Melaye alleges attempt on life

Dino Melaye
Dino Melaye

Dino Melaye, the senator representing Kogi West, says he escaped death by the whiskers when gunmen invaded his house in the early hours of Saturday at Ayetoro-Gbede in Kogi State.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), reported that the gunmen numbering about 10 arrived the house at about midnight through the bush and opened fire from different directions on the house.

The house was riddled with bullets while two of the vehicles parked in the estate were damaged by the hoodlums, the agency reported.

Mr. Melaye was in his country home at Ayetoro-Gbede in Ijumu Local Government Area for the Easter holiday at the time of the attack, NAN said.

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, William Aya, told NAN that the police received a distress call from the senator at about 1 a.m. and immediately responded.

He said the hoodlums escaped before the police arrived, thereby making arrest impossible.

Mr. Aya said the Commissioner of Police, Wilson Inalegwu, had set up an investigation committee headed by the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of operations to unravel those behind the attack.

On his part, Mr. Melaye said the hoodlums arrived at about midnight and started shooting sporadically at the main building in the compound.

He said the shooting lasted for almost one hour, adding that apart from the building riddled with bullets, two of his vehicles were damaged.

The senator said the attack was most likely due to his incessant verbal attacks on the State Government.

“I got a rousing welcome from Kabba to my home town on Friday and I know it angered the power that is in the state which mobilised for this assassination attempt on my life.

“At about midnight, we started hearing gunshots. They fired more than 200 rounds of bullet into the house. This attempt to kill me will not stop me from speaking the truth.

“If I speak the truth, I will die, if I lie, I will die. I’ve decided to speak the truth and die. I’m not afraid of death. I only respect men, I don’t fear them.

“I am championing an administrative course. I will continue to speak and be the voice to the voiceless. I’m not deterred; I remain resolute to make Kogi better. Noting will stop me from coming home.”

Mr. Melaye also chided the police for not responding quickly to his distress call, saying that the house of the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in the town was a stone thrown from the scene of the attempt on his life.

“The DPO did not come to my house until three hours later. Even the area Commander in Kabba was not notified until I called the Commissioner of police. I suspect a satanic collaboration between Taufiq Isa and the police in Aiyetoro because the duo held a meeting two days ago.

“Only God will protect us in this country but definitely not the police”, he said.

In a swift reaction, Isa denied having a hand in the attempt on the life of the Senator, saying that he had been busy for sometime taking care of his sick wife.

“I’ve never been a violent man. My running battle with Dino Melaye, if any, is because I have asked him to stop vilifying the state governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello.

“Let him (Dino) prove it. I lost my uncle a week ago; I’m still attending to my sick wife and busy supervising the APC re- registration programmes. I’m a democrat and law abiding. I challenge Dino to prove his case,” he said.



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  • abu Saleh

    Chai… Here we go again. Dino dino…

  • Rommel

    I suspect that Dina arranged this himself to create a scene,why would 10 assassins as he claims strike and not get him when he was at home? seems like the kind of thing he would do just like he likes to do

    • DanJ

      I guess one sniper could have easily done the job quietly. This sounds more like organised noise!

      • Suleiman Alatise

        Even an intelligent baby could see through this.

      • Julius

        Yep and paid off the police for a nice report.

    • Suleiman Alatise

      The bastard is feeling the heat apparently, I’m not surprised to see him create a scene in order to cause distraction.

    • whereto

      Over 200 bullets fired at a building would cause considerable and visible damage. I wonder how the Senator also managed to count the number of attackers in the dark.
      Looks like another drama.

      • Lakeside


      • Julius

        lol, my question as well.

    • Otile

      When the news of the assassination of Bola Ige broke out did you detractors not ask who can assassins get him under the very nose of watchmen and police?

    • Otile

      When the news of the assassination of Bola Ige broke out did you
      detractors not ask how can assassins get him under the very nose of
      watchmen and police?

  • JasV

    Has this animal got a life worth taking?

  • Suleiman Alatise

    Chai, Dino, where is your brain?

    • Julius

      At ABU !

  • concernednigerian

    This is not the first time Dino Maleye had alleged attempt on his life. The last one was during the administration of GEJ and even on that occasion Dino alleged that his car was riddled with bullets only for the Police to come out to call Dino a liar. One hopes that Dino is telling the truth this time otherwise the Police will not take him seriously when a genuine attempt is made on his life.

  • Tunde Kollington

    This guy again? Hmmm, abeg make I hear word. Him don tire to sing already?

    • Otile

      Don’t doubt him. Where is our brother Bola Ige?

      • Mufu Ola

        Bola Ige is not your “brother”.

        • Otile

          You are very discriminatory. Bigot.

        • Julius

          See the tribal maggot bringing out Sir Bola Ige ? That tells you all you need to know about the wet back. He is to be ignored and laugh at.

  • Truthometer

    Yinmu! Dino can stage anything for political relevance.

  • Otile

    I thought they said there are no assassins in APC government.

    • Haba mallam

      Oh look the creek monkey is out of this creek, operation lafiya dole have flush you out. Shege.

      • Julius

        Lmaooooooooo @ creek monkey ! The wet-back is a worthless piece of shit !

    • Julius

      You are such a worthless wet back that shouldn’t be making comments in public. You are a liar as Dino.

  • Concerned Nigerian

    The police should come up with their own report

  • NwaIgbo

    Dino you lie as always.

  • Du Covenant

    Melaye thinks he is the mother of all thugs in Nigeria, this is just a taste of his own medicine. An unequal society is a very dangerous place live this is why most organised countries try very hard to narrow the gap between the haves and the have not. It is very different to parade yourself as an untouchable senator and a different thing to live in peace with the very people you trash day in day out. Nigerian politicians should better think twice, the country is not heading in the right direction, they too greedy, they want to eat their cake and still have it!!..

  • Mufu Ola

    He organized those shooting himself as another stunt.

    • Haba mallam

      You know that’s the first thing that comes to my mind. This attention seeking lying sob is any thing but truthful.

      • Haba mallam

        How did he know their number?

        • Julius

          lolz he was counting how many bullets they fired at his main house too ! Funny shit !!

  • 678

    This male dog called melaye is a liar. PLEASE, show us the pictures of riddled house and vehicles that were damaged. Melaye is NOT the kind of man worthy to represent me in any occasion. He’s under my FOOT. DOGS have their own place in our house!
    Good name is better than silver and gold!

    Melaye’s class is in Ajegunle, Idumota, Oshodi Lagos. I mean those homeless bunch of touts that have grown into committing endless number of crimes of varying degrees.

  • ijelejames

    Dino, do you have a life? Don’t think so. I wonder what you are complaining they want to take. Please disappear. We tired of your nonsense. Just shut up and sleep.

  • SAM .A

    Whether Dino Melaye is a good politician or not, there is no justification to attempt to assassinate him , politicians in Nigeria have proofed many times that they are animals who survive as carnivores They settle cruel by assissination . Dino must not die . There was serious lapses in Police response here , they were shooting for ONE whole hour, and the police were informed immediately , but they arrived after the messengers of death dispersed . Nigeria / Policing is really sick . Melaye must not die for God sake .

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      So you believe this shit? I’m sure íf Dino woke up one day and claimed he has been assasinated you’ll swallow it hook, line and sinker!

      • SAM .A

        Not me , the message I am delivering here is politicians use assassination to settle scores . Let this guy live for us to see in his court case how they dash him his degree . Dino no doubt is a lair and chameleon . I have always been very critical of him .but he should be allowed to live

  • serubawon70

    Dino should be careful what he claims happened to him. It might just become real one day if smebody thinks he is worth the trouble

  • Man_Enough

    10 assassins shooting for 2 hours and could not even scratch the target is like inviting 10 vice chancellors to award you degrees in geography without stepping into their universities.

    • Julius

      hahahahahahaha, thank you…read my comment above. He is a liar !

  • Major kaduna 2

    Nigeria we hail thee!!! No matter what the situation we shall be our brothers keepers.

  • ijelejames