How Buhari administration will implement new Executive Orders – Osinbajo

President Muhammdu Buhari and Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo at the FEC meeting on the 22nd of March 2017
[Photo Credit: Novo Isioro]
President Muhammdu Buhari and Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo at the FEC meeting on the 22nd of March 2017
[Photo Credit: Novo Isioro]

The Muhammadu Buhari administration has said it will drive the new executive orders signed last week vigorously in its determination to significantly transform the business environment and how government business is done in the country.

The spokesperson to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, Laolu Akande, disclosed this in response to media inquiries and while giving an update to the press on the new orders signed last Thursday.

He said as part of measures to drive the reforms intended in the executive orders, an interactive event would hold in Abuja on Wednesday where the acting president would be discussing in particular, the executive orders on business environment and promoting “Made in Nigeria” products with a cross-section of middle level and senior public and civil servants.

“These are the people who will be directly responsible for the attainment of the objectives of the executive orders, so the Acting President wants an opportunity to talk with them directly and also hear from them in person.”

While noting that the interactive forum would be opened for live coverage by a number of TV stations, and live streaming, Mr. Akande added that ensuring the effective implementation of the orders are critical for the overall prosperity of Nigerians and Nigeria.

Besides, as part of activities commemorating the second year of the Buhari administration, Mr. Akande said next week on May 29, a presidential level Report Card event on the Social Investment Programmes of the Buhari presidency would be held at Aso Rock.

“Here at this national event, we shall be updating Nigerians on the progress so far attained, how we are addressing some challenges and how President Buhari’s Social Investment Programmes would be significantly expanded going forward,” Mr. Akande noted.

The SIPs are the N-Power, which selected and engaged 200,000 unemployed Nigerians graduates for a volunteer job programmers, the Conditional Cash Transfer being implemented now in 9 states, General Economic and Empowerment Programme, GEEP-a micro credit scheme that has given out almost 60,000 loans out already, and the National Homegrown School Feeding Programme, where 25 million meals have been served and over 1 million primary school pupils in at least seven states are being fed and over 11,000 cooks hired, he said.

Regarding media inquiries on the progress of the report of the Presidential Investigative Panel, Mr. Akande urged for patience explaining that when time comes the outcome of the panel would be made manifestly public “and Nigerians would be satisfied.”

He said the two suspended officials remain suspended.

Below is the summary of theexecutive order on ease of doing business as provided by Mr. Akande

Transparency in MDAs

The Order promotes transparency by directing that Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of the Federal Government of Nigeria, FGN) should publish a complete list of all requirements for obtaining permits, licences and approvals, including fees and timelines, in their premises and on their websites within the next 21 days.

The Order also directs that MDAs must communicate with applicants by at least two methods, and any approvals for applications not received within the specified period will be assumed to have been granted to the applicant by default.  Any rejections must be given with valid reasons. The applicant whose application is deemed granted after the expiration of the application period can apply to the supervising minister to issue any document or certificate required.

Importantly, it is the responsibility of the head of the relevant MDA to ensure that the list is verified and kept up-to-date at all times. If there is any conflict between a published and an unpublished list of requirements, the published list shall prevail.

Default Approvals

The Order directs that MDAs must communicate with applicants by at least two methods, which will be made known to applicants. Any approvals for applications not received within the specified period will be assumed to have been granted to the applicant by default.  Any rejections must be given with valid reasons. The applicant whose application is deemed granted after the expiration of the application period can apply to the supervising minister to issue any document or certificate required.

The applicant’s acknowledgement copy of the application, including electronic submission acknowledgements, shall serve as proof of the date of submission of the application for purposes of determination of the commencement of the application timeline.

One Government Directive

To simplify application processes for Nigerians, the Order promotes a “One Government” policy. No private applicant will be asked to produce or submit a document issued to it by the FGN as part of an application process if an original of the document is in the possession of another FGN MDA. A photocopy will be sufficient. Instead, FGN MDAs are now required to bear the responsibility of seeking verification or certification directly from the issuing MDA.

Entry Experience of Visitors and Travellers

With specific reference to travellers to Nigeria, visas will be issued within 48 hours and the processing of issuance of visas on arrival shall be carried out in a transparent manner.  Our airports and sea ports are not excluded. There will now be only one centrally located interface for agencies and touting has been strictly prohibited.

Any official caught soliciting or receiving bribes from passengers or other port users shall be subject to immediate removal from post and disciplinary as well as criminal proceedings in line with extant laws and regulations.

Ports Operations

All agencies currently physically present in Nigerian Ports have been directed harmonise their operations into one single interface station in one location in the port and implement by a single joint task force at all times.

The Apapa Port shall resume 24-hour operations within 30 days from today and each Port in Nigeria shall assign an existing export terminal to be dedicated to the exportation of agriculture produce within 30 days of this Order in order to jumpstart our international trade and economic activity.


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  • Lt. Col. Mariam

    But where is President Buhari? When last did the nation hear from him. We just went AWOL.

    • Pirofessor2017

      Premium Times Editor,

      Yemi Osinbajo’s trifles, mimicry, and, all what’s not

      VICE PRESIDENT YEMI OSINBAJO should get serious. He goes around all week talking about executive orders,
      as if he tuned to CNN; heard the phrase for the first time and just wished to mimic President Trump of America,
      without having clarity on what ‘executive orders’ mean in the United States of America. One feels nauseous by
      such trifling nonsense.

      Asking government parastatals to produce three [3] years’ budgets in advance is utterly un-realistic directive,
      to start with, because he (Yemi Osinbajo) himself cannot produce his own family’s budget for the year 2020,
      and do it in advance today, without knowing what income level, costs, and prices would be in the year 2020.

      Dressing up this unrealistic directive as ‘executive order’ is laughable mimicry of the phrase in the context of America’s legal jurisprudence. At any rate, nonsense by any name is nonsense all the same. The borrowed
      phrase will not add any value to the chimeric directive Yemi Osinbajo issued without much thought or reflection, simply that he called it ‘executive orders’; a phrase without any signification whatsoever in Nigeria’s legal system.

      • Blue

        The orders you mentioned about have 3 year estimates will probably be tossed out window quietly. His executive order aka directives. we good on some part most had clear to follow unless they cant use common since. Besides most had 30 day window to comply. In that time they can ask for clarification since it doesn’t take effect right that second.

        The easy ones are no touting, no harassing travelers, give Made in Nigeria goods preference, non official staff leave secrured area of airport. MDA transpery in services very simple. The firing of the bribe collecting hooligans probably hardest since its their culture.

        The 3yrs budget schedule might be hard but hey Texas plans its budget every two years. The language of executive order no big deal synonyms.

  • Curseless

    By the constitutional authority vested in the Executive branch the President can issue an order which he deems necessary to foster or enhance delivery of social,economic, or security situation. This kind of order have the full wight of the law and it is based on the authority derived from statute or the constitution itself and it is usually directed to the officers and agencies of the government. I strongly believe that even “a cave man” will appreciate that the areas being covered by this current order is seriously needed. Commerce and foreign investments are been hampered by unnecessary delays in issuance of visas to prospective investors, and of course our airports are riddled with touts whose activities are very undesirable to most visitors to Nigeria. In Nigeria of course cynicism will not allow many of our people to give the government some credit for doing something positive sometimes and they criticize just for the sake of it. This orders will help the country if our people will not sabotage or even frustrate the effort. One can not perpetually blame the government for everything knowing fully well that sometimes that the governed can be their own worst enemy.

  • Solomon Brown

    Why do we need executive orders when A PC controls all levers of government? It just proves this government is lacking in foresight, because there isn’t a good enough explanation as to why any government would choose short term fixes( executive orders) over passing laws that address such issues permanently.

    • Emeka

      You are very sick in the head, and need quick medical attention before your mental troubles go from bad to worse. Mumu!!

      • Solomon Brown

        The only sick thing in this forum is you, if you doubt me, get an expert to evaluate your faculties. Mannerless son of a whore.

    • Adekunle

      Must everything be politics to you, the executive order borders on business and economic climate and you could reason in your warped up minds is politics. Grow some balls boy, JONATHAN/PDP is gone forever.

      • Solomon Brown

        No you APC apologists need to know how to use the brains in your skulls to learn how to govern and stop with the recklessness.

    • Julius

      Why is Trump governing with the Executive orders when his party controls all level of government ?

      • Solomon Brown

        He is clueless.

        • Julius

          Yea sure ! smdh !

    • El Patron

      Shall we wait 16 years for the legislature to pass these bills just like the PIB? Your point makes exactly ZERO sense sir

      • Solomon Brown

        Then pressure the legislative arm of government to start performing its duties. We can’t keep putting band aid on bullet wounds and expect the wounds to heal. The only thing which does not make sense is your poor understanding of how a democracy is suppose to work. Miss me with your pathetic crap, I’m no roll over.

        • El Patron

          I wont bother answering you. Your comment shows that you are not in Nigeria so you are ignorant of our politics. Stick to your American politics my brother

          • Solomon Brown

            You cannot dispute what I’m saying so your best defence is deflection.

        • Curseless

          So when there is potential fire from an arsonist we have to wait for an enabling law to pass while we have water hose and retardant in our hands

          • Solomon Brown

            Your analogy does not apply here. . If you read my first comment and comprehended it well, then you’ll know what I mean. It is self explanatory, it really doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to be able to decipher what I said, but again I understand you have to earn those stipends paid to you guys by Lai Mohammed, I’m not mad at cha.

          • Curseless

            My friend, I live far away from Nigeria so the idea of Lai Mohammed paying me is just inaccurate. I just expressed by views just like you expressed yours and that is the beauty of free speech.