APC chairman, Oyegun, meets senators; calls for ‘ceasefire’

John Odigie-Oyegun, APC Chairman
John Odigie-Oyegun, APC Chairman

The chairman of the All Progressives Congress(APC), John Oyegun, has called for a ceasefire between the legislature and executive.

The chairman, made this known when the National Working Committee of APC visited the Senate Caucus of the party on Tuesday in Abuja.

Mr. Oyegun, who spoke to journalists after about five hours of closed-door meeting, called on the Senate and the executive to cease fire over the recent misunderstanding between them.

He asked for mutual respect between the various arms of government to ensure sustainable development.

“One appeal I have to make that is necessary is for all levels of government to maintain some level of respect and civility,” he said.

“And I appeal that as we start now the process of reconstructing relationships and consultations, there should be what I will call a ceasefire in terms of the kind of abuse that is used all round on one institution of government or the other even principal parties of these institutions,’’ he said.

He expressed optimism that though the meeting with the caucus was the first, such interactions would continue for the strengthening of the party and national development.

While commending the leaders of the National Assembly for speaking with one voice after meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday, he urged them to continue in that spirit for the entrenchment of democracy in the country.

He further commended the National Assembly for carrying out its constitutional duties in spite of the crises.

“We have assurance that the budget is going on and is going on very well.

“The report I get, or the briefing I get from the Minister of Budget is that the National Assembly has been very cooperative in the interactions between both his ministry and other ministries.

“I want to pay tribute to the National Assembly for the degree of cooperation that they have been extending to the executive in spite of seeming differences on the surface.

“Secondly, I want to say that we have now completed our consultations with the National Assembly and we are going to move forward from now.

“Once that is done, I can assure you and assure the nation that in the next couple of weeks, we will have a new level of cohesion, cooperation and mutual respect between the different arms of government and the party,’’ said.

The president of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, called for mutual respect between the different arms of government.

“Whether there are issues or not, regular consultations between the legislative arm of government and the party is important.

“It is unfortunate, but the most important thing is that a lot of stakeholders must respect this institution.

“This institution is here now and is going to be there after now. So we should not allow our selfish interests to bring ridicule to the institution. The institution is what we have and we must ensure that we respect that,’’ he said.

He said the Senate would not relent in carrying out its constitutional duties, adding that “as I said yesterday, some of these issues are not important to our people.

“The important issues are issues of budget. Despite all the noise you heard last week, we still passed an amendment to the INEC law that had been there for over six or seven years.

“By this time next week, our Committee on Petroleum will lay the PIB which has never been done. We are focused on the major issues and we are not going to be distracted on that. We are still going to do our work.

“Today we were talking about meningitis, looking at how we are going to find funding for that. So, none of these issues are distracting us from that and I think we have shown that over the last few weeks,’’ he said.

Mr. Saraki declined comment on the suspension of Ali Ndume (APC-Borno) by the Senate. He said: “Let us focus on national issues.’’(NAN)


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  • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

    After the gragra by tinubu and his shameless group, they have to eat the humble pie.
    Buhari must imbibe those virtues of democracy, he either shape up or step aside.he can never be president and Legislation at the same time.
    He must learn it the hard way that this is not 1984,when he can order Nigerians about from his bedroom. He must face his executive job and leave the NASS to do their own bit.

    • sab

      Spot on! The perfect but bitter truth!

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Mr. Oyegun, the genie is already out of the bottle and you are crying after the head has been chopped off.

    At all critical moments, you have surrendered Party discipline and supremacy. How do you tame a lion that has tasted human blood.

    With all due respects, Mr. Chairman, you have led APC up a cul de sac with your sheer incompetence. A more honourable person would throw in the towel now.

    • Tunsj

      Well laid out my brother. Hope everything is going on well with you.

    • Osakue

      Mr Oyegun dey fear too much. I believe APC has a constitution guiding the party. A lot of APC members are undercover PDP loyalist e.g Saraki

      They don’t want the APC machine to work just throwing spanners as they like

      • Julius

        Straight to the point, as usual. True talk.

    • Onike24

      Bros, BabaNla cup de sac. Just f…. tired of the whole thing!

      • Julius

        hahahahahahha, wow !. You dey curse ?…so u no be gentle at all ? I just dey mess with you. I share your frustrations jare !

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    What “Cease fire”?
    Nigerians are sick and tired of this totally useless house full of a pack that has not and never will add value to our moral system or even help in advancing democracy in our polity. Mr. Oyegun, Stop honoring those who deserve our derision.

    These people in the Senate have long lost respect from anyone that has keenly followed the history of democracy in Nigeria since 1960. A few of them are pulling their weight and Nigerians know them. We cannot however, because of this minority members that mean well for the nation, continue to waste vital funds and tolerate their intolerance and disdain for the wishes of the common people that “voted” them in, in the first place. They are as reflective and representative of the criminal elements in our society as you can ever find in any one place!

    Honestly, this body is not just totally worthless but dangerous. The earlier we scrap it and prevent their further assault on our psyche and well being for years to come, the better. The ball is now out of their court and now in the public sphere. Nigerians now want to debate if we have had enough of their evil and childish pranks. That does not deserve any ceasefire!

    All we are saying is SCRAP the SENATE NOW!

    • Osakue

      70% of the APC members got vote bcos of PMB majority where just voting APC without knowing the candidates e.g Mr Dino. Well let’s wait for them come 2019

    • sab

      After expressing your anger, you need sit down, reason very well and realise the problem is the presidency. It started from the beginning. A house built on faulty foundation can never stand. No amount of blackmail against NASS can remove their duty, responsibility and power. One who seeks equity must come with clean hands. Has Buhari put his Presidency in order? If he cannot discipline or call to order two presidency officials he appoited, DSS boss, Abba Kyari and even EFCC boss, Magu, to order, howvthen can he control a group of democratically elected people with constitutional powers andvresponsibilities. That is the problem you people are shying away from. DSS boss is fighting EFCC boss, Kyari is dancing a different tune from SGF who has even accused of wrongdoing in an alleged N250m ‘Grass Cutting’ saga. How has PMB dealt with these issues? Remember, charity, they say, begins at home. But for some people with disposition such as yours, charity begins from outside. Reason very well!

  • Gerald Okoduwa

    There can be no peace on filthy grounds. It’s obvious this chairman has sold out to Saraki and other party renegades just to help him keep out dreaded Tinubu from the decision-making process of the party. His neither here nor there utterances here further goes to confirm a leader who lacks capacity, integrity and leadership skill to handle crisis. He surreptitiously aided Saraki’s coup in the senate while deceiving the President as a fair party leader at the same time. Hypocrisy does not last long. The President will soon know the naked truth about the pretenders around him.

    • sab

      What is ‘Saraki Coup’? Where youin 2011 when Tinubu’s ACN aid Tambuwal to win House of Reps Speakership position against a ruling party, PDP’s choice candidate, a yoruba woman for that matter? What did Lai Mohammed describe Tambuwal’s victory over the felloe Yoruba candidate as? If Lai called it ‘victory fordemocracy’ then, why is Saraki’s victory in 2015 different? Or are you telling me it is an honour to shift the goal post after a goal had been scored? What goes around, comes around. APC sowed the seed so they should be ready to reap it now.

  • augustine akinyemi

    From all indices, the APC has lost the support base of the members, and cannot afford to be disgraced out of power come 2019; thanks to the failure of leadership from inception of the party. The party that was voted in massively by a people that wanted ‘change’ to how they had been governed had been deceived thru careless recruitment of members by allowing all sorts of thieving and undisciplined members of the PDP to join unconditionally, thus rendering the party’s leadership machinery commatoise and as if they were hypnotised, they have forgotten their main responsibility to the people which was to rekindle hope in the commmon man and NOT to make their situation worse; the sudden emergence of Atiku Abubakar and a Bukola Saraki Senate Presidency speak volumes for the direction the party has taken, a situation that has derobed the myth surrounding PMB’s presidency. Without a sudden reversal of style of governance by PMB and the Presidency, one thing is for sure, the party APC cannot survive the remaining 2 years in its present form with a sloppy chairmanship and a rebellious group of the so-called cabal that has choked the President of his powers to effectively govern. PMB needs to shape up OR step aside

    • sab

      The fault is in PMB, the Presidency. First, check the list of his appointees from his kinsmen. Are they competent? Again, those of his kinsmen appointees who have corruption allegations against them PMB refuses to sanction them but will instead defend them while going hard on other citizens who are accused of wrongdoing. In that situation do you think others will be happy? You want to succeed but at the same time you don’t want to recognise other institutions of government, how can those institutions be happy with you moreso when they were also elected by their people. After formation, the APC as a party went about recruiting all the ‘bad’ members of PDP in order to weaken the party. The celebrated the ‘capture’ of Saraki, Amaechi, etc. By the time they began to realise their true colours, they decided to block them from leadership position. But in the case of Saraki, it was a game started too late. Saraki, with the support of PDP, did to them what ACN helped Tambuwal do to PDP in 2011. But as naive as APC appears to be, they started fighting dirty which is the architect of their present predicament. Rather than swallow the bitter pill and wait for 2019 to ease Saraki out, they started a war they cannot fight to a logical end. Don’t also forget PMB’s position that he can work with any NASS leadership. But after refusing to put his party house in order, he got carried away by his own victory and positions he wanted to allocate to his CPC fraction of APC. By the time Saraki emerged senate president and Tinubu, through Lai Mohammed raised alarm, Buhari never bothered until when it had become obviously late. That was when they invoked the services of EFCC, DSS to reopen cases Femi Adesina condemned PDP for reopening against Saraki in 2013.

  • Enemona

    A serious opposition party (not PDP), please stand up!

    • sab

      Why call for opposition party? You wanted change so here it is. Enjoy it.

      • Enemona

        Well, if your aim is to guilt me or make jest of me, you’ve failed! I will continue to ask for change until I am satisfied with where my country is headed. Change, if you may know, is the only constant thing in life. Even in continuity, there’s change.

        As a patriotic citizen, one who is not grudgingly a Nigerian, or feels coerced to be one, and loves this country, like many before me, I will not settle for less. Mediocrity is not an option.

        If you were referring to the change of the past regime, I will clamour for that many times more if it were to reccur. My country deserved more than the incompetence and cluelessness they served up. Its the aftermaths of their failure we are still trying to clear. When a he goat passes by, it leaves its pungent stench behind, especially the type that’s perpetually attracted to yams.

  • Enemona

    With all the mess in national Assembly, this man doesn’t see anything wrong except that he needs to mend fences. What about all the allegations of lying under oath, high level corruption, heartless abuse of office, inefficiency and wanting waste of the country’s resources. Oga Chair, please say something else, you’ve all failed. You failed the moment you let Saraki, Dino and other vultures we have rejected into your midst. SMH!

    • Osakue

      What about th CCB case on Saraki them one use style style place am under carpet?

  • Frank Bassey

    Bunch of clueless and incompetent people.

    • sab

      From the tone of Oyegun’s speech, it is clear he has discovered the fault is from the Executives.

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  • Tunsj

    Great to hear that.

  • Onike24

    It’s hard for me to feel disappointment with Buhari, he just doesn’t understand how duplicitous people are, he reallly doesn’t get it.

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