Buhari’s ministerial nominee already an ambassador designate

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari

One of the two persons President Muhammadu Buhari nominated for ministerial positions on Wednesday, Suleiman Hassan, is the same person the president chose in January from Gombe State as one of his 46 non-career ambassadorial nominees, PREMIUM TIMES can confirm after a background check.

Mr. Hassan, already ambassador-designate having been so confirmed by the Senate earlier in March, was nominated for ministerial position on Wednesday by Mr. Buhari via a letter to the Senate.

He is to represent Gombe State in the Federal Executive Council, following the exit of former Minister of Environment, Amina Mohammed, from Nigeria’s public service to take up responsibility as the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations.

When asked for comment on the seeming confusion, presidential spokesperson, Femi Adeshina, said: “I have no information on that”.

But a source close to the President, with relationship that dates back to the days of the defunct Congress of Progressives Change, one of the parties that formed the All Progressives Congress, said picking Mr. Hassan as a ministerial nominee despite the fact of his being an ambassador-designate was not a matter of confusion or lack of due diligence.

According to our source, since Mrs. Mohammed was made minister, representing Gombe State, the President’s long-standing allies who were with him in CPC had been aggrieved, complaining the UN top official was not involved in the efforts to help Mr. Buhari to power.

Then, there was agitation that any other appointment coming to Gombe State should be given to “one of those that worked for Buhari”, said the source.

So, the source continued, when it was time to pick non-career envoys, the president had to choose Mr. Hassan.

“He (Mr. Hassan) is Buhari’s boy; the relationship between them is like the one between Buhari and B.D. Lawal (Secretary General of the Federation, Babachir David Lawal),” said the source.

Mr. Hassan, now Registrar of the Surveyors Council of Nigeria, was the Gombe State Chairman of the CPC.

He had been nominated envoy since January before Mrs. Mohammed left at the beginning of February.

Our source said once the Senate confirms Mr. Hassan minister, the President would withdraw him as an envoy-designate.

“It is an elevation,” said the source.

Mr. Hassan was nominated minister alongside Stephen Ocheni from Kogi State, which has not had a minister in the FEC since the death of James Ochonu in an accident last year.

Unlike Mr. Hassan, Mr. Ocheni does not have a background in active partisan politics. He is a professor of Public Sector Accounting and Dean Faculty of Management Sciences at the Kogi State University.

Previously, he was Director, Finance and Accounts, in the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2010 – 2013), and Director, Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation (2003 – 2010).


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  • aisha ani

    We are in serious trouble.

    • K-kay

      Say “I”, not “we” because you are alone.

      • khalil

        Nigerians are in DEEP SH*T!

        • Sola Omatsola


          Muhamadu Buhari
          has no administrative skills needed for governance of a country in utter
          distress under civilian regime bounded by the constitution and the laws made
          thereto because he does not have the requisite formal education to understand
          how best to get things done rapidly under such a setting. As such, Buhari wastes
          the time of Nigerians. Facing his half-term in two months from now Buhari has
          nothing concrete to show for his Police-and-thieves regime which left all else
          undone in the pursuit of thieves inside the rival PDP party. Nigeria falls in effect,
          as Muhamadu Buhari dawdles and fiddles.

      • Julius

        OKay, so you belong to another country..I assume !

  • donMe$$i

    “He (Mr. Hassan) is Buhari’s boy; the relationship between them is like the one between Buhari and B.D. Lawal (Secretary General of the Federation, Babachir David Lawal),” said the source.

    That explains why the ‘incorruptible’ Magu turns a blind eye to the PINE scandal.
    He(magu) loves grassCutters..sorry..Bushmeat.

  • gokealamikun



  • shittu

    Any country where it takes over 1 year for it’s president to nominate a replacement for a late minister has problems of fantastically unimaginable proportions!
    The BMC members must be cracking their skulls on how to pin this gross incompetence on jonathan?

    • Julius

      Wrong, there is a new president who is refusing to staff the State Department now ! I’m not saying Buhari should’t do things on time, he should but, don’t say any country.

  • B.sc; B.A; Msc; LL.B; LL.M,


    Nigerians’ reasoning ability or lack thereof have no correlation at all with
    dilpoma and academic degrees Nigerians bandy around, majorly, as fig leaf.
    The ability to think in elevated way for public good is not a consequence of a certificate.
    It inheres as natural gift in a fertile mind wired by synapses eked out by organized learning.

    We saw a Professor of Ahmadu Bello University publicly testify to Dino Melaye’s graduation;
    without tendering the GRADUANDS LIST approved by the Senate of the University which did
    NOT list Dino Melaye as a graduand. A first year student in LOGIC will be given zero for doing
    what the Professor (and Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University) did in proof of proposition.

  • Romberg

    Buhari has done enough to destroy this nation. I think it is best if we withdraw our votes from his 2015 lot.

    • ::????????




      • Romberg

        There was no recession actually. It’s the demise of Nigeria’s economy under Buhari. We all saw how things changed when he was away. Dollar moved from N526 to N366. He’s back now; dollar has started the journey up north again. It’s N390 today. Before Buhari returns to the UK, it could be N600.

        He’s not a team player. He’s arrogant. He’s selfish…. I don tire sef.

    • D. Glavdar


      We read from SSS reports in the case of Ibrahim Magu’s confirmation saga
      at the Senate that Minister of State for Petroleum Mr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu
      is under EFCC probe.

      The specific acts of Mr. Kachikwu under probe were not revealed in the SSS
      documents but insofar as they come within the remit of EFCC those acts will
      constitute financial crimes if investigated and proved. This is a good thing
      because it may mean that President Buhari is looking closely at the actions
      of his appointed Ministers. But it does not therefore prove that President
      Buhari is doing exactly that, if Mr. Kachikwu was targeted, for example, and,
      if this intra-government probe does not extend to the cabinet in entirety.

      Nigerians live in perpetual darkness under the Buhari government without
      electricity supply. Yet, the Electricity Minister, Raji Fashola, has so far
      received 400 billion Naira plus since resuming office in October 2015.
      Nigerians expect EFCC probe into this electricity mess in Nigeria given
      the 400 billion Naira so far wasted, frittered or pocketed, or stolen.

    • straight-to-the-point


      Nigeria will become a less worse place if Muhamadu Buhari is repealed and replaced.

      Muhamadu Buhari is a lumbering stumbling block to the educated progress of Nigeria.

    • Julius

      lolz, yea, we shall cross that bridge when we get there.

  • Intrepid

    Dementia setting on the mullah.

  • Gary

    It’s often not the action but the cover-up that gets officials into hot water. Someone inside Aso Rock goofed and rather than acknowledge it or simply shut up, our man Femi tries to sell it as anything but the obvious.

    Just what is wrong with these people…did your mama not raise you to say “sorry”? Watch them now compound this error with their trademark braggadocio. Incompetent geezers.

  • Julius

    So, he should nominate somebody else for the ambassadorial’s slot. I hope we don’t put much energy into this. There are more pressing issues.

    • Gary

      You wouldn’t hold this position if it had anything to do with the NASS or Judiciously.
      You and fellow regime sycophants would have flooded the thread with denunciation and calls for DSS arrests over a simple goof by old men who have outlived their expiry dates in public service and now embarrassing themselves and their boss.

      • Julius

        Damn, you okay this morning ? I simply said that we have more pressing issues. Yes, they/he goofed but, wasting my energy on something that has no meanings to me will be a waste.Me a regime sycophants? You must not be following my rants very well. I criticize when its called for but no negativity from me towards everybody. Thank you.

        • Daniel

          We are talking about SENILITY !

          How can a sick old man lead a sick Nigeria?

          Get the message and STOP the ostrich syndrome.

          Who is even in charge of Nigeria now?