MURIC replies Christian leaders, accuses CAN of frustrating teaching of IRK

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The Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, on Monday said allegations that Nigeria was being “Islamised” is “false, baseless, deceptive, malicious and provocative.”

A statement by Ishaq Akintola, MURIC’s president, said the organisation rejected the allegation as it had no substance.

MURIC was reacting to a statement by some Christian elders under the aegis of the National Christian Elders Forum, NCEF recently, saying the country was being “Islamised”.

The Christian group, which includes former military generals, also demanded the reversal of an education policy that brings Christian Religious Knowledge and Islamic Religious Knowledge under a new subject called Religion and National Value.

But MURIC said the forum’s attempt to use the CRK and IRK controversy as a launching pad for its “tirades on Muslims” in the country stood logic on its head.

They said both Christian and Muslim leaders asked the Federal Government under ex-President Goodluck Jonathan to make the two subjects compulsory for students who belong to their respective faiths.

“However, we are not surprised at this latest development because Christian leaders are simply behaving to type. They have always been shouting wolves where there is none. Warnings against the ‘Islamisation’ of Nigeria is now an old song and nobody is interested any longer,” the statement said.

MURIC questioned why the new alarm was coming just after the bloody massacre of an entire Fulani Muslim population in Taraba State, saying “NCEF feels frustrated that its plot to ‘Christianise’ Muslim children by using the old deceptive curriculum failed when government introduced a policy which grants religious freedom to all.”

“What is wrong if government makes Christian Religious Knowledge compulsory for Christian students while Islamic Religious Knowledge is also made compulsory for Muslim students? How on earth does that translate to Islamising Nigeria?” it asked.

The organisation also alleged that there was a grand plot by the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, to “divert teachers of IRK to teach other subjects.”

“Senior officials in the Ministry of Education who are Christians are made to compromise their positions. They conspire with CAN to neutralize teachers trained for IRK,” MURIC alleged.

“These teachers are not allowed to teach IRK when employed. They are threatened with dismissal and offered alternative subjects to secure their source of daily bread. Thus CAN creates scarcity of IRK teachers by diverting experts in the field to other subjects. On the other hand, Christian graduates of any subject under the sky are given juicy offers to drop their core areas to teach CRK.

“Our claims are verifiable and we charge the Federal Ministry of Education in particular and the state ministries of education in the South West to launch an investigation into this. Many graduates of Islamic Studies who have been forcefully diverted to teach other subjects are ready to come forward.”

It said the Muslim body would not be cowed by the Christian “general”.

“Otherwise why the assemblage of Christian war veterans in the form of army generals and why the need for the emphasis on the military elements in the group? Why do Christian leaders always mobilize their army generals? This attitude is suggestive of subtle intimidation and coercion,” it said.

MURIC, therefore, charged the Nigerian military to caution its retired Christian generals, saying something had gone terribly wrong with their pre-retirement briefings.


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  • cheky

    Nonsense! …….Teachers for CRK are given juicy package to teach CRK while the ones for IRK are threatened with sack….where did these happen?

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      You can disagree.

  • curseless

    This Alhadji Isaq is s confussionist per excellence. CAN is not crying wolf for nothing, as they can see the hand writing on the wall. There is no question that their is a plan to islamize, whether it can come to fruition is another thing. The grand design had been there for years and initially the mission schools were taken and mosques were built on the campuses. Churches were burnt en-mass in the north to the joy of northern Muslim. Christian under age girls were forcefully married to the delight of power that be. Crying wolf? Mr Ishaq needs to get his fact straight for you don’t wait until a piece of wood hit your eyes before you Start screaming.

  • Du Covenant

    As a Christian in Nigeria, seeing how our pastors conduct themselves I will not be surprised if Nigeria eventually becomes a muslim country. These pastors are so scared and full of guilty conscience that they are constantly driving wedges between people. Let everyone worship the God he or she choose to worship and find peace of mind. Afterall religion is a private relationship with God almighty and we shall all answer what we did during our sojourn on earth come judgement day. In the good old days, there was never a problem with CRK or IRK being taught in schools, life was good and peaceful. It is a total disgrace what a cursed nation we have become that we only see problems where none exists yet, we turn a blind eye our fundamental problem of corrupt public officials who are the ones destroying Nigeria!.

    • curseless


      • Du Covenant

        I beg to differ because Nigeria is degenerating and falling apart right before our eyes simply because of complecency. In those days christian students took IRK and vice versa as electives, we were happy with each other’s belief values, there was no BH, there was no problem with herdsmen going about their daily routine. Nigeria was 200% better than today and there was peace in the land except for the armed robbers who were shot at barbeach occasionally and we know where they came from predominantly. Foreign missionaries came and bulit schools, hospitals etc that benefited many fellow citizens. What type of christianity are Nigerian pastors propagating?, why can they build schools, hospitals in Nigeria and other countries to demonstrate what religion is all about? i.e. empathy, compassion. Instead they live ostentatious lifestyles amid abject poverty, politicians who steal from our commonwealth give them part of it and they know it. GEJ bribed church leaders under the pretext he was a christian so he can be reelected, thank God almighty his plan did not work out!. What type of people have we become with no sense of decency?. My uncle was an old school Pastor who lived his entire life and died serving his community with the little he could afford. I will NEVER listen to any Nigerian pastor especially those who claim to own churches, they are all scumbags!, no difference with the corrupt politians and thieving public officials in Nigeria!.

    • Hamza

      Thank you for being objective!

  • Obaeze

    I am beginning to realized that Islam is the Religion to follow. Attacks from all angles and yet it continues to flourish… in Europe, Autralia, Americas are all abandoning the Christain faith and reverting to Islam…. even in Nigeria, I can see my fellow Igbos are slowly converting to Islam… I am begining to pick interest to study it…

    • Ayinde

      That’s nice welcome to the most powerful cult. Note however its only one way. Once you come in not going out or exit. Any attempt is met with DEATH. That is the only way OUT.

      • Obaeze

        I agree, death is inevitable! Is like Islam is more structured and disciplined religion where its followers know exactly what they are doing and focused. I am a christain but honestly, i am beginning to doubt its foundation…. this is personal to me, however considering big pastors all over Europe and America are converting, there is really a lesson to learn from that….

        • Ayinde

          Yes i know your type, full of deception just like your blood sucking leader. So telling people you doubted the foundation has clearly show there was never a foundation in the first place. Tell the whole world you true identity rather that pretending. You were never proud of your foundation hence the prevention and using pseudo names etc.

          On structure yes, because its all like Zombie, read, cram and memorise. Never allowed to Critique what you have read, cause its tantamount to backsliding. Pity You. So what do you expect; like zombies. Go and Die …..yes looks forwards to go and die, without asking a question and understanding why. Cut off his head, he proceeds; Stone him, yet he proceeds also…….Sorry, pele.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        I guess you need to read your Bible very well and let’s see one is most ocultic and murderous. If you don’t know let me show you some murderous chapters and verses in the Bible.

    • Conscience

      Virgins are waiting for you! Allah Akbar! Go go!

  • Obaeze

    I am now beginning to realized that Islam is the Religion to follow. Attacks from all angles and yet it continues to flourish… in Europe, Autralia, Americas are all abandoning the Christain faith and reverting to Islam…. even in Nigeria, I can see my fellow Igbos are slowly converting to Islam… I am begining to pick interest to study it…

    • Hamza

      You are welcome Oga!

  • Ayinde

    At times i really who gives publicity to this Noise Maker of a Person, so full of mischief and like the empty barrel makes the most Noise. Is he really a Prof. or a Comedian.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      Mischief maker like your CAN of worm? Only God can return your stolen brain.


    “What is wrong if government makes Christian Religious Knowledge compulsory for Christian students while Islamic Religious Knowledge is also made compulsory for Muslim students? How on earth does that translate to Islamising Nigeria?” – MURIC

    I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it: no one should be making any religion compulsory, period. Because a Muslim student should be able to study Christianity, and vice versa if they choose to do so. If Religious studies is to be mandated, so be it, but it should be a critical look at the Religion being studied, and the students should be free to disagree with the subject and the tenets, and still score an A in the class, if their views deserve it. The students must not be indoctrinated in such platform and setting; it should be a scholarly exercise.

    Schools are for studies, not sermons.

    • Obaeze

      I remembered the present emir of Kano SLS in one of his submission said that he attended Kings College Lagos and he had a choice of both IRK and CRK but opted for CRK as a Muslim and got a distiction! So students should be given a free will to choose what they want to do……

  • efada acha

    Any time muric makes statements I wonder if there leader is schooled.their spokesman talks as if he reasons from the anus

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      Just like yu?

  • Annax Chukwu

    Please the two subjects should be made separate and independent bodies

  • Nigeriamovingforward

    it’a about time Muslims/Muslims groups stand up to the Criminal Association of Nigeria – CAN. These criminals just make useless and utterly baseless accusations without an iota of evidence. The only thing that will truly satisfy these criminals is the “Christianization”/ religious enslavement of all Nigerians under their church business empire. Anything short is seen as an Islamization agenda by these cretin religious slave masters.

  • ed

    Akintola and his irredeemable Islamic Jihadists gangsters conveniently ignored the removal of Christian Religion studies from the school curriculum of Nigerian schools. Meanwhile Islamic education is now compulsory for all Christian children. That’s a fact that jihadists idiots hope Nigerian are not smart enough to confirm themselves.

  • Kalofy

    Africans and slave mentality. Only slaves fight over foreign cultures and religions. Pray, how will the study of religion put food on our tables, or change the brigandage mindset of our people when they get into government? I can bet that as long as the propagation of these foreign religions is our number one priority, underdevelopment will continue to be Nigeria’s lot. Religious studies should be left to those who are interested while we focus our energies on making life more meaningful for the average Nigerian.

    • suleiman

      See how ignorant you are! A little understanding of religion would tell you that religion is a universal phenomenon rather than a foreign concept. And just for your information teaching religion will put food on the table because where there is no justice and morality, the people suffer and starve. I was just listening to China Global TV the other day and it was said that religion is what has and continues to make America great, quite different from other parts of Europe. Many of you adore harvard but do you know that Harvard was a Christian university? It is that Christian tradition that has made Harvard, Yale and Princeton great universities in the US and globally

      • Kalofy

        I may be ignorant, according to you. I however believe if Nigerians had conquered Europe and Arabia, the people in these lands will be worshipping African gods. It is either you allow free choice in religious studies, for all religions including traditional African religions, or you abolish their study. Using subterfuge and sometimes brute force to make one religion dominate another is one of the greatest causes of Nigeria’s wahala. That is my view. You may chose to insult me all day long. It doesn’t influence my view one bit

  • objective

    If the constitution says Nigeria is a secular state, why teach IRK or CRK in our schools? To my mind, the two should be removed whilst citizenship and nation building should be incorporated into the curriculum from primary school to the University.

    I can’t see what these so called Muslim or Christian leaders have contributed to our country other than build empires for their children on the back of the poor, only to come back and attempt to tear apart what is left, through vulgar utterances of irresponsible men like that man talking now. Search all of them, they are all hypocrites who could not find relevance in any sector and are hiding in areas where people cannot immediately suspect them. Can Akinola who is from the South West speak for the Fulanis more than some of us from the North if not that he is hiding under religion? That is what I am saying about these “leaders” Christian or Muslim seeking undue relevance using religion.

    Someone should go to court to nullify the entire curriculum. Whether it is Christian, Muslim or both curriculum are inconsistent with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. If you want your child to be an Imam, send him to a Quranic School and if you want him to be a Bishop, send him to the seminary and stop disturbing the nation. The education minister should be ashamed of himself to have allowed this under his watch. He should be removed.

    The Corporate Affairs Commission must also now start to fully implement Part C of the Companies Act so as to leave only the honest Christians and Muslims in the faith.

    • suleiman

      Yes sir, America and Europe did this, look what they’ve gotten themselves into. Please always bear in mind that religion is a human right that cannot be denied the citizens. So if you are an atheist, know that atheism is also a religion. The only difference is that it does not recognize God! If you are trying to impose your atheistic thinking on us, know that you are also propagating your religion and trying to win converts!

  • bashkano

    The problems with some of our Christian brothers in Nigeria is their intolerance and seeming complete ignorance of the religion, Islam. Because of their obsessive hatred of the religion they do not care nor do they want to hear anything about it, not to talk of taking time to study what is all about the religion of Islam. It is absolutely prohibited in Islam to force anybody to adhere to it. It is not by compulsion that one becomes a Muslim, it is by one’s personal conviction. The over beaten cliche “Jihadists” is so misused and abused by the Christians against the Muslims. All the socioeconomic and political conflicts unfortunately now pervading in our dear country, involving the adherents of our two religions are regarded by the Christian leaders as a “jihad” being waged against them. Instead of being honest to themselves, as enjoined by their religious injunctions, to investigate fully the real causes, they will just outright brand any conflict with a biased mind and continue to pollute the minds of their innocent followers. . If our people were able to stay together hundreds of years back without any such conflicts then why they cannot do so now? Any discerning mind can understand that our so-called religious misunderstandings are deliberately fueled by our elites, using the opportunity provided by the current pressing economic travails which have completely pauperized our peoples. And what is more, these travails were calculatedly caused by their crass insatiable desire to amass unwieldy wealth. In Islam, Jihad is not waged out of the blues. Even the so-called Boko Haram that is said to be an Islamic issue is not true but a product of a poverty and injustices allowed to be exploited by those with warped idea of a religion. Nigerian Christians and Muslims, should watch out very carefully.