Why we rejected Magu as EFCC Chairman – Saraki

Bukola Saraki [Photo: Nigerian Pilot]
Bukola Saraki [Photo: Nigerian Pilot]

The President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, said contrary to insinuations, the Senate had no pre-meditated plan to reject Ibrahim Magu as chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

Mr. Saraki said, while featuring on the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Forum in Abuja, that the screening of Mr. Magu, which led to his rejection, was transparently done.

According to him, Mr. Magu’s rejection was prompted by report from the Department of State Services, among other issues, and the screening was aired “live’’ on national television for all Nigerians to watch.

“I think there is a lot of misunderstanding and blackmail and all is not in the interest of democracy.

“The rejection of candidates presented to the National Assembly is a process. It is a process that is not restricted to the EFCC chairman.

“It is a process that has to do with the Governor of Central Bank, Director-General of Lottery Commission, Electricity Regulatory Commission and other relevant agencies.

“We have approved many people from the executive and we have rejected some and when we reject them, it is not for any personal reason, because it is a process.

“Magu’s screening was on a Wednesday when we air plenary `live’. That is to show you how transparent the Senate was on Magu’s confirmation.

“We screened him on a Wednesday so that all Nigerians can watch,’’ he said.

Mr. Saraki maintained that the decision of the Senate to reject the confirmation of Mr. Magu was in the interest of democracy.

He added that the decision was based on a test which he failed, adding that if the Senate had disregarded the DSS report and went ahead to confirm Magu, posterity would judge the members.

“This is about an institution; let us say you are screening the Governor of Central Bank and EFCC reports that the man lacks integrity and that he is not honest, will you just discard that.

“Even if you do, years later you are weakening that institution.

“We should stop talking about personalities. We should be focusing on how to strengthen our democracy.

“When some people have particular interest, they will try and bring this down to individuals. There is nothing personal on the personality of the acting Chairman of EFCC.

“As an individual, I have had a personal experience with Magu, where he stood up for what is right.

“I remember during the former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, where because we were fighting some of the issues then, some of us were sent to the EFCC.

“I remember I was sent to Magu’s office. They were trying to get him to investigate something of 10 years, 12 years ago; I remember Magu said nobody was going to use him,’’ he said.

On allegations that Mr. Magu’s confirmation was stalled for fear that senators may be prosecuted by him, Mr. Saraki said it was far from the truth.

He pointed out that the fear that some of the former governors who had cases to answer may have contributed to the rejection was unfounded.

According to him, some of the former governors already had cases before the courts, and Mr. Magu, even if he was confirmed, couldn’t have gone to the courts to withdraw the cases.

He described the allegation as cheap blackmail, and said that Nigerians had to decide whether or not they wanted to strengthen the National Assembly as an institution.

The president of the senate said that going by democratic practice, there was a need for checks and balances, adding that the parliament had the power to confirm or not to confirm nominees.

“The days I confirm I don’t commit a crime, but the day I don’t confirm, all hell will break loose.

“It is very unfortunate. When people say we don’t want to fight corruption, does fighting corruption start and end with an individual? It doesn’t.

“We have played our role. We will leave posterity to judge us.

“It was aired “live’’. It wasn’t that we did it at night or in a close-door and then announced the result to the public.

“They saw it. You can ask them if it looked as if this gentleman was not given fair hearing or something.

“Our argument is, today it is Magu, and tomorrow it could be a president.

“Today we have an honest transparent president, tomorrow we could have a corrupt and dishonest president, who brings his best man to be the governor of Central Bank and together they want to connive and steal money.

“When the name is taken to Senate and Senate rejects it, the president will say, `my friend, continue’.

“So, it is about systems and processes. Whether you like Saraki or you don’t like Ekweremadu, it is not about us. By the end of our tenure we will go. It is about the institution,’’ he said.

Mr. Saraki further said “we cannot belittle or weaken the institution because it is that institution that separates democracy from dictatorship.

“When you weaken the parliament, you have weakened democracy.

“If you think by so doing you are weakening Saraki, you are not, it is the institution.’’

He said that the hatred for the parliament was fuelled by some people with vested interest in what they could benefit, while pretending to be fighting for the system.

Mr. Saraki, however, assured that the 8th Senate would not be distracted by anyone or issue, adding that the chamber had passed no fewer than four anti-corruption bills to support the government.



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  • Frank Bassey

    President Buhari and his ill-advisers are not doing Ibrahim Magu any good by conferring on him the degree of indispensability in a country of over 180 million people. Senate President should save himself the inconvenience of talking on this matter. Those who refuse to know the truth can continue to wallow in the illusion that Magu is the only force that could stamp out corruption in this country. With such a damning report from the DSS against him, keeping him as head of the anti-graft agency only point at how hypocritical this administration is in its window-dressing, theatrical show of anti-corruption fight.

    • Yego V

      You may be right with your conclusion about Magu. But apply the same principles to the senators; 80% are under investigation for CORRUPTION, including the Senate President.

      • Frank Bassey

        That is not the issue, sir. The “corrupt” Senators acted on Security Report from an arm of the Executive. They did not manufacture the Report. They allowed Magu a second screening chance under the camera of live telecast. What is the matter again?

        • Yego V

          You may wish to recall that a follow-up report from the same agency exonerated him. However I don’t want us to argue about what you and me know as the TRUTH. While I’m not in anyway suggesting that Magu is “clean”, the Senators are certainly SCARED and know that EFCC has open files with them, and Magu has been passionate about pursuing their matter.

          • Justice Equity

            Why are you lying because of magu

          • Yego V

            Lying!!!. Did you call yourself ” justice & Equity” Give me a name of ONE CLEAN person in the senate!

          • George

            Senate are not met for clean people but those the constituencies chooses to represent them.

            When they are elected by their constituencies you have nothing to do but to accept them as the nation senators.

            As Buhari became president through the backdoor

          • Sam

            Why didn’t they (senate) obey the subsequent report from the DSS that Magu is clean? Magu asked for his sins to be named with proof but they refused and senate still insisted that he is unfit. If Buhari nominates another vicious person than Magu, these guys will not approve him.

            Nigerian politicians know how to play us. I am sure if Magu grant similar interview on why he was rejected, the views of many who are hailing Saraki’s interview will change.

          • Sanssouci

            Magu is granting interview everyday in the press and he is convincing no one, why does he not talk about Egmont group and the reason Naija was suspended from it? If you are really smart and interested in the truth, you will ask yourself how someone from Buhari’s innermost circle is publicly disgracing his boss, please think. By this act alone it is proof to me that Buhari can’t handle the country, if he can’t prevail on a nominee that he brought out of retirement to a second chance at life, how will he be able to navigate the complex political landscape needed for good governance?

          • gboyegaa

            Did you not read when he said it was a former EFCC employee that was relieved of his post that when to make false claims and that Germany and some other developed countries have been in the same position as we are in now? Germany he said still has her NFIU under the body she always had it even after meeting the conditions set by Egmont group for her NFIU independence.

          • George

            his sins are too many; but here are few; associating with high criminal-AVM.

            taking files and copied to the criminals to know what EFCC is planning.

            flying is same private jet with the criminal under investigations.

            receiving finacial aids from criminals under investigations.

          • Sanssouci

            Which senators are scared? Most of the big ones and former governors have cases in court pre-dating Magu’s appointment. Danjuma, Dariye, Abdullahi, Yerima, sule lamido etc… Besides new comers like Akpabio and Oduah most of them have scaled over Magu and are in court already so why fear?

          • Yego V

            Its unfortunate that you sound proud to have your law makers in court.

          • George

            Going to court isn’t a crime.

            is like villagers who gather every Saturday at village square to judge matters

          • Mayo

            No follow up report exonerated him. What happened was that the DSS sent 2 reports (after the Senate requested for the report because the Presidency did not initially ask for one). The DSS sent one report to the Presidency where they accused Magu of a bunch of things but still said it was not enough to stop him being the EFCC Chairman and the DSS sent a second report to the Senate where they said Magu was not fit to be the EFCC chairman. Now, the senate was only aware of the report that was sent to them (they didn’t know about the report that went to the Presidency). It was only after they rejected Magu that the papers now wrote about the report which went to the Presidency.

            When the Senate scheduled another hearing for Magu, DSS produced another report (this time only 1 report) and reiterated their stand that Magu is not qualified to be the EFCC chairman. Have you ever wondered why the Presidency did not query the DSS for producing 2 contradictory reports the first time? Have you ever wondered why the DSS still indicted Magu the second time around even though the President allegedly wants him?

          • Yego V

            Mayo, I have long stopped wondering about anything in Nigeria. If I should again, it must begin with “how Buhari became President”.

          • George

            SHARAP up please, if actually effc Magu or maga has anything against the senate this is the right time for him to fight so what is holding him back because he is still there at EFCC working.

            pls stop thinking like a monkey.

          • Yego V

            You see how truth hurts. Magu’s task is not some kind of personal vendetta. Unfortunately you fail to educate yourself that corruption charges against these senators preceded Magu appointment. I’m happy to “think like a monkey “; science has shown they think like humans. My pity is for your type, who can criticize, complain and condemn. Most fools do and you proved it.

          • Sab Osuji

            After all, has he not been prosecuting Saraki instead of Code of Conduct Bureau? Let him prosecute other senators since he has their fies

          • gboyegaa

            You hit the nail on the head.

        • gboyegaa

          Well, majority of the citizens that employ and are paying the executive, senate and Magu say they want Magu. So Magu stays. End of story.

          • Sanssouci

            Which majority? Speak for urself abeg we do not all have a herd mentality

          • Patrick Otobo

            In his opinion, only him even constitute majority.

          • Patrick Otobo

            Magu is not doing a good job. Your opinion is a cynical manipulation of public opinion.

          • George

            Public opinion from one sided isn’t public opinion

          • George

            The constitution never empowered the masses to do that.

            And who are the masses, your group who are total useless or my group who are total wise.

      • Romberg

        Many of them are under investigation? What stopped the investigation? How come not a single one of them has been convicted?

        It means there was no case against anyone.

        I think Saraki did so well in this interview. What if it’s someone else? Would they have refused a report by the EFCC? If a sister organisation wrote the report that nailed Magu and he couldn’t defend himself when interviewed, then there is no reason blaming the senate.

        • Yego V

          You can as well say that GEJ was never corrupt because he has not been charged and convicted. You very well know how things are done in this country, and I’m not going to waste time arguing about that. That a “thief” has not been caught, does not mean he/she is innocent. No wonder they say a thief thinks everybody steals

          • Romberg

            How do you name someone a thief when he’s not been caught or convicted? Perhaps I should call you a thief then…

            80% of senators are under investigation, yet for over two years no progress has been reported on any investigations? C’mon, emotional blackmail makes no sense. If Magu can accuse people, he could be accused also.

            Magu should have made a point by pushing the stakes forward. What stopped that?

          • Yego V

            Honestly, if that will make us move forward then I’ll be okay to have me and all citizens labelled “thieves” until proven otherwise. We all acknowledged that investigations have been slow and in many cases stalled by the same people being investigated. You will recall, recently some judges were accused of corruption only to be “set free” because EFCC could not follow through. We can spent time on this matter I’m convinced that you know the truth surrounding Magu. It’s insane to watch this drama. The Executive presenting Magu as a “Saint”, while the Legislature declare him “satan”. This reminds me of a German proverb “The thief cannot find any tree that suits him for a gallows”

          • Mayo

            The Legislature did not declare him satan. Following your logic, it would be the Presidency who did so since it was the DSS who did so and the DSS is in the Presidency.

          • Romberg

            Are you suggesting the legislators wrote the DSS report? Are you suggesting both the DSS and the EFCC are not administered by the presidency? Are you suggesting the presidency is not aware of the DSS report before same was forwarded to the Senate? Are you suggesting the report should be ignored because it is Magu? Have watched the video of Magu’s screening? Are you convinced that such a man should be called the head of the EFCC? Have you even studied the allegations against him – how the officers under him have attempted to sell confiscated properties? Did he deny the allegations? And is there a chance Magu will not leave that office? Why is the presidency ignoring the heap of allegations against Magu but calling others accused by Magu corrupt?

          • Yego V

            Your questions are interesting and I’m not making any suggestions. Let me make it clear that I don’t give a damn if Magu is removed. That will only make room for another stooge. The files of all the Ex-governors, now senators were opened BEFORE Magu came in. Unfortunately these same rogues will complete their terms without justice being served. If you like ask Saraki to serve as Acting Chairman EFCC: all the senators will be free, while all the Executives will be charged. That is how the country operates..

          • Sab Osuji

            Point of correction, it is not Senate that proclaimed Magu guilty but the DSS which is headed by Buhari’s cousin.

          • George

            Are you saying the $2.8Billion under Buhari was not missing or you believe Buhari when he said Abacha never stole a Kobo.

          • Yego V

            Don’t even go that far to the 2. billion. I would like Buhari to account for the corruption in PTF. Shamelessly OBJ covered him up.

      • Mayo

        Why do we all gloss over the fact that the Senate acted based on a security clearance report by DSS? The standard has always been that a security clearance is needed for appointment into some government positions. None of you are blaming the Presidency for sending Magu’s name without getting the report. None of you are accusing DSS of bias for writing such report. You’re all blaming Senate for acting on the report. if the Senate doesn’t use the report or ignores a negative report, you all will turn around and blame them.

        • Neo

          It’s mind boggling that you are quick to forget that your “proactive” DSS submitted two(2) contradictory reports on magu – the first one “approving” and the second “damming”! Ask yourself which security agency in the world changes its report in a very dubious way the DSS did!!

          If you had looked beyond sentiments you would have realised that the second report was probably crafted at the behest of your inglorious senate so that Magu would not be confirmed. Pal, wake up and smell the coffee!!!

          • George

            Two reports on one issue so what is the president done to make sure only the good report get to the senate because he is the one appointed all of them except the senate.

          • Sab Osuji

            Why didn’t the Presidency ask DSS questions on one or the two reports? Good you admitted there were reports from dss to Senate. So Magical and presidency should ask dss why the report in the fist place and which of them they wrote. It is not the duty of the Senate to write such report so dss headed by Buhari’s cousin should first come clean on this.

          • Mayo

            I’m not quick to forget anything. You are the one who is quick to forget that the Presidency did not obtain a security report on Magu first before forwarding his name to the DSS (which also disproves your claim of DSS being proactive).

            A report was only generated by the DSS when the senate asked for a security clearance report on Magu. Therefore, the first report went to the Senate and the second to the Presidency. Going by your logic then, the second report (for the Presidency) was crafted just to make the Presidency happy.

            The DSS is in the Presidency and it’s DG reports directly to the President. Based on that, who do you think the DSS would be trying to please – the Presidency or the Senate?

            Finally, you also conveniently forgot that when Magu’s confirmation came up for the second time, the DSS issued another report (just one this time) and still said Magu was not fit to occupy the seat.

        • Sab Osuji

          God bless you

      • yelwa

        Please note that the senators were duly elected despite their “alleged corruption”. Does that not indict us all, as Nigerians?

      • George

        Saraki is elected by his people.


        That is what the constitution said.

        Look at the Oba of Lagos he was dismissed from the police for aiding his son to rob but the Lagosians through Tinubu manipulation elected him as their Oba and today he is called an Oba

  • Justice Equity

    I have consistently maintained that buhari and magu have skeletons in their cupboard which they are scared that if magu is out of the way ,other uninitiated may stumble on it.
    Buhari must come clean on magu if he is a man of integrity.

  • Sanssouci

    It has been very long since I’ve heard such an articulate and intelligent intervention from a Nigerian government official. Kudos to our very competent Senate President. Oya BMC e-rats I dey wait for the insults.

    • dami

      O ni raanu ni e…

    • Patrick Otobo

      Yes oh! That is the son of Oloye!!!

    • Opekete

      It is of course very convenient for Saraki to talk about institutions and respect for democracy. I think Saraki should look at himself in the mirror and ask how did I and my family ran Societe Genrale Bank aground? How did we deal a death blow to Trade Bank? etc. Honesty does not stop with the public servants it also include the private sector also. Saraki is in cahoot with DSS Director and it is a know story.

      • George

        Who appointed the DSS Directed Saraki right, your mumu too much.

  • Isaac Azor

    Yes, it was aired, not done in the night, but it was pre-designed, and executed by your hatchet man, Dino. Like you rightly said, posterity will judge you all for making Nigeria miserable without apology for the majority but fun-full for your children and cronies.

    • Mayo

      So it was Dino that got DSS to write the report saying Magu is not morally qualified to head EFCC or that Magu would compromise the war against corruption? The same DSS that reports to the Presidency?

      • George

        Don’t mind that mumu Yoruba boy they reason from their anus.

    • yelwa

      Please, this EFCC/Senate issue is really irritating. If Magu has a negative DSS report, why can’t the executive just nominate another (if possible, tougher) person for that office?

    • Sab Osuji

      Isaac please why this gulf of sentiment? Are you not aware of the DSS report against Magic? Have you asked DSS reason why they made such report? In the first place, is DSS not headed by Buhari cousin and appointed by same Buhari who also appointed Magic? Is it not normal for you to query dss boss for fighting his cousin’s candidate instead of all these anger against Saraki? I find it hard to believe that people will leave object and start chasing shadow. If there had not been a report against Magic, it would be clear NASS under Saraki want to sabotage Buhari by rejecting Magic. But in this asedss under Buhari’s cousin is the cause and should be held responsible, Saraki, not NASS.

  • Patrick Otobo

    Mr. Senate President, you don’t own anybody any explanation as to why the senate rejected Ibrahim Magu.
    We all watched Magu’s screening at the Senate. He performed woefully and it was evident that not only can he not express himself, he obviously can not write a simple sentence in simple english. With money laundering now a global phenomenon, it is expected that who ever will head EFCC should be able to interface, communication wise with sister agencies across the globe. Magu clearly lacks this quality. He is UNFIT to head EFCC

    To make matter worse, Magu could not explain his relationship with AVM Umar, a person described as a shady character by the Nigeria secret police. Is the head of EFCC suppose to be associating with a shady character??? In conducting a background check, it is important to look at the kind of people one associate with. Here MAgu failed again. All those supporting him blindly are doing a disservice to this country. We should promote building strong institutions and not strong personalities. In any case, MAgu is a fraud!. Go to Force Criminal Investigation Department in Area 8 and ask some officers that have worked with Magu before about his character. He is write off. People making comments about don’t have information about him hence the informed comments by some internet tigers!

    • Opekete

      If character is the issue with Magu, what on earth makes Saraki a better person than Magu? You talked about some phantom billions that Ribadu was supposed to have embezzled, where did the billions came from? You also want Magu to prosecute Tinubu, really? I am appalled by the reasoning that because somebody was accused last year of corruption and has not been tried or he was tried and acquitted, so everyone should go on corruption spree. In any case Saraki’s hand is not only soiled, it is dripping with stolen money and the blood of innocent customers of the three banks he ran aground in connivance with his families.

      • George

        Saraki is elected by his people first and seconded by the entire senate to lead them.

        While Maga was appointed and that appointment need under ground investigation by DSS before Senate could have confirmed him which turned out dirty.

    • Yego V

      Can you imagine; the best friend Saraki has is Dino Melaye!! What a person to associate with. Good luck to you

      • George

        Dino never a governor, or minister

        Dino money come from his personal efforts.

        when the same Dino was insuting GEJ he was good and honest activist but now he rejected Tinubu he is bad.

  • vaale-kupu

    For Magu to insist that it is only him that can do the EFCC work, there is something fishy. This was how people were shouting when the Late Yar’adua removed Nuhu Ribadu as EFCC Chairman not knowing that Yaradua has a security report on how Ribadu mismanaged billions of naira of forfeited assets and acquired properties all over abuja using relatives and in-laws. Magu will soon be confronted with reality. Why is he not pursuing Bola Tinubu case? Why is he not pursuing the Halliburton case??? Magu supporters should park well! There is nothing fantastic about him.

  • Ben J

    Magu has failed woefully. Time to move on to another candidate.

  • Curtx Maccido

    Can someone tell this fraudulent senator to shut up? Magu remain the chairman of EFCC with or without rogues confirmation…. the executive have since accepted to work with an ACTING CHAIRMAN so what’s the fuse and stories about senate rejection? Totally irrelevant and unnecessary story!

  • Kenechi Casmir

    Haha..the Supreme court have the final say and Saraki and his cohorts cannot stop Magu

    • George

      Must EFCC becomes Mallams organization.

      Ribaru to fraudrida to Larmido to this one now Maga.

      You southerners are shameless

  • Man_Enough

    I’m not Impressed. Magu’s explanation to the issues raised were not considered because the Senate had made up their minds to reject him.

    • George

      That Magu explanations could have gone to the DSS under the same presidency that controls EFCC and DSS.

      The DSS is the investigators whose passed their finding to the Senate or do you want the senate to drop the DSS reports and allowed Magu arguments which he could have done with the DSS before the reports get to the senate.

      • Man_Enough

        It’s like this; Magu does not report to the DSS but the president. DSS sent the report of their clandestine investigation to both the president and the national assembly. The president queried Magu based on the report and he replied to the president’s satisfaction which prompted the president to re-submit his name. The Senate instead of seeking some clarification from Magu chose to latch on to the raw report without giving him fair hearing. If you remember, none of the questions the senators asked Magu were related to the issues raised by the DSS. The Senate’s action that day was orchestrated.

  • Musa M. Dantsoho

    Nigerians had made up their minds about fighting corruption in the land. Now, it is up to the criminals in the National Assembly to decide how to handle the matter.

    • George

      Fighting corruption when the most corrupted people brought him to power.

      You must be s shameless mallams as everyone of you.

      • Musa M. Dantsoho

        No one ask your commendation whether corruption is being fought or not.
        Noted Osu cast.

    • Sab Osuji

      Who wrote the reports to Senate? Is it not DSS headed by Buharis COUSIN? So it is still a case of Buhari fighting himself. You people hafused to ask DSS why they sent such damning report to Senate. Instead you are shielding the DSS away and putting the blame on Senate, so sad!

      • Musa M. Dantsoho

        Your observations do not and will never change the fact.

  • George

    Magu said no one can use me; that statement of Magu was made during GEJ tenure that is how all of them the Northerners officers undermine GEJ government, these include INEC JEGA, FORMER IGP etc.

  • Uzoma John

    You are foolishly making empty noise about the rejection of Magu. But we all know it’s based on the fact that Magu refused to be compromised to drop charges on all of you in the Senate. Saraki, you’ve been indicted in corrupt practices and the majority of Nigerians rejected you and you refuse to vacate your seat. You can’t be coming to Equity with hands full of filth. To remind you, MAGU remaining in his position as EFCC Chairman does not depend on you and the Senate. The Constitution, which is superior to any other Bye-law or Act says so.

    • Sab Osuji

      do you realise there was a security report against Magic? So you want NASS to ignore the dss report? All these because Buhari is President isn’t it? If he leaves and similar thing happens would you hold this view?

      • Uzoma John

        Which security report? You guys should go and rest. Who does the Security Agencies report to? Saraki or the President who wants Magu as EFCC Chairman? What about the “open” report on Saraki on asset falsification, maintaining foreign account and money laundry? Has Saraki resigned from his position? You are talking of cooked up secret report you know nothing about.

        • Richie

          You are asking which security report, the same man who sent the report that judges are corrupt and you bought the idea said Magu has no integrity and he is corrupt. What makes you accept the judges corruption and rejecting that of Magu? Every body knows that Saraki’s case was a case of victimization because he was not the chosen one am not saying he is not corrupt because there is no public office holder in Nigeria that is not corrupt even the self acclaimed messiah Buhari.

          • Uzoma John

            That of the Judges came with evidence. Can you also provide the evidence against Magu?

          • niran ade

            Saraki is being victimized? How much do you people earn per post. I’m interested in the figures

      • niran ade

        What integrity test did he lack? Since you know more about security reports. Can’t you see that the Director of DSS is part of the enemy/cabal we have holding us down

  • suleiman

    THis Magu must be an angel, otherwise how more gullibility do we need from gullible Nigerians who believe that everything Buhari does is right? Hello, we are still expecting a full report on the 2.8 billion that was missing during Buhari’s tenure as Petroleum minister in the 1976-1978.

  • Emmanuel

    Mr Senate President, you are not trusted and for now can not be trusted. All your grammar in all your efforts to explain your collaboration to reject Magu will never sell. All of you there are Farmers, you will all harvest what you currently sowing.

  • Rems Onuoha

    People must ignore the characters involved and look at the facts as they are. Ignore that its Buhari, Saraki and Magu involved. The process is the President nominates, the Senate confirms and a security report is a pre-requisite for Senate confirmation. DSS wrote a negative report against the nominee for EFCC chair questioning the man’s integrity; the Senate just can not ignore the report. The Senate even went as far as giving DSS a second chance to correct their initial report and the DSS rather stood by the first report. Senate has no option but to act on that report. It would have set a very dangerous precedent if the Senate ignored the report. Just as the Presidency is setting a very dangerous precedent by allowing the EFCC chairman to stay on after Senate rejection. The honourable President of the Senate was right when he warned against the possibility of a dubious President emerging tomorrow and installing his dubious pal as CBN head without recourse to the NASS. Nigerians must be really careful. Somethings in life are not about emotions, you can not build a country based on emotions. There must be clear rules for all to follow!

  • Amechi

    More than half the of senators are being investigated by Efcc therefore one would expect Saraki and his men cannot be judge and jury. The current senate headed by Saraki lack integrity to confirm Magu.