Lagos will become Africa’s third largest economy before I die – Obasanjo

FROM LEFT: A retired Maj.-Gen. in the British Army, Dickie Davis; Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Mrs Idiat Adebile; Formal President Olusegun Obasanjo; and Director of Brenthurst Foundation, MR Greg Mills, at the launch of a book titled: “Making Africa Work”, in Lagos on Wednesday (2/8/17).
03984/2/8/2017/Dapo Kayode/BJO/NAN
FROM LEFT: A retired Maj.-Gen. in the British Army, Dickie Davis; Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Mrs Idiat Adebile; Formal President Olusegun Obasanjo; and Director of Brenthurst Foundation, MR Greg Mills, at the launch of a book titled: “Making Africa Work”, in Lagos on Wednesday (2/8/17). 03984/2/8/2017/Dapo Kayode/BJO/NAN

A former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo, on Wednesday, said Lagos will become Africa’s third largest economy in a very short time.

Mr. Obasanjo made this known at the book launch of a book titled, “Making Africa Work”, co-authored by the former president and three other authors.

The other authors are Greg Mills, Director of Brenthurst Foundation; Jeffrey Herbst, President of NEWSEUM and Dickie Davis, a retired major general.

The former president said the Lagos State government is working towards making the state an economic hub, which he jocularly said would come to fruition before he passes on.

Mr. Obasanjo, who is the chair of Brenthurst Foundation, disclosed that plans are underway for the foundation and Lagos state government to make the state the third largest economy on the continent.

“(Even though) People said I look like someone who is in the departure lounge,” Mr. Obasanjo said, “Lagos will become the third largest economy before I take my boarding pass.”

The former president also said that Africa is not a poor continent, adding that the continent is only poor by choice.

He enjoined Africans to focus on wealth creation and job opportunities, saying the continent should complain less about poverty.

“Africa is poorly managed,” he said, adding that, “We are poor by choice (and) we will also get out of that poverty by choice.”


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  • jon

    Obj you will die and Nigeria and all her states will be great

    • Tunsj

      I will advice you to please stop stop showing your intellectual and personality deficiencies.

    • Truthometer

      And you will remain immortal, right? Let us be sensible in whatever we put out there. If the man should die today, he has nothing to lose. He fought in Congo, Nigerian civil war etc; he was a Nigerian military Head of State; he was a prisoner; he was a two terms Nigerian civilian President; he was/is an author of many books, he is a family man; an African state man; a Nigerian state man and a world citizen. He has lived far beyond the life expectancy in Nigeria and Africa. Whatever his shortcomings, he is just another human being like you and I. I’m one of his greatest critics, but I acknowledge his accomplishments. This man has nothing to lose, should he die today, as you may wish him. Ask yourself, what have you accomplish in this life either for good or bad? I rest my case.

      • Sean

        Well done my brother! You’re a legend

      • Julius

        You forgot to remind him that his parents if not him himself surrendered to him. That’s one of their problem with him. They are scare of the man. Well response sir.

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      I wonder why folks pray for other people’s death as if they will never die. I wonder.

    • Julius

      And you won’t die one day ? The difference is you make no contribution to the country dead or alive in other word, you are living a worthless life unlike Obj.

  • Ohajianha Ozichukwu

    Obasanjo knows the reason why he is talking this way. He frustrated other places like Port Harcourt and Calabar and gave undue advantage to Lagos. Even on individual rising businessmen, Obasanjo did the same thing. He pressured Ibeto Cement out of business as he was giving monopoly to Dangote in many respects. Evil Obasanjo made Dangote sole importer of cement, sugar, rice, etc. He granted Dangote special exchange rate regime. He persuaded State Governors where Dangote expressed interest on lands to facilitate the acquisition.
    Fellow Nigerians, there is nothing in giving special concessions to business in order to make it grow. What this man did wrong in this was that he did not make it a business stragegy in order to help Nigerian businessmen but to a few with selfish intentions. Today, Obasanjo wants to be the moral compass of our Nation. God forbid.

    • Mgbadike

      Cry cry baby.

      • UK BOY

        Stop using igbo names, you know you’re not truly an igbo man.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          And who the fcuk are you to determine his ethnicity and identity?

          Of what relevance is that to his opinion?

    • Have you forgotten that OBJ held back Lagos allocations deliberately?
      To settle political scores with Tinubu?

    • Rommel

      Ibeto is a greedy man who prefers importation to manufacturing against all advise, he was given greater incentives by FG, incentives that Dangote can only dream of so that competition could drive manufacturing in that our country yet Ibeto used it to import Bulkcem and rebag so he could make fast money while Dangote was building factories, stories you have told of OBJ allowing Dangote to monopolize importation of the items you listed are nothing by a myths that have no basis on reality, ‘old wives tales’ used by propagandists to score cheap points in beer parlous, problem is our fixation on importation of finished goods.

  • Sean


    • Yego V

      please stop this blasphemy

  • FreeNigeria

    OBJ, I thought you died a long time ago. Are talking about the same Lagos you seized their funds because they created Local development council?

    • Julius

      lolz leave Baba alone that was old news.

  • miko

    What is so special about Lagos economy? Decentralize the ports and move administrative headquarters of oil production coys to their production base, her GDP will drop by 70%. It’s a forced economy.

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      You do not understand Lagos Economy

    • Julius

      Be serious … even that is done people will still come to Lagos to conduct businesses.

  • Ceejay Iloelunachi

    The same lagos he fought to a standstill and withheld their allocations when he was in power as the president huh?
    What is wrong with this man?

    • princegab

      Agba de.

    • Yego V

      When a narcissist becomes insane, that’s it. e don done.

  • UK BOY

    Mr Obasanjo that has been your plan all the while. I know you’re a pan nigerian (but with a south west preference) and i respect you for that. My objection is that the same variables that are existent in lagos (were right now with the malaise as a result of relocation of HQ’s of oil companies to lagos) were also existent in Port Harcourt and to a large extent in calabar, but with your government’s geo-political preference and the deliberate creation of bureaucratic bottlenecks and explicit manipulation and/or corossive policies in ensuring that only lagos ports (seaports and airports) were gateways to international businesses and connections, this approach has steadfastly put a death knell on the possibilities and growth of these other centers to the point that no real business with an international dimensional aspiration can operate in these climes. This i think is more about tribe and ethnic nationality supremacy (and don’t get me wrong i don’t hate the yorubas). This reflects the shallowness in the thinking of our rulers, if you had PH and Calabar being fully operational, the multiplier effect would have far supersided your observations or assumptions (which i agree is also right ie lagos expected to be the 3rd largest in no distant future). Nigerian leaders need to start looking at internationalising other centers in nigeria by providing rightful legal and governmental policies and enabling environments, infrastructural upgrades and improvement in transport links from abroad. This would allow SME’s to be able to set up businesses, create jobs, uplift living standards and by and large even reducing crimes. This is what governance is all about.

    • Dele Awogbeoba

      Firstly, OBJ withheld significant amounts from Lagos entitlements. Secondly, all ports in east and west are operational and are in use. 70% of imports use lagos ports and 7% of exports use Lagos ports. 80% of exports use Eastern ports and 20% of imports use Eastern ports.


      You are advised to get an education before repeating incorrect information.

      • UK BOY

        You’re the one that is very ignorant. You’ve chosen to be uncanny with the truth. The 80% of exports as you’ve pointed out are exports of crude oil and other related products. These exports are not exports that are borne out of private enterprise exporting products, but borne out of the necessity for Nigeria as a whole to raise income and the foreign exchange and earnings that support every aspect of the economy. The 70% of imports that you identified that use lagos ports are mostly borne out of private enterprise, from container goods to your fuel importers etc, which first beneficiaries are the businesses engaging in these imports, and by extension providing goods for the nigerian masses and country. So before you go quoting and citing verses from the internet keep your mischief and mis-information to yourself. Your citation of such links(whose data source derivation that led to the percentage facts would not be published along with the article, but only provide high level summaries of their figures) distort the real information for what truly creates wealth and enterprise, the private sector and not government and its JV partners export crude oil that benefits nigeria, but does little to empower businesses and businessmen, who can further reinvest such profits for business growth, R&D, and expand.

      • FrNinja

        Daft ignorant dele. The Obasanjo administration handed over Warri, Calabar and Onne to INTELS for exclusive use for oil and gas activity. It helped enrich Atiku who is a shareholder and made Apapa the hell hole that it is. The APC in their greed for oil and gas port revenue via jadesimis ladol has canceled the INTELS monopoly and opened up the eastern ports to all importers. The case is in court.

  • UK BOY

    “For all i care”, you comments indicates to me that you’re pompous and arrogant, i would advice you to keep your arrogance to yourself, no one needs that, i can even sense your disdain for igbos. This disdain i realise has been passed down as a result of the cold war that has been existent (festered by mutual suspicion and mistrust) but unlike the way you guys were brought up(and this is not a full generalisation of the yorubas) with this innate disdain for our ways (not dobaleing- lying prostrate on the floor and other cultural differences) which you guys conclude as meaning that the igbos have no respect, i would like to say that these misconceptions haven’t created a bridge of peace and harmony amongst these 2 great tribes. We as igbos were never taught (at least i can speak for my family and the city in which i grew up- PH) to hate the yorubas or even view you guys with suspicion. I’m Still trying to understand this angst. But not to worry i wouldn’t make such statement of “For all i care …”. Cheers

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      You, on the contrary, I suspect is an individual with extremely low level of self confidence.

      Otherwise, how do you explain your need to validate your moribund existence by proclaiming yourself as “UK BOY”? Is that what your parents named you at birth? Or is it just that you are anxious to impress your village folks by claiming such a silly title?

      Listen, Mama Charlie’s Boys will still deport your skinny ars* self as quickly as I can mash boiled potatoes no matter what you call yourself.

      If you are as proud of your heritage as you claim, you’d use your real name on this platform, or, at the very worst, call yourself “Igbo Boy”.

      Just to put your mind at rest, I didn’t read most of the gibberish you spewed out from the moment I gathered your tiny encephalon only deciphered all comments from an ethnic point of view.

      So, save yourself the agony of writing more nonsense in response.

      • UK BOY

        Your just a rif raff. All you want to do is exchange insults on online forums. Me using the alias UK BOY, how has that got anything to do with the points that i’m highlighting. Wake up and grow up. Thats the last of my submissions to you.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Let me condescend to your level, id!ot.

          Someone wrote an opinion, but in your incurable stoopidity, you sought to diminish his person by insisting he’s not Igbo. If you had any sense, instead of excrement, between your pendulous ears, you wouldn’t have made any reference to his identity.

          But being the retarded product of a dysfunctional home, one that is totally bereft and devoid of any humanity and decency, you had to to focus on the most unimportant aspect of what was obtainable.

          I gently admonished you that his ethnicity should have no bearing on his opinion, but in your obstinacy, which is akin to that of a bluebottle fly that is determined to escort the corpse into the grave, you persisted with your foolishness and insisted all else have ethnic tinted bias. Who gives a toss where you or the other id!ot hailing you comes from?

          You foolishly adopted a nom de guerre that imbued your low level self with a false sense of importance, perhaps in the hope of making up your mental shortfall. But here you are, at the very last, insisting that your name is of no relevance.

          If you knew your fake identity is as irrelevant as your opinions, why did you seek to castigate someone else on the basis of their name? Does this trait of fooolishness run in your lineage or is it something that was in the water you drank at Aba?

          Listen, Village Id!ot, next time you come onto a public platform to vomit the sh!t between your ears, you better make sure you stuff your mouth with toilet roll first. There will always be people around to pour toilet cleaners down your throats in order to remove your lunacy from existence.

          I trust all that sank into your coconut head, boy. See im head like Badagry coconut. Ode.

      • 0tile

        Bigot, why not address the point Obasanjo raised instead of attacking his Igbo ethnic group with your disdainful caterpillar English. The day you remove that fake esq from your moniker you will become level headed. You can arrogate to yourself any bogus title for all you care but nobody cares except your fellow yoruba touts. Save yourself the anguish of writing gibberish insult to respond. Fake lawyer my foot.

  • Arc_Deji_Alabi

    If Lagos wasn’t under Nigeria, Lagos has the potential to become the largest economy in Africa

  • Rommel

    Nigerians are uniquely bizarre, a people who steal public funds,starve entrepreneurs of needed resources by hiding it outside the economy while looking for miracles.I thought that Nigerians would have been ashamed of how the country is looked upon by civilized people but alas no, we enjoy the notoriety, we are proud of our pariah status,humiliation means nothing as long as we have money in the pocket, this can be seen by the obscene display of imported luxurious material possessions. Lagos with a population 15-18 million souls has no functional mass transit system,subways etc, no public drainage/sewage, no public water supply,no electricity yet they say it will become third largest economy on the continent, perhaps a contract will be awarded to a foreign firm as usual to make it to become bigger than Nigeria’s economy, that is the only truth I will accept.