Melaye wears academic gown to Senate after ABU certificate controversy

Dino Melaye on academic gown

Apparently still basking in the euphoria of being confirmed a university graduate after his academic credential was questioned, Dino Melaye, on Monday appeared in the Senate wearing a purple academic gown.

Mr. Melaye, the Senator representing Kogi West, entered the Senate chamber before the lawmakers went into closed door session and drew attention of his colleagues who were seen exchange banters with him.

The closed session was still being held at the time of this report.

Dino Melaye on academic gown
Dino Melaye on academic gown

An aide to one of the senators told PREMIUM TIMES his principal felt embarrassed by the development, but could not say anything.

Mr. Melaye’s graduate status was confirmed by the Vice-Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Ibrahim Garba, at the investigative hearing of the committee on ethics and privileges on Monday.

Mr. Garba said the controversial Senator graduated from the institution with a Third Class Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography in 2000.

Mr. Melaye’s display on Tuesday followed a video he posted on social media moments after Monday’s investigative hearing to mock his challengers.

Dancing and singing, he said, in Yoruba language, that his challengers were no match for him.

Mr. Melaye had said, in the wake of the allegation he didn’t graduate, that he had eight degrees, including two from Harvard University and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

But Sahara Reporters reported how the two foreign schools debunked his claim.

However, ABU refuted the online newspaper’s claim that the Senator did not graduate from the institution.


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  • Omo Eleniyan 2

    • “In his Senior School Certificate (Wasc) in 1992, his name
    read ‘Melaiye Daniel Jonah O.’ with Melaye being wrongly spelt. In the result,
    he had P8 in English Language, P8 in Mathematics, P8 in Geography, P8 in
    Chemistry, C5 in Christian Religious Knowledge, P7 in Economics, C6 in Biology
    and B3 in Agricultural Science”.

    …….PUNCH newspaper

    (March 25th, 2017)

    Anyone not validly admitted (or even admissible) in the first place into a Nigerian university could never
    validly graduate from that university. Dino Melaye did not have the required five (5) credits for admission
    into university; and did not pass the two compulsory subjects of English and Mathematics with minimum
    C6 credit grade. And so, to the extent he was not validly admitted into Ahmadu Bello, he could not have
    validly graduated from that university. Simple logic!!

    • OGK

      We are talking about ABU, and not Great Unilag or Ife. Those who attended unis know themselves.

      • Impulse400

        Meaning “Northern Universities accepted and admitted F9 results”, while those in the south admitted those with 5 credit passes?


      • Kallah Bature

        My friend ABU is greater and more strict than your mentioned.universities.Go and do your research.

        • Allen

          The vc of for instance, Unilag willl not leave his hallowed and exalted office and travel all the way to Abuja to award a character like Dino, the university of Lagos degree on the floor of the Senate.

    • donMe$$i

      Your ‘simple logic’ will crash when you find out what was called SBS…then later; SGRS, in ABU Zaria

      • Sadiq Yakubu

        Just make it simple to the fools that Dino was first admitted into a pre-degree (SGRS)School of General and Remedial Studies.

  • Kamalu

    Mr. Melaye is indeed a comedian and a clown. He is not even ashamed of his woeful academic records from aSchool Certificate result of several P8 to a questionable Third Class Degree.

    •; B.A; Msc; LL.B; LL.M,


      Professor Ibrahim Garba of A.B.U must go!

      Under any theory of law the Vice Chancellor
      of Ahmadu Bello university Professor Ibrahim Garba is arrestable forthwith.
      It’s a felony under the law to perjure oneself on oath at a Senate proceeding.
      The Penal Code of northern Nigeria stipulates false testimony at an official
      proceeding as a criminal offence punishable with 14 years imprisonment. The
      Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has jurisdiction to take the
      egregious A.B.U Vice Chancellor into prison custody tonight. He is complicit in an
      apparent conspiracy having a direct effect on Dino Melaye’s continuous access
      to the national treasury.

      Once the
      self-same Vice Chancellor appeared at the Senate committee’s hearing without
      tendering any document whatever he must be presumed to have had the intention
      for perjury. Anyone desirous of telling the truth of a matter spanning eight years
      will rightly produce relevant documents in corroboration. The Vice Chancellor did
      not produce either Dino Melaye’s transcripts or the Convocation List of the actual
      graduands at A.B.U to show (if truly) Dino Melaye graduated in accordance with the
      university statute.

      • Gary

        Stop with the display of ignorance. The EFCC is empowered to probe financial crimes only and Dinogate was not one.

        More importantly for haters like you, no external power can countermand the prerogative of the Senate of a University to confer a degree or certification upon any student or individual they deem worthy of the award.

        That is why a crass illiterate like Sani Abacha and others we shall not name have been beneficiaries of honorary degrees. The ABU had deemed Dino Melaye worthy of its degree in Geography. And that’s it.

        It’s all over but for the bad belle folks like you continue to display over a settled matter.

        • Interpreter Nigeriana


          ARE YOU SAYING; B.A; Msc; LL.B; LL.M, is just another ignoramus with three credits
          at Wasc/Gce, and without any C6 credit in either English or Maths? Please elucidate to be pellucid.

          • Gary

            I no know book o…which one na pelucidate?
            All I know is that the Senate of ANY academic institution has an unchallengeable prerogative to confer a degree to anyone it deems worthy of it.
            That’s why you have 14-year old child prodigies conferred with advanced degrees by reputable universities around the world.

            Some schools waive courses and give credits for life experience.
            You don’t think an Aliko Dangote is worthy of an MBA based on his demonstrated success as an entrepreneur? What does any lecturer hope to teach him about business that he does not already know?
            So he can take a couple of theoretical courses or seminars and be qualified to be awarded an MBA.
            In a country that values knowledge, business schools would approach Mr. Dangote with offers to be an Associate Professor to teach business students based on his life experiences in the business world.
            But we aren’t there yet with our people who crave the knowledge and prestige of tertiary education without willing to put in the needed time and rigour to earn it.

          •; B.A; Msc; LL.B; LL.M,


            You are arguing rightly but on a different matter. A university has discretion to award HONORARY
            degree but no university in Nigeria has any discretion to award ACADEMIC degree. The difference
            is that an academic degree is governed by law, after each course is accredited. The university
            statute then directs each department and faculty to assure that minimum requirements for
            graduation are complied with as a matter of law. No university can alter the basis on which
            any of its courses was accredited as ‘standard’, without losing its accreditation in effect.

          • Gary

            And we have had the Vice-Chancellor of the University testify under oath that the Senate of the ABU had validly conferred its degree to Dino Melaye.
            The opportunity to challenge if the student had met the requirements for the degree was before the University granted it.

            Again, I assert that the decision of the University Senate is not subject to a post facto review or challenge by any external body or authority.
            Let anyone aggrieved try to sue ABU for the revocation of the degree and we’ll see the outcome.

          • Karl Imom

            I disagree with your thesis. Students have to fulfill graduation requirements stipulated in the catalogs in the year they were admitted. The catalog constitutes the contract agreement between the school and the students. Students who do NOT fulfill catalog graduation requirements cannot be conferred with university degrees. That is why Dino Melaye’s name is conspicuously missing on the graduation list, and he is also NOT listed on the ABU Alumni list. Before graduating any student, the Registrar of the university crosschecks courses on each student’s transcript against the catalog graduation requirements or department’s graduation requirements, this process is called “Degree Audit”. Students who fail degree audit are removed from the graduation list and notified of their deficiencies. According to Whistle Blowers from Ahmadu Bello University, Degree Audit determined that Dinl Melaye did NOT pass Geography 307 – compulsory requirement that could have been waved by the department.

        • Karl Imom

          Do you think the VC did not receive money to certify Dino’s graduation status?

  • Great Nigeria

    Disgrace!!!! I am sad for the exhaulted Red Chamber. This does not change anything rather it bring the Sanate to a lowest ebb and laughing institution in Nigeria

    • Sword of Damocles

      if all senators would do this (act like this clown), instead of stealing the monies of poor & downtrodden peoples, I would doff my hat for these “market thieves”. So IMO this is the least of the “Hall of Shame & Disgrace”, that this “exalted Red Chamber????” has brought to its self in recent memory, in fact if one thinks for a moment, it is most appropriate. “EXALTED: raised or elevated, as in rank or character; of high station”

      Now does the description above seem appropriate to describe the Nigerian Senate to you? More appropriate would be “Chamber/Den of slimy/smelly thieves” Fini!

  • Gary

    Dino, enough of playing the clown over the storm in a teacup. You have been vindicated as ABU has confirmed that you obtained a valid first degree in Geography. Not that you have seven degrees as you foolishly claimed to rebut the charges.

    Now please go back to your day job as a Senator of the National Assembly of Nigeria with the decorum and dignity expected of the position for the benefit of your constituents and the country.

  • bigboss

    Is this a senator? This is a public disgrace to the ‘hallowed chamber’ of the Senate and the good people of Kogi state. Please let’s open our eyes in 2019.

    • Uzoma

      Well, it takes all sorts to make the world. He is an APC senator and APC is in power. So there isn’t much the rest of us can do about it.

      • bigboss

        The people of Kogi West senatorial district can do something about it if they so desire come 2019.

  • Adijat Saka-Shonde

    Its a shame this man can condescend to this level!

    • Impulse400

      What is a shame about revealing his true level…? The shame is on you, who was earlier deceived. It was obvious from the very start what the nature of his true character was.

      • Haba mallam

        Here we go again with your bullshit, this man is a thug and a rubbish on the senate floor

        • Impulse400

          Mallam, I didn’t type in Hausa hence my post will seem like rubbish to you even if you repeat my point in you own way.


    This is our leader. Are we not happy?

  • Haba mallam

    With academic gown looking like an academic clown, third class in geography you should be a danfo driver not a senator.

    • Haba mallam

      Here we go again with your bullshit, this man is thug and a rubbish in the senate floor.

      • Gary

        But the good people of Kogi State of their own free will elected him as their Senator.

        The people deserve to be governed by a cockroach if they so choose.

        • MilitaryPolice01

          all these yeye cliches you people use all the time, what do you mean by ‘good people’ ? is it the same good people who voted out a seasoned and performing Smart Adeyemi and voted in this clown because he belonged to aay fiii ceee. They will have to manage till 2019 but by then the destruction of INEC would have been complete, so those of you hoping that your votes will count should start thinking

          • Gary

            Okay, since sarcasm is alien to you let me rephrase my comment “the bad people of Kogi State in their foolishness voted for Dino Melaye”. Happy now?

            Civics and political consciousness is an evolutionary process unfortunately. At our current level, our people still sheepishly follow ethnic godfathers who tell which PARTY to vote for, irrespective of the background or integrity of the candidates nominated by that party. Dino Melaye, even if he was a convicted murderer, would have been elected Senator because the people of Kogi State had been told by their political warlord to support the APC.
            For as long as people continue to support parties and not individuals, we would have scoundrels and scumbags elected to represent them.

          • MilitaryPolice01

            no vex my brother,I got your drift wrong .. we dey same boat.

        • Tunji Olarewaju

          My brother, I’m shamed

    • Even the cap he has on is for doctorate degree holders and professors. With ABU, you can wear anything as long as you have been admitted for a Master’s with a third class.

  • Man_Enough

    this kind of jubilation is only appropriate when you are not expecting an outcome. in other words, the confirmation by the VC is a sweet surprise to melaye.

    • Ena Jr.

      You’re right!

    • Allen

      Because he doesn’t know that it’s the department/ faculty that presents the list of graduating students and not the VC.

  • alhaja tunsj soyemi(iya basira

    From the comments here, it appears this Dino thing pains the SW-APC minions more than I imagined!
    Just listen to HYPOCRITES who said buhari can rule with NEPA bill. SO WHY CANT APC MAN DINO MAKE LAWS WITH WATER BILL TOO??
    Oh..because he defied their lord tinubu??
    Dino has always been a thugish rogue. But same e-rats called him a ‘change agent’. Lol!
    Leave Dino alone! He worked hard for APC! He is certainly not worse than other rogues in APC.
    Hope the lagoon won’t be saturated with those e-zombies soon oo!

    • Fairgame

      Well said. Their hypocrisy is nauseating.

  • shittu

    APC don fall for ground…MATCH AM, MATCH AM!

  • Jacky

    Dino Melaye is simply irresponsible. Period!

    • MilitaryPolice01

      Jacky na today you sabi

  • khalil

    Nice one Dino! Don’t mind these haters! Na confirmed APC man you be. Your sins are forgiven. We are all Saints in APC.
    APC! Chanji!!!!

    • Tunji Olarewaju


  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Dino Melaye, is quite one of those fake graduates from ABU or those Northern universities where you purchase university degree-certificates with ease as long as you are ready to pay the fee.
    Okay! how can Dino Melaye, performed NYSC before graduating from ABU? DSS must arrest Dino Melaye, and scrutinize his academic qualifications thoroughly.Listen to his grammatical pronouncement,very, very poor for a university graduate.

  • Agbalagba


    Dino MELAYE: Something cannot be put on nothing

    DINO MELAYE is trying too hard to show he’s a university graduate; but can’t convince a reasonable person.
    Thinking Nigerians hiss and disregard the oral testimony of the Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello university,
    Professor Ibrahim Garba who only orally told a Senate Committee hearing that Dino Melaye graduated
    with 3rd class degree. Thinking Nigerians will never set store by such oral declaration on matter of
    transcripts. There was no transcript put in evidence by the rather reckless Vice Chancellor.
    Therefore his oral testimony has no value other than as PERSONAL OPINION which
    does not, and should never count.

    What’s rather decisive is that Dino Melaye must show his WAEC school certificate result. So far, the newspapers
    which scooped it published that Dino Melaye has only three credits, without passing English or Mathematics at
    the required minimum credit level, hint fraud. By law, no student may be admitted into an accredited university
    in Nigeria without having a credit score in English. The issue the media should now focus upon as dispositive
    is Dino Melaye’s school certificate result. Without his having the required five [5] credits, including
    a minimum credit C6 English, any university degree Dino Melaye claims is null and void, because,
    something cannot be put on nothing.

    • Gary

      Why limit it to Dino if you don’t have mischief at heart?

      I have a better idea: let the Nigerian people subject all our public officials, in all three branches of government, to certificate verification.
      Just like the state and federal governments routinely do to fish out alleged ghost workers and ask pensioners to queue in the sun to prove they are alive before deigning to pay them.

      Oya, let’s fish out “ghost graduates” and those without the requisite qualifications for their current positions in public office.
      You will see how quickly governance will grind to a halt in Nigeria.

      • Public Rekord

        “I do not have my sympathy for Dino Melaye because he is also a master in the art of subterfuge,
        blackmail and crude propaganda. Today, he is a victim of the same method he has adopted over
        the years and I am happy to see the tables turn! I know for a fact that we were admitted together.

        I am aware that he was very active in student political circles, though he attempted to insinuate
        that he was Students Union president to shore up his political profile. Unfortunately, during our
        time, under the reign of Uncle K, (General Kontagora as Sole Administrator) the student Union
        was proscribed, so that claim cannot stick! He lied on that!

        As President of Geography students, I am aware that he (Dino) was impeached. I also know that he
        had fraud related issues with the Kogi State Students Association and Segun Halilu personally had lamented to me about this, then. I remember that he wanted to join the OAU students club then, and
        we blocked his membership, knowing his tendencies to cause confusion and take over the structure
        of the club for personal ends.

        On his status as a graduate, only the records can tell. For all you know, he may have had a few unresolved carry-overs. Knowing Dino, he may have bluffed, paid or manipulated the system
        to ensure those records are obliterated.”

        ………..Abdussobur Salaam

        (Federal University of Agriculture,
        Abeokuta, FUNAAB)

        [March 26th, 2017]

        • Gary

          If what is asserted above has any semblance of truth, then it undermines the validity of the academic programs at ABU.

          Those attacking Dino Melaye’s period and record at ABU are unwittingly destroying the reputation and credibility of ABU as a frontline university in Nigeria.
          Who will read these and want to enroll in a school with this record? I’m glad I did not attend ABU to be smeared by the mess over Dino Melaye.

    • Sadiq Yakubu

      He did a pre degree with 3 credits before passing into a degree course.Majority of you guys are fools.Get your facts before posting rubbish

      • aisha ani

        Dino is that you?

  • Gerald Okoduwa

    Some of those who know about the matter at ABU have debunked the VC’s statement with documented proofs. So Dino’s jubilation is premature. If Dino got a third class degree as such, how did he proceed to do masters as he claimed?

    • Sadiq Yakubu

      Not masters but PGD.Get your facts before posting rubbish

  • Opekete

    The beginning of the end for Melaye. The king or the self styled king has danced naked into the market and there is no going back. Finito

  • Eja

    Well I don’t know about anybody else but I am now convinced that Dineon Malaise is a bona fide graduate. He is wearing an academic gown…what other proof do we need? Anyway, I’m off to buy myself a pilots uniform. I have no training in flying planes but I’m sure that if I can find a uniform that fits, I too can easily fly a plane. Anyone who wishes to be among the passengers on my first flight as pilot should let me know.

  • FreeNigeria

    A monkey will remain a monkey even if taken to Mars and back. Melaye is a thug and will remain a thug just like most members of the useless NASS.

  • rambler

    The only qualification to enter ABU is to be a northerner, which was why he was admitted with only three credits. Moreover, in many northern universities, you can matriculate, go your way and do your business, come back four years later and buy the degree.

    • Sadiq Yakubu

      You are a fool.He was admitted into a pre degree program with 3 credits before he was eventually offered to a degree course.Get your facts before posting rubbish.Mumu

      • wazobia decomposition !!!!!!

        “pre-degree” …….. were did we get that anomaly from?

    • Karl Imom

      Do you need to turn this into a North vs South contest? Petty Swine!!

  • wazobia decomposition !!!!!!

    dino melaye,B.ole (harvard-one week),M.ole(LSE-one week),B.A. ABU (8 years),P.8 waec(3 credits)………

    so what should he be called?

    graduate illiterate,illiterate graduate or P8-graduate ……………..

    • Contact Point

      educated illiterate

  • thusspokez

    Dino Melaye, on Monday appeared in the Senate wearing a purple academic gown.

    What does the Senate procedure say about wearing school costume or gowns to the senate?

    • Republika


      • “In his Senior School Certificate (Wasc) in 1992, his name
      read ‘Melaiye Daniel Jonah O.’ with Melaye being wrongly spelt. In the result,
      he had P8 in English Language, P8 in Mathematics, P8 in Geography, P8 in
      Chemistry, C5 in Christian Religious Knowledge, P7 in Economics, C6 in Biology
      and B3 in Agricultural Science”.

      …….PUNCH newspaper

      (March 25th, 2017)

      • thusspokez

        Well, he was consistent in his marks. You got to give him marks for that!

  • Jana God

    Does Senator Dino Melaye need to mention that he also obtained a honorary PhD from another university as this academic regalia is for PhD graduands, or members of the board of trustees of some university or if a governing body.
    This is unfolding into more and more of a ‘theatre of absurds’
    This is perplexing.

  • Kez Ebed

    This man is suffering from a disease called ‘DINO MELANCHOLY’. it is caused by vicious stranglehold by guilt on an irredeemably depraved conscience.

  • NwaIgbo

    ABU, what is your entry requirement for admission into your university? Does every prospective student to ABU admitted on equal basis? Those from the South are admitted only if they have distinction and those from the North gain admission with 3 credit or less like Dino.Those of us who schooled in Nigeria in the 70’s know what we are talking about. Dino’s case is not new.

  • Allen

    Ok! I get it!! Having awarded him a third class BA Geography degree on Monday , his ccomplice VC friend, unable to wangle his way and get him the ABU academic gown for first degree graduates, lent him his ceremonial academic gown for his convocation ceremony the next day.

  • Adekunle Akindude

    Dino Dino Dino What a mess Is this guy a child or a Senator? Am speechless Why is he wearing a gown worn by post graduate candidates? He is only making a case for his detractors that he never graduated as claimed He is a clown that needs to be locked up and keys thrown in the lagoon Let him show the proof of payments for his bunch of automobile taxes ?

    • Allen

      Oh! You don’t know? He is a professor of the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.