents.

“We must distinguish between fighting corruption and persecution. They are two different things,’’ he said.

Mr. Akpabio lauded the recent Supreme Court judgment on the leadership of the PDP, and said that the judiciary restored sanity in the party.

He said with the judgment, the party was poised to act as a viable opposition, while working towards ensuring good governance.

“What a beautiful moment this is for democracy in Africa.

“Nigeria is the largest black nation in the world, and a country with the population of over 170 million people cannot afford to disintegrate.

“The only way the black race can have respect is for Nigeria to have a stable democracy and the only thing that shows democracy is the legislature.

“That is why we are here in our numbers as senators, House of Representatives members and all of you gathered here today.

“We all represent democracy and that is what the PDP stands for. PDP stands for a show of the will of the people to determine who leads them,’’ he said.

Mr. Akpabio assured party members who had defected to other parties and anyone willing to join the party that its doors were open to accommodate them.

He congratulated the Chairman and members of the National Caretaker Committee of the party and pledged the continued support of PDP senators in moving the party forward. (NAN)


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  • 0tile

    This is no brainer. How do you expect people who feed fat on corruption in one Nigeria to support separation? It does not matter whether they are Igbo or not, they know were their bread is buttered.


      Very true. You can also see and hear from most Igbo politricians and rulers say they support one nigeria, the same way you will hear from an hausa-fulani and yoruba, even ijaw and other politricians feeding fat by stealing the oil money that belong to south-south oil producing communities which hausa-fulani mallams claim to be their own or that it’s own by all nigerians as if all nigerians own their cow, yoruba cocoa or these politricians brain for 419. Akpabio is a corrupt politrician even though he’s said to have improved the physical development of Akwa Ibom. All nigerian politrician who live beyond their monthly and annual income are corrupt criminals if they can’t prove their other sources of money are legitimate and can be independently traced. just like jonathan, although stealing is bad and wrong, police officers stole from one of his many homes he can’t prove are product of his monthly and annual income alone and acting as if he bought the house with his hard earned money. Meanwhile, separation is possible in nigeria where these politrick and politifcians refuse to act right and allow true fiscal federalism via a regional government and do away with current 36 states which most (more than 95 percent) aren’t viable hence can’t generate revenue and create budget to pay monthly salaries, but depend 100 percent on core niger delta or south-south communities’ oil. when serious separatist movement (s) starts these corrupt and lazy, grossly incompetent politricians and rulers of nigeria who in nearly 60 years of independence can’t provide constant electricity and clean tap water, good roads with drainage and covers, sewage system and good schools, hospital facilities and healthcare system will look for guns, jet bombers and armor tankers to use in a bid to force everyone together but will fail. Biafra agitation under vision-less Kanu who seems not to understand the difference between confederation or loose federation and independence yet forcing and spitting fire is yet mature. After all, Igbo politricians and military dictators were and still are part of nigeria’s problems. Igbos thus are marginalized by their own politrick and politifcians in 5 unjustifiable states (like about 10 or 12 hausa-fulani and 6 unjustifiable yoruba states) that mostly depend on oil money from south-south communities. Igbos had the first governor-general of nigeria in the person of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe who was also the first senate president and first president of nigeria, while another igbo was senate president under him. The first military coup executed by mostly Igbos brought Aguiyi Ironsi as first military head of state hence the military dictatorship that destroy nigeria came from Igbo thinking. Igbos have had many senate presidents and one vice president—Alex Ekwueme, under Shagari. You can go on and on to mention important ministerial and other positions of national importance held by Igbos alongside 5 states. If these people and their glorified industrial and creative prowess can’t create more and develop themselves to grant everyone better and happy life in their predominantly Igbo states then I see no one else to transfer this so-called marginalization blames to. Hausa-Fulanis and Yorubas have also had it all, national rulership-wise (leadership) alongside these many states sucking blood oil money, They also have no justification to claim marginalization even though these politricians and rulers usually corner most of the money and wealth for private use and not for communal benefit. Their communities must hold them (politricians) and rulers accountable and not anyone else. The focus of justice and development should be on core niger delta or South-south oil producing communities, which have suffered it all yet their oil is used as national cake while they are confined to a sordid state of poverty, pollution and death. Their politricians, including jonathan are also corrupt with stolen public funds, so must be held to account, but only to the extent of the knowledge that products of a corrupt and lazy, incompetent and criminal system can’t act differently.

  • Okokondem

    It’s oxymoronic and downright abusive to the average Nigerian when people like Godswill Akpabio lecture the public on the virtues of fight against corruption while he and the rest of the members of the national assembly claim salaries and allowances that can only be described as obscene in any democratic society anywhere in the world. Where in the world does a government employee, a civil servant feel entitled to the kind of money these people claim at the expense of the overwhelming challenges facing this country, especially in infrastructure.

    My sentiment towards Nigerians has gone from disappointment to outright shock, shocked at their tolerance and willingness to accept abuse in the hands of those claiming to be their leaders. Just the other day, some confused Nigerians with too much time on their hands staged a demonstration in Abuja against Buhari’s extended sick leave, as if there is shortage of causes worthy of demonstration. What can be more worthy of demonstration than some state governor’s unconstitutional dissolution of the entire ELECTED local government chairmen only to replace them with hand-picked loyalists willing to do whatever it takes to impress the governor.

    The reason Nigerians seem impervious to graft and malfeasance from their elected officials and civil servants is probably they envy the perpetrators. They wish it was them in those “lucrative” positions. I mean how else would anyone make sense of Nigerians doing absolutely nothing to register their discontent in the face of the sustained wholesale fleecing of the country, even as they witness other people around the world doing exactly the opposite? It’s your country, reclaim it.

    • e_orpheus

      Like Akpabio blames the British for the corruption in Nigeria today, they’ll also pick on some other person or group as being responsible for their choice of protest or lack thereof.

  • Ayo Aiyelabola

    Pray, proud, pompous, slightfull, Godswill Akpabio, is asking Diezina the source her stupendous wealth a fight against political opponents? Even you, what were you worth prior to getting government house? Will amount to fought against political opponent should you be asked to give an account? Is exposing how GEJ loaded money in planes to Fayose ( pray, whose money was that ) to fight election a fight against political opponent? People like you lack compunction, lack morals, lack decorum and lack decency.

  • Bassey Ime Akpan

    Clearly Akpabio is on his own. With his children studying abroad, and his family and he receiving treatment in UK, US, Germany whenever they fall ill, a disintegrated Nigeria that guarantees huge life pensions for corrupt political crooks and ex-Governors and jobbers like him will be the last he would wish for. But the majority of the suffering masses see things differently and it is they who execute a revolution. It is they who will REFUSE to partake of any elections in Nigeria until the right thing (Secession referendum) is done. We can’t have politicians who benefit from the Nigerian situation tell us Nigeria is indivisible. That’s pure crap. Nigeria is dissoluble.

  • Lantang

    Akpabio is sick. For him to say Nigeria’s unity is non negotiable, he must be very very very sick