Fashola tackles Senator; warns against trivialising issues raised on 2017 budget

Babatunde Raji Fashola
Minister of Works, Power and Housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola

The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, on Thursday said it was regrettable that the Senate Committee Chairman on Appropriation, Danjuma Goje, would seek to trivialize the issues he raised about the unilateral slashing of the budgetary allocation to key national infrastructure by the National Assembly.

In a Statement personally signed by the minister and sent in from Zimbabwe where he is currently attending the 35th Annual General Meeting of the Shelter Afrique, Mr. Fashola said he was responding only for the purpose of refocusing attention to the issues at stake.

According to the minister, the Senator’s reference to the patriotism of legislators should not be spoken but demonstrated as regards his calls for a more developmental budgeting approach.

Explaining this further, the minister declared: “In this context, it is left for Nigerians to then decide whether budgeting for constituency roads is more patriotic than budgeting to complete the Kano-Maiduguri Road that connects 5 states, the Lagos-Ibadan road that connects 3 states and helps to move food, imported goods and fuel across the country; or the 2nd Niger Bridge that connects the East and West geopolitical zones of at least 11 states together.

“I will also leave Nigerians to judge whether it is more patriotic to budget for the Mambilla Power Project that will contribute to more power across Nigeria or reduce the budget to build street lights in legislative constituencies.”

The minister noted that the response to the issues he raised certainly should not have been accusations of his blackmailing the Legislature or referring to those who shared his views as his “surrogates”.

Reiterating his respect for the Parliament as a house where very vigorous debates about development should take place, Mr. Fashola advised Mr. Goje to acquire the temperament for such debate and disagreement.

“Let me reiterate that I see parliament as a house where very vigorous debates about development should take place and it is important for Goje to acquire the temperament of debate and disagreement.”


Decrying the senator’s admonition that he should learn how to “behave” like a “minister” and the reference to the Senate awaiting how he would be “handled” by the House of Representatives, the minister declared, “I think first that the language is unparliamentary and therefore not deserving of a reply”.

Noting that Mr. Goje’s faux pas gave a clearer insight into how the Senator and those who may be minded like him may be thinking having transited from the Executive arm to the Legislative arm, the minister called for caution.

“It seems that it is such people who need a behavioural prescription about legislative function,” Mr. Fashola said.


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  • Opekete

    I said so. The senate will meet their match in Fashola because he is not just a push over with clear head for details. I hope the house of representative will not disgrace themselves with half baked idea when Fashola eventually appear to defend himself like the legendary court room conflict between Fawehinmi and Rotimi Williams.

  • FreeNigeria

    i weep for my country, the incompetence from the worthless people running this country is so sad. more that 160 million people, is this the best we can do a s a country? to allow very few imbeciles to ruin our country

    • Sword of Damocles

      absolutely “F” ing worthless & useless. And the fact that they cannot see the “optics” tells u that are dealing with what we call “oghogho” (goat). Man, Nigeria is really hurting. Complete delusion and illusions of grandeur. Leaves one speechless. They are not a few though, they are a lot in the thousands & in each of the 36 states

  • henry

    I respect you Fashola, they just sit in the supposed hallow chamber to talk to everybody the way they like.Hit them hard if need be.Nigeria belong to us all.Though unfortunate that APC is their own opposition.

  • Frank Bassey

    This is sheer distraction. Fashola is a failure as far as this administration is concerned. I wonder what he will point at as his achievement in these two years.

    • TUNERI2

      Between fashola and the legislathieves, i will choose fashola

      • Frank Bassey

        I will not choose fashionfailure

    • princegab

      Just wait 2 yrs to see it.

    • Suleiman Alatise

      Not everyone with eyes can actually see.

      • Frank Bassey

        Of course, not in perpetual darkness.

  • Mufu Ola

    This “boy” Fashola will never disappoint us. He’s a true Lagosian, true son of his papa!Ride on jo! Teach ’em!!

    • MilitaryPolice01

      Did they refer to him as this boy ?

    • Sunday A.

      In my understanding, I feels these legislators are only preparing monies for their 2019 reelection and they are not genuine for this act of arbitrary cut in an important ministerial budgetary allocation. In my widest imagination, I believe certainly that, the additional increase in their constituencies budgetary allocation in the sum of 10 billion naira is not for the love of their constituencies.

    • dudu

      Nigbati he’s not a bastard. It cannot be less

  • Tommy Soto

    I hope channelstv. streams the debate from start to finish for the people!

  • Mamman

    Babatunde Raji Fashola. God Bless You.

  • Du Covenant

    The problem with Nigeria is, we have uneducated and unexposed individuals as legislators who believe the world starts and ends with them. Until we as Nigerians decide to scrap the senate entirely like Senegal did, we are doomed. The state of Nigeria’s infrastructure is a result of the very greedy elite we have in the country. How do you expect people who do not know what patriotism mean to think patriotic?. It is all about political expediency without longterm thinking this is why we are a laughing stock among nations. I support Fashola 200%. May God help us!.

    • Gary

      You’ve started your canard about scrapping the Senate again?
      Whenever you fascists face opposition, rather than engage in vigorous debate like Fashola is engaged in, you quickly dust up your campaign to scrap the Senate because Tinubu could not plant his stooges in NASS leadership like he has in Lagos.
      Keep dreaming.
      The day the bicameral legislature goes is Sayonara for Nigeria. You can take that to the bank.

  • Rote

    This 8th NASS is a perceptual embarrassment to Nigerians.

    • Suleiman Alatise

      Oh, it’s a pity, but we will see their end.

  • Sean-P

    Fashola is the man. Teach them, they are bunch of dullards and morons


    Is it not better to put cows from the north, monkeys from the south west and fishes from the Niger Delta in the Senate than this crop of hooligans?

  • GusO

    I’m glad that Fashola is taking on NASS. Nobody has ever directly challenged their unabashed looting of taxpayers funds. We should join Fashola in putting pressure on NASS or else the rehabilitation of our roads and bridges as well as electrical power will not happen. The press should support Fashola by shining the spotlight on the fake constituency projects that assembly members use to perpetually steal our common funds year in and year out.

  • Dapo Balogun

    “BUILDING THE NATION” aptly detailed the 8th NAtional assembly’s preoccupation.

  • Tunde

    Well done sir! About time! This is the first executive to push back against NASS in this manner! Some one needs to expose their ineptitude and lack of creativity and selfishness! PMB thank you for nominating this crop of ministers!

    • George

      Yeye Yoruba boy go to bed Fashola is a confused moron who dig wall for 87M in lagos with water soil.

      God will punish you all supporting evil man

      • princegab

        If no be say you yeye, why god for this tori?

      • Fems

        Conversation like this are too complicated for you, so waka pass

  • George

    See very dirty Fashola and my question is how does his wife lies with him on same bed/

    SEE his face monkey better pass am, see his suit rumble all over his neck, see his watch, see teeth, see hair, see his head money missed road and I heard he has only two girls looking like him and who will marry them. God punish him for life

    • GrandMaster

      @George. See your psychiatrist urgently,

      • Deansmart

        He is a mad man and he eats human flesh( cannibals) you know where he is coming from

        • whereto

          This is how some of the illegal monies from constituency projects and other sources are spent.many like George are working for their pay.

    • princegab

      Truth has turned you inside out. You are probably one of the gullible legislooters, sorry ooo

    • DrOye

      You are a bitter and sad individual, seek help.

      • aisha ani

        Something just ain’t right about George.

        • tundemash

          He’s a monkey !

  • Kalio

    The senators desperately inserted the constituency projects to raise money for “threesomes and foursomes” like the one in the recent video.

  • princegab

    Didn’t i say earlier, that Fashola will spit on their faces. See the polite mound of insults oga Fashola (cube) heaped on our honorable legislooters. Bunch of urchins lead by one Goje.

  • 0tile

    Fashola sounds like a mad Muslim.

  • Populi Vox


    FASHOLA: A misfit local Minister hewn from crudity

    This is what
    can happen when a street urchin is dragged into public office by a
    plea-bargained drugs-running criminal with the consent of illiterate people
    called voters. This is what can happen! The street urchin will rob the state
    treasury for the plea-bargained drugs-running criminal to deepen the poverty of
    those who voted. That’s why half of Lagos residents today, for example, cannot
    afford toothpaste as they just ooze in smells in the bogus name of CHANGE,
    after being robbed to dirt by those they’d voted into public office without

    Only a misfit who is
    appointed a Minister of darkness by a near-illiterate president will do the
    un-thinkable of debating with no one in particular about a budget that’s been
    signed into law by the president. Nowhere in world history is a national budget
    the personal business of a Minister to debate after the president or the acting
    president has signed it into law. The president who signed the budget into law
    did not argue against his own signature and signature means consent. So if a
    president who heads a government consents to a national budget, who is this
    street urchin in borrowed robes as a misfit Minister to be talking drivel?

  • Sylva Obih



    • GusO

      You are a shameless paid agent provocateur working against Nigeria’s interests. The negative scheming by you and your fellow agents will delay but not stop Nigeria’s match forward to being an equitable and just country. We, the Patriots of this nation will prevail over the forces of evil represented by you and like-minded people. Mark my words.

    • Arkhuma

      Oh my God!!!!!! Are you real?

    • NoBeLie

      Why are you so bitter?

  • Maria Darego

    “A serious Goverment would fix power problem in six months.” – Babatunde Raji Fashola (November 12, 2014)

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      How will that be possible when the senators are diverting the money to their so called constituency projects.

      • George

        And during GEJ when he made that evil statement the senators weren’t diverting the money to their so called constituency.

        You can see how it work when every morons were telling GEJ the bulks stop at his table. God will judge you all.

        • NoBeLie


        • whereto

          No sin was committed against GEJ. It was an election and the majority did not want him. Get over it. It’s been two whole years!!

    • gboyegaa

      If it is that easy, why did PDP not do it in 19 years. For the country to have steady power, it needs over 13,000 Megawatts but in over 50 years, we have been super intelligent enough to have just over 4,500 Megawatts. Now you want Fasola to conjour about 9,000 Megawatts in 6 months.
      With your thinking, you are one of the dreamers we have in NASS.

    • tundemash

      And with your Legislooters deducting the money to siphon in the name of constituency project ?

  • 0tile

    None of the so called ministers has seen Buhari for months. Once con-men remove him to Saudi Arabia claiming
    he is on holy hajj we know it is over. The deception is getting silly.

    • Arkhuma

      Please contribute to the issue on the table and leave Buhari to continue his treatment on his sick bed.

      • absam777

        The guy has stopped taking his medicine.He is on the loose again.

      • Suleiman Alatise

        Ignore him, stop gloryfing him with your response.

    • tundemash

      Mor0n, Ministers don;t need Buhari to teleguide them. The news is about Senators looting your destiny in the name of “constituency project” and Fashola trying to stop this looting of your destiny !

      • Otile

        Are you saying that once the cabal removes him to Saudi we should be expecting him back?

  • Bello Tajudeen

    They are just self -centred. They have simply allocated to projects where they will have opportunities to be the eventual contractors or appoint the contractors who will international grease their palms. That is trade in stocks. No more brown envelopes from oversight functions on MDAs again as most MDAs are cash-strapped now under the present economic recession. The next approach for them is to allocate funds for projects where they will have absolute control over the funds. This selfishness and a great disservice to the nation. It is crystal clear that most of them in the upper chamber struggle for powers for selfish interest. Too bad.

  • deji 3SC (Up shooting)

    Nigerians are solidly behind you our honourable Minister. In everything good, you pass that Goje. Intellectually and qualification wise.

  • deji 3SC (Up shooting)

    This one wey Fashola give this Goje, na Knockout.

    • Contact Point


  • Victor Olowogorioye

    Those who ‘smuggled’ and allowed Constituency Projects into our Appropriation Act have done a great disservice to this Country. This illegality needs to expunged immediately from our Constitution which Restructuring of our entire polity would address.

  • CharteredNGdreamer

    Fashola twale

  • Spoken word

    Fashola Baba take them to school.

  • Usman

    I wonder why Senators love transformers, boreholes and street lights. The projects they have been executing since 1999. I guess that is easier to steal.

  • Aloa Akan

    I was at Igbokoda Ondo State last Saturday. I saw where the so-called constituency project – solar-powered street light – was situated in an undeveloped plot of land. We all know that such projects are means of siphoning the nation’s meagre resources.

    We know those who are responsible for our sorry state. But instead of us taking the fight to their doorstep, we prefer calling those who are walking day and night to salvage the badly hurt situation names. It’s very sobering and heartbreaking to find any Nigerian supporting these sinators on this issue. One day, we will come to realise that we’ll get out of this present Stocholm’s Syndrome affliction.

    • whereto

      Excellent insight bro. It’s certified Stockholm syndrome many of us are suffering from. Fashola is now like a lone voice trying to reason with a maruading gang high on illicit substances under the Oshodi bridge.

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  • Aminu Baba

    An erudite and highly ministerial response to an unparliamentary behavior by Danjuma Goje. I wonder what Dan Juma Goje would “advice” his amorous colleague, Bukar Abba Ibrahim, concerning “sexual patriotism”, especially when it involves two-somes with prostitutes in seedy Motels

  • Just 9ja

    Responsible response to Irresponsible Senators.

  • Adebayo Funke

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  • laki

    Government should not release money for constituency projects. This is a budget, thus a financial plan. A budget does not mean every thing must be done. They can focus on the main project.

  • Lanre

    Raji Fashola. I have told you, you will meet shame serving Nigeria. What happened to my leader, Chief Obafemi Awolowo? What happened to M.K.O Abiola? Chief Bola Ige? Once bitten, twice shy. A word is enough for the wise.

    • wode

      And Nigeria should be left rotten and everybody continue to suffer?

  • wode

    BRF, always at home for apt response. Always making sense.