Netherlands, UK, U.S., others seek involvement in Nigerian govt’s discussion with oil communities

FILE PHOTO: Acting President Osinbajo speaking at the Niger Delta town-hall stakeholder's meeting in Rivers State. 13th Feb 2017. Photo: Novo Isioro.

The governments of six Western countries and the European Union have indicated their willingness to be involved in the ongoing discussion the federal government is having with oil producing communities.

The governments of the Netherlands, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and the United States through their embassy officials indicated this at a meeting with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Friday.

This was made known in a statement by Mr. Osinbajo’s office on Friday.

The statement also indicated the Buhari administration’s commitment to resolve the crises in the oil producing areas.

Read the full statement below.

While past leadership and governance failures explain the worrying conditions of Nigerians in the oil-producing communities, the people still deserve a fair deal, according to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

Mr. Osinbajo said this was the position of President Muhammadu Buhari and it is the reason the administration is now advocating a New Vision for the people of the Niger Delta. He spoke earlier on Friday at the Presidential Villa while chairing an inter-ministerial follow-up meeting with relevant government ministries, departments and agencies involved in the Niger Delta.

“The President believes the people of the Niger Delta deserve justice, and for me also it is a very important point,” the vice president stated adding that the state of the region and the suffering of the people does not reflect the fact that “it is the resource base of the country.”

Continuing, he said “in-spite of the past leadership failure, the Niger Delta people deserved a fair deal.”

The Vice President told the inter-ministerial team that includes ministers and others MDA heads that the meeting is to ensure that “we are faithful to the promises and the spirit of the presidential engagements with the people of the Niger Delta.”

In attendance at the meeting were the Niger Delta Affairs Minister, Usani Usani, Petroleum Resources Minister of State, Ibe Kachikwu and the Environment Minister of State, Ibrahim Jubril. Others include the Presidential Adviser on Amnesty Programme Paul Boroh, and the Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, Nsima Ekere.

All the ministers and officials made presentations about the next steps in the process, especially on how to effectively meet the commitments and deliver the promises made by the Federal Government during the interactive engagement tours led by the Vice President.

In his presentation, the Minister of State for Environment disclosed that the ministry has now fully engaged the Ogoni Clean-Up Project Coordinator, Marvin Dekil, himself an indigene of Ogoni. Besides, he also revealed that potential contractors have been visiting the site to demonstrate available and suitable technology to be used for the Clean-Up.

Later the Vice President also received a delegation of western diplomats from countries involved in the oil industry in Nigeria. The delegation was led by the Dutch Envoy in Nigeria, Ambassador John Groffen, and included Ambassadors, High Commissioners or their deputies from United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, United States and the European Union.

The Vice President told the diplomats that the idea of the interactive engagements with the oil-producing communities resulted from President Muhammadu Buhari after he met with leaders from the region last November.

He added that the Buhari presidency is therefore working on how to make a positive and long-lasting impact in the region in a way that transforms the lives of the people from the “treasure trove of Nigeria.”

The Vice President then added that the federal government will welcome the partnership and support of the western countries in that effort.

Speaking on behalf of the delegation, Mr. Groffen said the countries represented at the meeting would like to stay involved in the dialogue, while commending the approach of the Buhari administration in the matter.


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  • Haba Mallam

    wanders should never end, so now we have share governance of Nigeria with Netherlands, UK and USA, Colonialism 101

    • ukoette ibekwe

      No, it’s because of the stupidity of the present government. The North has fed fat on the resources of the Niger Delta. The have produced the most billionaires and millionaires for stealing Niger Delta resources in the name of one Nigeria yet are too dumb to realize that there will continue to be agitation as long as the North continues to latch onto Niger Delta resources.

      • Haba mallam

        Ibekwe you’re one of those stupors people who blame others for their failures and will continue to fail, northern states have billionaires and millionaires because they are industrious oil or no oil the north has always had highest number of wealthy people through commerce while the south has the highest number rich people though looting and stealing their people money, 13 % deprivation yet nothing to show for it , they use people like you to burst our pipelines, you’re done my friend zip it or ship out

        • Otile

          You sure sound like a lunatic. Parasitism plus lunacy lead disaster. Are you going to indulge in your habitual cliche of creek monkey? Beri mutum wanan shashasha.

        • ukoette ibekwe

          What do you mean by zip it or ship out. Isn’t it ironical that a chadian, Nigerian, or a Malian like you is telling me to ship out? If it wasn’t for the porous or non existent borders up north, how would a foreign herdman Tek me to zip it or ship out.

          • Abe Lawrence

            Lol Very funny response!! You turned the whole argument to comic relief

  • PolyGon2013

    We don’t need their involvement. They will undermine the efforts of FG. Oil companies from these countries are responsible for polluting ND.

    • Otile

      Without their involvement parasites will continue to rob the people of Niger Delta of their God-given crude oil.

      • jide

        you are really really dumb, so you trust western countries?? what did usa invade iraq for again?? please remind me?? mumu boy

        • Julius

          Now, y’all know why I called him a dumb ass . That bigoted rant is always his contribution to any topic. Don’t expect any answer , he is too dumb to know .

  • Frank Bassey

    I am now more convinced than ever that these useless economic migrant Western nations are responsible for creating terrorism in Nigeria. Agents of retrogression and unrepentant imperialists! That is what they are. Evil countries and enemies of progress! I have said it before that none of these countries ever give you $10m to fund a scientific research lab or to finance a manufacturing or industrial plant in any African country. NEVER! All they care about is to STEAL natural resources here are there and prosper their home counties. This is why they always support the dumbest of the dumbest of the clueless brainless men as Presidents in Africa.

    Anyone who stands in their way of eternal imperialism in Africa is frustrated from all angles – if not with economic sanctions (e.g., Mugabe) then it will be arms sale sanctions (e.g., Jonathan). But the same crooked countries willingly sell arms to terrorists which they brand ‘Moderate’ terrorists.

    These beggars (US, UK, France, Italy etc) must know that the Niger Delta countries are watching with keen interest and will never forfeit their birth right (Natural resources) for a plate of porridge. Never! If they dare, they shall regret. Enough is enough. And b the way, we are not ‘Niger Delta communities’. We are Niger Delta countries or Niger Delta Region. How can you call a region 9 times the size of Norway a community? How can you call a region with population more than Austria, Norway, Sweden & Israel put together as a “community”? God punish all of una!

    • Gwazy

      i used to rant like this till i realized only nigerians can save nigeria.

    • yinka hamZat

      Yes,I agree with you.its time for us to wake up from our slumber.westerners are not our friend and they will never be,all they want is to be in control of our wealth.WAKE UP NIGERIANS

  • Destiny

    These Colonialists will never stop. And we have a clueless dumb president who does not even understand the dynamics of governance. Imagine foreign countries demanding they be involved. Shame! Why can’t Nigerian government send these countries out of Nigeria? Are Nigerians so dull that they can’t learn the technology to explore and drill their own oil 100%? Why must our useless leaders continue to mortgage the destiny of Nigerians? Why must Shell BP or Royal Ducth Shell be in Nigeria for over 50 years and Nigerians are still unable to prospect and drill oil by themselves? Would this have happened had Biafran been a sovereign state? Wouldn’t the Igbo man drill, refine and sell his oil by himself?

    • El Patron

      While I agree with your broad point I can’t help but call out your hypocrisy. Where were you when NDA was bombing pipelines and writing letters to these same countries to come and intervene and prevail the Nigerian govt to give them what they want

    • Rommel

      And how well did president Jonathan that was sharp develop the Niger delta? crude oil is today in Igbo lands,why ain’t the Igbo man drilling and refining the crude oil found in Imo,Abia and I even hear Anambra and Enugu even after many sought and were granted licenses to own private modular refineries, sometimes,before we speak,we gotta think before doing that

      • mday

        Your people have been holding them down through your diabolical and fraudulent one Nigeria.
        Let them go and you will see the results in as little as five years!

      • Domingos

        “Why can’t Nigerian government send these countries out of Nigeria? Are Nigerians so dull that they can’t learn the technology to explore and drill their own oil 100%? Why must our useless leaders continue to mortgage the destiny of Nigerians? Why must Shell BP or Royal Ducth Shell be in Nigeria for over 50 years and Nigerians are still unable to prospect and drill oil by themselves? Would this have happened had Biafran been a sovereign state? Wouldn’t the Igbo man drill, refine and sell his oil by himself?” – @Destiny

        …how does ur comment counteract his very straightforward comment/argument? Rather than come to terms with the reality of the pervasive myopic and pedestrian style of our so called leaders, you chose to blame Professor Jonathan. It has no other name, it is called mumudity. Willful mumudity i.e., mumudity by choice.

  • paul irumundomon

    the only places they are interested is in the oil sector. they do not care if Nigeria burn to ashes.

  • Sarah

    There could be a positive outcome from the involvement of our foreign friends. Our government needs to be very clear and firm about the minimum beneficial outcomes their for involvement.
    The Niger Delta should learn from the past. The British Colonialists saw educated southerners as rebellious radicals so they aligned with less educated but compliant northerners. The result is the current system where northerners and foreigners control most of the Niger Delta’s oil wealth.
    It is time for the region to show our foreign friends how they will be better partners than the North.

    • Julius

      Let’s be honest with ourselves, the question must also be asked of the governors and the leaders of those states. They are worst than our foreign friends.. as you put it. Those governors and leaders are mostly millionaires while the majority of the citizens are living in an abject poverty. Imagine mama piss saying she has $15 millions in the bank for her raining days medical bill…in abroad mind you but, cant explain how she came about the money. Guess who were on the street demonstrating in her support ..same poor folks she stole the money from. A convicted thief came home to a jubilation by same people. It’s a never ending stories of what they are doing to themselves while blaming even the unborn children of the other tribes. They should look in the mirror.

      • Guest

        Call it Mama piss Health Savings Account(HSA), what is wrong with that Julius? Lol…

        • Julius

          lolz, you are right…for herself and her family only . Those mumu supporting her don’t have a health clinic anywhere near or within their communities ..No be so ?

  • AryLoyds

    The only solution is restructuring. Too much parasites are paranoid and are fixated on niger delta oil. The parasites know themselves.

    • okenwa

      Hausa fulani can sign any document to ensure they continue to drink biafran oil. See how they are all jumping in.

      • Julius

        So, SS be baifraud land now ?…lolz

        • okenwa

          Before you dont know.

          • Julius

            No, I didn’t know. I don’t think I’m alone though. You might want to let them know as well unless you are panning to do what Ojukwu did, invade them again. Good luck buddy !

  • Abdullah Musa

    And while Nigerians and ‘Niger Delta countries’ are hurling insults to one another, the white man will surely have his way with natural resources.
    I laugh at the person who alludes at white man’s collusion with illiterate northerners.
    If Wike and Fayose are examples of educated people I would prefer being stark illiterate.
    And were you to control the oil is it not white, or yellow men you would rely upon to purchase and they pay you with dry gin?

    • Rommel

      Ayo Fayose has same upbringing and level of education with a certain legendary individual called Otunba Ishola Oyenusi,a hardened armed robber who used to terrorize Nigeria many years ago

      • Abdullah Musa

        And Rommel knows how to separate the chaff from the grain.

    • mday

      Let them pay with arid gin, that is none if your concern. Now you listen, “we the people of Niger delta are better off with the whites. At least they don’t slaughter in the name Allah!

      • Abdullah Musa

        It is more honorable to be killed in the Name of Allah than due to white man’s greed.
        All killings taking place globally have white men as either sponsors or executors.
        It would have been none of my business were you not described as Nigerians, with representation in National Assembly.
        A word of advice: build your hopes on something more reliable than oil.

  • obiora

    Thank Mr Osibanjo but it is too late.Allow Niger Delta people to take care of themselves.You are talking as if they are incapable. Nigeria going Going —-Gone. Niger Delta people did not trust Your Government.

  • John A

    Niger Delta Affairs Minister, Usani Usani, now how on earth will there be peace in the delta region when a minister of Niger Delta affair is from the north?

    • kayode Olufade

      Mr Usani Uguru Usani was born on the 27th January 1961 in Nko, Yakuur Local Govt of Cross Rivers state. He served as a commissioner for youth and sports in cross rivers state. The man is not a northerner nor is he a Muslim as he is Pastor. I understand the name sounds confusing but it shows how fast we are quick to judge a book by its cover especially when it comes down to ethnicity and religion.

      • John A

        Thanks for the enlightenment, but i think both parents are from northern extraction.

  • Daniel

    It is a good development.

    Those countries have oil companies in the communities that are directly affected by oil pollution .

    It is better to engage them than a parasitic Fulani oligarchy that holds on to ‘One Nigeria’ because of crude oil.

    They must go back to their groundnut pyramids and develop themselves.

    This internal colonialism has expiry date and pretty soon shall cease to exist.

    We are not one country.

    No sentiments !

  • ita ekpo

    This is the work of British thinking they can divide biafrans. This people should be asked where they are upon the killing of the indigence by the government. So because they are in need of oil they are coming in group to talk about it. So they want you people to continue slavery forever. This people in their land what they can not do they are coming to our land to cause trouble. The want their thing to work in order. Because we are africa they don’t want us to grow. What is this people concern to come to talk to oil community about. Why should this be their matter. So african they still want to come and tell us what the owner have decided on their oil to do. Since Nigeria freedom from British no government or party ever listen to this people. Is APC party is the only government in Nigeria where outside people come to tell them what to do. As their rule in nigeria fail in their hand. Generation of Niger delta the future is in your hand. If you people let a white man in form of Lord lugguard to come and trick you to direction is not best to you. You have yourself to blame. Why they did not come to confront government for the life of your people been wasted by APC government and other past government. Makeu una open una ears to see this evil plot how the white people are. You see how they value oil than your live.

  • Wise Word

    How can the economic migrants refer to the Niger Delta as “Communities”? This is provocative. The Niger Delta is not a community. I can now understand why Delta State had no airport for over 40 years after its oil & gas resources were available for the Environmental terrorists – Shell, Chevron & Co to steal. Apart from the airports in Port HarCourt, Calabar & Benin the Nigerian govt never built any airports in the region. Whereas, barren deserts like Sokoto, Bauchi, Bornu, Kano, Yola, Kebbi etc in the North all had airports built with the monies from the Niger Delta region. DO you think we do not know? Do you think the Niger Delta people will allow this to continue?…and by extension, do you think the Biafran people will allow this nonsense to even start, given that they too now have oil everywhere in the Igbo east? Brace up for violent agitations, except you restructure. Wise word!