Osinbajo receives globally acclaimed Nigerian-born medical doctor who performed remarkable feat in U.S.

Oluyinka Olutoye [Photo Credit: Happy Notes]
Oluyinka Olutoye [Photo Credit: Happy Notes]

The Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, on Sunday received a U.S.-based Nigerian doctor who led a team that performed a remarkable feat.

Mr. Osinbajo received Oluyinka Olutoye, a Houston, U.S.-based Nigerian doctor who successfully led a medical team that operated on a foetus, winning U.S. and global acclaim for the feat.

In a rare medical feat that drew global applause, Mr. Olutoye brought out the foetus from a mother, Margaret Boemer’s womb to remove a tumour from the foetus, and then restored the unborn baby to the womb successfully.

The mother then continued to carry the pregnancy to term, and later on, delivered the baby safely and well. She named her Lynlee Hope.

Mr. Osinbajo told Mr. Olutoye, who was accompanied to the Presidential Villa by members of his family including his wife and parents, that “our country continues to shine in various ways, your achievement is remarkable in every sense. People are bound to wonder. It’s the kind that fables are made of. And this is from someone who is Nigerian-trained.”

According to the acting president, “this country can be well run, we produce the best in every way, but it will take a lot of doing, by good men and women. This is what I have learnt in the past two years here. If we do the right things, day by day, we’ll change and improve the Nigerian situation significantly.”

The acting president also said “the problem is not about the availability of resources, but it’s the management,” recalling how the federal government is now doing more when funds are scarce than in the days when oil was selling at over $100 per barrel.

“When we were making over a $100 per barrel, we were owing oil JVC cash calls, not able to pay salaries and owing contractors. Now that we are down in earnings by 60 per cent, we have sorted out the problem of cash calls and are able to support states to pay salaries,” he said.

Speaking earlier, Mr. Olutoye attributed his medical successes in the U.S. to his Nigerian training and education up till the university.

He is a graduate of Medicine from the then University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University.

“All we have achieved from primary to university is from Nigeria, and I believe that Nigeria will surpass what we have achieved out there,” he said.


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  • musa aliyu

    Thank God he’s not from.the drug peddlers’ tribe. Kudos to a True.Nigerian, not those who give it a.bad name always and they claim they are the wisest’.

    • Capital Truth

      Cow head stop hating, it will do you more harm than good and the worst part is that you hate and talk out of ignorance.. Those tribe you called drug peddlers does not make noise when they excel intellectually. Just for the record, a doctor from that tribe discovered the cause and treatment of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) which has killed many Americans before he came to America. And he also published it for free so that all Americans will be aware and take precaution. He graduated from UNN in Enugu State…today America is celebrating him and in 2015 a movie was acted in his honor and citizenship awarded to him.

      Go and google Dr. Bennet Ifeakandu Omalu. In all ramification the people from that tribe are doing excellent, both home and abroad.

      • Alex

        You have the time to reply the natural born terrorist.Thank heven with a name like the one he has got he won’t by any chance enter US where this said Dr practice.

      • OGK

        So, you know the drug-peddling part of Nigeria. They beckoned on the spinach hawker and immediately responded that her vegetable did not come from the dunghill o. Talk of the guilty conscience!!!

      • aisha ani

        Hating is a waste of energy, besides it does not increase my paycheck. To all hard working Nigerian citizens both home and abroad, thank you for making us proud.

    • Capital Truth

      Meanwhile, one Dr. Lawal Haruna removed a woman’s fallopian tube and ovary in the name of appendix in UK. The same Lawal Haruna removed a skin tag, part of the body in the name of lump from another patient. Not all, also from another patient, he removed a pad of fat instead of appendix. You can also check it your self

      • Arabakpura

        Lawal Haruna must have been a butcher before landing a job in the hospital!

    • aisha ani

      You do know, that there are “drug peddlers” in every Nigerian tribe.

  • deji 3SC (Up shooting)

    Yes o. Congratulations Dr Olutoye

  • Thomax

    Osinbajo – a typical Nigerian politician. Hypocrite! Hear him – “According to the acting president, “this country can be well run, we produce the best in every way,….”

    Really? Nigeria can be run well? With an 80 year old bedridden WASCless and certificateless president who says 97% + 5% = 100%? Haba Fake Pastor! Haba!

    • bashwaziri

      That so called certificateless 80yrs old is far better than the claimed younger PhD holder, who couldn’t pay salaries, settle contractors, save for rainy days, tame his goats from eating yam…. etc when oil was above $120 per barrel compared to when it dropped to less than $40 when PMB/PYO took over. Myopic bigot

      • Fernando Luis

        You are a brainwashed bastard. Coward. No wonder backwardness runs in your lineage. Suffering smiling coward

        • bashwaziri

          That backwardness did not make me follow a confirmed psychopathic lunatic who talks anyhow, uses vile aggressive, abusive language, use threats of violence and war to be my leader

    • aisha ani

      We actually produce the best in every way, look at you.

    • Julius

      Thank God, we didn’t produce your iks…you are a biafradian !

  • Lanre

    What is so special about removing a Foetus from the womb and placing it back from where he took it? Women Doctors in Idanre and Okitipupa have been doing this for ages. Every 12am they remove babies even as old as 8 months from their Mothers’ womb, take the babies for a walk on Disney Land by 3am before the Mother wakes up. Osinbajo cannot claim he is unaware of this feat .

    • Sam

      Mr Lanre, you must be a comedian. Why use Idanre and not Iragbiji?

      In all honesty, if this operation was carried out by a white man, he may have been nominated for a Nobel Price

      • Julius

        He may still be nominated. I heard that a section of the hospital might be named after him. There are lots of Nigerian Drs doing some wonderful stuff in the U S and they all comes from all the corners of Nigeria.

      • Guest

        I heard some of the best midnight shifts doctors work hardest from Ijebu

    • Lakeside

      Thanks for the laugh.

    • Julius

      Lmaoooo, you need special prayer.

      • aisha ani

        Must be witches.

        • Julius

          lol…yes, must be.

    • dele20

      How many lives have you ever saved, why is it difficult for you to appreciate ones good performances?

      A person like you discourages the skillful and the gifted to utilize their wonderful talents in their local countries

  • Yego V

    Oga Osinbajo, please remind Buhari that he is a typical example of how our funds is being mismanaged.

    • dele20

      We Nigerians all know that its the corruption of GEJ that sabotaged our country

      PMB never mismanaged our wealth but he enhanced it

  • Olu-Lion

    why are we like this in this country? if you hate PMB, do you still hate this medical doctor? I think the Ag President is correct with what we are doing with little resources. NNPC is paying of JV cash call which Okonjo and Madueke were shouting about when we were selling crude at over 100USD.

  • George

    Why don’t that iiiidiotttt Buhari bring this Yoruba doctor to ASO ROCK to treat him for his blockage penis rather than going to UK.

    oSINBAJU is a very selfish animal praising everything Yoruba did just to put them forward and he think the rest people are fffffoolishhhhhh or don’t know what he want to achieve we are watching him and his co-host closely.

    • George


      Why don’t that iiiidiotttt Buhari bring this Yoruba doctor to ASO ROCK to treat him for his blockage penis rather than going to UK.

      oSINBAJU is a very selfish animal praising everything Yoruba did just to put them forward and he think the rest people are fffffffoolishhhhhh or don’t know what he want to achieve we are watching him and his co-host closely. Projecting Yorubas and demoting Mallams with their wicked agenda hoping to scale into full president it won’t happen no matter what.

      • taiwo

        Jealousy jealousy, na in dey worry you. Bad belle

    • aisha ani

      I don’t believe the “blockage penis”, is his specialty.

  • Akhigbe Mike

    Auction! Auction!! Auction!!!

  • Maria

    Igbo man wil die of hate and jealousy! If this man were igbo, these useless igbos in this forum would claim only igbos can perform such feat and no other…just read their comments below…you will agree with me why these hateful animals will never produce Nigeria president.

    • Arabakpura

      The guy has proven a shining light! That was an interesting and remarkable feat!

      If you love Nigeria and want her progress, you also have to avoid your type of comments because it is the reason why some others no longer want to be reasonable!

      • Ayo

        Thank you Arabakpura for your uncommon response. WE should love ourselves whether Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo. Good and brilliant people are not exclusive of any race, ethnic or colour, it is what people are exposed to that determines what they eventually become. No more ethnic hatred, bigotry and evil speeches. One Nation under God, We shall succeed together if we love ourselves. I AM a Yoruba man, I have lived in Igbo land where I did my tertiary education and was well received by strangers who later became friends. So, let us uphold the virtues of communal African lifestyle. Nigeria will be GREAT AGAIN.

        • Guest

          Good mindset Ayo, you want to keep the positive vibe, stay off reading divisive comments from ethnic baiters.

    • Fernando Luis

      I don’t think your family have anyone who has seen forewalls of higher institution. Olodo southwaste

    • Julius

      I think his father is also a rtd General of the Nigerian army if I’m not mistaken. Sis, forget these hateful losers. You can imagine what they will be saying if the Dr is from their tribe. We all know. Kanu hasn’t said a thing about their heartless criminals shooting people during a church service. How much evil can they get and I’ll bet you it’s all about money. Simply unbelievable. I say let them go . It’s high time we should all get together and wish them good luck in their utopia barren country.

    • aisha ani

      Not all Igbo people think like that, they only want equal rights for everyone. We are all in this together, unfortunately the good ones refuse to get involved in politics.

  • Olufemi Bello

    This is great. North west and North East leaders please give education to your people because I sincerely believe hundreds of Dr Oluyinka Olutoye are among the ‘Almajeris’ roaming your streets.

    • Contact Point

      You are a buffoon, when serious issue is been discussed little brain people like you need not get involved. There is nothing in the article to suggest your madness because there are good brains from all the zones in Nigeria

      • Antidote

        There’s nothing good in Buhari’s brain. Just saying.

        • objective

          I think what he’s suggesting is that everyone should be afforded equal opportunities. I don’t think he meant to be derogatory. Obviously there are extremely intelligent people from the North who have proven themselves in various fields of science abroad. A case in point is one extremely intelligent scholar in Engineering Design in the US who is from Sokoto State.
          Sorry, this reply is for Centre Point.

      • Olufemi Bello

        Not at all. I’m from the north and concerned with the development of education for the poor masses of the north. With education the north will occupy positively her rightful place in the scheme of things. That is the under tone of that piece which you are unable to decipher. Talents are everywhere. They could be more in those regions and among the people I mentioned in the opinion point if education is developed. Have a great day pls.


          Bello, there are Northerners excelling in their fields in the West just like there are Easterners and others. We applaud Dr Oluyinka for making us proud. When Jailani Aliyu from Sokoto made us proud to lead the team that designed the first Electric car by GM he was hailed as a Nigerian not as a Northerner. I understand also that the current head of NASA propulsion division is a Nigerian. So let us harness the best brains and resources at our disposal

          • aisha ani

            We continue to hope that our brilliant brothers will give something back to their community.

  • objective

    My prayer is that God will continue to bless Mr. Olutoye and grant us the grace as a nation to produce more people like him. Whilst the likes of him are saving lives, some shameless dark citizens are busy killing their fellow country men through Badoo activities, armed robbery, kidnappings, bearing of false witness, looting and ritually killings. Such people should be ashamed of themselves. Just as the children of Olutoye will reap the good works of their father, so shall the generation of murderers, looters and all the evil doers that I have mentioned and the ones that we don’t know, reap the reward of their parents activities. The evil actions of their parents will not depart from their household from generation to generation and so shall it be. Amen.

  • olababaola1

    Hhhmmmmm!!!!! …..and someone, a college dropped-out for that matter claimed that Nigerians are badly educated.

    • aisha ani

      Ta lo so be?

  • Gary

    If you are proud of Dr. Olutoye’s accomplishments, then give him a national award MON or whatever; rather than using him for PR and photo-op for a flailing government.

    Then ask yourselves at the next FEC meeting if Olutoye and other accomplished Nigerians would have achieved much had they remained in Nigeria and working without pay or basic electricity.
    Then tell us how you truly feel after the meeting and your vision for the Olutoyes stuck in Nigeria.

    • aisha ani

      Dr Olutoye is getting the national award.


    Beyond the vain nigerianism harped by osinbajo, when a resident of USA or other western nations with nigerian connection or root achieve a feat commendable by the world is, the question: why not in nigeria and why did these achievers left nigeria even though Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye says everything he achieved started from nigeria, and anyone who follow most nigerians from the wazobia ethnic groups can understand his disposition? Of course, Dr. Olutoye deserves commendation and honor, such which are common in USA and the west, yet could be more news in nigeria where no such breakthrough of considerable global accolade exist. Meanwhile, when you ask and screen these questions you see where politicians and rulers such as osinbajo and buhari, ibb and abacha, obj and azikiwe, balewa or ironsi and jonathan among many falls into the unfortunate equation of no vision, greed, corruption up to police officers stealing from the house of a former president who may have used public funds for purchase; stealing of common pin and cottonwoods from hospitals and the stealing of south-south oil producing communities’ oil resources, polluting and killing them for demanding justice, and mismanaging, stealing the money which should have been used for developing, building infrastructures including basic or common water and electricity, good roads and schools, colleges or universities that brings about such feats. I guess you’re wondering if electricity or water wouldn’t have gone off while the important and lifesaving surgery was going on. Well, wonder not as your fears are real! By the way, why must states be helped to pay common salaries which osinbajo said his government has reposition itself to do; weren’t states supposed to create their own revenue and care for themselves—-is osinbajo not seeing these nonviable states and federal government, which depend solely on oil money while treating oil owners as slaves, polluting, and killing them for demanding justice, the major problem?

  • Olatubosun

    We have professional among us..
    Why going abroad?

  • Olatubosun

    Nigeria is progressing let’s support the agent of change for the brighter future of our glorious country

  • dele20

    Our acting president Yemi Osinbajo, continue your great work, this nation will surely become great

  • dele20

    Nigeria will always stand