Southern leaders give Osinbajo ultimatum, demand implementation of 2014 confab report

Adebanjo says Awolowo never hated the Igbo, but that Achebe has always hated Awolowo with passion
Adebanjo says Awolowo never hated the Igbo, but that Achebe has always hated Awolowo with passion

The Southern Leaders Forum on Sunday gave Acting President Yemi Osinbajo an ultimatum to implement the report of the 2014 National Conference.

The leaders, who arrived at this resolution at a meeting held in Lagos, also implored Mr. Osinbajo to facilitate and allow the 36 states assume their status as federating units, as guaranteed by the Nigerian constitution.

The meeting was convened by leaders from Southern Nigeria including a former governor of Akwa Ibom state, Victor Attah; Afenifere chieftains, Ayo Adebanjo and Femi Okurounmu; and a former managing director of Niger Delta Development Commission, Timi Alaibe.

Others are Tony Uranta, Joseph Eva, Bassey Henshaw and Afenifere spokesperson, Yinka Odumakin.

The president of the forum, Albert Horsfall, was also in attendance.

The forum also handed Mr. Osinbajo an ultimatum, urging him to inform the zone of the Nigerian government’s plans to protect southerners residing in the North.

The call came against the backdrop of an October 1, 2017 deadline issued by a northern group, Arewa Youths, purportedly asking the Igbo to leave the region.

The forum insisted it will not tolerate any threat or attack against any part of the South, stressing that any attack against any part of the zone would be regarded as an attack against the entire region.

According to the forum president, Mr. Horsfall, a former director general of the State Security Service, SSS, southern leaders will not tolerate any threat and would ensure that any attack against the South will get the response it deserves.

Mr. Horsfall, who noted that Southern leaders were unhappy that no action had been taken by the Federal Government on the threat, said Mr. Osinbajo must inform Nigerians of the government’s actions and plans to protect southerners living in the North.

He said, “We are disconcerted that, up till now, no action appears to have been taken regarding the October 1 threat issued by Arewa youths.

“We, therefore, demand that (Mr.) Osinbajo inform Nigerians of what actions and steps has been taken to protect the Igbo and all Southerners who live in the North against the the threats of the Arewa youths.

“We reiterate that any threat or action against anyone from the South will be treated as a threat or action against all Southerners.”

Speaking further, the forum urged the Acting President to act on his statement on restructuring, saying it was an integral part of the ruling party’s manifesto.

“We note with gratitude, a statement by the acting president, that the issue of restructuring will be addressed soon and we urge him to follow his statement with immediate action by acting on the recommendations of the 2014 National Conference.

“The issue of restructuring and change was an integral part of the All Progressives Congress (APC) manifesto. We want the 16-point agenda that was submitted by the South-South delegation, submitted in their meeting with the acting president to be acted upon immediately, to avoid youth restiveness and sustain the current peace.

“There is an urgent need to restructure Nigeria to achieve true federalism. We will not be distracted by individuals who claim ignorance of what restructuring means or those who try to imply a non-existent sinister plan to break up Nigeria because of the demand for restructuring. We affirm our commitment to the unity of Nigeria and also, insist on the urgent need to restructure Nigeria, to achieve true federalism.

“For the avoidance of doubt, restructuring is a return to the constitution of independence which our founding fathers bequeathed to us. That constitution allowed the states autonomy in the management of their affairs.”

The forum explained that the states will be federating units, with its own rights to have their own constitution, adding that they will equally have control over their resources and make agreed contributions to the federal government for general services.

“We will identify those areas of our Constitution which should allow for effective administration in the states,” it said.

“It is important that action be commenced immediately, to ensure that the entire changes are implemented by December 2017.”

Commenting on the activities of armed Fulani herdsmen and proliferation of Fulani armed settlements in the South, the forum called on the Nigerian government to nip their activities in the bud.

“We want to alert the international community and we also want the FG to take appropriate actions against them.

“We want the FG to make an official statement on this and take appropriate action to put them in check,” it said.


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  • Julius

    All well and dandy but, watch the biafools started insulting and calling all of you names soon.They prefers threats and name calling. Thanks for getting together to find a way forward for us all.

    • Nnamdi Ugwuadu

      You have started calling people fools already, so what do you expect?

      • Julius

        Yes, because those that threatenings others are fools !

      • Netanyahu

        Ignore the nonentity. That is his trademark. Serious hafonjas that write better hinglish don’t insult people.

        • emmanuel

          If Julius is an Afonja, then he is a Butterfly that calls himself Bird!

  • Agba

    The southern leaders are just woken up,when hausa fulani have distroyed half of their year on earth,what a shame.

  • Powerlessconscious

    Who are this people? Too many groups in Nigeria.


    There! This is what we’ve been asking for all these years! This effort should be extended to our brothers in the north, middle belt, who I presume by now, understand what’s going on.

    Again, good job.

  • amazing2012

    “..The call came against the backdrop of an October 1, 2017 deadline issued by a northern group, Arewa Youths, purportedly asking the Igbo to leave the region”.
    Hahahshshshshhhhhhh so all the years of violence agitation and promised of war, deaths, and rockets by especially Nn-mad no body talk? Igbos have been asking to allow them to leave and numerous threats and abuses/ insult by IPOB. Asking Igbos to leave is unfortunate but that is exactly what they asks !
    Now when unrecognized northern touts made a statement everybody is having meeting and running helter scalter. Meeting here and there, conference, press releases, etc
    All of them should arrested and prosecuted particularly the genesis of the problem.

    • Netanyahu

      Stop this your ‘hafonja’ bad hinglish, please.

    • emmanuel

      Your Professor and all your elders are touts? Imagine this talakawa trying to adorn himself with the garb of an elite!

      • Lukman Asifat

        Who are you?. Nobody knows your father talk less of this animal in human skin.

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    • Eyo Bassey Bassey

      fraudster……readers beware

  • Chukudinma Okafor.

    This is a bunch of saboteurs coming out to stop Biafra agitation but they must know that no going back on Biafran nation and only Nnamdi Kanu we Igbo sons and daughters know as our emperor period,may all these saboteurs as a fake leaders perish in a ghastly motor accidents and or plane crashes. All Biafrans say amen in Jesus name.

    • Amir

      May you and your entire household enjoy the motor accident and plane crash you wish others – Amen.

      • Chukwudinma Okafor

        May you and your entire families perish in a fire accident over night Amen.

    • Lukman Asifat

      Are you a human being ?.I am not sure.

    • Stop deceiving yourselves every tribe, region; clan; people want you gone so GO, igbo-biafra a curse on mankind.

  • spiritincomand

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  • jude o

    Who is given ultimatum to the Acting President ? Where have you been all these while ? Please, wait for Mr. President.

    • King Bona

      In a country that is serous Buhari must have been impeached if he refuses to resign on health bases. His wife have spoken that the Hyenas and cabals will be dealt with. Failure to do this by Dec , the South will issue the final ultimatum and the North will have their way as they stipulated to begin arrangements to leave Nigeria, they are the major cause of the problems we face today.

  • pheliciti


  • curseless

    There are too many “FORUMS” in Nigeria to the point that every citizen is now a forum. The sad thing is that they report to no one and no one asks questions? They grab the headline for a minute and varnish into the thin air. Are they effective or just blowing hot air because at the end of the day they cause more confusion. In Nigeria right now the fog is too thick and no one knows which way is up.

    • King Bona

      The negotiation went on for a long time and today the South have spoken and the North are shaking because they know that if the South stand as one there is nothing they can not achieve. All hail Southern Nigeria, Nnamdi Kanu is really a fighter.


    2014 National Conference was a contraption and a fluke.It was just a forum of selection and imposition and enrichment of depleted government cronies and hungry youths.The points of resolution and recommendation are doctored to suit the Convener,ex.President Goodluck Jonathan.Take a look at the inexhaustible list of the Delegates,they are the same people that share the Arms Funds,government Contractors, family friends,girl-friends and concubines of the few-in-power as at 2015.So,what are the embezzlers,agitating???Their children study,abroad and still working and occupying the blue-chip companies in Nigeria and abroad.What an arrant nonsense??Nigerian YOUTH must independently agitating for their BIRTH AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.This sodomite madmen are still working round to cling on your interest to seek for political relevance.They are actually H-U-N-G-R-Y!!

    • emmanuel

      Usman abi na wetin you call yourself, if you like throw that document away, there is no going back on restructuring.
      The other option is allow Igbos go and the rest of us will go our ways too.
      Afterall, middle belt people have told you off already.

      • Oskirin

        Come una b mumu ni? who dey hold ur father leg? pls if una wan go make una go…nobody hold una.

      • Adam A

        But why didn’t Jonathan implement d conference report. He had all d time to do that

        • King Bona

          The same hopeless cabals intimidated him not to and he was hoping to do it by must come 2015 and above not knowing that the oligarchy have plotted his downfall with Obama and Uk. If Jonathan is a bad man Nigeria will be in war today but their time is up.

      • King Bona

        They are crying now, this is just the beginning. the North will be shown the way back to their Islamic state that Boko Haram used to murder thousands of Nigerians. Their time is over. Nnamdi KANU has pushed them inside the river. All hail Southern Nigeria, All hail Biafra, All hail Oduduwa , all hail Niger Deltans and all other Southerners that have spoken the truth.

  • Tunde

    Shior! Hisssssssss! Excuse me you do not speak for me! Which confab? Job for the boyz confab! I don’t think so!

  • oyoko

    after the 14 days ultimatum what happen next? unfortunate elders that crippled this nation with their tribalism tendency, which they still hold very dearly, even when the times are changing. I pity our Youth that still listen to you. Acting President, just ignore them; after their meeting they will share kolanut, and wait for another meeting to see themselves again with another round of kolanut. they know that meeting like this keep them fit, instead of sitting at home.

  • emmanuel

    Do not just make statements. Prepare for eventualities. I urge allethnic nationalities to prepare ahead.
    The foolanis have their sinister plans, unfortunately, the odds are now against them.
    They took the rest of Nigeria for granted until all discordant tunes melted away for unity of purpose

  • Patriotism

    The real issue is the northern youth threat to igbos. They only carry confab and restructure join to it just to compound it. To ensure Osinbajo treat the real issue by calling northern youth to order. But why can’t the so called leaders call Namdi Kanu to order, it seems leader exist in South East only to counter threat by northern youth.

    • Go back to biafra land of honey and starvation GO!

    • King Bona

      Nnamdi Kanu is not the issue because he is fighting the injustice of Northern oligarchy. Why are you crying that the South has spoken. You fools think that you can divide us forever but your games are over. The North is afraid and shaking because the South are coming together as people of common gaols. Failure to do the needful as issued by Southern leaders by Dec we shall call for an independence and solve our problems. You have bitten more than you can shew Northern youths.

  • Musa M. Dantsoho

    The Acting President should not allow the noise from spent politicians distract him. Let him remain focussed as he used to be all the time.
    These were the type of people and their actions that led the country to its present sorry state.

    • emmanuel

      spare us your narratives, it is too late for your kind of manipulations. I thought you tried frustrating him so you can retain power you use to set all Nigerians back?
      Even if Buhari come back to lead Nigeria, he will have no option than to restructure Nigeria

      • Musa M. Dantsoho

        It is the advocates of restructuring who are afraid. Up till date there is not a single forum that brought about the convergence of like-minds to pursue the course. Rather, Nigerians read the hypocrisy of the media singing praises of one advocate or the other, a reflection of motion without movement.
        The reason is not farfetched as there are so many different concepts of restructuring just as the number of such advocates exist.

  • Suleiman Alatise

    Empty barrels, which south are they leading? Tufiakwa.

  • Esaye re

    Adebanjo, Okunrunmun and Odimakin have NEVER run a successful business in their lives. Their ONLY source of income is “sharing” ANY political office that comes to the Yorubas. Very useless and miserable old hags.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Southern leaders, sound very outrageous,naive and lack intellectual prestige to approach this strategic national issue by issuing ultimatum to the acting Nigeria president Yemi Osinbajo.Instead of intelligent and systematic approach in order to get the FGN to agree to implement the 2014 national conference report conducted by the former PDP president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, who spent extra one and half years in office and failed to implement the national conference report but dumbed the report on the shelf in the presidency.Why are some som called leaders, appear so arrogant and stubborn?

    • King Bona

      You are the one who is outrageous and naïve by referring to Southern Nigerian good move to solve the problems facing the South as naïve. The South have waken up and there is no going back. The South will reconcile with each other and move for Southern Nigeria Independence if they fail to adhere to these ultimatum. Nnamdi Kanu is fighting a just curse and at least people and the world are waking up to the realities of Northern oligarchy . All hail Biafra , All hail Sothern Nigeria.

    • Tonnero

      These are all PDP people. Just ignore them. Osinbajo needs to consider cracking the whip. Democracy is not a license to talk anyhow.

  • Isaac Azor

    Ultimatum! Sounds absurd!!

  • Sophisticated Cock Sucker

    Is there any leadership in the East, West or South?
    Slaves and KUCHK SUCKERS masquerading as leaders don’t count