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  • TruthBeSaid


  • omoba

    One word Poverty

  • Infoezone Infoezone

    We all know the crowd was rented by the government. That’s part the anti corruption fight.

  • George

    This has been Buhari way of life.

    Fake WEAC, fake health, fake country of origin, fake wife from Cameroon, fake children without DNA test.

    Tinubu how market. Sorrowful people. And I heard cat has cut off Bakare Tunde tongue and that of birds hunter son WOLE SOYINKA.

    • Acting Citizen of Nigeria

      Which reminds me, Soyinka was supposed to run away from US and destroy his green card since January 20th. But it seems he has ran away from Nigeria and destroyed his Nigerian passport instead. Abeg anyone that sees him should tell him that I dey hail o.

      I so loved (and still does) that man and his talents. How, in 2015, he openly supported for Nigerian presidency, a reclusive old man who represents everything in contrast to himself, remains one of the greatest tragic flaws I’ve seen in a hero. Soyinka is one of the people that gave us this man! Sad.

      • AryLoyds

        Soyinka and Tuface have done a runner!

  • Tunde

    Wow! Horrible people! Why won’t we have horrible leaders! Ah! Naija? Why are you like this! Why won’t you have corrupt leaders when you yourself are corrupt! May God deliver us from ourselves Ah Naija!

  • stanejike

    How can this government claim to be prosecuting anti corruption war sef? Just because Amnesty International has given some unfavourable human rights reports against them! Must they now shame themselves by corrupting poor citizens with meagre 1k to protest under the sun in the name of NGO! APC, pls help Nigerian image, please!

  • This is the culture of media lynching that the ex acting EFCC chairman Mallam Magu and his ‘Oga’ had festered in the last 2 yrs. Media lynching of Amnesty international has failed. We call on the President to nominate a new EFCC chairman.

    • Sword of Damocles

      Huh?? what is one to make of this gibberish? Boy we are in trouble ohh, CHAI!! and you are here in the States? You must get laughed at every time you open ur mouth, hahahaha well done…..

    • Henry Soribe

      The Presidency knew and aided this protest so it not about Magu, the police that stop Tu face from protesting against the Govt didn’t see anything wrong with this protest, we are a shame to the international community, The world is seeing this Administration in the real colour of oppression against the truth

      • These protests are media lynchings of AI and it’s no different from media lynchings of political opposition in the last 2 yrs championed by Magu. I stand corrected.

  • Adele Uhuru

    Nigeria is going down the toilet under this current administration- it seems corruption is more severe now than ever embued by the need to force its agenda on Nigeria and the international community by any means necessary

  • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

    Apc is a formidable fraud and an axis of evil.
    By the time they finish with Nigeria, Nigerians shall live to regret the lack of vigilance and the error of judgment that allowed Buhari and his lying agents to take over Nigeria.

  • Otile

    Ifa Orunmila, why have you done this to your omo, why have you exposed your children to this shame? See that Yoruba woman sharing money to blackmail Amnesty Internal thereby covering up the crimes Imam Buhari’s goons are committing in ND and Zaria. Ifa give Yorubas commonsense, Imam has led them astray.

  • thusspokez

    Anti-Amnesty International protesters caught sharing money

    This evidence proves what I had been saying all along on this website, that the protesters are hired mobs. Put a trace on the woman in the photo and she will probably lead you to the doorstep of the Nigerian army or Nigerian police or both.

  • alhaja tunsj soyemi(iya basira

    This is APC’s Conditional-Cash-Transfer I guess?
    The sad thing is it doesn’t even look up to the N5K promised!
    Ahahahahahaha! Nigerians, una neva see anytin yet!
    A-fee-C, ONE CHANCE!

    • share Idea


  • donMe$$i

    I thought APC women belong to the kitchen and other room?
    This must be PDP women wing!
    DiaRiss God oooO!

  • donMe$$i

    I can see tundemess and Kay soyemi on the queue..pretending to be females.
    Bad Ass cross dressers!

  • share Idea

    If APC could spend this kind of money for just protest against AI, only good knows what they would do for 2109 presidential campaign. Nigeria we hail thee

  • adeade

    Many of the protesters shouldn’t really be blamed.. Led have a look at this scenario where a protesters who sells food stuffs can have stuffs to sell again due to the economic recession.. and a friend tells her to close the shop and they protest for five hours and collect 2000. Do you think she won’t go and protest??? It is well with my country..

  • ukoette ibekwe

    I should believe that a journalist took these pictures and I’m wondering, what did the journalist did with an opportunity to confront this shameful act of paying people to protest against an organization that is trying to expose the excesses of government and it’s agencies.