‘What Alison-Madueke’s loot can fund in Nigeria’

Minister Of Petroleum Resources, Deziani Alison-Madueke
Minister Of Petroleum Resources, Deziani Alison-Madueke

The Buhari Media Support Group (BMSG) on Thursday in Abuja, said the stolen funds traced to former Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke, could fund infrastructure development in the country.

Specifically, the group said in a statement by its Chairman, Austin Braimoh, and Secretary, Cassidy Madueke, that government could build six world-class airports in each geo-political zone with part of the funds.

It said that the recovered loot was also enough to have funded agricultural projects that would have generated employment for Nigerian youths.

It added that the N47.2 billion and 487.5 million dollars in cash and property traced to Alison-Madueke by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commissison (EFCC) were also enough to complete the Lagos-Kano and Lagos-Calabar rail lines.

It recalled that the Federal Government was already seeking loans for the rail projects.

The group called on Nigerians to join hands to condemn the massive looting of the nation’s treasury by officials of previous administrations.

It expressed belief that the loot traced to the former minister was a “far cry’’ from what she and others in the past governments pilfered from the national treasury.

According to it, these monies stashed in foreign accounts forced the Nigerian economy to suffer instant depression.

The group recalled that Mrs. Madueke and her associates, including Kola Aluko, Jide Omokore, were currently being tried by the US government for allegedly laundering over 1.7 billion dollars.

It urged Nigerians to have a collective resolve to fight what it described as “psychotic and mindless’’ type of looting exhibited by indicted government officials in their days in government.

This, it said, could halt the craving to loot public treasury by government officials.

The group reminded Nigerians that though the fight against corruption was the foremost policy thrust of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, “the fight might not attain maximum result unless Nigerians willingly resolve to join in it’’.

“This synergy is necessary so as to fight the art of looting and other forms of mismanagement in government.’’

It stated that all concerned Nigerians should be organising widespread protests to condemn looting of government funds by officials, past and present, as often revealed by the anti-graft agencies.

It advised that Nigerians should also stop dissipating energies on attacking Buhari, “the main fighter of corruption’’ over his health challenge.

The group commended anti-graft agencies, particularly EFCC, for their sustained efforts in exposing corruption in Nigeria.

It appealed to the agencies not to give up but to ensure the prosecution of culprits looting of the nation’s treasury. (NAN)


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  • Mamadou Sene

    Nigerians should be supporting this government into the fight against corruption. Africans generally have this obsession with toppling a leader just to put another one before repeating the same process. Calm down guys! Let Buhari work and vote him out the next elections if you want. But at least understand the crucial question of corruption is one of his merit!
    By the way I am not Nigerian. I just want Nigeria to be the strongest country so they can build atomic bombs to save the black world!

    • George

      Animal you we are asking Buhari return, resume or resign.

      That is the point. This lady isn’t the first oil minister in Nigeria.

      • Allwell

        I feel sorry for this country because of people like u

      • Mamadou Sene

        Learn to be civil! If you can’t convince me then do not comment! Insult is the resort of those who have no argument! Use your brain not your emotion! Buhari will not resolve your problem which the same for many African: lack of discipline, sensitivity, ethnicism, laziness, etc. Try to grow up because if you destroy Nigeria, the day the white man comes back with his shackles, your villages called countries will have nothing but sticks to fight back!
        Try to go above party line! Know that we all get sick! Be more humane and civilized! Your savage!

        • Guest

          Mr sene, ignore the irrelevant troll, he is a known certified tool.

          • Mamadou Sene

            I truly believe Nigeria is and should be the savior of Africa and am black folks! When I read news and see how every continent has a country that can protect that whole continent with weapons that the US brag about and only Africa lacks that , I worry. I see how we focus on who is president when other nations are talking about making the most sophisticated weapons!
            Thank you sir for giving me more hope that we will go above our difference and know the enemy is not the brother next door but those from outside trying to dominate us!

        • whereto

          Well said. Please disregard the fellow as he’s one of the problems we are forced to endure in Nigeria.

      • Tunde

        You see! You are one of the problems in this country; people like you! What is the point of your flimsy comment! No leader has ever put corruption on the agenda the way PMB has; but because of your party affinity you cannot see the wood from the trees. Goodness gracious!

        • emmanuel

          Which yeye Buhari? Where is Oke?
          The member of Itse Sagay’s committee who was dropped from the recent ICPC board is a confirmation of how horrible Buhari is as a pretender and patron of crooks.
          Fighting corruption with a corrupt INEC head and all other operatives of this government in the same boat. The one he installed as Senate President is a certified thieve too (how he staged a coup against another senior crook Tinubu to instal a serial thief)
          I beg, the PDP in its raw form is better than the evil of the day – APC where daylight witchcraft is practiced!

      • Naijamaniac

        Please, grow up!

    • Tunde

      Well said sir! Well said!

    • emmanuel

      Buhari is a crook period.
      Oke is at home feasting after the huge heist of US Dollars he and his wife stole.
      Infact, Nigeria should be dismembered. Some thieves have immunity by their ethnic group. I wish to be corrected, Two major ethnic groups in Nigeria are licensed to steal from the country while others are not.
      Enough of these useless fight against corruption.

  • Allwell

    She and her cohorts will never find peace with their ill-gotten wealth. God will heal our president and he will return safely to continue this fight against corruption.

    • dudu


    • emmanuel

      Amen. Rilwanu Lukman was the richest man in Austria before he died. Tell me that Buhari never knew about how that man stole so much from Nigeria in about three different period he held sway as Oil Minister.
      Please leave Buhari out of anti-corruption fight. nobody is deceived.
      Lukmans stolen wealth will turn Nigeria furtune around in a few months, but unfortunately, he belongs to those who steal from Nigeria and is not harassed. Lamido Sanusi stole so much and is enjoying his loot, to the extent that Osinbajo (the self-righteous Priest) had to rescue him from the probe of the money he stole from Kano Emirate.
      I beg, if we must fight corruption, we should if not the woman should be left alone.
      Why is Oke not in detention today.
      Make una leave the woman alone. Oke and his wife are doing their thing un harassed. The PDP should just come back and begin to pursue these useless people in government.
      I will not support any thief, but if some thieves are better than others, then we must accept thievery as out default state of morals

      • PolyGon2013

        He can only fight what he knew. Take the tree on top that you can see before going to the one below. One at a time. We will get there.

        • emmanuel

          He does not know about Oke? What about Sanusi plundering of the CBN before he ran away?
          I beg make we leave mata.
          Stealing is good and we must all support it, since it is condemnable with some ethnic groups and others are good to steal. Nigeria is a fake country and should cease to exist. Let everybody support their own thieves and we would see how Nigeria survive. When some steal, they quickly buy Monarchical thrones and their thievery becomes virtue, while they assume the title of Royal fathers – my foot. Thereafter, he is worshiped.
          It is enough of the hypocrisy.
          In all, stealing is bad, but we must do what is right or leave everyone to be licensed as thieves!

          • Mamadou Sene

            We have seen countries splitting: Erythrea from Ethiopia, South Sudan from Sudan, etc. What we see is failed states like Somalia, South Sudan where people after getting their state aka village realized the mistake they made! You can build a satellite from a village, you can’t built an atomic bomb from a village, you can’t build a plane from a village, neither can you build a Kalashnikov from a village. You will be subject of the western country. But some would rather accept the subjugation of western country than accepting to be living in peace with other ethnic groups.
            For my part, I am just an African with no ethnic affiliation; I am not Nigerian but I know how Nigeria is crucial to the survival of Africa and blacks in general. This is the reason why I am interested in what happens in this country .
            I do not even leave in Africa. I am in the US. But I know how well we are hated and how others would not hesitate to invade Africa again. The case of Irak and Syria is an experience that may happen very well throughout Africa. So division is only going to lead to alienation from the outside!

        • emmanuel

          Oke’s theft is a newest budding leaves,why should the Pastor not take that one off? Na the leave wen don old finish wen dey under una gods dey see?

    • government

      “GOD will heal our president” ……..Good prayer.GOD will answer it. “She will never find peace”….. Wrong prayer point borne out of jealousy and mischief.GOD does not answer such prayer.

      • emmanuel

        They want God to punish others and bless their own gods who are mega thieves.
        Unfortunately, God is not a thief or a tribalist.

      • brown charles

        Amen!!! God will certainly heal our president

  • emmanuel

    Please someone should tell these miscreants and their APC sponsors that we are no more interested in these same stories we have heard hundred times over.
    My client who run a manufacturing company and export industrial products outside has had unevacuated products of as far back as June in his factory. No containers or Port Logistics on ground to do that.
    Reasons: Port access roads impassable, NPA not upto their task, kwaraftsen, Audu Ogbeh exporting Tubers of Yam with available containers – total value of the seventy two Metric tonnes of the Yam Tubers, not upto May consignments of the said company in FOREX earnings. That clearly show how visionless this FG is.
    Kill existing industries and go into farming.
    Please APC FG keep the details to your self and excite us with what you have done or doing to re-start or jump start the economy from the current acute stagflation.
    Osinbajo is busy travelling around Nigeria, without economic blueprint on how to move Nigeria forwards.

    • Izedomi Ohirein

      You depend on Nigerians and insult them. Animals.

    • brown charles

      Please jump into the lagoon

  • Okokondem

    I don’t see how anyone can in good conscience defends government officials who over the years contributed to the demise of Nigeria through their greed and insensitivity, and that includes the likes of Alison-Madueke. And I look forward to every penny of their loot being recovered and soon.

    That said, I have a problem with the preoccupation of the current administration and their surrogates such as the sponsors of this report, (BMSG) with selective enforcement of the anti corruption agenda. It is ironic that while some Nigerians cheer on the targeted enforcement agenda, they are not equally inquisitive or curious to know how all the recovered loot so far is accounted for.

    It reeks of mischief when Buhari’s surrogates tout how many bridges and world class airports money stolen by the former petroleum minister would build, when there’s no accountability for the money recovered from her and others so far. But none of these factors matter to the same group of trolls who gather here every day to espouse preconceived talking points.

    The more you read some of what is posted by people in reaction to news reports here and elsewhere over the Internet, the more it becomes obvious we are deluding ourselves in the one Nigeria concept. That some of you still pretend to prefer being in one country with the ethnic group(s) or tribe(s) you despise is a parado. The hatred and resentment is so apparent so why the pretense?

    The other day I read a report by PT that highlighted the massive failures by the Obasanjo, Yar Adua, and Jonathan administrations to provide electricity for the country despite enormous amount of money appreciated during the periods. Some of the reviews by those who read that report were to exonerate the past president that hailed from his/her tribe or region of the country. Go figure! Basically what it means is embezzlement or malfeasance is not a crime if the perpetrator is from my tribe or state or geographic zone. Go figure!

    To summarize, the media including and especially PT should shine light on other culprits of the fleecing of Nigeria. Evidence has it that Nigeria has raised hundreds of billions of dollars in oil revenue since the beginning of oil exploration in the past 6 decades. So while we deride the participation of the likes of Alison-Madueke in this wholesale fleecing, let us be objective. We can’t have ex rulers living in hilltop mansions and pretend we don’t know where the money came from.

  • Mentus

    And what can ongoing Buhari’s medical bill fund fir Nigeria?

    • Izedomi Ohirein

      Medical bills is part of his condition of service. As was paid for Zik, Babangida and yar adua before him.
      Even ravel leader Ojukwu was treated in London at government expense as a private citizen.

      • brown charles

        Good reply!!! I don’t understand this nation

        • Izedomi Ohirein

          They don’t know any better.
          Even most our so called leaders are irresponsible.
          They are only in public office to steal our commonwealth, not to serve.