Hyenas, jackals will soon be sent out of my husband’s kingdom – Aisha Buhari

Aisha Buhari on return from UK on Tuesday, June 6, 2017
Aisha Buhari on return from UK on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Aisha Buhari, the wife of the President, has given an insight into the power play at the Nigerian seat of power in the wake of a sickness that has kept her husband out of the country for over two months.

President Muhammadu Buhari had flown to London 63 days ago to resume medical treatment after an earlier round early this year.

In a Facebook post on Monday, Mrs. Buhari took a cue and alluded to some elements around her ailing husband as “the hyenas” and “the jackals,” hoping that they would soon be sent out of the “Kingdom”.

Mrs. Buhari who is presently in the United Kingdom to see her ailing husband, made the post while responding to a proverbial Facebook post by the senator representing Kaduna Central District, Shehu Sani.

Mr. Sani’s post read:

“Prayer for the absent Lion King has waned; until he’s back then they will fall over each other to be on the front row of the palace temple. Now the hyenas and the jackals are scheming and talking to each other in whispered; still doubting whether the Lion King will be back or not…

“It is the wish of the Hyenas and the Jackals that the Lion King never wakes up or come back so that they can be kings. It is the prayers of the weak animals that the Lion King comes back to save the kingdom from the Hyenas, the wolves and other predators”

Responding to Mr. Sani’s comment also proverbially, Mrs. Buhari said:

“God has answered the prayers of the weaker Animals. The Hyenas and the jackals will soon be sent out of the kingdom. We strongly believe in the prayers and support of the weaker animals”.

Mrs. Aisha’s comment attracted some comments from her followers on Facebook, wishing her husband quick recovery.

Mrs. Buhari had returned to the UK last week after an earlier trip last month after which Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, claimed she was not allowed to see the president by an alleged cabal around him.

Upon her return to Nigeria back then, the President’s wife had said he was recovering well and that he expressed appreciation to Nigerians praying for him.


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  • FreeNigeria

    Look at them, lazy politicians that can’t even survive as messengers in the corporate world.

    • kinsly

      Who please?

    • Spartan

      You shall drown in anger and despair. Baba! Oyoyo

  • George

    This lonely lady at this cold time of year is having serious effects on her.

    Buhari Kingdom where is that please.

    See people who where nobody yesterday are now calling people animals names thanks to Tinubu.

    • Spartan

      E de pain you? Baba will be home soon ISA

      • Kallah Bature

        That is the prayer of all those wishing Nigeria well.May he come back in good health and continue the task of making Nigeria great again.

  • Tess

    The challenge Aisha is that your husband isn’t just a weak leader but is gullible, quick to rumours and most of the time not actionable. The only way to get him to do things has been by playing up some sentiments. He’s the reason the hyenas and wolfs have been thriving because by his nature he doesn’t labour to think rather preferring rumour mongers that fly sentimental kites. He is his undoing from the beginning. He lost the Buhari clout in the first 100 days in office. Events have since shown that he was not prepared to govern Nigeria again like at the first coming and should have kept his former name with Idiagbon..

    • Spartan

      Chai! Hardluck. Your nemesis PMB is on the path to recovery and will be home soon Insha Allah. Hard luck my little jackal, and extend my profound regards to your hyena ilk. Baba! Oyoyo

      • JOHN

        You are very unpatriotic. You wish and want this Buhari underdevelopment to continue because of your low mentality to analyze the real issue as spelt out by section 144 of our constitution. Shame on you and your like.

      • Tess

        John here has replied you appropriately. Contrary to your misconception people like you are the little jackals with the rest of your hyena ilks who don’t love this country rather than praise singing instead of analysing things. You’re such people this woman has been crying against. Her interview and this facebook post is still the same message the difference is that her husband is on sick bed now. All she’s been saying is her husband’s government is not in his hands, which points to what? Weakness, but she has been asking him beyond the bedroom to sit up and praying as well that he improves. He simply doesn’t have the liver to carry through most of the wars he claimed he was fighting. Most of them are lost even before they commence. How does he succeed with the kind of people he surrounds himself with? -The hyenas !! The man who never cared about the goings on in NASS initial leadership politics is firmly in NASS’s hyenas’ mouths !! And people like you here don’t see all this. All you’re is praise, praise based on rhetoric. Certainly he was voted to do better than the previous administration but mostly becoming mere publicity stunts-many agencies working against each other because of poor leadership at the centre-no wonder losing the anti-corruption court cases. She’s praying he comes back healthier and courageous. The PMB of these 2yrs has been a rhetoric president with propaganda achievements and if he doesn’t hacken to Aisha’s advice will end up in the same boat with Jonathan-I pray this facebook post means she has pep-talked him into seeing the reality rather than surround himself with a COS, AGF and many others that are working against his plans. Stop being a jackal and see each government the way it is and speak out for improvement.

  • Dan Arewa

    PT has lost it wallahi, you’re now a sensational newspaper, seeking attention at all cost, the quality of your reports are deteriorating daily, you’re gradually becoming a security risk to Nigeria, just the other day, the minister of justice and the presidency had to clarify your reports and now this, the INQUIRER to Americans is what premium times is to Nigerians.

    • Tommy Soto

      goooood post, more readers should hold PT to a higher journalistic standard!

  • Intrepid

    All satanic Kingdoms shall be crush, including that of your bloody husband.

    • Spartan

      Kingdoms like your Biafraud. Baba! Oyoyo

    • Lukman Asifat

      Are you a human being ?.I am not sure.

      • Spartan

        Baba! Oyoyo

    • Al

      Intrepid pray well for leaders, one day it will be your turn or someone you cherish so much. I pray God will make you understand and recover from deep sleep

    • Adebayo Adefarati

      You are the real and visible satan,may Nigeria be rid of your kind.

    • Elias Boudib

      Speak good or hold your brief!

  • obiora

    These Fulani´s are realy taking Nigerians for nothing.To be president is to be having a political Job by Nigeria. How long can a Nigerian worker be absent because of Sickness to loose his or Her Job?. Aisha This statement is not Good at all. Nigeria has a contract with your Husband and he is not meeting up with the Contract. What you Aisha said here lack Respect for the People of Nigeria that have bein gentle to your Husband in regard Governance. He is sick?,yes but all Nigerians will not be sick with him.

    • Spartan

      You are obsessed with the Fulani. Abi you were denied marriage by one of them? They are generations ahead of you. Or is it because they met Biafraud Naked as recent as the late sixties. Sai Baba! Oyoyo

    • Kabiru Bala indabo

      It seems like you are one of the jackals madam First Lady is referring to.

    • The optimist

      Haba, chief! Are a super human? This is about someone’s health! Be a little bit more humane.

    • Al

      Go farm yam better for you

    • Jb

      6 months with full pay, another 6 months on half salary, thereafter at management descretion. So said the Nigeria civil service regulations. Go and check with your employer.

      • Tahir Bunu-hamza

        ….for the employed AND not for the elected!!!

    • musa aliyu

      Na U gibeam the contract? He goat!

  • Mamman Bako

    May the GOOD people of this country SHOUT A LOUD AMEEEEEN!!!

  • Humble

    I imagine how much is spent for his treatment, where the money comes from, and if they will ever give account. #VOTEAPCOUTIN2019. #VOTEANEWLEADEREVRY4YEARS.

    • Spartan

      Sharrap! E pain you se PMB is getting better! Baba Oyoyo

    • amazing2012

      Sadist ! So it is the money that is your concern? You must be poor and cursed !!

      • Yego V

        Its called transparency and accountability. I bet you are not a productive person and therefore does not contribute anything to the economy. shame

        • amazing2012

          I am sure you an ignorant fellow and prostrated to know there is an office that handle transparency and accountability not you loser.
          Every body in Nigeria is contributing to the economy of this country. However what you contributes is noise, hate, and corruption.

          • Humble

            Nigeria has the apparatus in place for effective financial policies, risk and management. However, we consistently have short falls in embracing these appraisal. People like you, are an illustration, of the deficit Im talking about.

          • amazing2012

            So because in your term and believe “WE” failed than the president or someone else will come out to inform you the cost of the presiden medical treatment? And you are sure this “pure” person will not fail ? Who is that competent person ?
            You think WE failed, I think we did not failed. Failure is in many people perception, they see failure in almost everything. They see nothing good to appreciate this life or see no value to it.

  • TonyPat

    I wish him speedy recovery, the strength and grace to complete the tasks given to him by Nigerians.

  • The optimist

    Truly truly, there are hyennas and jackals scheming and scheming on how to grab power. But the position of the Lion King is divinely ordained. The opportunists, such as one gets after counting from one to three, should pipe low, for God is watching. May his will be done. Viva Nigeria!

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    • Yego V

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  • Infoezone Infoezone

    Aisha these are the same people it took your husband almost a year to assemble cos he told us he was looking for the best. Here comes the best. Pls save us your tears. Nigeria is better off without your husband and his imaginary kingdom.

    • Sam

      They are called Hyenanas

    • amazing2012

      ….you are One of the monkeys in the kingdom.

    • Truthometer

      You are a mere goat in the kingdom. Get ready to be flogged out. By their utterances, you shall know them. God will protect PMB for the sake of well meaning Nigerians. Nigeria shall be great again!

    • Isaac Azor

      May the Lord forgive you

      • Yego V

        Rather, May the Good LORD BLESS him. For God delights in TRUTH

  • amazing2012

    May God grant him and other Nigerians quick recovery from ill health. Amen !

    • abodes_124

      as well as Nigeria itself. the country is in desperate traits and needs to recover or die.

      • amazing2012

        …all those agitating for war, war shall be in their life.
        …all those calling for deaths, deaths shall be their portion.
        And those calling for peace, peace shall be in their life !

  • Go girl!

  • Simeon Nigel

    Our great Baba Muhammadu Buhari that the almighty God, with his infinite mercies and divineness may do grants him an instant rapid recovery soon, Amin/Amen. I knew Baba M.Buhari when I was 11 years old in Kaduna military Baracks back in the old days when he was a Captain rank in the army back then. But I am begging this to his wife to do please remove Baba Buhari to China or Russia because by still keeping him in the United Kingdom, he will not improves in his current illnes as the reason is being that, when he was the military head of state in 1983-1985, he stepped upon the British Government toes during Margret Thacher prime minsiter period, and the British Government has not forgiven him up till today. So, he being in UK hospital now, he is being slowly kills very by the secret use of a deadly biological chemical that eats one body very slowly in a much unnotice ways. However, if you do compare him during his electioneering compaign period 2015 year, he was very strong and active and then after he was elected into Power, as the president, he just of a sudden Baba Buhari becomes very weak. Please! please!! please!!! mamma Aisha, do take Baba Buhari from the UK to China or Russia for a rapid recovery of a better medical treatments, so that he can returns back to save our dear country from the greedy and selfish jackals and Hyenas.

    • 0tile

      I know what you are saying. I know you are indirectly advising our First Lady to transfer her husband to the holy land, Saudi Arabia. The hyenas and jackals are gathering, this is how it was during the waning days of late President Yar’Adua. Allah ya Isa.

    • Yego V

      You can imagine a desperate president who has nothing to show-for in his own country. Neither is he doing anything to improve the health system. He was very vocal when Yara dua was ill. After THREE shots at presidency, One would expect that Buhari has made adequate preparations for a vibrant health service. Buhari should have known too that he wasn’t getting any younger. Serves him right. They say what is good for the goose is also good for…… I pray you get well; come back home and shut up, or better still exit the political scene

  • princegab

    Good news, may God bring oga home in good health. Nigeria is wobbling waiting for pmb.
    Auntie Ashia well done.

  • Isaac Azor

    Baba will sure recover fully and return by God’s grace

    • Daniel

      It is too late. Osibanjo will pick a VP and send the cabals packing by dissolving the cabinet.

  • thusspokez

    Talking about hyenas and jackals, Buhari has had his chance to do something about them, but what has he done? The head of the Saraki crime family is often invited and entertained by Buhari, Nigerians see them in photos and news cracking jokes and laughing — very cosy indeed and legitimises Saraki’s crime — much to the annoyance of many a Nigerian.

    • No Komment


      “For a president who has spent 113 days abroad taking care
      of his health out of the 191 days in 2017, it is time for section 144 of the
      1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to be invoked, President
      Buhari left Nigeria for London on May 7, 2017, and today is July 10, 2017, 64
      clears days since Nigerians saw their president or heard anything from him.
      Even the president’s handlers are keeping Nigerians in the dark.

      Even though the number of days that a president can spend
      outside the country is not specified in the 1999 constitution (as amended), the
      makers of the laws of Nigeria envisaged this kind of situation and made
      provisions for how to resolve it in section 144. It has, therefore, become
      pertinent that the federal executive council (FEC) must invoke section 144 of
      the 1999 constitution by passing a resolution declaring that President Buhari
      is incapable of discharging the functions of his office.”

      …………Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state

      (July 10th, 2017)

  • 0tile

    This is incredible. The First Lady and Abu Ibrahim Shehu Sani are describing Nigeria in terms of animal kingdom. They are speaking the same language with Honorable Nnamdi Kanu. If Kanu described Nigeria in terms of hyenas, jackals, and fat lions the Yorubas would have surrounded Abia state to invade the place and capture Kanu live. Indeed Nigeria is a zoo.

    • Oskirin

      come u b mum oooo.wetin u get 4 ur English language/ olodo rabata..he no know idiomatic expression.

  • Kabiru Bala Umar

    Most of the Igbo comentators here seems to be bigots and or illiterates deliberately that can not understand an English proverbial expression and it is a common knowledge across the world that all languages were full of idiomatic and proverbial expressions whereas Igbo language is inclusive.Please why are you people so myopic that you always shy away from the facts,why are you so blind that can not see good in others?.

    • Frank Bassey

      You sound uneducated and illiterate. Why not write in Hausa or Arabic and let an intelligent person interpret. Mtcheeew! I have said it several times that the only issue you guys up there understand best is child girl marriage and violence.

  • George

    Aisha should find herself another room because Buhari room has expired for good.

    She should dreaming.

    The Cardinal concluded his letter by saying: “Precisely for these reasons, this country is in very urgent need of quality leadership. Our situation cannot be addressed by an executive and a legislature locked in a recurrence of unprincipled and sterile conflicts. In more concrete terms, neither an ailing and absent President nor an acting President can lead Nigeria out of the present situation. “Nigerian leaders must wake up lest the ship of state sink. They must stop fiddling while the country is burning. So we pray: Grant, O Lord, that our leaders become wise, and that the wise become our leaders. Amen.”

  • Christian Ejikeme Onyishi

    Ohhh Nigeria, but we were told but nobody listened!!

  • Border_Marksman

    She is the mother of the nation. Mrs B is on point by saying there are hyenas and jackals. In fact some Nigerians are also warthogs and baboons. When Sai Baba recovers fully and returns to Nigeria, he will come in swinging! He shall be hale and hearty! And then handsome Lai Mohammed will find his voice again and can once more boast of the great things this administration is doing.

    • adeade

      Handsome Lai Mohammed??

      • Border_Marksman

        I’m being sarcastic

  • Frank Bassey

    Why is animal words the only language the Buharis know too well? When it is not baboon, it is dog; when it is not dog, it is hyena, jackal …..?

  • edeje

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