#ReturnorResign illegal, wants to derail anti-corruption war – Presidency

Anti-Buhari protesters in Abuja
Anti-Buhari protesters in Abuja

The Presidency has described the “Return or resign’’ group as an illegal assembly formed to frustrate the ongoing Federal Government’s campaign against corruption in the country.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, stated this when he addressed members of the Centre for Civil Society and Justice, CCSJ, at the precincts of the Aso Rock Villa, Abuja, on Thursday.

Members of the centre, a civil society coalition, staged a rally in support of President Muhammadu Buhari, who is on medical vacation in London.

Mr. Shehu dismissed the “return or resign” agitation as an illegal assembly stealthily organised to deliver a body blow to the war against corruption.

According to the presidential aide, any attempt to derail the war against corruption using subterfuge and bluff will not succeed.

Mr. Shehu praised members of the coalition and other Nigerians for rising against “the chaotic rout of protesters’’ who assembled at the Unity Fountain demanding the return of President Buhari, dismissing such demands as unlawful.

“It might be taken for granted that the beneficiaries of the old order are fighting back. We have been warned that corruption will fight back.

“In a country where just one woman for having the opportunity to serve as minister has N47.2 billion and 487.5 million dollars of public resources in cash and property traced to her by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) you don’t expect the beneficiaries of that order to allow the Buhari administration some peace.

“They want to distract us. But what the Presidency wants to assure patriotic citizens is that the government will not bend.

“As far as the president is concerned, he has done the needful by handing the reins of authority to the Vice President. Since the law of the country does not give a time limit for the president’s return, it cannot be imposed by a sabre-rattling musician,’’ he added.

The presidential spokesman commended the CCSJ for being orderly in their demonstration and urged them to shun all provocations by opponents of government.

He said: “By divine intervention, Muhammadu Buhari unexpectedly got elected with the ostensible mandate of reversing national decline and securing its future.”

“He got into the Villa through democratic victory at election. Anybody desiring to replace him, whether you are wrestler, a hairdresser or a musician, you should go through that process. “In a democracy, threats don’t work.’’

Speaking on behalf of the demonstrators, the convener, Goodluck Obi, said his group had “absolute faith and trust in President Buhari’s administration not machinations of corruption and destabilization.

“We are saying from today, Aug. 10, we will be holding a rally/protest march here at Unity Fountain for the next one month and beyond in order to send clear and unambiguous message to agents of chaos and unity, that Nigerians are solidly behind President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration based on our democratic mandate entrusted to him on March 28, 2015.’’

The News Agency of Nigeria recalls that the Senate on Tuesday via a statement signed by its spokesman, Sabi Abdullahi, reacted to the protests by a coalition of civil society organizations, who are demanding for the return or resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari over his medical vacation in the United Kingdom.

The Senate maintained that President Buhari had broken no law as he complied with the provisions of the nation’s constitution which stipulated that he must handover to the vice president and duly inform the two chambers of the legislature about his medical vacation.

According to the statement, the National Assembly is satisfied that the president’s absence left no vacuum, and therefore cautioned the protesters against creating unnecessary tension in the country.



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  • Dazmillion

    Mr Garba Shehu, please dont distort the reason for the protest which is a simple demand by Nigerians to be given the facts about the health of their president who has been holed up in London hospital at tax payers expense for 100 days.

    If we want to talk about corruption fighting back then the question would be, how many high profile cases has the government successfully prosecuted since inception? Is Saraki not walking freely and even dreaming about having his corrupt colleagues declare him acting president?

    • Höly Wähala

      They believe calling everything “corruption fighting back” will sell whenever their flaws are showcased, credit that redundant line to the ugly professor Itsa Sagay, that phrase is his contribution to this govt. and Shehu is just being a “Shehu”…brainless namahead media moron. Mtchwww!

  • Premium News Editor

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  • Gary

    This is giving a dog a bad name in order to hang it. Go ahead and have the Police crack down harder on the handful of peaceful protesters and watch the Nnamdi Kanu effect happen again.
    Morons never learn.

    • Edimondo


      The Hausa/Fulani/Kanuri Muslims standing behind a sick president Buhari, along with the Yoruba Muslims,
      whilst Nigeria is sinking in the worst form of economic recession threatening human dignity, will likely take
      the same stance even if Buhari dies.

      In Islamist solidarity they will say a dead Buhari is then even more qualified to be retained as president of Nigeria because he shall have acquired divine powers in the heavens to govern Nigeria better from the grave.

      This is the extent of the rot in public discussion discussion in Nigeria today. It is not just about illiteracy, it is not just
      about Jihadist Islamism, it is also about nonrational thinking without logic, care or attention to the country’ overall interest. For if a physically healthy thoughtful and present president were not needed in Nigeria, why did the
      country waste billions of Naira to conduct the presidential election in 2015?

  • Mentus

    Politics indeed is a dirty business. I am sure that Shehu himself does not believe in what he said.
    It is also remarkable that the counter demonstrators are left to carry on with their protests.
    There are no hoodlums this time trying to hijack the protest, they never do when the demonstration is in support of the admnistration or done by Northern youths.

    • abodes_124

      All animals are equal but some are more equal. I believe it is the same group that went and raided Amnesty Internationals office and asked them to leave Nigeria.

  • Edimondo


    Muhamadu Buhari is behaving badly
    by wanting to take Nigeria with him into the intensive care unit
    of London hospital and by retaining a right to keep drawing presidential
    salaries and allowances; including a fleet of aircraft, cars and, houses,
    whilst medically unable to perform the duties of the job to which those
    salaries and allowances are attached. For his gross immorality Buhari
    must go because he is a moral burden on federal republic of Nigeria for
    abandoning his duties to a deputy but retaining for himself the salaries,
    benefits, privileges and allowances of the actual post of president.

    • Pubic Record


      “APC is not a political party but a satanic lodge of devil-worshipers and a cult of death.
      They bring nothing but death, decay and destruction. They thrive on death, they feast
      on death, they wait on death and they worship death. Everything they touch results
      in death. It is no wonder that they have cut out the heart of our nation and almost killed Nigeria.
      It is no surprise that their leader and our President has vanished into thin air for the last 70 days.
      It is no wonder that his office is evidently in the grave and that, for the better part of the last two years,
      he has been attending a prolonged and turbulent meeting in hell, struggling with the angel of death.”

      ………..Femi Fani-Kayode

      (July 25th, 2017)

      • Man_Enough

        you’ve just quoted the devil himself. a man dripping with bigotry, hate a treacherous battle to cover his heinous crime against nigeria. if you align with him and his hate speeches, then you are one of a kind. 2 years on and some folks are yet to come to grips with the reality of the fact that an election has been fought and won.

        • El spirito

          Decorum please…no name calling else u ain’t better than who u r castigating.

        • abodes_124


    • Krai Nigeria

      @Dazmillion:disqus ,

      There are now 28 million un-employed youths inside Nigeria today – a staggering figure equal to the

      entire population of Ghana; a neighbouring West African country, according to a latest official bulletin

      issued by the federal Nigerian Bureau of Statistics. The new jobless figure in Nigeria today is over half

      the whole population of Nigeria at independence on October 1st, 1960 and equal to all the living human

      beings in Ghana.

  • Chuma Anierobi

    What does this have to do with EFCC after all it was the PDP that created the EFCC and not Apc or Buhari.
    The country got a president for ASOROCK and not for London.

    • George

      Nigerians will soon start eating corruption wars as foods.

    • Kallah Bature

      Yes created by PDP as a decoy.Under them a single Minister will steal billion of dollars not NAIRA and refuse to honour invitation by congress without consequences.

  • Man_Enough

    there is no greater death wish than to ask a sick man to abandon his treatment when he has not fully recovered. for this alone, i come against the “resumeorresign” inhuman agitation.

    • George

      We wish him dead no doubt but we want him to go and die in his village house ok.

      You forgot so soon what this moron said during Yaudua PDP time.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        So shall it be your portion. Simple;

    • El spirito

      No one asked him to abandon his treatment….Its as simple as it gets..either he resumes duty as the president or he resigns from office so as to take care of his health which to me is of utmost importance to him, his family, frinds and Nigeria as a whole.
      Let’s all leave sentiments aside and work towards the progress of our nation.

  • George

    Anytime I re-read all the Buhari past years statements on paper I laugh and weep same time as I have learned a great lesson from him bad and good.

    He throw stones and sands just because he wanted a power now he is there and those things are working against him and his family. Manage your tongue when you have opportunity to use it wrongly. Buhari has no second chance because the time is thnking. Goodbye Buhari. Baboons and Monkeys bloods are awaiting you at the gate of hell fire.

    The creator of Heaven and Earth is waiting for your worthless soul because you have caused many deaths and pains beyond human being imagination.

    • Straight Shooter

      If you have to abuse someone, do it constructively and with good grammar. Go back to school and learn how to write or write in your language if that will get your message across.

  • Net Scrolls

    Corruption fighting back? I sympathize with Garba Shehu for being in this difficult situation of protecting the unprotectable image of a government in crisis. The government is trying to justify President Buhari’s absence from office by levering on inadequacies in our constitution, but morality and commonsense warrants that the president can’t continue to be on an unending medical vacation. President Buhari must prove his acclaimed integrity by stepping aside. The EFCC and ICPC are organisations created by law, and already in place before Buhari’s presidency.

  • Kingo Kizito

    This is a proof we are ruled by fools. The Fulani likes power even when he does not know what to do with it. What’s the link between a protest against not having a president, not knowing his where about and the fight against corruption? May be they want to distract us from the real issue by trying to tell us the same rubbish that brought this regrettable govt to power. Does it mean that Buhari is still leading the corruption fights from his sick bed? Does it mean it is the only function he can still perform? Does it mean that without Buhari there can’t be fight against corruption? Fellow Nigerians be wise. Those who claim that the justified call for Buhari’s resignation is a distraction are the real ones trying to deviate our attention from the real issue: a country can’t be run with a sickly president. So if he Buhari means well for Nigeria, he should resign or publicly address us on the state of his health. The dictatorial manner the cabals are handling this national issue is irritating. They are telling indirectly calling us nigerians fools. These cabals know that what they are doing is abnormal. But the question is: How long? Till when will they succeed in deceiving us? What are they planning with all these procrastinations? They cited only the fight against corruption as a way of appealing to our sentiments. It means that the recent recall and publication of the Alison-Madueke’s loot was also meant to distract us. Last time, when the democracy groups threathened to protest against Buharis absent, the next day Osinbajo travelled to London just to create a false awareness that Buhari is coming back the next day. We won’t be distracted. We nigerians who mean well for our country and want to deliver her from being an object of caricature in the eyes of the world won’t be fooled by the northern cabals. We are with the #resumeorResign group. Appealing to anti corruption fight won’t distract us as tgey intended to do. We would have expected the cabals to cite other things like steady power supply, good roads and security and economic growth as reasons why we still need Buhari. But the fact that the liars in this govt think we are fools by mentioning only the fight against corruption means that nothing else is working in Nigeria with the present situation of Buhari’s over absence. However, what fight do they pretend to stage against corruption when they cannot tell us the truth about the health situation of our president. If Buhari does not die before 2019, APC will die by 2019. Tinubu has understood it and now keeping mute. He knows that APC under Buhari has failed Nigerians. What we expected is not what we are seeing. Buhari’s wife has by herself admitted this betrayal by her husband attributing it to the cabals who ignorant of the party’s manifesto have hijacked everything. The irony is that Buhari came as a saviour but he is leaving as the most problematic president we ever had.

  • Otile

    It is unfortunate that the scoundrels in APC party are now warning Nigerians that asking Buhari to do his work or resign is a derailment of anti corruption. This is al-Taqiyya in it’s worst form.