‎Senator questions El-Rufai’s budget declaration, calls for public asset declaration

Governor of Kaduna State Nasir El-Rufai
Governor of Kaduna State Nasir El-Rufai

The All Progressives Congress Senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani, on Tuesday, attacked his home state governor, Nasir El-Rufai, advising the public to regard the latter’s recent claims on transparency and accountability as subterfuge and fiction.

Mr. El-Rufai has been involved in a fight with the National Assembly, particularly the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, as both sides have challenged each other on transparency in matters of disclosure of security votes as well as local government funds and transparent National Assembly .

Mr. Sani, who has been having an acrimonious relationship with Mr. El-Rufai on Kaduna local political turf, chose to pitch tent with the National Assembly.

He, however, noted that the call on the National Assembly to open its budget, after a period of seven-year secrecy, “is legitimate and right”, and expressed optimism that the legislature “is listening”.

The lawmaker said no one should believe Mr. El-Rufai, whom he accused of being deceitful and labelled presenter of fiction.

The governor had in his Monday’s reaction to the House of Representatives published the state’s security budget, including N1.5 billion for “procurement and installation of CCTV cameras for monitoring and surveillance to reduce crime rate in the metropolis”.

He also published his basic salary slip, showing a monthly earning that is less than half a million naira.

“The general public should not be deceived by Kaduna Governor’s stunts and public presentation of his work of fiction he calls security vote,” said Mr. Sani in a statement distributed on Thursday.

“Whoever can believe that a state governor lives on less than half a million monthly is either hypnotised,dazzed or high on an inebriant.

“If you are convinced that Kaduna Governor transparently spent his security votes on CCTV camera visit Kaduna if you will ever see one security camera.

“If you are convinced that the Kaduna Governor transparently spent his security votes on the police, please ask him from which of the votes does he pay the Herdsmen?”

The lawmaker, who publicly disclosed his asset at the start of the Buhari administration, said that: “the Nigerian public cannot know who is a saint or a sinner in power,it always has to take men out of power for the public to know what exist beneath the throne.”

He then called for open asset declaration by‎ public officials as a way of checking corruption.

“Nigeria’s lost wealth is not just in Swiss banks and dubai real estate; it’s not just hidden in cesspit holes and in dusty ceilings;it’s in the files of conduct bureau well protected by the law of secrecy.

“Apart from PMB and VP Osinbajo,no other vendor of change is willing to publicly declare his asset. Everyman on the throne of power stands in the dock of history and posterity,” he said.


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  • Ade

    Thanks Senator!! Elrufai is a thief and criminal. He show tell us how he become a billionaire

    • ubong

      He is a saint as far as he is APC and Magu led EFCC know Nigerians are mumu and noise makers that cannot bite. El_Rufai is a representation of the ills and criminals that treat fellow mumu Nigerians as highly docile human being on planet earth

    • Suleiman Alatise

      Sentiments apart please , but from what we know about these individuals, El Rufai and Sanni, by refusing to pay bribes, the former stopped the executive nominees from carrying Ghana must go to the National Assembly before clearance, while the latter is on the campaign train to the CCT in support of Ali Baba. Sanni is therefore a bigger thief.

      • Ade

        From your post both of them are thieves. though one is a fulfilled thief and a billionaire(Elrufai) and one is aspiring thief and aspiring billionaire(Sanni)

        • Suleiman Alatise

          Unlike yours, my posts are not based on sentiment and speculation, but facts, and also, I’m not faceless.

  • Ruffia_De_Thief

    I have been posting to all that cared to read that E-Riffia is a thief but the irredeemable Parasites like @Rommmel @Julius @Lanre etc kept attacking me and defending the indefensible using disguising monikers but see now, the wind has blown and Fowl yansh don open…How can a man with normal brain and in a state of sanity believe that a sitting Governor procureed CCTV cameras and installed them using a whooping sum of N1.5 billion naira? This is not N1.5 million, it is N1.5 BIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLIIIIIOOOON!!!!!! …………..Haba! …and some Nigerians were supporting this open confession to stealing with excuses that the maoney could have been spent. Shame!

    All we now need to do is simply apply science and a little maths. El_Ruffia should quickly tell Nigerian the number of units of CCTV, Model/Make he bought and the locations in Kaduna METROPOLIS he installed them. CCTV are PHYSICAL gadgets and not all Nigerians are as poor in Maths as Mohammmadu Bokohari, we will count and multiply by the number of units and we shall know El_ruffia’s PROFIT from CCTV alone. Thieves in Power. Mumu. Crooks.

  • Ibikunle

    N1.5b for CCTV installations in Kaduna town alone? How much was spent to install CCTV in London or New York? Haba Nigerians? These governors have become high way express armed robbers because we are tolerating them. Why cant Kaduna pple protest? Why?

    • Opekete

      Are you serious? You mean 1.5 billion naira is too much for CCTV installation in Kaduna metropolis? I’m sure that for the CCTV to achieve its purpose, you will need more than that. You will have to install a solar CCTV camera, and a solar powered monitoring center and an ever ready response center independent of the ever sleeping Nigerian Police. Please let’s be real, that amount cannot do anything to provide enough and effective CCTV monitoring for Kaduna.

      • marcos avelino

        You are right Jona spent 500 million dollars for abuja CCTV with soalr panels etc – and it never worked !

      • Karl Imom

        The man is ignorant about what CCTV is. How is N1.5Billion in U.S. Dollars? about $4.92 Million at current rate of N305/Dollar

  • olat

    D only people MAD at u for speaking the truth are two.
    (1) Those enslave by d truth by ignorance, poverty, religion, ethnic
    (2) those enrich by lies.
    continue with yr good work El-Rufai

  • Olatubosun

    Nigeria will rise again let’s support the agent of change for the brighter future of our glorious country

  • Lala

    Ok Senator Sani, we have heard you. At least the Governor has presented something for people to criticize. It is now time for the NASS to present something for us to scrutinise. You cannot be listening for 7 years without taking action. Haba Senator!

    • Kallah Bature

      To cling on the pedestal of transparency he is advocating, Senator Sani should at least publish all his earnings from the National Assembly to date.This must include all allowances including committee allowances.He doesn’t have to wait for Senate like he is claiming.

  • duwdu

    In most cases, this senator just argues blindly and like an angry child.

    Senator Shehu Sani, please enter this debate in an intelligent and transparent manner — by starting with a public disclosure of the details and totality of your own earnings and other funds allocated to you and your constituency since you became a senator.

    Please do not omit to state how every Kobo has been appropriated/spent this far.


  • Karl Imom

    Would the senator NOT be doing better questioning the array of corruption issues in the Senate, most especially those involving the Senate President?

    • abu Saleh

      I wonder…