Nigeria police arraign 53 for allegedly attending gay marriage

Magistrate court
Magistrate court

The Police on Wednesday arraigned 53 persons, who were allegedly arrested during a gay marriage, before a Magistrates’ Court in Chediya-Zaria, Kaduna State.

The prosecutor, Mannir Nasir, said the accused were arrested on April 15 at Zaria Motel and were being charged for conspiracy, unlawful assembly and belonging to a gang of unlawful society.

He said the offences contravened Sections 97, 100 and 197(a) of Criminal Procedure Code, CPC.

“On April 15, 2017 at about 2100 hours a team of policemen led by DSP Muhammad Lawal-Mashi arrested and brought to police station 53 persons.

“The arrested persons included; Jibril Abdullahi, Sagir Abubakar, Anas Mohammed, Mustapha Ababukar, Musa Ibrahim and Suleiman Usman among others, all of various addresses.

“Information reached the police that these group of persons conspired to celebrate a gay marriage at Zaria Motel between one Faruk and Sanusi both at large,” the police prosecutor said.

The accused persons, however, pleaded not guilty to the charges, and their counsel, Yunusa Umar asked the court to release them on bail in line with sections 35 (4) and 36 (5) of the Constitution.

Mr. Umar lamented that the accused persons were detained in police custody for more than 24 hours contrary to the provisions of section 341 of CPC.

He told the court that most of the accused persons were students in their tender age.

The Chief Magistrate, Auwal Musa-Aliyu, granted bail to the accused persons in the sum of N500,000 each, with one surety each in the like sum, who must be a blood relation to the accused.

He ordered that each surety must present two passport size photographs, valid identity card, bank account number, letter of credence from a traditional ruler, a 2015 utility bill and a valid GSM number.

The Chief Magistrate adjoined the case till May 8, for further hearing.



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  • amazing2012

    Hahahahah i like these bail conditions.

    • Otile

      God forbid evil, Muslims are now bringing gay marriage to Nigeria. Who knows how many such ungodly marriages have been going on in the core North? Islam has done Nigeria a lot of harm. Wallahi.

      • amazing2012


        • Otile

          If there are such people I pray mutane hisba will capture and amputate them.

          • You are a barbarian, Otile.

          • Otile

            Are you saying that gaydom is not immoral? There is God oo.

  • Bimbo.

    This case appears defective in view of the two main culprits at large. How will the prosecutor prove his case?

    • Otile

      There is nothing defective in the case. This immorality must be stamped out once and for all. By the way what are they using those amputations machines for nowadays?

      • How can unrelated adults making a solemn pledge to one another, in the presence of friends and family, be “immoral”?

        • Gbola

          How can it be “immoral” ??
          Is this your question ??

          Its cos our culture, tradition and religion forbids it.

          • Otile

            If you do not believe that gaydom is immoral, you are bringing the wrath of God on thyself. Omo e gbo me nko?

        • Otile

          Gaydom id an immorality called abomination. God hates it, nature hates it, you hear?

        • Deking ON Eth Onyeze

          You are even proud of your sinful and shameful life. Evil is evil. God did not create man and man.

        • emmanuel

          It is abomination, wether in Africa or USA.
          Very soon, Trump would go after the demons doing anus when he has technically managed the migrant issues.
          You have no place in this world, because human anus was created for sh*t alone
          The treatment for those who have sex through the anus should be death by gassing

      • Julius

        Sharrrrrrrrrrrrrrap dia, you are a homo yourself but like your fellow homosexual pastors and Imams you are denouncing in public what you are doing in secret. You were exposed a while ago…remember ?

        • emmanuel

          Dan dawudu. Olosi, oloriburuku, omo jatijati, dan iska.

  • Franklin

    See the typical irony of Nigeria judicial system….imagine the bail conditions on these young people on suspicion of no tangible crime. imagine the hammer being lifted on these children. whereas judges and politicians linked to massive theifery and fraud are treated with kid gloves.

  • Lanre

    Terrorists – Herdsmen & Boko Haram are nor arraigned before a court and prosecuted like this. They and their co-conspirators – wives, relatives, friends etc go free. Those who even behead fellow Nigerians on mere blasphemy charges are not prosecuted and even when a sham prosecution takes place they ALWAYS go 100% free. But you are arrested and charged to Court just because u attended a Gay marriage.

  • Alex

    Can you imagine?those they claim committed a crime are no where in their drag net, but those they claimed witness the crime are been prosecuted.I wonder why Nigeria and the people living in her hasn’t been destroyed by tunder and lightning?

    • Otile

      Omo listen: there is no difference between a thief and his accomplice.

      • Julius

        hahahahahaha, see you defending your fellow homos !!..leave you alone but go after the people at your homosexual friends wedding. How callous !

  • Julius

    Wtf, how come Otile wasn’t arrested when he got married to his long time boyfriend and went on honeymoon in Congo last November ?

    • Tunsj


      • Julius

        lolz..I’m just keeping it real, keeping it 100.

  • Galba Abdullahi

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  • Wale

    This government will continue to lose court cases regardless of its size, big or small.
    “Information reached the police that these group of persons conspired to celebrate a gay marriage at Zaria Motel between one Faruk and Sanusi both at large,” the police prosecutor said.
    Would I be right/correct if I say ” No evidence, No case”.

    • Otile

      This is a hisba case, it does belong to sandan Najeriya who will eat bribe and drop the case.

      • Arabanko

        Sorry pal but you don’t eat bribe, you take bribe

        • Julius

          Oh, he will come back to tell you he is an intellectual with good English grammar. See me, see nonsense ooo !!. Dude is a BIG joke !

      • Julius

        Eat bribe , Mr. intellectual ?.Lmaooooo, chei, your grammar don fail u ooo !!

  • Larry W. Jones

    Nigeria is still living in the stone age.

    • blackdove

      What Stone Age are you talking about. This is Africa and Nigeria in particular. We have our traditional values in addition to religious values; of which both had rejected same sex marriages. If you are gay, nobody cares what you do within the confines of your space, so long as you do not export it and corrupt other people. By the way, it is against the Nigerian constitution, and that is all that matters.

      • Larry W. Jones

        1. All African tribes accepted same-sex unions (both male-male and female-female) until the advent of white missionaries bringing in their foreign religions. Some African civilizations dropped their old religions to accept the white Christian religions; some dropped their own religions to accept Islam; some accepted and practice all of the above together. All African nations either scrapped their religions for the new or practiced both.
        2. It matters very much that Nigeria theoretically threw out the foreign invaders but adopted into their Constitution the very ideas that destroyed their own civilization and then enslaved them.
        3. It seems to matter very much what people do in the confines of their own space, since your police break in on private gatherings to arrest people they suspect of having (or of having had at some indefinite time in the past) sexual relations with people of the same gender; and your beloved Constitution permits that!

        • emmanuel

          Confines of their anus? demented fellow.
          The makers and sellers of diapers are waiting for you, you will die leaking from your anus and those around you will abandon you with your smell.

          • Larry W. Jones

            I said nothing about the confines of anyone’s anus. This is your lack of reading ability.

    • Igho D Amazing

      Take ur gay ass somewhere, even animals knows d diff btw a male n a female. Nasty cock sucker!

      • Larry W. Jones

        Are you able to spell in any known language?

        • Igho D Amazing

          Sure I can spell very well in English n in my mother Tongue!! But I know for a fact that ur gay ass won’t let u comprehend.. U still a nasty ass cock(Penis) sucker!!

    • emmanuel

      Animal, e-age an age of sex through the snus, swiming in sh*t? bas**rd. Only an insane person would have sex and smelly sh*t is part of what he comes down with. meaning you clean another mans faeces from your body after sex and that is what you are campaigning for? Animal!

    • Igho D Amazing

      Animal, fucking another man asshole is civilization!! Gay ass..

      • Larry W. Jones

        I did not call you an animal because we disagree; you called me an animal because we disagree. I did not say civilizations are based on assholes; you did. I said civilization is based on accepting that the full panoply of human behavior is the essence of human civilization; the full spectrum of human behavior is human. Certainly animals (and humans) know the difference between male and female; both humans and all known species of animals have a majority of individuals who are exclusively heterosexual, a minority who are homosexual, and an even smaller minority who are pansexual. You have made assumptions about my sexual expression, which at the age of 70 is next to nil, while I have made no assumptions about your mode(s) of sexual expression. Your country has given up its traditional acceptance of all of its citizens in favor of a repressive government based on an imported religion; my country and its founding Constitution are based on the free civil rights of all its citizens and government by the consent of the governed; all religions are tolerated but religion does not rule the state. Nations that have established state religions have poor government and worse religion.

  • PolyGon2013

    With Muslims marrying all these babies girls, they have married every woman around. Laws should be made so that all these Muslims should not be allowed to marry more than one wife! In fact, they must get permission from their first wife before re-marrying! Gay marriage should never be allowed in Nigeria.

  • Jossy J

    This is what happen when section of the media and blogs like linda ikeji continue to celebrate the likes of borisky or congratulating bisi alimi on his gay wedding. it embolden the younger ones to think it’s okay to break the law. I look forward to the day the Nigeria police will be bold to hold everyone accountable before the law irrespective of class or social status. By the way where are the ‘cucumber girls’ publicly seen shooting lesbian videos? did you hear of any arrest let alone prosecution? If they were to be some girls without ‘levels’ they will be in jail by now. If those ones can go scot-free i think these ones should be freed in all fairness, even though i hate to say so.

    We cannot continue to have two laws for different class of people in one country, that is called unjust society and it’s very dangerous. If this same party was attended by the likes of dangote, otedola, former governors and some royals, does anyone think they will be arrested let alone prosecuted? That is why you will hardly find any rich man in prison in nigeria or is it that they don’t commit crime.
    meanwhile in sane countries you break the law you face the penalty irrespective of your class or bank account.

    The Nigeria constitution is very clear on gay marriage, either by partaking, promoting etc its liable to jail term.
    Homosexuality will destroy us as a nation if we do not fight it now.

  • Julius

    lolz I just dey ask question because it looks like discrimination against the Hausas when the wet back are doing the same thing in the creek otile marriage ceremony !

  • Julius

    Good question..Lmaoooooooooo !!. You be trouble maker ooo !!

  • Ogaga

    I am gay and i am Nigerian. There is no family in Nigeria without an active or passive gay. Let’s stop deceiving ourselves, homosexuality cannot be decreed by a mere law. It is a feeling from the inside and you can’t make a law on that as long as it does not affect you in any way. Homosexual feelings are complex and complicated per say and only those that have been there can understand. Homosexuals are everywhere and in every sector. Being married doesn’t make people straight but many marry out of societal, family and religious pressure.

    let God be the judge and not you. gays are just people like everyone else. They could be nice and caring but still bad guys too. They are the everyday guy. About 70 percent of guys in Nigeria have had a gay experience and could have given up or just wanted to see what it is just like testing sex with a girl.

    let’s face the more serious issues that affects our nation. if you hate homosexual and see it as evil then don’t desire to travel to Europe, America or even South Africa. desire to remain in Nigeria.

    nations with respect for peoples feelings like homosexuals and animals are progressing socially and economically while we struggle to get out of the stone age. However i support gay unions but not gay marriage. I desire to be with a man even if i desire ladies sometimes too.

    You vilify gays but that your hero/mentor might just be a gay so see the other side and leave the rest to God.