Complete your refinery before 2019, minister begs Dangote

Dangote Refinery
Dangote Refinery

The Federal Government has said it relies heavily on the Dangote Refinery to fulfil its promise to Nigerians to end fuel importation by December 2019.

To this end, the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Ibe Kachikwu, who visited the Dangote oil refinery site at Lekki Free Trade Zone, in Lagos, said the government is ready to play its part as a responsible government to assist in making sure the project is completed before the scheduled date.

The minister, who said he was overwhelmed by the dimension of the project, explained that the present government had always believed that the private sector holds the ace in industrialisation efforts of the government, and noted that the belief has been reinforced by what Dangote Group is doing.

He said: “It is good to say that private sector is the answer to Nigeria’s problems with a project as big as this. The challenge I will give you today is that of time; I see your time for completion is 2019 December, but I am sure you will understand my greed if I tell you that the refinery component of this project should come earlier than the set date.

“I have made very firm commitment to Nigerians that I must stop the importation of petroleum products by 2019 and I am going to keep to it. It is absolutely important that we do this early and given the feat that we have achieved in terms of speed of construction and I urge you to do all within you to achieve its completion before the due date.

“I am sure His Excellency President Buhari will be absolutely enthused if he were to find himself, not only crystallizing the policy position we have taken so far, but also coming here himself to come and open a facility as big as this before the end of his first term. Whatever configurations your engineers have come up with, I urge that they go back to the drawing board and get me my refined products before your said date.”

In his response to the government’s challenge, Mr. Dangote said he has accepted the challenge and would do all possible to achieve the feat.

In this regard, the President of Dangote Group, stated: “On the honourable minister’s challenge, we are going to make it by the grace of God. I am sure the minister will support us to make sure that we meet his challenge.

“What the minister is trying to do is the best so far for our country, his own version is that Nigeria should not think of exporting crude; you know the problem we have in Africa is that we only export raw materials, not finished goods, so he is saying that, look, we should all do this by adding value and I pray that even at 2.5 million barrels, we should not export much, in terms of the crude.

“We will go back and see what to do to make this happen by fast tracking our processes since the Minister has assured of government’s cooperation and support”.

Earlier in his welcome address, Mr. Dangote explained that his group is building the world’s largest single line refinery, Petrochemical Complex, and the world’s second largest Urea Fertiliser plant. The refinery, according to him will have the capacity to refine 650,000 barrels of crude oil per day. The Petrochemical Plant will produce 780 KTPA Polypropylene, 500 KTPA of Polyethylene, while the Fertiliser project will produce 3.0 million metric tons per annum (mmtpa) of Urea.

“In addition, we are also building the largest sub-sea pipeline infrastructure in any country in the world, with a length of 1,100 km, to handle 3 billion SCF of gas per day. We also plan to construct a 570 MW power plant in this complex. As a matter of fact, gas from our gas pipeline will augment the natural domestic gas supply and we estimate an additional 12,000MW of power generation can be added to the grid with the additional gas from our system.

“We will be adding value to our economy as all these projects will be creating about 4,000 direct and 145,000 indirect jobs. We will also save over $7.5 billion for Nigeria annually, through import substitution and generate an additional $5.5 billion per annum through exports of the refined petroleum products, fertilizer and petrochemicals. We envisage that these projects, which would cost over $18billion, would be completed in 2019.”


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  • Frank Bassey

    So that APC will take credit for a project made possible under GEJ administration. You promised to resign if Nigeria did not stop importation of fuel by 2019. What about the local refineries?

    • Owejah

      Hahahaha! Bad bele Frank! Let them take credit now! After all they are also taking “debit” for what GEJ and Dasuki made possible.

    • marcos avelino

      Yes we want GEJ andd Denzani to return , they are our saviours!!

  • Owejah

    “We envisage that these projects, which would cost over $18billion, would be completed in 2019” Wao! Which means what Diezani, Aluko and Omokore cornered can finance five of such project!

    • Opekete

      You are the only one that has made sense so far on this issue. If Dezani and company could embezzle more than three times the cost of this project then it tells you that GEJ administration was the greatest disaster that has ever befallen us in this country. I know that every administration have their share of senseless corruption but to think that an educated person like GEJ being the most educated leader we have ever had to behave in such a reckless and senseless manner is so mind boggling. Even if he had used all that money to develop Bayelsa and employ thousands of people from his state, I will have risen up for his defense. I am literally appalled.

  • Gary

    Good for Mr. Dangote as he will soon have a stranglehold on the domestic and regional markets for petroleum products. He will thus set the price for petrol in Nigeria and the rest of West Africa: crony capitalism at its best.

    No more talk about expediting modular refineries that might engage the creek boys engaged in illegal bunkering and crude refining therefrom. Osinbajo had pledged that to halt the agitation and campaign of sabotage by the likes of the NDA. Instead the Nigerian Airforce and Navy are still taking out these facilities and the Buhari regime now backtracking; lest they become competitors for Dangote’s petrol.
    Dangote, with all the tax breaks and waivers will get even richer and help the APC in 2019. While the Niger Delta people will remain poor. And watch as others make billions from the bounty of their lands. It is well.

    • Owejah

      My dear Gary, I appreciate so much the logic behind your comments because it will jolt the authority back to the realization that certain aspects of their promise to the creek boys should not be forgotten or be toyed with because of a new found friendship with Dangote. However, I am a bit surprised that you appear to have some problems with capitalism. That is quite unlike you Gary! Nigeria is not a communist nation. You made it sound as if capitalism is the vilest policy since the discovery of moon in the sky! One just wonders how it was possible for America, Japan and the west to achieve so much practicing capitalism. It does appear to me that your distaste for capitalism is just because Aliko Dangote will benefit from it regardless of what will accrue to our citizens, our nation and the sub- region. Secondly, talks about modular refineries have been made and a policy is already in place to see it through. I wonder what gave you the impression that the policy has been jettisoned! Government’s support to ensure early completion of Dangote refinery does not mean an end to the policy on modular refineries. Both are not mutually exclusive. Osinbajo did not promise that government will run modular refineries for the benefits of crude oil thieves. The government has not been successful in running any business. Rather, he promised to provide enabling platforms through government assistance to anyone willing to run such businesses. What you called facilities that the NA and NN are now taking out are not modular refineries but crude processing contraptions being run by criminals who have refused to stop stealing crude oil long after the real creek boys have stopped and are wasting them away through such crude methods. Wasting the crude is not even the major reason these miscreants ought to be removed at all cost, their activities are a disaster to the ecosystem. Gary, you need to visit a sight of such production (but NOT without a bulletproof vest, I beg o!) to see the level of mindlessness in atrocious degradation of the environment and you will cry! Again, don’t be too sure the APC will win in 2019. For twelve years before 2015, Buhari had been seen by most Nigerians as an untouchable leper until Tinubu surfaced to market him aggressively. All indications now are pointing away, and certainly, Dangote will never be the fulcrum to be used in achieving such victory. Dangote is too intelligent as an entrepreneur to be tied to any party. His modus operandi has seen him recording successes with every government in power since Abacha time.

  • share Idea

    APC claimed that GEJ did not want to rehabilitate Nigerian refineries because they were comfortable with selling crude and importing refined fuel. Has APC government done anything different from past administration.

    The same way last administration was laying emphasis on Private people running the economy, and supported Dangote refinery project is what this lying administration is doing – the only difference is that the current administration is not making it open the level of concessions been granted private people to help them grow their businesses ( & by extension Nigerian economy)

  • Romberg

    Can APC showcase anything as their achievement since 2015 – one road or rail track or school building or refinery repaired to function well. Just one thing, despite all their promises. They are always in the news for the wrong reasons – diversification that never happened, promised rehabilitation that yielded no result, privatisation of oil infrastructure that never happened, failed unbundling of the NNPC, Buhari is sick….the entire APC is sickening. They are both inept and corrupt.

    I am just wondering how these morons will stand before anyone and ask for votes again. A government that couldn’t achieve 10% of budget performance. They can’t even prepare a good one! Will they claim they built Dangote’s refinery or they will nationalise it? Ridiculously shameless people. How many times has this junior minister promised us that our refineries will work and produce something? He has shifted delivery dates a dozen times. The last time, he said he will resign… Has he? Will be?