Arrest Kanu now or we shut government activities in Abuja – Northern Group


Following the lapse of its 10-day ultimatum to the federal government to order the arrest of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, a northern youth group on Wednesday staged a peaceful protest in Abuja.

Scores of members of the group, Arewa Youth Assembly, AYA, gathered at the Unity Fountain in the Central Business District at about 9 a.m. and marched to the junction of the Presidential Villa.

They warned the federal government that it risks their wrath if it delays in meeting the demand to take Mr. Kanu back into custody.

The group had in a statement on July 27 threatened to shut down federal government activities in Abuja if Acting President Yemi Osinbajo fails to order the arrest of Mr. Kanu who is on bail.

Mr. Kanu, who is championing a Biafran secessionist call, is being prosecuted for alleged treasonable offences.

Members of AYA said the IPOB leader has been violating his bail conditions and that his antics threaten peaceful coexistence of the people of Nigeria.

Mr. Kanu was granted bail by a Federal High Court in Abuja on April 28 on stringent conditions, some of which is to avoid speaking with the press or being in a crowd of more than 10 persons.

Speaking to PREMIUM TIMES, Mohammed Salihu, who spoke for the northern youth group, reiterated its threat to shut down government activities in Abuja if the acting president fails to act as it had demanded.

“I will be very brief. We organised this peaceful protest as a warning and reminder to federal government to arrest Nnamdi Kanu now.

“The Arewa Youth Assembly will not make a U-turn on its decisions. We intend to carry out our proposed plans and nothing can stop us.

“We will mobilize thousands of youth to shut down government activities in Abuja after our congress meeting next week Saturday,” he said.

A team of police officers monitored the group’s procession from a distance before the group dispersed shortly before noon.


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  • Arabakpura

    These Northern youths do not know that they are guaranteeing Nnamdi Kanu surety from arrest! I believe they are attempting to counter those who are calling for Buhari’s return or resignation!

  • Tommy Soto

    Professional printed posters and hired protesters almost always means there’s clandestine malfeasance occurring behind the scenes to cause mischief.

  • George

    Indirectly working resume or resign.

    This is one special Nigeria.

    I like those special mumu’s and I hope animal Labaga Tinubu boy is there too.

    Osinbaju is dead on arrival.

  • kayode Olufade

    Seems more teargas and police brutality is on the menu

    • Epsilon_Delta

      No, they were escorted and protected by policemen on horses!!!!

      • AryLoyds

        LoL , AREWA youth get better treatment from the Daura security service and co

  • Agba

    BREAKING NEWS The prognom against the OMO IBO is real,is a calculated attempt by the hausa fulani to stage a coup,this time they will be suprise,with the resistance from other region,is not going to be business as usual.

    • Buharism

      There is nothing that the igbos can do.
      Wanna take a bet?


        Let’s bet otu nnegi!


    Everybody in the north is now a youth?

    I hope they understand that not passing your WAEC even when you are 68 years old doesn’t qualify you to be a youth. Buhari is not a youth, fir example; and most of these northern ‘youths’ are older than PMB and PMS ladies have.

    • Bash

      thank God we dont cheat to pass exams

    • People Deliberately Pilfering

      You are lost in your sense. You write like you made your WAEC but you spelt FOR as (fir)
      Gardi like you


        I see the typographical error. It’s called fat fingers. I’m a handsome, African giant, with big hands and big feet, trying to manage these small oyinbo nkori aka gadgets.

        I’d worry about your mental errors more than my typos.

        • Buharism

          Soon, truckloads of carcasses of your fat-fingered kins will start arriving.

          • AFRICANER

            We trust you uncivilized creatures for violence.
            But you never pick on Oyinbos, na only peaceful Africans.

    • Buharism

      I doubt if you had half the quality of education that the north have. Being able to speak corrupted English called pidgin doesn’t quality hawkers of La Casera and Gala in Lagos traffic, as educated. I usually struggle to make any sense whenever an Igbo is speaking in English, for all I hear is igbotic intonations!

  • Concerned Nigerian

    These so called northern youths that finds the anti igbo song and quit notice normal but quick to label Nnamdi Kanu’s reaction to various atrocities against the Igbos as abnormal.I laugh cos they unknowingly keep making fence sitters take sides and entrench.NO ONE PERSON OR GROUP HAS THE MONOPOLY OF VIOLENCE!

    • Buharism

      There is nothing that the fence sitters like you can do. Where were you when the igbos were stoking the embers of acrimony? What did you do when igbos were (and still are) insulting every other tribe simply because their role model and the most Corrupt human being on earth, dumbo Jo, deservedly lost his re-election bid?
      Iron sharpeneth iron and the igbos should have known better than to be ungrateful to their benevolent hosts!

  • Ezeako Emmanuel

    My acting president, should obey immediately and arrest Nnamdi kanu, because the owners of Nigeria have spoken. The people that are born to rule and others are born to be slaves; or are meant to be seen and not to be heard. My good people of Nigeria let us be keen and watch with eagle eyes the unfolding of the written scripts that they are reeling out. They are just starting, be on the guide. Arrest Nnamdi kanu or they shut down ABUJA. it is not a threat; not a command to your slave or Hate speech.

  • Justice Equity

    It is absolutely ridiculous that arewa youths shall ignore Fulani herdsmen who are going about murdering Nigerians ,going to house of Assemblies armed to stop Democratic sittings ,and house deliberations ,but will turn round and start protesting at abuja against nnamdi KANU who never fought against any one nor attacked or killed any fly in his agitations.
    Although I personally will never subscribe to kanus vulgar languages and modus operandi,but for arewa youths to start protesting for his arrest while ignoring the murderous Fulani herdsmen and boko haram ,is the height of irresponsibility and stupidity to say the least.

  • Gary

    This is apparently the reaction to the #resumeorresign protests.
    The game of political brinkmanship by so-called youths has now taken to the streets. The stage is being set for Boko Haram or some agent provocateur to light the match that will set the country on fire on or about the bone-headed October 1 Quit Notice.

    If we get past that date, then the next date will be IPOB’s unilateral declaration to withdraw the suffrage of the people of Anambra State from picking a Governor in November. Nnamdi Kanu has imperiously decided that the dream of Biafra should be borne not by the entire Igbo nation but by the selective sacrifice of the Anambra vote and, God forbid, the lives and livelihoods of his kinsmen in the North.
    Such is the leadership expected from a brash and uneducated ethnic demagogue put on a pedestal by Buhari and doe-eyed Igbo youth.

    An absentee and incapacitated President who refuses to step down for the good of the country.
    An Acting President who prefers to be loyal to his sick boss at the expense of the people they took an oath to serve and protect.
    Ethnic flame-throwers daring each other to a game of brinkmanship. These goings-on amid hunger, joblessness and a resilient self-inflicted religious insurgency.
    While the politicians and fat cats take care of themselves and play politics with the future of the country and its peoples.

    Nigeria is sleepwalking into a season of Anomie.

  • Inyamiri

    Biafra we hail ‘THEE’!

  • Proudly Niger DELTAN

    The senseless so called Northern Youths who have neither refused to order fake Pastor Osinbajo to arrest the parents in Kano, Bornu and other cities of the North for willingly “donating” their children as suicide bombers nor to arrest Abubakar Shekau nor Fulani Herdsmen that kill an average of 3 Nigerians every 24 hours, do not by any measure deserve a response. However, should the clueless and caged Osinbajo accede to their request then Nigeria should be prepared for what comes next –

    …and as rumours have it, and as reported in some dailies, the revolutionary forces of the Niger Delta will within 12 hours of Kanu’s arrest take out any oil well, pipelines and anything that looks like an oil well, pipeline or oil facility and take them to irreparable state. Period. Enough of the innnnsanity of the North.

    • Buharism

      Delusion is the most deadly disease known to man.

  • Proudly Niger DELTAN

    That the entire Niger DELTA is in solidarity with Sir Nnamdi Kanu is not in doubt.

    • Julius

      lolz, being delusional should be a treason !

  • Dan_Arewa

    We don’t want him back to Prison. Lets wait and see how far he goes. We want him to shut down all South East state.
    No Referandum, no Election.
    I support them!

  • 0tile

    The criminal AYA gang are ganging up for looting and stealing. Have they given any ultimatum for Imam Buhari’s arrest, have they called for the arrest of the Muslims parents who are donating their daughters for suicide bombing? Parasites

    • 0tile

      Have they given any ultimatum for Imam Abu Shekau’s arrest…

  • Buike

    “We will mobilize thousands of youth to shut down government activities in Abuja after our congress meeting next week Saturday,”

    This is what they are good at, mobilizing to kill, maim and to carry out suicide bombing. They can hardly mobilize their youths for a good course,or anything that will make life meaningful to them. They have the power to kill and no one will blink an eye. They own the country, it’s their fathers’ and you will be shocked how many thousands they will mobilize. It’s a big system failure. And those who are mobilizing have already sent their own children far away from Nigeria but God will judge them all.