Igbo quit notice: Northern Youth Coalition soft-pedals, meets Igbo groups

Arewa group

The Northern Youth Coalition which on June 6 asked Igbos living in northern Nigeria to leave before October, has set up a 10-member joint committee with Igbo leaders in the region to facilitate peace between the two groups.

The committee was set up at a meeting in Kano on Friday held at the instance of the coalition.

The meeting was attended by the leaders of the group and representatives of Igbo groups from the 19 northern states.

Five persons from each side constituted the peace committee with a former Labour Party presidential aspirant, Isa Tijjani, asked to coordinate its activities.

According to both sides, at the end of their meeting on Friday, the committee was asked to chart a way for peaceful resolution of any dispute between the Northern youth and the Igbo.

Mr. Tijjani, who spoke with journalists shortly after the meeting, said the committee would ensure that peace is maintained between the Igbo and their hosts in the North.

He said the issues that prompted the youth group to issue the quit notice to the Igbo in the north would be ironed out by the committee.

The leaders of the Northern youth coalition, Yerima Shettima, and Nastura Shariff, said the group was willing to call off the quit notice.
Mr. Shettima, who also spoke to journalists after the meeting, said his group was pushed into issuing the widely-criticised quit notice by the insults being poured on northerners by the leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, and his threat of war over which he said nobody cautioned Mr. Kanu.

“Our quit notice was necessitated by the fact that Kanu came to Nigeria with a dual citizenship threatening to plunge the country into war, openly calling for the break up the nation and yet nobody stopped or cautioned him,” he stated.

On his part, Mr. Shariff said all the Igbo leaders at the meeting disassociated themselves from the activities of the pro-Biafra agitators and said they want to live in peace with other Nigerians.

Boniface Ibekwe, who said he was the Eze Ndi Igbo North, and Chi Nwagu, the President-General of Igbo Delegates Assembly, also told journalists that Igbos stand for peace and a united Nigeria.

The Northern youth group had on Thursday insisted that they had not withdrawn their quit notice because of their concern that Mr. Kanu was unperturbed in his quest to break up Nigeria.


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  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    You know, it is nobody’s job to caution Kanu. This is left to state and federal authorities to deal with perceived threats, not individuals. We still have a tribal mentality in Nigeria thus this is what happens. We really need to remake this nation and it will be done by the grace of God.

    • NoSpinEd

      Well said Chukwuka. Well said. You are one of the few cooler heads in the quest for peaceful coexistence. The country can use more statesmen of your caliber. May your “tribe” increase!

  • Kickboxer

    Haahaaa…..cowardly Arewa terrorists….trying to save face….

    Declare Arewa as a Zoological garden…


    Like Bakassi, Nigeria will lose Biafra, no matter how long it will take.


  • Dan_Arewa

    Eyya. The Igbos are on rampage again. Running helter skelcher. From Arewa youth to Ohaneze. Up and down. Left and right looking for safe heaven.
    Okay since you don’t want Biafra, come and stay. But say NO to drug dealing, Baby FACTORY retauls,419,and Hate speeches.

    • marcos avelino

      They have criminal genes in their DNA dont blame them.

  • marcos avelino

    Let them return to their tiny utopia of biafra – size = 29,000 km sq land ( Niger state = 76,000 and Borno = 70,000 ) eroded with gullies filled with kidnappers and armed robbers. Niger state more than ten times the size of Enugu which is the largest baifra state !! Let them fit all into that land and we see how they eat or move around.

    • tundemash

      Clearly not all Igbos agree with the lunatic Lanu so do not paint all with same brush!

  • okey mba

    What is it that pains Northerners against the Igbos and the name Biafra. 92.89% of Igbos did not vote for APC is it a crime or demand for a state of Biafra? In a Nutshell North has already divided itself into Arewa, Adamawa, Sardauna and El kanemi, Even yorubas have Oduduwa, Can somebody tell me if having Biafra is a crime, I need an urgent answer form Biafra and Igbo Haters. You cant hate us and still want us to be united! to tents all haters! Igbos are not Cowards and will never be. STOP HATING IGBOS, WE ARE NOT BORN TO BE LAZY. Jealousness and Igbophobia is the only problem i see here.

    • musa aliyu

      O U dreamer. No point arguing with a …..

    • Wale

      “Igbos are not yorubas or any other tribe you people can toy around”._ okey mba
      Ok, I really like your stand; so, Let’s fight it out.
      winner takes all.
      The Yoruba tribe wants that nice heaven on earth called Biafra more than you ibos.
      All hail Biafra.
      Oh, all hate Biafra.
      “ibo must Go”

    • Julius

      Forget your nonsense diatribe just tell me why can’t you leave their land and move back to your utopia country ? Simple question. You hate them, you are insulting them daily and you claim you do not want to be in the same country with them so, why all the noise when they were trying to help you move ?

  • What we all need and seek is respect and peaceful co existence.

  • Arabakpura

    The Arewa youths have boxed themselves into a corner! They are now like trapped rats looking for exit holes!

    • tundemash

      Nope. They have effectively nailed Kanu. Did you read the part “Boniface Ibekwe, who said he was the Eze Ndi Igbo North, and Chi Nwagu, the President-General of Igbo Delegates Assembly, also told journalists that Igbos stand for peace and a united Nigeria.” Clearly Kanu can continue to lead those without investment anywhere; they have gotten nothing to lose hence their desperation to cause chaos. Let Kanu go leanr how NOT to insult a tribe and other people’s culture.

      • Arabakpura

        Only people in Kano know those Igbo Reps and rightly so because they reside there! Nnamdi Kanu has no time for these guys, have you not noticed? Did they not tell you that Kanu has international support! They are no match and you will soon find out! I like this thing to take place to resolve one issue permanently!

    • AryLoyds

      The Arewa old youths are cowardly Muppets, they are looking for an easy way out of the fake ultimatum.

      • Julius

        How, by your people going to their land begging them ? You losers are some funny bastards. Shame on you.

        • AryLoyds

          They should learn to keep and defend their stands. If you promise rain then make it rain 🙂 They are making them selves look like chickens

          • Julius

            Lmaooooooooooo, hear Igbo man oooo !!!. You are a joke for saying that. You know many threats you’ve made through the years without nothing follows ? Chei..you even made one against Buhari for locking up kanu…remember ? . I’m sure some folks probably fell off their chair reading that.

          • AFRICANER

            You really don’t see any changes since Buhari locked up Kanu? No role reversals?

          • Julius

            Oh yeah. I don see changes ooo. Una don get your own brand new utopia republic…abi. Your ezes and leaders are all over the North begging the Arewa boys over some useless notice they gave you. Bug reversals indeed !. Shameless !

        • Arabakpura

          Every tribe is not like the Yoruba! I hope you know what them Arewa boys think about you guys and it does appear that you all accepted it!

    • Julius

      Really ? Then tell me why your people were in Kano seeking audience with them and asking for them to withdraw the notice . They sure ain’t in owerri, were they ? This is the problem with you losers, fake bravado when you are the ones crying and begging. Remember the ultimatum you gave to Buhari when kanu was locked up ?..30 days or else ? What happened to that. Keep messing around with the Aboki boys and see what will happen to you. Ask your elders what they did to you loud mouth fools before.

      • Alhaji

        Agreed. If Arewa were ” boxed themselves into a corner,” they would have gone to Enugu, Owerri or Umahia to beg but it is the opposite. If I need a favour from Ifeanyi in Abakaliki, will I expect him to come to me in Lagos or I must go to him? Is Owerri in Kano?

        • Arabakpura

          You think they are not afraid? Should anything untoward happen to anybody on that day, You will see a personalized war against those useless old youths!

      • Arabakpura

        You need to read a story very well with understanding before commenting! Those guys are the Igbo igwe in council! That’s the Igbo chief of Kano with his subjects talking! If you like you can call them Igbo in Kano! If the Arewa youths had some good reasoning, those were the people they should have conferred with in the first place before giving the useless and empty quit notice; and not threaten somebody down south! If any Igbo hair is lost, you think Yerima will be alive to take the glory? Can’t you see that they are the cowards now by trying to say that they have no power to enforce their quit notice? It will be good for us to try ourselves because it’s been long that it took place!

        Summarily, Igbo font know those meeting with them but not to say that they are not Igbo!

        • Julius

          Stop shaming yourself by exposing your loud mouth empty bullshit. They are IGBOs begging those Arewa boys . Tuck your tails between your legs again like you always do. This is nothing new with you people and every Nigerians know this. You make noise 1st beg later !!

          • Arabakpura

            My friiend, nobody is begging your concern! Let the confrontation take place! Those guys live with them there and it’s good if they sort themselves out, otherwise, to hell with it!

          • mohammed rabiu

            ” it’s good if they sort themselves out, ” meaning if they beg them

          • Arabakpura

            You must be one of those that scored 2% in your qualifying entrance examination!

          • Julius

            Oh wow, see how you people lie so much . You are begging them and all Nigerians..I thought you were fighting for the Igbos all over the country and beyond but, now it’s each man for his own ? Shame , shame, shame…you just exposed your hypocritical make ups. As for the confrontations, you will lose again if and when it arise, trust me many of you will give up just like you just did with the Igbos in the North. You are all cowards , you only make empty threats and noise. You hate the Northerners, leave their place…so simple. Liars !!

  • NoSpinEd

    This is an encouraging development. May cooler heads prevail.We have enough problems battling “Boko Haram” at considerable cost of life and limp, struggling to jump-start a stagnant economy and waging an open ended war against corruption. We really cannot afford another costly civil war.

  • Imam OLODO

    Every one that has a brain however small and ineffective as that of Imam Olodo knows that they Parasites from the North referred to as Northern Youth were going to beg at the end of the day. The idea was just to make a little noise and feign bravery and attempt to present a ‘confident’ North to the outside world and earn some respect from other countries in Nigeria. BUT the truth is that it has changed nothing. The North remains incompatible with any set of human beings. Their belief system, mentality, ideology, culture etc are far removed from the standards elsewhere in the region and this will remain a perpetual reason for endless strife.

    Nigeria remains the only country in the world where Suicide bombers are never identified and named. (Except the Islamic countries in the middle East). How can you ask the Igbo man or the Warri man to be comfortable in that kind of country? If a man blows himself up in Port Harcourt or Calabar or Warri, within hours or at most days the media houses and state government will identify and make the name public public. Why are the governors of the North not doing this? …And why have the so called Northern youth not demanded that Boko Haram leave the North or that suicide bombers be named? Animals!

    • marcos avelino

      At least hitler was a christian who roasted 6 million people and used their hair to make ropes! Christians dropped an atom bomb on japan that cooked 250,000 people in an instant . eurpoean cristians pounded 60 million of their fellow cristians to ground meat in WW II. Christians have committed the greates genocide on earth. Hutu cristians macheted 800,000 tutsi cristians in one month in 1994. In yr bible yr Jesus slaughtered 180,000 amalekites in one day with sharp razor blades read yr bible useless slave of crusaders. Were your parents not just converted to this fake religion of the white man only recently ( – 70 years only) you son of pagan savage cannibal human sacrificing magicians and animists. The white christian man took 30 million of your fathers as slaves to america tossing over 15 million of sick and dead carcas into the atlantic for sharks.