Man who attacked Sowore in Lagos petitions Ambode, wants Sahara Reporters publisher ejected

Omoyele Sowore

Lekan Fatodu, the man who attacked Sahara Reporters publisher, Omoyele Sowore, in Lagos in January, has petitioned Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, asking him to eject Mr. Sowore from his office in the city.

Mr. Fatodu claimed Mr. Sowore has an office in the Ikeja GRA part of the metropolis allegedly being used to commit crimes and disturb the peace of neighbours.

Mr. Sowore has dismissed the allegation as a proxy attack from powerful political interests in Nigeria.

The March 6 petition was written and dispatched by Mr. Fatodu’s legal representatives, J.C. Ifeonu & Co.

A copy was obtained by PREMIUM TIMES.

The petition said Mr. Sowore had allegedly been using the house at 13A Isaac John Street, Ikeja GRA, to coordinate illegal activities.

“We reckon Your Excellency is aware that parts of the consequences of breeding criminality within that choice neighbourhood are a relentless social disturbance, agitation, and protests, which we strongly believe would adversely impact the peace and tranquillity that businesses and residents within the area have been enjoying all this while.

“We humbly urge Your Excellency to swiftly apply your good offices to investigate this complaint with a view to determining culpability and to bringing the full force of the law to bear upon the criminal elements involved in this circumstance,” Mr. Fatodu said.

But Mr. Ambode’s office denied receiving such petition.

“We are not aware of any petition from any Lekan Fatodu,” Habib Haruna, a spokesperson for the governor, told PREMIUM TIMES Thursday night.

This medium however learnt that when Mr. Fatodu tried to submit the petition to Mr. Ambode, he was ignored, and then advised to route his complaints to the police.

The petition came about two months after Mr. Fatodu attacked Mr. Sowore in Lagos and ended up at the police station.

Mr. Sowore told PREMIUM TIMES at the time that he was attacked by Mr. Fatodu and his gang over a report by Sahara Reporters which detailed how Mr. Fatodu was allegedly used as front by former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, to corner public funds through the office of the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki.

But Mr. Fatodu tweeted the same day that he “just got Sowore Omoyele of Saharareporters arrested for criminal defamation and blackmail and threat to my life and career.”

The police confirmed receipt of a petition bordering on criminal defamation from Mr. Fatodu, but summarily released all the parties that evening on the condition that they report back the same day.

When Mr. Sowore arrived at the State Criminal Investigation Department that was handling the matter, the police said they were more interested in “mediation”, asking Mr. Sowore to meet Mr. Fatodu to resolve their differences.

Mr. Sowore refused, saying the police was dishonest in the handling of the case.

Mr. Sowore’s attorney, Femi Falana, said on January 12 that the allegations of threat to life, criminal libel and extortion stated in Mr. Fatodu’s petition were false.

In his petition to Mr. Ambode, Mr. Fatodu admitted the police were yet to complete investigations into the defamation case, but said he was writing to support the governor’s efforts against crimes.

But an official in the governor’s office said Mr. Fatodu should direct his petition to the police.

“What is the business of the governor in the petition about disturbance?” the highly-placed official queried. “He should direct his petition to the police.”

Lagos police spokesman, Olarinde Famous-Cole, told PREMIUM TIMES Thursday night the command was not aware of the latest petition by Mr. Fatodu.

Mr. Sowore said the police had so far failed to file charges against him because it was clear they had no basis to do so.

The publisher dismissed the content of Mr. Fatody’s petition as “a product of wild emotions, feeble attempt at victimhood and willful distortion of facts.”

Mr. Sowore told PREMIUM TIMES the building in question will be used as a civil technology laboratory centre, a project in which SaharaReporters is collaborating with a several civil society organisations.

The publisher said Mr. Fatodu’s petition was part of an orchestrated plot by powerful Nigerian politicians, including Senate President, Bukola Saraki, and Dino Melaye, a senator.

Mr. Sowore said alleged “corrupt activities” of Mr. Saraki and others had become “a staple” on Sahara Reporters in recent weeks.

The platform had published several reports around the activities of Mr. Saraki and Mr. Melaye, including claims that the Senate President drew questionable accommodation allowances from tax papers and also sought to circumvent duties on importation of exotic vehicles.

Sahara Reporters was also responsible for Mr. Melaye’s brewing university degree scandal.

Mr. Saraki’s media aide, Yusuf Olaniyonu, denied Mr. Sowore’s allegations that his principal was sponsoring Mr. Fatodu.

“Outright lie. No iota of truth in it,” Mr. Olaniyonu said in a short message to PREMIUM TIMES Thursday night.

Calls and text messages to Mr. Melaye were neither answered not replied to Thursday night.


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  • Say the truth

    This news item is biased. Premium times woefully failed the test of balancing in news presentation by reporting one sided story without the benefit of reply from Fatodu. The fact that the writer rushed to press without allowing his readers to hear Fatodu’s side shows bias and smacks of professional misconduct. It is clear that this writer depended on ear say or at best the account of what transpired according to Mr Sowore and had believed everything for a fact. It also amounts to blackmail for both Sowore and PT to insinuate that the man is being used by powerful Nigerian.

    • Tijani

      Not only has Premium Times failed woefully, it is clear that their own “highly placed source” imagines that another “powerful nigerian” is as debased and devious as his fake pastorian self. Yemi Osinbajo needs to get a proper job beyond being a spare tyre to a dying dictator to cure him of his obsession with Saraki.

      • Holy truth

        Saraki is a low self-esteem criminal who in no place can never in his life time stand anywhere near professor Yemi osinbajo’s credibility. Professor osibajo is not 4rm a corrupt background like bukola saraki. His father wasn’t a corruptly rich man like bukola saraki’s father who stole pple’s money in his bank to enrich himself & his children in whom bukola saraki inherited fraudulent activities 4rm.
        Professor osinbajo is a very hardworking, God fearing & humble self-made wealthy man. Check his background he is billions miles away 4rm ur principal bukola in terms of credibility. He is not corruptly rich like bukola saraki. I don’t even know why I’m bothering myself comparing a renowned & clean successfull professor to a criminal whom hasn’t in his life done or led anything successfully apart 4rm stealing, looting & forgery. There is just no basis 4 comparison. Bukola saraki is a confirmed thief of d highest order trained by his father olushola saraki another big thief in his corrupt filled lifetime.

        • absam777

          You’ve just wasted your time responding to @Tijani. He is one of Saraki’s hired cyber warriors. All they write is abuse. Nothing of substance. Always ignore him.

          • Kachi Nwago

            what type of article is this running by the premium times, one side story premium times would have contacted mr. Lekan Fatodu to hear his own side…mtschewwww

          • Julius

            Correct..Tijani is a fake moniker and y’all know who that is.

        • Tijani

          Tinubu being the clean person Osinbajo made his money from? Tinubu that had to bowwow 92 thousand naira ticket money to come back to run for Lagos governor? Please spare me your fantasies, Osinbajo was bag man to mafia druglord Tinubu who even bought and built osinbajo’s vgc house. Money laundering crooks

      • Holy truth

        I challenge u to mention just one thing dat bukola saraki has ever done successfully without fraud, stealing & forgery. Then we take it up 4rn there, I’m waiting.

        • JP

          The forgery case was withdrawn by Federal government that means PMB knows that it was a lie. Saraki has not been convicted of fraud nor stealing by any court of law. I wonder where you come to this conclusion ” dat bukola saraki has ever done successfully without fraud, stealing & forgery” I am sure you are not among those guys who are still bitter that their political god-father was defeated inside national assembly almost two years ago and in Ondo state last year

      • otitokoro

        Be serious,Tijani. Spare tire? Professor Yemi Osinbajo is doing more than any Nigerian leader in the past two decades in fostering peace and actually making good things happen to our beloved country.

  • Tijani

    The “highly placed person” being none other than the Fake Pastor Fake Professor Vice President Yemi Osinbajo whose obsessive hatred for the Senate President Saraki has made him not only to concoct false charges in the name of the EFCC to be tabled at the CCT, but also become a strange bedfellow of the false news purveyor and passport forger Omoyele Sowore’s Sahara Reporters. How can Fake Pastor deny an innocent man, Fatode, the peaceful enjoyment of his property because he is protecting the miscreant criminal called Sowore?

    • Maria

      An idiot…that is your father’s name.

    • Ola Adeoye

      I don’t approve someone insulting another’s parent over a comment, like Maria does below, but you brought 85% of this upon yourself.

    • Onye Obosi

      Who is jealous/ afraid or Prof. Yemi Osibanjo’s rising political popularity. Who is loosing sleep, because, the man they once considered a mere secondary school prefect is waxing stronger, and breathing fresh breath into a government that has almost gone dry. Who…….??????????

      • Tijani

        LMAO. Popularity?

  • Holy truth

    It is obvious dat dis fatudu is being sponsored highly corrupt politicians like fani-kayode, bukola saraki & dinosaur mai liar. Fatudu is d criminal here definitely not sowere.
    SR need to do more fact digging investigations about dis criminal called fatudu. Send his details to d anti fraud unit of London metropolitan police to X-ray all his financial dealings in & out of UK. He will be smoked out.

  • Maria

    Melaye in response to his certificate scandal was posting his fake NYSC picture….If Melaye indeed graduated from any university, let him post his certificates….I challenge drug dealer called Melaye to post all his certificates.

    • Ogbeni Leke Olowe

      Melaye posted a picture of his NYSC, funnily he was the only one that was not dress in their outfit, putting on separate attire. Lolz, Dino the crook.

      • Julius

        I saw that too..lolz. Chei !

    • Julius

      lolz, you know he has none. That’s why he is making noise instead of doing what is so easy and simple to do like you said. Na wa oo

  • Sam

    Sowore, watch your back

  • Comfortkay

    Sowore is American Nigerian citizen and if any of our Useless politician do anything against him they will land in trouble with American government.

    • emmanuel

      You think just like Julius and Tundemess – low lives

      • Comfortkay

        Am sorry for you Mumu Olodo.

    • Isreal Odion

      Lols…Real Mumu you be! i am not sure you go school at all…American citizen indeed! better do your investigation about your sowore very so american laws says you can go and commit crime in any other countries? shallow brain!!!

      • Abraham Jide

        i heard he went on asylum then after he succeeded from the attacked by unilag cultist.

        • Comfortkay

          Listen and read your comment Omo Ale.

  • Omoyele Adunni Ade

    Premium times would have contacted Mr. Lekan Fatodu to say his own side. Anyways God dey. Sowore 1st child of the family of 18 from ondo state. Our mumu don do about your fake news ooo…dirty journalism!

    • Ojuolape Adura

      1st child ke!!! from the family of 18? please people tells us where are the other children?… wonder! his dad and mum where are they?..lolzz…poverty upon poverty. i see why he have to blackmail innocent people joined with corrupt ones.

    • Julius

      Humm, you seems to know so much. Are you with Dino ?

  • Julius

    We have so many comedians in this country no be small ooo !! This petition is an errant nonsense that deserve being ignored as reported.

    • aisha ani

      Thank you!

      • Julius

        YW !. I think we might be a facebook friends..lemme check and will let you know. The name sounds familiar. God bless !!

  • Fada4Life

    Dino melaye will not respond since saharareporters is involved, Sowore please expose those fraudulent politicians more. They have murdered sleep hence they will not rest

  • Olajumoke Olabode

    This is serious

    • Segun Abiodun

      Sowore also has a rape case to answer.
      He raped a woman and ran away when performing the mandatory national service.
      Let Sowore also publish his NYSC discharge certificate.
      He was known for blackmailing lecturers at the University of Lagos. That is how he managed to graduate. Through blackmail.
      People in glass houses should not throw stones.