MURIC spits fire, threatens to make life unbearable for Fayose


A rights group, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), on Friday descended heavily on Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State, threatening to resist his plan to demolish four mosques in the state.

“He is invariably targeting Muslims in Ekiti State by attempting to demolish those mosques but he has forgotten that anyone who attacks a mosque anywhere in Nigeria has courted the wrath of Nigerian Muslims,” the group said through a statement by its Executive Director, Ishaq Akintola.

“Ekiti State governor is waging war against Islam. Fayose has murdered sleep and he shall sleep no more.”

“Muslims may be left with no option than to make Ekiti ungovernable for Fayose if he goes ahead to demolish those mosques.

“Freedom of worship is enshrined in Nigeria’s constitution and civil disobedience is the inalienable right of a persecuted people. Those who make it impossible for us to worship freely are guilty of a crime. Every patriotic citizen has the obligation to disobey illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional orders. We will resist this oppression if the system will do nothing about it.”

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Four mosques were last week marked for demolition by the Ayodele Fayose administration in Ekiti State. The state government claimed that worshippers could contact cancer from the radioactive emission from the petrol stations where the mosques are located.

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) condemns the attempt to demolish the mosques. It is an act of aggression against the peace-loving and law-abiding Muslims of the state. It is primitive, provocative and sadistic. It is an undisguised invitation to anarchy.

The state government’s excuse of exposure to cancer is lame, infantile, laughable and untenable. What of hundreds of petrol attendants who have been serving in petrol stations in Ekiti State since its inception on 1st October 1996? How many of them have had cases of cancer? How many petrol attendants in the whole of Nigeria have been exposed to radioactive emissions? Can the claim be certified by the World Health Organisation? Fayose’s public health adviser must be from hell!

But the wind has blown and we have seen the ruff of the hen. Fayose’s radioactive emission is a mere cloak for political vendetta. It has since been revealed that all the four petrol stations involved belong to Alhaji Suleman Akinbami, a chieftain of the opposition party.

Fayose has probably forgotten that the end users of those mosques are the Muslims of Ekiti State and the petrol dealer cum philanthropist hardly uses them. It is impossible, at least, for him to physically worship in all the four mosques simultaneously. This is where Fayose misfired. He is invariably targeting Muslims in Ekiti State by attempting to demolish those mosques but he has forgotten that anyone who attacks a mosque anywhere in Nigeria has courted the wrath of Nigerian Muslims. Ekiti State governor is waging war against Islam. Fayose has murdered sleep and he shall sleep no more.

Yet we cannot trust Fayose when it comes to matters affecting Muslims. He may be killing two birds with one stone. To put it more succinctly, by demolishing the four mosques, Fayose hopes to punish a political opponent and also castigate Ekiti Muslims whom he hates so much at the same time.

His antecedents bear vehement testimonies to his pathological hatred for Muslims and their religion. It will be recalled that Fayose formed an all-Christian government after assumption of office in 2015. His deputy governor, secretary to the state government, all 14 commissioners, all 26 permanent secretaries are Christians.

Using the Ekiti State Independent Electoral Commission (EKSIEC), Fayose in December 2015 banned Muslim women in hijab from partaking in the local government elections thereby effectively disenfranchising a large section of Muslims.

Known for constantly running diarrhea of the mouth, Fayose accused President Muhammadu Buhari of Islamising Nigeria just because the latter visited Saudi Arabia in February 2016. But he did not see any Christianisation agendum when his principal, ex-President Goodluck Jonathan was shuttling between Abuja and Tel Aviv every fortnight. His open bigotry and untethered hatred for Muslims makes him the governor with the worst record of Christian-Muslim relations in the whole wide world.

Drunk with absolute power which corrupts absolutely, Fayose has rebuffed the request of leaders of the Ekiti Muslim community to meet him over the mosques marked for demolition. Consequently, the Muslim leaders have suspended today’s Jum’ah prayer in all the four mosques affected. Thus Fayose will be remembered as the Christian dictator and fanatical chief executive who stopped Muslims of Ekiti State from worshipping their Creator.

MURIC charges Muslims in the state to repose their confidence in Allah who is their Supreme Creator and the Creator of Fayose and other tyrants of the world. It is decreed that Fayose will go one day but Almighty Allah will be there forever. Fayose’s power will melt away one day like ice cream in the burning desert sun. “All that is on earth will perish. Only the face of your Lord will abide forever…” (Glorious Qur’an 55:26 – 27).

Fayose’s power is ephemeral. He will soon become an ‘ex-this and ex-that’. We urge the Imams in Ekiti to magnanimously visit Fayose in Kirikiri after his tenure as governor when he eventually starts to account for his abuse of power while in office. We urge Ekiti Muslims to resist Fayose’s illegal attempt to destroy those mosques. They must go to court, get a restraining order and continue to pray there.

Where are those who claim that Christians are persecuted in the North? The tragedy of the Nigerian nation lies in the hypocrisy of the elite class and the collusion of the media in the South-West axis. The whole world can see how a Christian governor is persecuting Muslims but Nigeria’s social critics have maintained an unusual silence. Where are the Soyinkas and the Falanas? These people see nothing wrong so long as it is Christians who are perpetrating evil. Oh God, what have we done? Fayose, Fayose, Fayose, how many times did we call you? Why persecuteth thou Muslims?

Muslims may be left with no option than to make Ekiti ungovernable for Fayose if he goes ahead to demolish those mosques. Freedom of worship is enshrined in Nigeria’s constitution and civil disobedience is the inalienable right of a persecuted people. Those who make it impossible for us to worship freely are guilty of a crime. Every patriotic citizen has the obligation to disobey illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional orders. We will resist this oppression if the system will do nothing about it.

In conclusion, we call on well-meaning citizens of Ekiti State to call this ravaging governor to order. He cannot trample on Allah-Given fundamental rights of Muslims and expect them to put their tails between their legs like frightened dogs. Already, Muslims in the state embarked on a peaceful demonstration two days ago. We haven’t seen anything yet. We should do everything possible to prevent this crisis from snowballing into a national mayhem. Those who know Fayose’s first name should call him to order now.

Professor Ishaq Akintola,
Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)


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  • realist

    So a man representing a so called religion of peace and talk to a state governor like this. A state governor that heads a constituted authority that God asked all to respect just because the governor want to demolish just four mosgues that is becoming a nuisance thus violates town planning law. Na wa o

    • OGK

      Talking to a governor like this? Fayose is only harvesting what he sowed. The law of retribution is catching up with the motormouth. Fayose would not spare any minute to slag the elders; he even mocked his mothers for wearing diapers. What goes round would surely come round.

  • Holy Creed


    The problem with ISLAM

    THE REASONS MUSLIMS ARE BEING BOMBED at will all over the world is because
    there’s a backward mentality inherent in Islam which impedes reasoning that there’s nothing
    sacred to any mosque if the Muslims disregard the sanctity of other religionists’ temples and shrines
    and burn those other places of worship – including churches – expecting the rest of the world to accept.
    Islam negates logical thinking by not teaching its adherents that respect begets respect. Islam becomes
    a religion of the earth’s most backward people by teaching false reasoning to Muslims that only Islamist
    totems deserve public protection. That false reasoning makes Muslims look like lower animals or beasts.
    For so long as that false reasoning persists Muslims will be bombed as fair game by all civilized armies.
    For example, where was the smelly MURIC of Muslims when dirty Hausa burnt 400 churches in the north?

  • Omooba

    This is treason. If it is true coming from Ishaq Akintola who should know better. And it is absurd and irresponsible. Any structure can be demolished for development purposes if the need arises and in the interest of the public moreso if it breaches planning guidelines.

  • Say the truth





  • Deji F.

    Islam is a doctrine that contradict its self. Instead of peace as proclaimed, it promotes violence of all sort; greed, religion intolerant etc…
    At least for once, I will agree with Fayose if these Mosque locations and activities Evertonmental law and physical planning of the state, should be demolished and if the law provides for compensation; so be it and if not sorry case. After all in Lagos, Churches, mosque and peoples home have been demolished countless times.
    So why the noise and pointicing to gain public simpathy.

  • Abiola

    Fayose! Fayose!! Fayose!!! hear d voice of wisdom o.. MURIC has claim to make Ekiti ungovernable for you, going by their antecedents and Boko haram still fresh in our memory, even if for the sake of innocent lives in Ekiti, Please let them be….

  • Curseless

    Where was this faceless MURIC when Christians were killed and their churches torched in the north where religious bigotry reign supreme. This blustering is not going to help anyone and come to think of it muslims particularly in the north are very intolerant of any church planting. Dialogue is the answer here and the MURIC should engage in that rather than threatening brimstone and fire.If we take compulsion out of the equation most citizens in the north will be Christians by now to be candid.islam is very retrogressive and violent in its original DNA

  • Aminu Baba

    The governor is not only waging war against Islam and Muslims with this bizarre action, he is indeed waging war against God almighty because a Mosque is the House of God. And let me make it very clear; not only the governor, all those who support him openly and tacitly are going to pay dearly if they ever go ahead to implement their threat because we are going to take the matter to the Owner of the House. Before anyone begins to speculate on the consequences. It can come in a number of unexpected ways when God decides His revenge

    • Bayo

      The paedophile god?

      • haba mallam

        Is that the one on the cross?

        • GOV11

          No, the one whose messenger had a six year old bride.

    • realist

      House of God indeed where blood letting and other vices are planned before execution.

    • Curseless

      The God I serve can fight His own battle, and hence I get baffled when Muslims end up fighting their god (Allah’s) battle for him.

  • John A

    He is invariably targeting Muslims in Ekiti State by attempting to demolish those mosques but he has forgotten that anyone who attacks a mosque anywhere in Nigeria has courted the wrath of Nigerian Muslims,” the group said through a statement by its Executive Director, Ishaq Akintola.
    So all this dirty pigs calling themselves muslim think that they are more Nigerian than the rest.
    This man better relocate to the north.

    • Fatah1

      U mean he should relocate to the north right? OK, then all the Northern Christians should start relocating to the south.

  • Gary

    The MURIC leadership is employing the same language and threats issued by those who accused the GEJ Government of an anti-Moslem bias in it taking on Boko Haram. Only to turn around to tag the same regime of cluelessness and incompetence in ending the Jihadi insurgency.

    No fewer than 14 churches have been demolished by the Jigawa State government on the excuse that they were built without permits.
    Under IBB, Christian open evangelism was effectively banned in the core North after organized Moslem mobs attacked the Rheinhard Bonnke crusade in Kano.
    The world now knows about the travails of the Christians of Southern Kaduna and the summoning of CAN trustees by the DSS over their fundraising campaign to rebuild the destroyed churches in the region.

    In all these instances no Christian body has threatened a campaign of civil disobedience nor to make those states ungovernable.

    Mr. Akintola should limit himself to seeking redress in the courts while exercising his freedom of expression and to peacefully seek redress for grievances by the community he represents.
    For neither the Yoruba as a people nor Nigeria at large will be spared from the fruits of religious hatred now taking root in country.

  • marcos avelino

    What I dont understand from the neo christians of nigeria who mostly became christians in the 1900’s is where was jesus the saviour. For 1900 years? Is it that when the white man having taken over 20 million southern nigerians accross the sea to the americas with over 50% casualty and immense cruelty jesus suddenly appears with his “love” . man youre really late by nearly 2000 years !!This thing is nothing but a conqured people being overan by the dominant culture. Wakeup fools

  • Say the truth

    Religious bodies must be careful when making comments so as not to aggravate things. Engagement and re-engagement should be better option. Jihadist MURIC especially is guilty of issuing threats and threatening violence every time there is a religious issue involving Muslims. Security agencies will do well to call this Akintola to order before he set the nation on fire unnecessarily. The statement credited to MURIC is very irresponsible and unreasonable: “Muslims may be left with no option than to make Ekiti ungovernable for Fayose if he goes ahead to demolish those mosques.” It is on record that EL Ruffian demolished over 200 churches in Abuja in the name of ‘overridding public interest’ and nothing happened because Christian decided to allow peace to reign. Jigawa governor and other northern governors have recently ordered that church buildings be brought down for the sake of peace and public interest and CAN held its peace. Lunatic Ishaq Akintola and his jihadist MURIC are now notorious for issuing irresponsible statements and should be warned that violence will begets violence as no one has a monopoly of it. If in the interest of the public Fayose sees the need so let it be provided they are compensated. MURIC should know that Fayose is a veteran who is never a coward nor afraid of confrontation.

  • vay

    All the way with you Peter the rock.

  • Ndukwe Madi

    “Muslims may be left with no option than to make Ekiti ungovernable for Fayose if he goes ahead to demolish those mosques.” — MURIC

    So Muslims can actually make this open threat in a democracy and no one says anything? What is Nigeria turning into? So MURIC is actually behind terrorism? How else can Muslims make a state ungovernable if not via suicide attacks. Professor Ishak Akintola must be sick in his brain and should be taken to a psychiatrist without delay. Nonsense!

    • Anonymous

      You are mad

  • Jesus is d Messenger of Allah

    Most Nigerian Christians are subjective in reasoning. They hate anything Islam.
    They prefer Wrong as long as the Right is Islam.

    • Curseless

      How can the creator be a messenger to the created? Think about what you just said.


        Curseless, who is the Creator? And who is the Created?

      • Jesus is d Messenger of Allah

        Bible Verses That Indicate Jesus Is Not God The Creator

        1. Matthew 24:36
        No one knows about that day or hour, not even the Son, but the Father only.
        Here Jesus makes a distinction between what he knows and what the Father knows.

        2. Matthew 26:39
        My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me, yet not as I will, but as Thou will.
        Jesus’ will is likewise autonomous from God’s Will. Jesus is seeking acquiescence to God’s will.

        3. John 5:26
        For as the Father has life in Himself, so he has granted the Son to have life in himself.
        Jesus received his life from God. God received his life from no one. He is eternally self-existent.

        4. John 5:30
        By myself, I can do nothing: I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself but him who has sent me.
        Jesus says, “by myself, I can do nothing.” This indicates that Jesus is relying upon his own relationship with God. He is not trying to “please myself” but rather is seeking to “please the one who sent me.”

        5. John 5:19
        The Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees the Father doing, because whatever the Father does, the Son does also.
        Jesus declares that he is following a pattern laid down by God. He is expressing obedience to God.

        6. Mark 10:18
        Why do you call me good? No one is good, except God alone.
        Here Jesus emphatically makes a distinction between himself and God.

        7. John 14:28
        The Father is greater than I.
        This is another strong statement that makes a distinction between Jesus and God.

        8. Matthew 6:9
        Our Father, which art in Heaven.
        He didn’t pray, Our Father, which art standing right here!”

        9. Matthew 27:46
        My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?
        Inconceivable if he is God the Creator.

        10. John 17:21-23
        . . .that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. . ..that they may be one as we are one: I in them and you in me.
        In this prayer Jesus defines the term “to be one.” It is clearly accomplished through the relationship of two autonomous beings. Christian believers are to model their relationship (to become one) after the relationship of God and Christ (as God and Christ are one). Notice that “to be one” does not mean to be “one and the same.”

        11. 1 Corinthians 15:27-28
        For he “has put everything under his feet.” Now when it says that “everything” has been put under him, it is clear that this does not include God himself, who put everything under Christ. When he has done this, then the Son himself will be made subject to him who put everything under him, so that God may be all in all.
        Paul declares that God put everything under Christ, except God himself. Instead God rules all things through Christ. (remember: “through him all things were made.”)

        12. Hebrews 1:3
        The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being.
        Jesus is the exact representation of his being. I send my representative to Congress. He is not me, myself. He is my representative.

        13. Hebrews 4:15 (compared with James 1:13)
        For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet without sin.
        Jesus has been tempted in every way, just as we are, yet he never sinned. See

        James 1:13: When tempted, no one should say, God is tempting me. For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt.
        Jesus was tempted in every way, but God cannot be tempted. This is why Jesus said, “don’t call me good, none are good, only God.”

        14. Hebrews 5:7-9
        During the days of Jesus’ life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission. Although he was a son, he learned obedience from what he suffered and, once made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him
        Jesus had to walk a course of faith and obedience in order to achieve perfection. By achieving perfection, Jesus “became” the source of eternal salvation

        • Curseless

          You just quoted what you don’t know out of context. God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit are one entity with different manifestations. Take the sun for example, it gives light and heat at the same time but it is still one sun. When non Christian quote the scripture they pick an area and try to make it work to their narrative without any spiritual understanding. What Jesus Christ who is (God incarnate) is saying is that it only the God Head who is the Father that knows the hour and the time. The Bible never says anywhere that Jesus is the messenger of God for He has always been a part of the trinity from eternity past. So my friend you need to see a good pastor for counseling and I can sense that with more knowledge you are not too far from salvation. God bless you.

  • Rominiyis

    Ishaq Akintola and his Muric are a danger to the legendary religion peaceful coexistence in the south west of Nigeria. An average Yoruba person understanding of religion is that God or Allah is powerful enough to fight anybody or group who demolish his house under false pretence if that is the case and secondly a so call professor does not know the court exist in Nigeria to protect rights instead making threats. To make a state ungovernable is another way of making violent or how else?
    The Yorubas are not known for this type of interpretation of religion


    All of you should shot up your dirty mouths. If I may ask you, where were you when Gov El Rufai demolished churches and mosques in Kaduna.. Did you split fire as you are doing now you hypocrites.

  • pheliciti

    Nigerian bigotry in full view…. its Islam so all commentries can be abusive. Nobody’s bothered whether the demolition excuse is tenable. Note that Muslims would still spread mats and pray there demolition or not… I just want the commentators here to be consistent if churches are demolished in other States for the same reason.

  • Ibrahim

    I have gone through the comments, I am not surprise about Gov. Fayose’s decision looking at his antecedent of irrationality, childish and boisterous nature. What surprises me is the finding that most of those that suppose to condemn him are just like him. Nobody seem to question why will he demolish these mosques knowing that they were there for long and the possible repercussions it may have. People always down play the peace they enjoy until they miss it. Ekiti people has tolerated Fayose’s childish behavior at the expence of their political freedom and now ready to tolerate him at the expense of their peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance. What a pity, I can’t imagine this man is a governor of a state.

  • Folu

    “…anyone who attacks a mosque anywhere in Nigeria has courted the wrath of Nigerian muslims.” shame on you! You cannot even say he has courted the wrath of Allah. You guys really need to engage your God sometimes. Let Him fight for himself. Why believe in a God you always have to fight for?
    Meanwhile, what is Fayose’s problem destroying mosques? Our politicians need sense to always hold religion sacred and not mangle it with politics. How does destroying mosques answer all the myriads of problems Ekiti is facing? Rubbish!

  • Ayinde

    (ANSA) – Venice, April 7 – A Mestre mosque frequented by three Kosovars allegedly planning to bomb Venice’s Rialto Bridge has been given three days to close, sources said Friday.

    The order was handed to the Bangladeshi clerics who run the mosque, informing them that its activity did not comply with its official use.

    The Kosovar jihadists, who lived in central Venice, were arrested last month after a probe in which they were taped allegedly saying it would be easy to find paradise by bombing Venice