U.S. pledges commitment to Nigeria’s unity

Gov. Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State (4th, L); United States ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Stuart Symington (5th, L); Deputy Governor of Oyo State, Chief Alake Adeyemo (2nd, R) and other officials, during the ambassador's visit to Gov. Ajimobi in ibadan on Monday (19/6/17).
03362/19/6/2017/Timothy Adeog¬odiran/BJO/NAN
Gov. Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State (4th, L); United States ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Stuart Symington (5th, L); Deputy Governor of Oyo State, Chief Alake Adeyemo (2nd, R) and other officials, during the ambassador's visit to Gov. Ajimobi in ibadan on Monday (19/6/17). 03362/19/6/2017/Timothy Adeog¬odiran/BJO/NAN

The U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington, has said that his country will continue to work towards the promotion of Nigeria’s unity.

Mr. Symington, who said this in Ibadan, Oyo State on Monday, noted that in Nigeria’s unity lies the strength of the world’s most populous black nation.

The envoy, who led top officials of the embassy on a working visit to the office of the Governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi, in Ibadan, said that the U.S. recognised the strategic importance of Nigeria in Africa.

A statement by Yomi Layinka, Mr. Ajimobi’s media aide, quoted the envoy as saying that the visit was in the furtherance of his country’s vision and mission to explore new frontiers of partnership for development with African countries, which, he said, informed his decision to tour every part of the country.

Mr. Symington called on the state government to work with the U.S. towards setting a new pace in socio-economic development, adding that Nigeria was loved all over the world, especially in the U.S. because of its unity.

“This visit is not just a courtesy call; it is in continuation of America’s vision and mission. We are looking forward to working with your state to set up a new pace in development,” the envoy said.

“We are happy to be here and I’m telling you that Nigeria as a country is loved by all Americans and even in the world for the sake of the unity the country upholds.”

“The U.S. recognises the strategic importance of Nigeria in Africa. We will continue to work towards the promotion of the unity of Nigeria, because that is where the strength of the country lies. The U.S. loves Nigeria because of its unity.”

Mr. Ajimobi had earlier sought the assistance of the U.S. government in his administration’s efforts at promoting human capital development and technical education in the state.

The governor also identified technical education as the missing link in the Nigeria’s curriculum, which, he said, was necessary for the country’s accelerated development.

The governor said that the state had potential that if put to good use, and with needed support from a developed economy like that of the U.S., could revamp the state’s economy.

“We want more foreign partners to support our industrialisation drive as we have established an industrial park as well as free trade zone, which would be the hub of commerce and source of employment generation for our teeming youth,” the governor said.


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    Niger DELTA Arise! • a few seconds ago

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  • SECESSION – Only Solution

    Below are the unmistakable BENEFITS benefits of disintegration/breakup/Secession

    There will be no more association with terrorism. The collective tag of terrorism will now be on only one country – Arewa Republic

    Prosperity, accelerated development with no hindrances whatsoever. The laggards will be in their own country, subject to their own laws – religious, extremist or whatever. But never again will they have to impede development of other peoples/nations.

    3. PEACE
    Peace, peace and peace shall rain. Church bombings will never occur again. We all know Christians neither bomb churches nor mosques

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    People will be elevated to positions of authority according to their level of competence and not level of influence in a forest.

    Human rights will be respected. No peaceful protesters will be shot and killed. Protesters shall no more be buried in mass graves on presidential orders

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    8. PROBITY
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    9. FREEDOM
    There shall be freedom of speech and association. Freedom to agitate, to protest without being shot and buried in mass graves like Buhari has been doing

    There shall be self reliance and confidence in the ability from within and not the omnipresent overly dependence on, and/or looking up to imperialist nations for direction.

    • Chukwuka Okoroafor

      Look at Eritrea and maybe number 10 applies to them only. The rest are non-starters.

    • Enemona

      Yes, of course. Your conclusions are backed by facts, especially for secceeding African countries, South Sudan comes readily to mind.

      Thank you so much for your superior logic, secceeding alone brings these benefits by default. The depth of your thinking is worthy of emulation. Little wonder you have so many followers who see others as animals in a zoo. Your intellectual superiority shines through in your well-crafted message.

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  • Enemona

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    • Chinedu Godwin

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  • FuzzyLogic

    Those pledging support for non-existent Nigeria’s unity are not doing Nigeria any favors. Actually they are prolonging the agony.

    • Chinedu Godwin

      U.s is coming wait and watch and see

      • tundemash

        Coming to do what specifically ?

        • Julius

          To give biafraudians their freedom !!

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          • Julius

            Ask any of them…they said it..lmaooo !. You know that they had a parade for him when he was elected. True !

  • Spyman29

    IPOB/MASSOB, be warned.

  • SAM .A

    I hope the Biafraud agitators hear this and realize that Nigeria unity is solidly supported by US . they should stop chasing shadow

    • Julius

      They now have the U S to blame for everything !!

    • Professional talkative

      Biafra will come to past Only in the dream, so let the Jews among Ibos keep on dreaming and wondering.

  • Sarah

    It appears the US is sending a clear signal to the deluded ones that think Trump support any call to break-up Nigeria.

    • obiora

      It is Obasanjo´s hand work.Leave Biafra alone the problem is Nigeria. Can you honestly prove to the World what Nigeria is. and can you die for Nigeria?.

    • Julius

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      • Sarah

        Read the verbatim quote below again and if you still see no message, then goad Kanu on to lead your people to where Nzeogu and Ojukwu led their ancestors.
        Okponu eleriibu!!
        “We are happy to be here and I’m telling you that Nigeria as a country is loved by all Americans and even in the world for the sake of the unity the country upholds.”
        “The U.S. recognises the strategic importance of Nigeria in Africa. We will continue to work towards the promotion of the unity of Nigeria, because that is where the strength of the country lies. The U.S. loves Nigeria because of its unity.”

        • Höly Wähala

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    • Chukwuka Okoroafor

      But Kanu in his 2014 interview was begging the U.S. to help him with his Biafra project. I am not sure if he really has figured this out because if he did, he would not be agitating for secession. A little common sense would help us in this situation don’t you think so?

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  • rambler

    Pure nonsense. Why did the U.S. not remain united with Britain in 1776, but instead chose to go to war to fight for independence?

  • Otile

    Nibo Ifa Orunmila? Watch out, Oduafraudian unity beggars are going to find a lot of solace in this American ‘unity’ hope. Throughout this week there will be all kinds of festivities in all the major ilu Yoruba because the US ambassador has given them hope of unity with Great Biafra. But awon omo Odua must understand that it takes two to tango. The French people have a saying that a woman convinced against her will is not convinced at all.

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    America to help us to unite? That’s to say our suffering is only about to start. Useless news.

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