Governor accuses police of instigating kidnap across Nigeria

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike addressing journalists on Sunday
Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike addressing journalists on Sunday

The Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has called on African lawyers to help revive democracy in Nigeria, saying the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, has used the police to destroy its foundation. 

The governor also accused the police of promoting crime in Nigeria, saying, “most of the kidnapping in the country are done by the police.”
But the police promptly responded by describing the governor’s statement as deceitful.

“Everybody knows the antics of Governor Wike,” police spokesperson Jimoh Moshood told PREMIUM TIMES on Tuesday.

“You people should disregard such statements. The Nigeria Police are not promoting any crime. In fact, we are fighting crime with all the resources at our disposal”.

“I want people to disregard such statement we have made a lot of progress in terms of fighting crime and criminality.”.

According to a press statement by the state government, Mr. Wike alleged that the APC was already laying the structures to rig the 2019 general elections through the promotion of indicted police officers.

He made the allegations at a state banquet he gave members of the African Bar Association at Government House, Port Harcourt on Monday night.

Mr. Wike said the police promoted Akin Fakorede, the Rivers State Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) commander, whom he alleged was filmed at a collation centre rigging election and beating up electoral officials.

He said the police also promoted an Assistant Commissioner of Police, Steven Hasso, “for his criminal role in the rigging of rerun elections on December 10, 2016.

“They promised Nigerians change, but we are seeing nothing. The former President of Tanzania by his visit has done us much good by his presence in Nigeria. Through him, we will send a message to the world.

“Democracy in Nigeria is gone. By 2019, nobody should talk about democracy.  One Mr Akin Fakorede who was caught on video rigging election has been promoted.  Stephen Hasso who was also a culprit in the rigging of elections has been promoted.  Both of them are to be positioned in Rivers State for 2019 to help the APC rig elections.”

But the police also dismissed the allegation concerning the promotions.
Mr. Moshood said the promotion of senior police officers is done by the Police Service Commission.

“I am not aware of any promotion like that,” he said. 

“Promotion is not done by the IGP of the Nigeria Police Force, it is done by the Police Service Commission. And to the best of my ability the commission has not released any list of promoted officers. Anything that has to do with promotion, the commission is in charge.”

Speaking further, Mr. Wike claimed the APC has made it a policy to intimidate and destroy the judiciary.

He claimed that the situation has degenerated to the level that police had taken over the duty of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC by allegedly certifying election results for APC to use at tribunals. 

The governor said that the police under the present dispensation has become a major stumbling block to the investment drive of the country as they deliberately generate insecurity.

 “The police is the one promoting crime in Nigeria.  Most of the kidnapping in the country are done by the police. We cannot continue like this, enough is enough.”

Efforts by our reporter to reach the APC spokesperson, Bolaji Abdullahi, were unsuccessful as his phone was switched off at the time of filling this story.

In his remark at the banquet, a former President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Onueze Okocha said Rivers is a peaceful state and always ready for investors.


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  • A.A.Ngalos

    I am sorry for Rivers people, as this what their Chief Security have to say.

  • edeje


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    “The police is the one promoting crime in Nigeria. Most of the kidnapping in the country are done by the police. We cannot continue like this, enough is enough.” – Gov. Wike

    This is a big deal. A governor knows what’s happening. For a governor to say this, means that Nigeria is done. It makes sense. To have Muslims down south policing Christians, and these Christians sit there like Mumus for decades!

    Hear it NOW, a governor just revealed to you that Police carry out most of the Kidnapping in the country. BUT I suspect it’s more sinister than that: I believe that most Fires, Most Accidents, Most Murders, Most Crimes in the south is no accident, or random crimes; THE POLICE in southern Nigeria is an OCCUPATION FORCE from the North, and a sort of MUSLIM TERRORISM.

    The problem I have is that The Igbos are NOT willing to Do anything about it. Let me tell you, you had better do something about this. The governor have let the cat out of the bag. DON’T BE COWARDS! You are being kidnapped and Killed anyways; and it’s only going to get worse. YOU CAN STOP THEM TODAY!

    Demand police reform. Let northerners police their people, and let Igbos police theirs at the minimum. If anybody gets killed by JHausa-Yoruba, EXACT REVENGE ON THEIR LEADERS! Don’t go for the ordinary Almajiri or even their PhD holders, go for the top monarchs and leaders. Those are the ones sending them.

    • A.A.Ngalos

      Mr. Governor, Evans and Vampire are not policemen.


        They have NOT been convicted. They are as innocent as you, in the eyes of the law.

        • A.A.Ngalos

          But what of the accused policemen in general terms, were they been convicted by a competent Judge?

          • AFRICANER

            There are two standards involved in the two scenarios :

            When it comes to a criminal information, allegations, indictments, as Evans and the other guy are facing, the standard is proof beyond a reasonable doubt, to a moral certainty, that the defendants are guilty, and that takes place in front of a court; however, in the case of the allegations made against the police, its mere preponderance, not even, the standard is prima facie! And that takes place in the court of public opinion. You can tell they did it.

    • Great man

      Sorry ooo, but Evans the chief Kidnapper was never a Muslim or a Norherner naaaa

    • Ben

      You are entitle to your personal opinion. But here we should not be sentimental.

  • oyoko

    Area boys, we have as governors! imagine, comparing Nigeria to Tanzania. You have lost it, Mr Governor.

  • Arabakpura

    If the Police are not careful, he may withdraw their C of O when he goes to church on Sunday!

  • Suleiman Alatise

    Wicked wike, you don kolo.

  • FreeNigeria

    It’s true the police are criminals, it’s also true the politicians are criminals and scum of the earth. Nigeria is probably the worst country or the worst place on earth because of these bastard politicians. All they talk about is 2019, may God never let any of them see 2019.

  • Rommel

    What then would we say about then notorious commissioner of police in River state and houseboy to Wike and MAMA Piss in the person of Mbu Peter Mbu? perhaps we now know why he immediately became an AIG, HahahahahaLol! I thought Wike had some revelations to make about the police and crime but then he deviated as usual after smoking enough Gbanaa !!!!!!!!

  • Justice Equity

    Yorubas will always be angry with anybody that speaks the truth, no matter how truthful his assertion may be.
    Yoruba are born liars ,they were born with a lie that their progenitor fell down from the sky and all his offsprings became liars.
    Is there any citizen that does not know what Nwike is saying, was there any high profile robbery, kidnapping or electoral malpractice in Nigeria that does not have police involvement,from oyenusi,anenih,gbodogbodo,Evans etc
    The last election in rivers, policemen where caught on tape providing cover for APC agents manipulating elections, when a sitting Governor ngige was kidnapped in 2003 under obj,it police that provided cover for obj boys to kidnapp ngige.
    Except Nigeria restructure, this nation shall continue to be a joke and a big fraud.

    • Dan arewa

      I just wish am not in the same country with people like you and wike, I just you just go so we can declare our Islamic republic of Nigeria you keep your oil and gas I wish you just go away I wish

      • JOHN

        You can declare your Islamic republic of Arewa and not of Nigeria because you and Islam are foreigners in Nigeria. You want to perpetuate your evil where you and your god have no regard for life, where you intimidate and create havoc that will consume you. You are indeed of very low mentality that is why you people cannot add any value anywhere you work.

      • George


        If you can do that you will be a beggar at the boarder of Sudan within a month.


      Most of these people with yoruba names, are northerners disguising themselves as Igbo or Yoruba to create further hatred between the two tribes. Granted, the two tribes don’t really care for each other to begin with.

  • Kay

    It is true that members of Nigeria police force are criminals.
    It is true that politicians are always using the members of Nigeria police force for election rigging.
    It is also true that APC hasn’t deliver as promised.
    But wike is a criminal as well.
    Neither PDP nor APC will deliver this country.
    This country will not develop if you and I are scared of police and soldiers. We need to be on the street with placards.
    If we conduct a non-stop protest for one year, we will have electricity by the end of year 2018.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    What Wike said here cannot be far from the truth. I say this because the rising spate of crimes and criminality in this administration is becoming mind-boggling. If kidnappings are being contained, why is the rise in this crime persisting in spite of supposed claims by police to check such? Crimes had existed in previous administrations but the increase of crimes in the present administration should call for serious investigations.

    Societal indisciplines are also on the rise in this administration. All forms of agitations, hate speech, hate song, criminal acts of issuing quit notices to whole ethnic groups abound in this administration! We hope Nigeria does not become a failed state.

    • Sam

      When you stop corruption that’s what happens. Plus the recession . No country has ever transformed itself to success without some level of hard work and sacrifices. Nigerians Are not willing to do either.

  • princegab

    Pot calling kettle black. Wike is guilty as charged.

  • OJpo

    But you and I know how wike became the Governor. Lots of lives were loss .People that closer to the young man described him as deadly and with suicide group.

  • Riot50000

    This igboman wey de hide under malformed name NYESOM WIKE, some day when being Igbo becomes hip again, we go back to Azikiwe Nwike.
    We all know that Nigeian police wear uniform during the day, and go are robbery and kidnapping at night.
    No denial here