Nigerian govt speaks on fresh attack on citizens in South Africa


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday said the latest fracas in South Africa, in which two Nigerians were involved, was not a xenophobic attack.

The ministry in a statement by its spokesperson, Clement Aduku, in Abuja, said that there was no reported loss of live during the incident.

It expressed concern that the incident came barely few days when both Nigerian and South African Governments successfully proffered solution to xenophobic attacks against foreigners in South Africa.

It said that contrary to media reports, the latest incident was a scuffle that took place on March 14, 2017 in a motor park in Polokwane in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

According to the statement, during the scuffle, two Nigerians were injured, one of who has already been discharged from the hospital and the other receiving treatment.

“The Ministry has received no report of casualty or death of any Nigerian in this latest altercation though some properties were reportedly destroyed in the ensuing escalation.

“From all indications, the recent incident does not constitute xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa,” the ministry said.

It assured that Nigeria’s Acting High Commissioner in South Africa, Martin Cobham, was working in close partnership with the Consul-General in Johannesburg, Godwin Adama, to resolve the issues.

It said that the two envoys were in liaison with the leadership of the Nigerian community and relevant officials of the South African Government to ensure that the situation did not escalate.

“Meanwhile, the ministry calls on the South African authorities to continue to take firm measures to maintain law and order, including the security of lives and property in the country.

“They should ensure that Nigerians and other foreigners in South Africa continue to go about their normal businesses without let or hindrance,” the spokesperson said.

The Nigeria Union in South Africa had said on Tuesday that five Nigerians were attacked in Polokwane, Limpopo Province.

Collin Mgbo, Secretary of the Union in the Province, told the News Agency of Nigeria on telephone from Polokwane that three of the five Nigerians attacked were in critical condition in the hospital.

“I received a call that a Nigerian was attacked at Ivy Park in Polokwane on March 15. I got to the scene and saw that the Nigerian was almost dead, his house was looted and burnt”, he said.

Mr. Mgbo said another Nigerian was also attacked in the same neighbourhood same day and that while he got to the scene, the mob left the wounded man and descended on him.

“They left the wounded Nigerian and faced me. They destroyed my car and I managed to escape and ran to a police station”, he said.

The secretary added that three Nigerians, including the owner of a mechanic’s garage, were attacked at Moledji, near Polokwane.

“Their shops and houses were looted, vandalised and destroyed. The local chapter of the union has reported these attacks to the South African police, Nigerian mission and national secretariat of our union.

“Our national secretariat is on top of the situation. As we speak, three Nigerians in the hospital are in critical condition and I do not know if they will survive because of the severity of the attack”, he said.

Mr. Mgbo urged the Federal Government to persuade its South African counterpart to ensure the safety of Nigerians in their country.



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  • Abdullah Musa

    If you are not needed in South Africa please leave.
    Your government is afraid of South African government.
    Come back home and eat guguru with us.

    • Deansmart

      So what do you expect the government should do other than negotiation which thay have done and still doing ,they can’t go to war with south Africa

  • Abdullah Musa

    The hoodlums of South Africa, likely urged by some politicians are using Nigerians as guinea pigs, to extract their pound of flesh from Zuma.
    Unless we also learn to put the screws on him, his preoccupation will be to appease his internal opponents with Nigerians slaughtered for nothing.
    Negotiations will not achieve the desired results.

    • tk007e

      Nigerians just need to get out of RSA….You need to worry about to “put screws” on leaders of your own country of Nigeria…We are seek and tired of you guys exporting your scum to my country and expecting us to take it! Of course Zuma’s preoccupation is to appease citizens of his own country, of which he is failing miserably, not the Nigerian chalatans…You’ve got a nerve Abdullah!

      • George

        You people will soon feel the same pains. Enjoy yourself for now.

        By the way do you people have a country or the country we Nigerians bought for you people. Animals.

        • tk007e

          Stop dreaming….Stay in your own country and you will be fine…You’re not even our neighbour for pete’s sake!

      • Abdullah Musa

        Sure I have got a nerve.
        South Africans define shopkeepers, garage owners as scum.
        Not to be tried for any crime committed, but to be lynched, houses burned, shops looted.
        The world knows who the real scums are.

        • tk007e

          Scums are people who leave their country and then complain about the people of their host country…Again you got a nerve…The world my foot!

          • Abdullah Musa

            Have it your way.
            But be ready to live in a cocoon then, as you do not own any copyright on the use of violence.

          • tk007e

            Better yet, go back to your country>

          • Abdullah Musa

            I am in my country.
            What business do I have with a country whose leadership and citizens have never heard of rule of law?

          • tk007e

            What a joke…Nigeria is a bastion of lawfulness? You need to have brains your checked. Seriously! You have issues of hallucinations, LOL. Your leaders are such experts on the rule of law? Don’t even make me go there. Your citizens are known to be busy spreading thiefery and criminality all over the globe. Nigeria is a country which is run by hoodlums and psycophants whose sole goal is make an extra Naija at the expense of her pathetically poor populace. Nigeria is the most dysfunctional entity on the face of mother earth. Who do you think you’re kidding? Better thank South Africa for creating jobs for millions of your depraved citizens otherwise the whole thing would have crashed under its own weight of lawlessness and dysfunction long time ago.

          • Abdullah Musa

            You owe Nigerians your independence to us.
            We don’t expect gratitude from you, you seem to be natural ingrates.
            What we expect is that a criminal whether Nigerian or otherwise be tried in Court for crimes.
            But it seems to be that both you and your leadership are lawless.
            We thank you for two things: showing us your true color, and proving that African unity is a mirage.

          • tk007e

            AGAIN….We DON’T owe you anything….Most importantly we don’t have to import your criminals. You need to be concerned with piles of bodies of massacres committed by Nigerians on other Nigerians…We are not going to allow your likes to divert attention from your savagery and bloodletting in your own country and project all your problems on South Africa….By God how far is your country from South Africa…Thousands of kilometres to be exact…Get an occupation and STOP obsessing over South Africa….Nigeria has myriad of very serious problems and South Africa should NOT even make you problem list!….Get a job guy will you!

  • Impulse400

    As usual, our Foreign Affairs Ministry will deny all the detailed reports about what happened to Nigerians. If it was reported that five Nigerians were brutalized, here they are saying it is just two. If the Union of Nigerians report that one of their people who went to investigate the situation was attacked, his car destroyed and him barely escaping with his life to a police station, here is the Foreign Affairs Ministry, defending the South African attack as not being xenophobic but a fracas.

    It is as if the Role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to engage in Amorous relationships or prostitution with officials of Foreign countries.

    Ministry of Prostitutes Oversees.