Wike has done well, even Osinbajo said so — Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan [Photo Credit: Ikenga Chronicles]
Former President Goodluck Jonathan [Photo Credit: Ikenga Chronicles]

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has praised Gov. Nyesom Wike for “delivering the dividends of democracy” to the people of Rivers.

Mr. Jonathan made the remark on Thursday in Port Harcourt while inaugurating the second Nkpogu bridge, as part of the second anniversary celebration of the Wike administration.

The former president said the performance of the governor has endeared him to the electorate.

“Gov. Wike has performed wonderfully well in governance. I have no regrets that he is the governor of Rivers State. I am happy that the governor has opened up Rivers State through projects,” he said.

“Wike has shown so much commitment to infrastructural development. The whole of Rivers State is now a construction yard,” Mr. Jonathan said.

Mr. Jonathan said his appreciation for the “outstanding performance” of Gov. Wike was beyond party lines.

He said that acting President Yemi Osinbajo had also acknowledged the developmental strides of the governor when he visited the State.

Mr. Jonathan lauded Rivers people for their support throughout his eight years in national politics, while expressing joy to be part of the occasion.

Gov. Nyesom Wike said that Nigerians had seen the difference between good governance and false promises in the two years of the APC government.

Mr. Wike said the decision to invite the former president to inaugurate the project was a clear message to Nigerians that Mr. Jonathan would not be abandoned.

“We are not politicians that when anything is wrong, they sing different song. Rivers State is a different place,” he added.

“When we believe in you, we believe in you. We are different from other Niger Delta states. We can say it with all authority,” Mr. Wike said.

“We cannot come out in the public and begin to castigate our own. Those who do that, should have a rethink.

“For us, it doesn’t matter, even with the blackmail against Jonathan, we will continue to back him,” the governor said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the two bridges constructed by the Wike administration link Nkpogu to the state capital.

The Commissioner of Works, Bathuel Harrison, said that the Second Nkpogu Bridge would ease the traffic challenges in the area. (NAN)


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  • Uzoma John

    Jonathan is really a buffoon. Like for like. Like Jonathan like Wike. Cultist and killing machines.

  • Alpha

    We in Rivers thank you governor Nyesom Wike, for the completion of that bridge. it will enhance traffic flow away from the Amadi/Odili road roundabout that forms gridlocked ever so often.

    We appeal to the governor to reign on RCC to complete the trans Woji-Elelenwo bridge asap. It would be most appreciated if that contract is revoked and reassigned to a more responsible company, as RCC has demonstrated nonchalance and disdain to the road users in all roads they handles. Examples are the Trans Amadi and the Slaughter/Trans Woji/Elelenwo roads. Compared to JB’s daily smoothing of the Akpajo-Elelenwo road for ease of passage while work is ongoing.

    We also wish to remind the governor that the Eleme road he started intervention 2 years ago is in shambles again. We strongly suggest that he take a critical look on the 2nd bridge being done to link “the young” in Elelenwo and redirect it away to somewhere near Nchia, so as to de-congest Akpajo/Petrochemical axis.

    • Adekunle

      You should be honest enough to acknowledge that CRA started all these projects. The Elelenwo/Woji road is more disheartening considering that the project was 70% completed before CRA left.
      It’s well with us in Rivers state.

      • Alpha

        read my post again

  • Julius

    smh !. He also said that Dasuki performed well as the NSA. Go figure !!

  • Truth Hurts

    Shut up!! This kleptocrat that very nearly ran Nigeria aground through corruption & division has the temerity to talk about good governance. Don’t worry your day in court is approaching. MUMU.

    • Wakawaka

      Go sidon jare! You hia me so? I don’t support Jonathan till next tomorrow. Corruption, yes; but division, who does worse than your god buhari? Would you dare say it? Nonsense…

      • Truth Hurts

        Punk! The only division PMB is doing is seperating the thieves who held us ransom during Dumbo Jonah and their vuctims. Back to school for you dude!!

    • George

      God will destroy you and all you Yoruba haters of South South people when you people covered your tribe men and women sins.

      Tinubu got his money from Heaven and that dead MKO alas ITT got his from the land of demonds abi.

      Even the great pretender of Africa AWOLOWO who own lands in every corner of South West got his money from demonds too.

      Even commoner Shonibare that own the Shonibare estate at Marry Land he was just 40years when he died and I asked his son how come he was able to built such an estate at that age of 40ys and you people are here condemning others and referring them to courts why yours own criminal men and women who supposed to be hang are there as a heros.

      Mr. Wike is a governor to his people not your people so whatever you thought in your mind will die with you because it won’t change anything.

      No more South South (Calabar House help) in Lagos due to their governors social implementations and their people are help for that not what you evil animal think.

      We are not Kogi or Benue who sold their birth right to Malluhs in the name of belonging so rest in your hole and remain there because your evil wishes to our men and women will never come to pass.

      • Julius

        lolz, you are losing it ..you have a ready made comment against the Yorubas for everything on any news. Check you life !

  • Suleiman Alatise

    I see this as a response to the governor of Jona’s home state.

  • Rommel

    Only an irresponsible person would expect miracles in under two after decades of misrule by people like Wike, this man is obviously a mental patient

  • ijelejames

    “Mumu” Jonathan blowing hot air. Very irresponsible man. Moron of the century!

  • El Patron

    WIke isnt doing anything noteworthy in Port-harcourt. I was there last week

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Dindinrin Jonathan, why are you according any value to Osinbajo’s commendation (if he did) of Wike? You are a useless man who refused to make Wike a full cabinet Minister. I wonder why the man is relating to you at all. Nonsense.

  • wode

    If there is anything that this man is good at, it’s only in not making sense when he talks! Why, for goodness sake, would you, a former President, be using a Vice/Acting President of another party to justify what you are saying about a governor. That’s low self-esteem at its peak!

    • George

      GEJ only uses that half a man VP recommendation to shame other backward APC

    • Maria

      GEJ has a brain of a two year old. He has never been a logical being…My two year old daughter is more intelligent than this moron.

      • Julius

        hahahahahahaha !.

  • Jacobus James

    What’s GEJ’s IQ? Must be in the negative.

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    “Mr. Jonathan lauded Rivers people for their support throughout his eight years in national politics, while expressing joy to be part of the occasion.” – Report

    Did Mr. Jonathan specifically say “8 years” or is this a faux pax by the reporter?

    If he said 8 years, is he somewhere in his head preparing to rewrite history suggesting he had two terms as President or simply adding the near 2 years as the VP to the near 6 years as substantive President?

    Either way would be disingenuous because the same Jonathan had used these same arguments to justify why he was eligible to be on the ballot papers before he was voted out.

    Truth and facts need to be consistent in a character.

    • Rommel

      You are sick because GEJ is right and you are wrong

  • Curtx Maccido

    Another unfortunate moron..what a cheap and baseless statement from a former president. Can we find out how much was spent on the projects? How much was stolen and given to him and his pathetic wife? Bunch of idiots and lousy thieves!

  • Godfrey Oboh

    A lot of you come here to criticise with abuses. Must you insult to show your displeasure about ones opinion or view? You call your self an educated person but your actions and style of commenting on issues still shows how backward you are. Jonathan as person did his best but most of his foot soldiers were corrupt like wise buhari’s government. We have not seen any changes in this government except on newspapers and comment sections were people will always attach sentiment to all they say. Government agencies still behave the way they have always been, no significant improvement on education, health is zero, so why are we still fighting our self’s over apc and pdp. Please let’s try to respect each other’s opinion without insult. Thanks .God bless Nigeria

    • Du Covenant

      With all due respect. The entire black Africa has remained very primitive because we refuse to critically appraise issues without bias especially Nigerians. PDP has been in control of our affairs since 1999 and GEJ was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. How long has APC been in charge of affairs in Nigeria and with how much resources at its disposal that you expect miracle over night?. Yes, our education, healthcare are non-existant, do you know long it took these institutions to be so destroyed?. Every Nigerian has been left on his own because of the recklessness, ineptitude and pathological greed of fellow Nigerians in government including GEJ not the current administration if you are honest and objective. OBJ, love him or hate him at least he left substantial amount of money in our foreign reserve and the ECA. How much did GEJ leave after leaving office and what did he do for the 6 yrs he was in charge?. If you care to remember, last few months of GEJ in office, the FG was broke and could not pay salaries. With all the revelations on how GEJ used up the reserve and ECA, what is your honest assessment of him as a leader?.In the history of Nigeria, can you name one ex-first lady who has over 30 million USD in her account in Nigerian banks for that matter?. Dasuki is in custody and everyone associated with him said GEJ approved the money that was distributed, is that how you run a country?. Why should Nigeria, a country so endowed have ONLY one bridge across the river Niger?. To the shame of all previous leaders of Nigeria, if the British did not build that one temporary bridge, what would they have done?. So much has been earmarked for infrastructure building in Nigeria only for the civil servants/elite to turn around and award the contracts to their wives, girlfriends, friends, relatives just to steal the money away and we remain very primitive as a society.

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    What could Jonathan know about doing well, when he was such a disaster to Nigeria.
    He even had no sense to appeal to Ijaw vandals who claimed to be avenging his rejection by Nigerians at the ballot box. He was dumb & deaf when Ijaw vandals reduced our Oil & gas production by 60% coursing untold hardship to Nigerians.

  • Julius

    lolz, that’s from Mr. intellectual for you.

  • George

    Your father is a demon.

    Are you okay now or your mama is a monkey wife or OBJ wife the evil man. Is this okay now for u.

    • joe

      LOL. Jerry can carrying creek rat, Loser 🙂