Obasanjo knelt down for Ghadaffi, used me against Atiku, Makarfi – Fayose

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose
Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has made some of the most far-reaching revelations yet about the years in office of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Mr. Fayose said in the current edition of ‘The Interview’ that Obasanjo used him to wreck the presidential ambition of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and the chance of former Kaduna State governor, Ahmed Makarfi, becoming the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, presidential candidate in 2007.

He said in his naivety, Obasanjo also used him to attack former Abia State Governor, Orji Kalu, among other political foes.

In a statement, the MD/Editor-In-Chief, Azu Ishiekwene, described the edition as “a window on a dark and troubling past and a must read for any important political figure who has crossed Fayose’s path in the last 18 years.”

Mr. Fayose told The Interview that the scale fell off his eyes when on a trip with former President Obasanjo to Tripoli, Libya, where Obasanjo had gone to ask Moummar Ghaddafi to support his Third Term bid, the former Libyan president treated Obasanjo like a serf.

Recalling the encounter, he said, “It was such a pathetic scenario, so shameful. Obasanjo was speaking rapidly like a parrot. I was shocked beyond words. I never knew Obasanjo would be that humble.

“He was on one knee till the end of the conversation. Ghadaffi kept quiet and was just watching Obasanjo. When Obasanjo stopped rambling, Ghadaffi said, ‘Have you finished? Just know that I will not attend that meeting. I have other engagements.”

He also revealed how on two major occasions when he went to visit then Vice President Atiku Abubakar at the height of Mr. Obasanjo’s Third Term bid, security details promptly reported him to the former president, even before he left the venue, leaving him feeling spooky and vulnerable.

On the Obasanjo-Atiku saga, Mr. Fayose said, “Obasanjo told me that when you capture a general and you don’t kill him, he’ll come back and kill you; that since Atiku tried to stop him and failed, he must pay for it. And he (Atiku) is still paying for it.”

In a statement that could reverberate beyond Nigeria’s shores, Mr. Fayose said he knew, as an insider at the time, that Mr. Obasanjo betrayed former Liberian President, Charles Taylor to induce U.S. support for this Third Term bid, after promising Mr. Taylor safe haven in Nigeria.

He revealed how the current chairman of the PDP, Ahmed Makarfi, was sidelined in favour of a sick and stubbornly reluctant Umaru Yar’Adua and his role in it as chairman of the Presidential Selection Committee.

Mr. Fayose warned Orji Kalu against “selling” the Igbo down the river “for cheap politics” and blamed President Muhammadu Buhari’s government for making IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu popular.

He also spoke on his attempts to reach President Muhammadu Buhari directly; former governor Kayode Fayemi’s relationship with APC leader Bola Tinubu; and futile attempt to discourage former governor Peter Odili from accepting Mr. Obasanjo’s dummy that he was heir apparent.

Also in this edition, the Executive Director of Neem Foundation, a not-for-profit NGO, Fatima Akilu, said she foresaw problems even after the shooting war with Boko Haram.

Ms. Akilu, a psychologist, warned that except there is a plan to deal with post-war stress and build inclusive communities, the gains of the military campaign could unravel.

The edition also contains interviews with the first Nigerian in the Belgian parliament, Collins Nweke; conversations with poet, Dike Chukwumerije, and inside information in the corridors of power in Interview Confidential, among others.


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  • Lukman Asifat

    I think something is wrong with this talkative and uncoordinated governor of the so call ‘fountain of knowledge ‘ state.Fayose for once you need to behave reasonably for the sake of enlighten people of Ekiti State.Yoruba adage says ‘gbogbo Aso ko ni ansa lorun’ which means that ‘not all clothes are spread inside the sun’.

    • AKINDUTIRE Adeshina Francis

      It’s on fool’s that will believe FAYOSE. He lies too much.

  • loye

    How does this transform Ekiti his primary assignment. Instead of this guy discussing and expousing his short, medium and long term vision and plan for transformating his backward state he is busy talking nonsense. Anyway it’s not your fault it’s igbos that has made you a hero. Common thug like you with morbid appetite for roforofo bolekaja fights instead of fighting with ideas. Madman like you with no direction or gumption. Common looter, Area boy disgusting pig. If yoruba have their country a goat like you will be a nobody. Na igbo give you audience

    • mayGodpunishopressors

      Fayose have achieved a lot may be more than your entire lifetime in this world. Keep your anger with you.

      • Sean

        Address the bona fide issues @loye wrote! Abuse is no discourse, it’s only a getaway technique for the nincompops like you! Go get education, internet and smart phones maybe available to the morons, but that opportunity is to learn not spew idiotic stuffs

      • Malik Isah

        you sound very angry actually

    • Höly Wähala

      You wrote… “It’s igbos that has made you a hero.”
      Was it Igbos who voted him into your Govt. House, what won’t you dirty yoropigs blame the Igbo for? How about adding drug addicts Bola Tinu, FFK and Funmi to complete your list of mad yoropigs then, blame that too on Ndigbo. iMoron, you can rant from now till Oduduwa fall again from Hell but, Ayo Fayose and Kashamu Buruji are your elected brudens to carry, Yoroba have too many mad people and very few intelligent folks… you are one of the pfools, a big one at that. Dirty idyiot, go and bathe so you can change your clothes since Monday instead of blaming Igbos for yoro stupidity of electing a murderer as Governor. Senseless folks, always talking trash… Thunder fire you dia, ewedu-lover!

      • loye

        Madman of SR until you receive deliverance from Yorubaphopibia…. You are remain a madman like everyone now reckons

        • Höly Wähala

          Answer my question and quit pandering for leprous yoro upvotes, they mean nothing to me, answer my question or shut your stinking ewedu mouth dia… Olodo. IMoron.

    • Reginald Dandeson

      How did the Igbos make him a hero? Are you so incurably hateful of Ndigbo that you just have to drag them into this wholy unrelated matter? What a pity.

      • loye

        This has nothing to do with hatred of Igbos. I do not hate igbos. Except you want to deny the fact that Igbos have been the main cheerleaders of FFK and Fayoshe.

        Two looters without meaningful achievements or vision for development of the Nigerian state two people whose only claim to stsrtdom in recent times has not been for the ingenuity of their ideas or recognizable legacy but simply vehement attack on Buhari who despite his weaknesses and failings has better claim to credibility

  • Malik Isah

    so its been all along

  • Sean

    FAYOSE IS SIMPLY A BUFFOON! No more comments….

  • Truth Konveyor

    This confirms the widespread belief that Fayose is highly unreliable, uncultured, raw and brutal. He said he was used by Obasanjo for the atrocities of past years. In about eight years time the same Fayose will still confess about those using him today to wreck havoc on Ekiti people and Nigerian nation. When you want to know why the most blessed land and people on earth are littered with the cruelest poverty, want and deprivations just focus on Fayose. Any society that can tolerate the idiocy leadership of scums like Fayose is doomed incurably. Any solution to the myriads of problems plaguing Nigeria must start with pruning the leadership recruitment process that allows horrible characters like Fayose to emerge.

  • Höly Wähala

    The part about Ghadaffi while avoiding to mention one word about his role in murdering Chf. Bola Ige, should tell any discerning person that the mental health of this yoroba buffoon has reached confinement level. Why can’t Ekiti people impeach this moron for the sake of Sango? why is he making an arse of entire Yoro ethnic group and getting away with insulting everyone from Bola Tinubu to Olu Obasanjo…?? Fayose told Nigerians he has pictures of Buhari on life-support but when pictures surface of a recovering Buhari not dying like FFK and Fayose claimed, the Governor decided to grant this distractive interview to change topic from his stupidity of predicting another man’s death. It is high-time Yoro elders stuffed cotton wool into the mouth of this mega moron to keep him silent for a while, he has become an irritant Gadfly… Shameless Clown!

  • javscong javscong

    I feel that this clown Fayose, is either jobless or has finally crossed the line between sanity and insanity. Only the other day he was relentless in his attacks on Buhari, going to the extent of spewing out so much evil, including that the President was on life support. He even accused the Acting President of falsehood soon after he returned from a visit to the President. Now he has been shamed and it is time to seek more publicity by directing vitriol on OBJ. There is no doubt that he was not properly brought up in Yoruba culture, by his parents. But having been lucky to get to the level he has reached in spite of being semi literate, he has refused to learn. What a tragedy for the people of Ekiti.

    • Ola egbon

      If the story is true, then Obasanjo knew that the only senseless Govnor in his government that can do evil job is Fayose. that is why he choose him to follow him. Fayose should shut up and stop running his mouth as if it has no control. Ekiti ti gbese ti. I hope they will deliver themselves from Fowlyose in next year election. Home of professor governing by area boy. It is a pity state.

  • oyoko

    sometime if dem don smoke wetin dey turn dere head, dem go begin talk nonsense. imagine somebody wey call himself govano dey talk like small pikin. i sorry for ekiti and de person we go take over from dis moron; dat person has lots of work to do to reform the back to normal.

  • George

    This is very good for Matthew OBJ the son of useless man.

    He can talk to anyone anyhow now God in Heaven has given him alternative welcome OBJ.

    I was in Libya when Gaddafi disgraced him OBJ.

    • linkhadj.

      Yes, George, you were even a witness to the whole scenario. Were you not the man sitting on the left side of Gaddafi? The man has since been looking for you to be on his left side where he is now. Please, hurry now and meet him.

      • George

        O boy you yeye no be small. You go first ok I have alot on earth.

  • bigboss

    Why all these from Gov. Fayose? Even if all these allegations are true fayose has ended up mocking himself the more. There are some things that are better not to be spoken. Obasanjo has nothing more to lose in all this things as he has already attained the height of his political career. Fayose will be the one to lose because no one in the corridors of power can ever trust him with anything again. I think governor Fayose is being too childish. He doesn’t weigh the consequences of his actions before acting. It’s really a shame and a pity to have such a character as a state governor in Nigeria.

  • Wale

    Fayose forgot to inform us his roles in all of these saga. How he was used; and on the other hand, Ghadaffi was correct by telling OBJ “Have you finished? Just know that I will not attend that meeting. I have other engagements.” He has not been attending any meeting since, OBJ is still very much around still kicking butts.

  • Ibrahim Balarabe Muhammad

    Premium Times why do you bother with this lunatic. Be mindful of your reputation please.

    • Diplomatiqué


      This is what can happen when
      a rustic yokel with backwater village exposure superciliously describes himself as
      an ‘international statesman‘. The biddable Nigerian media don’t interrogate what
      General Obasanjo ever contributed by way of ideas to international relations.
      Were Nigerian journalists keener to ask questions than regurgitate drip-fed
      conclusions they’d be wary. General Obasanjo has no idea of international
      relations – none!

      He has no relevant schooling to eke out any understanding.
      Obasanjo merely takes international relations as village relations and goes
      prostrating all over the world because he’s never had any knowledge. It only
      baffles why Muhamar Ghadafi did not put his feet on Obasanjo’s head as he lay
      prostrate in Libya. It is a disgrace to Nigeria’s intellectuals that in a country of 180
      million people with great professors of diplomacy and of international politics, it’s a
      near-illiterate like General Obasanjo the country announced to the whole world as
      Nigeria’s own idea of ‘international statesman’ – a dunce who does not know the
      difference between a diplomatic convention; treaty, and, protocol.

    • Frank Bassey

      We want more of such “lunatics” than dead woods in far away UK.

      • Ibrahim Balarabe Muhammad

        …..yes, I see why…..

  • Alesh

    Even as I don’t like OBJ but he has achieved a lot that Fayose cannot even dream even in the lootometer.

    • Frank Bassey

      Who is a “Lootmeter” among the two? Are you sure you live in this country, or you want to impress us with a new vocabulary?

  • linkhadj.

    Ekiti people, how did your land which was noted as the abode of intellectuals and intelligent people become a land headed by a lunatic in gubernatorial dress, an Area Boys with incurable boorish disposition and a nonentity permanently high on inexplainable inebrant? Ooh! Ekiti people have since lost respect among the Committee of Decent Yoruba Peoples. How are the mighty fallen.!

    • Frank Bassey

      If Nigeria has a “lunatic in presidential dress”, we would not be at this dangerous recipe. Please reason with your brain.

    • Oskirin

      tank God he will finsih his stollen mandate in a couple of months, den, falana can now visit d state.he & fanny are a curse on d yoruba race.we don gba fun Olorun coz in every disciples, dere must be a judas (s).

  • Onye Obosi

    Since it appeared that Buhari is not dead or on life support, Fayose has directed his madness to Obj. This is a typical example of sniffing coke.

    • Frank Bassey

      “Since it APPEARED that Buhari is not dead …” You are contradicting yourself.

      • Onye Obosi

        Enrol for grammar lessons.

      • Ademola Okeleye

        Frank is the one believing in lies. He wants people to see that Fayose is right. You don’t need to come from the opposition to know the truth

  • Suleiman Alatise

    Oshoko has to start a new story after the demise of the old one.

    • Frank Bassey

      Yes-o! He is really telling the story why some of us dumb keep believing what is happening in far away London. Shame.

  • FreeNigeria

    Fayose, OBJ, Atiku and other worthless politicians listed in the article are all same bad heads the devil dump in Nigeria.

  • Comfortkay

    Fayose political life as a governor ends next year, we shall see what next.

    • Frank Bassey

      At least, he has made his mark. PMB’s will end 2019, we shall see what next.

  • Justice Equity

    Yorubas are terrible brand,when obj was singularly been imposed on the Yoruba as their own presidential candidate after the death of MKO,Yoruba rejected him and opted for falae,obj did not win any LGA in 1999 elections, by 2003 ,as typical chameleons, the whole race abandoned their integrity and massively voted the same man they branded ota ape because of tribal bigotry. They rejected a very fit buhari for obj ,today Yoruba have turned again to deceive themselves and act like Judas Iscariot generation that they always are.

    • Lukman Asifat

      Hello,mr history teacher

      • Justice Equity

        You are ashamed of your inglorious past.sorry

      • Frank Bassey

        A brilliant one he is. I doff my hat for him any day.

    • realist

      You post is immaterial, not appropriate to the subject and of no effect.

  • utolason

    Fayose is politically naive. Whether what he alleges are true or not, does he ever wonder who else will ever trust him with any confidential matter?

    • Frank Bassey

      Politically naive man has dethroned two serving governors. Why should we trust your judgement?

      • utolason

        Wake up to reality! Dethrone by what means?
        Did you not hear the revelations that president Jonathan spent billions of tax payers money to bribe INEC officials and very senior military officers during the elections?

        • realist

          Some bribe and still don’t win. Mind you if you don’t have a measure of popularity you can rig yourself in, in any election.

      • Ademola Okeleye

        If you trusted his judgment, tell him to disclose those pictures

        • realist

          What picture are you even talking about. For the fact that Buhari picture surfaced with the governors in London doesn’t necessarily mean Buhari was never in life support. Don’t forget that you are dealing with politicians.

  • realist

    Very unfortunate that the majority of those commenting on this platform lack sense of decency and justice. The question each should ask is about the information provided by Fayose whether it is true or necessary. But instead majority are attacking the man in defence of those enslaving them. Who is a better man among the politicians, they are all same same. Even Fayose may be a better evil among the evils. He speaks his mind out and discerning minds know where he is going and believe, unlike many of them who flow with the weather and ready to deceive the masses to the grave.

    • Ademola Okeleye

      Advise him to post Buhari’s pictures he said he has if truly you believe his stories

    • Oskirin

      so u still dey believe person wey use N2b for poultry project? den, u need to go 4 ds test FRSC is introducing.

      • realist

        Hear you, what are we talking about what are you saying, is there any politicians that have a clean past? Can anyone deny that it was not Fayose that headed the panel that selected Yardua? Or that he was not part of Obasanjo entourage to Libya? Or do anyone has any contrary points to refute what Fayose has said?

    • wode

      As politicians are all the same so it is how they are different. I don’t even know what to call whoever have any inkling believing whatever Fayose says. He is simply a liar who should never be believed or trusted..

      All that he’s doing now is a way to damage whatever may be left of OBJ’s reputation (if at all he has any) in preparation for 2019. The PDP knows that OBJ would never support Atiku’s Presidential ambition. So, all that needed to be done is to defame him and bring him to disrepute politically so that image laundering can begin for their (PDP’s) candidate for 2019 – i.e. Atiku. If you are in doubt, just mark my words.

      • realist

        I don’t trouble my mind with what I don’t know hence don’t insinuate neither do I believe in insinuation. Fayose has given us information for any rational thinker to process. From my own perspective there is substance in what Fayose has said.

  • Al

    PremiumTimes are you entertaining us with a comedian or you are reporting national issue? This reporting has no difference with ikebe super, be mindful with your reporting plz

    • Frank Bassey

      Please, this portal is for serious-minded issues. If you want to read ‘Ikebe Super’ you know where to get it. Kudos to you, PT.

  • Anasieze Donatus

    I can only think of believing this story when i see the picture of PMB on life support.11 pictures as claimed by Governor Fayose

    • Tayo

      The man thinks he’s smart. he’s using this fake story to distract Nigerians from the fact that he has no picture of buhari

      • Frank Bassey

        If the story is fake, please give us the genuine.

    • Frank Bassey

      Don’t believe, until you see PMB nude pictures.

      • Anasieze Donatus

        Direct your hatred to some where.I read your comments on this forum and because we do not operate on same intellectual capacity i do ignore it and i am not surprised at your take on my comments as o do not expect a reasonable response.i am no bigot bro

      • Oskirin

        if u wan to see PMB nude pics,it’s eida u travel to london or die by den,u go c am..iwuru nfo nooo.

    • Ademola Okeleye

      When he could no longer deny other pictures of Buhari’s visitors. He wanted to shift our attention to OBJ.
      Mild gimmicks

  • Frank Bassey

    We need revelations like this. OBJ is seen as a solid rock in Nigeria when he descends on “soft” targets like GEJ. Now we know better. His failed 3rd-term bid is a stigma on his image that will never wither for years to come.

    • Ademola Okeleye

      So, it really pained you.

  • Bright Ezeh

    Fayose please who is using you now?

  • aisha ani

    This Fayose’s story does not make sense, Ghaddafi did not have that kind of clout to convince any of the countries that really matter. I am beginning to suspect that Femi Fani Kayode has been distributing his merchandise to one of our South West Governors and it is having a very bad side effect.

    • Ademola Okeleye

      Let Fayose mention his witnesses. When he knew that Gaddafi was lo g gone.
      I can bet it, Obasanjo of all people kneeling down, when it was not his father

  • Mr. Abdin

    Third term is now history.

  • CoolChash

    I always like commenting cos of people with low IQ. I knew Fayose b4 his first tenure as Govnr. I don’t want anyone to believe me, he was a street boy on Opebi Alien road I work and live at toyin street opebi for people dat knws d area have never expected him to perfom better dan dis I can tell u d hotels where he used to lodge prostitutes Lagos Travel In, Pekas club with lodging I know some of d prostitutes names but I wont mention dat, wen he became d Govnr he bought a house at Opebi he still patronize d sex hawckers, Sometimes he come out with clk benz which he drive himself with a security backup. So who is he Fayose. Thanks All

  • Ademola Okeleye

    Why do some happy in hearing such comment as this.

  • Oskirin

    oniranu governor.oponu rada rada.kai….d mother and father of ds boy governor will be regretting d day d gave birth to him.

    so nauseating whn he open his useless gutter mouth.

  • Abdussalami Yaro

    Reading from the short excerpt of Mr. Fayose’s interview, has confirmed that, Mr. Fayose was a professional Thug-In-Chief for hire by the highest bidder.

  • Ologunguntere

    It just shows that Nigeria is infested with dirty, rotten scoundrels. If this was a negative story about GEJ, FFK or Dasuki all those cursing Fayose will sing & dance like voodoo urchins, subsequently adding their own spice/concoction to the story. That’s the Nigeria of today.zombie o zombie….Shame Indeed.

  • TDaniels2

    fayose and lies are two sides of the same coin! Why would OBJ need Gaddafi’s blessing for the 3rd term? Ghaddafi has no influence whatsoever on Nigerian politics! Thug in power rabbler!

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Average Nigerians, reading this piece can not ever believe Ayodele Fayose, a known advance liar,crook and looter of our NSA national budget which Ayo Fayose, focused on purchases of five choice properties in Ikoyi,Lagos and Abuja, that EFCC recovered along with over N4b Naira discovered in Ayodele Fayose,s personal bank account with Zenith bank,Ado-Ekiti and frozen. Ayodele Fayose, is a cursed ass-hole who would meet his ruinous end soon.