BREAKING: Senate rejects devolution of powers to states

Nigerian Senate
Nigerian Senate

The agitation for restructuring of the country has suffered a setback as the Nigerian Senate on Wednesday voted to reject a proposal to amend the 1999 Constitution to devolve more powers to the states.

Using electronic voting, 48 of 95 Senators present voted against the proposal, which had been challenged on Tuesday by Adamu Aliero, who argued it should not stand without reviewing the revenue sharing formula to give more money to states.

Follow our live update of the Senate’s voting here.


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  • George

    We need one harden and misadventure BOMBER to visit the senate chamber quickly as possible.

    It could be from the Ipod or from the same animals from the North provided its done we don’t cares where or who do it.

    • tundemash

      I thought Buhari was your problem all along Mr. Monkey ??

  • tundemash

    I hope the dumb Buhari haters now know who their enemies are, if you don’t, u dumb wailers are all f**ked for life!

    • 0tile

      Abubakar tundemash,

      See what you did to yourself, see how empty you are today. Today you vocabulary is all about insults, name calling and faulty reasoning. You failed to make use of the free education offered you, instead you chose to hang around Moreni Hall chasing awon obo. You enjoyed hairy obo but lost everything else. Did you pass any exam? What is your highest academic qualification? See your life now.

  • princegab

    Pride goes before a fall. WAR will be the decider eventually.

    • marcos avelino

      Dogs fight over bones – Cats fight , Lions fight – sub Humans like you fight , but normal humans dont fight anymore . They have more effective means of achieving their desires now – 2017 not 1800 s !

  • TruthBeSaid

    More powers to States, less resources to steal at the SINate.

  • obiora

    This shows that Nigeria as a country is Enemies join together. nothing will ever work. The amendments now are another useless job.

  • obiora

    What is the different between Buhari and northern Senators and Governors?. It is a joke calling Nigeria a Country.

    • Alhaji

      No difference, they are all parasitic thieves.

  • Höly Wähala

    Story says it… “had been challenged on Tuesday by Adamu Aliero, who argued it should not
    stand without reviewing the revenue sharing formula to give more money
    to states.”

    That makes a lot of sense if you remove sentiments from the Bill and look at it from States’ IGR point of view, not only revenue sharing formular but, every other sharing-things we have to do to get along as neighbours or in a de-franchised Nigeria. This may seem like a Yes! vote for the foes of Nigeria As-is because it reinforces the agitations, I believe more communication is needed before we jump into a situation that may aggravate Nigeria’s already fragile co-existence. Review security, review revenue, revies borderlines and so on… One review at a time is the way forward. Ende!

  • Dazmillion

    Any surprises here? the money has to remain in the center where it is reachable to criminals like Saraki

  • chimaegbukole

    The right thing to do first was to change the revenue formula before devolving powers to the state.

  • NwaIgbo

    For the avoidance of doubt, these dishonorable criminals do not represent the people of Nigeria, they don’t listen to us , they don’t give a dam about our suffering and the terrible conditions the masses have been subjected to for decades now.
    Have they cared about the Fulani Herdsmen(armed terrorists) vandalizing our neighborhood?
    Have they experienced the darkness we are plunged into?
    Do they know how many of our people die on the our terrible roads?
    Our mothers die on their hospital beds trying to deliver children on makeshift hospitals.
    Do they care that our airports are the worst in Africa and of course the world?
    Our minimum wage is $38 while these robbers earn triple salaries, double pensions, multiple cars, paid and furnished palaces and mansions.
    These mindless criminals fly around in their jets, use looted money to buy properties in Europe, Dubai and US.
    Their children are living outside the hell called Nigeria which their parents run.
    We don’t have good schools, good hospitals , good transportation or good sewage system. See how our people are swept away by flood in our cities, while these clowns fly over the debris unmoved and untouched.
    Now, they don’t want restructuring because they will loose their unmerited jobs.
    The don’t want power devolved to states so that they will continue to rush to Abuja to collect our resources in trenches to use on themselves.
    Who in God’s name sent these demons to Abuja and for what? Of want use are they to the suffering masses of Nigeria?
    The very sad thing is that they know how to continue to enslave all of us. Just throw in ethnicity and religion, we forget pour common misery and condescend to caged animals in the zoo called Nigeria. No wonder Charlie Boy called us Mumus!

  • thusspokez

    It is always about consumption [aka ‘chop’] instead of production. Why don’t they spend their time looking for ways to help boost the economy, attract investments and increase Nigeria’s productivity?

  • Justice Equity

    When they wanted to vote for the review of the constitution, they chose electronic voting to deny Nigerians the knowledge of those standing against the progress of Nigerian nation. All the south eastern senators combined is 15 minus anambra central where inec have blatantly refused to conduct election, so south east is left with 14,south west 18 ,south south 18 total 50 senators. So what it means is that not even all the southern senators voted for restructuring not to talk about the north that have not hidden their opposition to restructuring.
    Let it be clear to all and sundry that if restructuring fails then disintegration shall be an option.

  • John Okoh

    The solution to Nigeria, s problem is a Jerry Rawlings of Nigeria to rise up and wipe away these thieves. Don, t you see that Ghana is now better than Nigeria? Take a look at Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea. They have left us behind more than 100 years even though we were at the same level in the sixties. With this military constitution that is guiding Nigeria, Nigeria will never move forward. By the way was there a debate before the votes were cast BY SECRET BALLOT? Such important decision should not be by secret ballot. The Northern States probably all voted against devolution of power or true federalism whereby all the States will be autonomous and free to develop to their full potential. The Governors and the elites over there will always leave their citizens in abject poverty. It is a big shame and this is why Boko Haram is terrorizing the region.
    Since the Senators are against restructuring, the only option left is a total break up so that each region leave Nigeria. Nigerian Senators are the highest paid in the World for doing absolutely nothing. With this humongous salary ,they are still paid housing ,car ,furniture ,wardrobe allowances. Meanwhile the minimum wage is NGN 18,000.DO YOU SEE THE INJUSTICE?

  • Getreal82

    Nnamdi Kanu has been vindicated! I knew it that nothing will ever come out of this restructuring they are shouting up and down. Let the country split , so that those self-imposed leaders would be sent to self exile.

    • Ugochukwu

      ((((((((All hail Biafra))))))))

  • Ishaku Dingba

    Is Restructuring all about devolution of powers to states??.

    • Ugochukwu

      It is part of it and many more. In short we do not want the senate and Federal house of rep altogether.