Again, Senate rejects Magu as EFCC Chairman

Magu Arriving the National Assembly

The Senate has again rejected the nomination of Ibrahim Magu as the substantive chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, after the State Security Service, SSS, reaffirmed its position that the nominee lacks integrity to lead the country’s anti-corruption agency.

Mr. Magu was rejected on Wednesday, after appearance before the Senate for his confirmation hearing during which Dino Melaye raised the SSS report dated March 14.

“In the light of the foregoing, Magu has failed the integrity test and will eventually constitute a liability to the anti-corruption stand of the current government,” the SSS report, read by Mr. Melaye, stated.

Although Mr. Magu had answered to the satisfaction of lawmakers earlier questions he was asked, senators challenged his suitability given the report against him by the SSS.

Mr. Magu questioned the credibility of the SSS which he said dispatched two reports on him with varying contents same day.

“What do you say about credibility of that agency?” he queried.

PREMIUM TIMES had in December reported how the SSS had earlier submitted two contradictory reports, one approving Mr. Magu’s confirmation and the other asking he be rejected.

The Senate had then rejected Mr. Magu’s confirmation based on the report critical of him.

Details later…


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  • Watch man

    Yes! I guess the SSS Director is bent on making sure Magu is not confirmed.

    • Victoria

      What do you expect when most senators are corrupt and lead by corrupt senate president. I think president should appoint Ribadu as efcc chair to deal with them.

  • T-Rex

    Na wao o

  • Kenechi Casmir

    Corruption in DSS…Buhari beware ooo

    • Pp

      Magu is not qualified to be EFCC boss let him go back to the police force. he believes in fighting corruption on our enemies arrest them keep them in detention while we start looking for evidence what a useless man.

  • dudu

    I blame Mr President for this shoddiness.

  • Haba mallam

    What a nonsense Buhari has failed to secure a confirmation for Magu after defeating a sitting president and having the majority in both houses of Congress, shame on oyegun and his APC apes

  • Doffi Atoshi

    Some former governors and criminals are fighting back through DSS!

    • Acting Citizen of Nigeria

      Daura’s DSS or another DSS? You people are so easily decieved by any noise that’s sounds like corruption. The real corruption is going on while they’re deceiving Nigeria with “paitin kwarapsion”!

  • Haba mallam

    I have reasons to believe Saraki is behind this, how can the Senate President not know that a presidential nominee from the same party will be rejected based on recommendations of the Sarakis ally the thug in the Senate Dino maleye? This is his way of getting back at the presidency for his corruption trivial. Well let’s see what the president will do. Surrender to them or fight them. Wallahi sometimes I missed Obasanjo.

  • Olako Okafor Rex


  • tundemash

    No shaking, continue in your acting capacity !

  • Mr Truth

    The war against corruption in Nigeria would be a mere dream if Magu is not confirmed. Mr President should destroy
    the seed of evil against Magu’s confirmation, or it will grow up to ruin APC in 2019.

  • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

    Sentiment apart, magu lacks integrity to continue with his games, lies and falsehoods with propaganda as EFCC cezar. How can a confirmed Beelzebub successfully fight demons.
    Nigeria needs an intelligent, sincere, independent minded and untainted anti corruption leader who shall be bold enough to to do his job without recourse to tribalism,partisan, ethnic and religious bigotry.
    Magu indeed is a huge failure on those counts .
    Any anticorruption leader that ignores the likes of Obj, tinubu, fayemi, amaechi, fashola, elrufai, tambuwal etc and still pretends to be fighting corruption is himself a big fraud. Let’s be sincere for once.

    • Okokondem

      Who would you rather have appointed for the position? Clearly you have no confidence in him for some reason, which in Nigeria could mean he has probed or is likely to probe one of your benefactors.

      • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

        It was in Lagos that I saw a thief being pursued turn round and started shouting Ole Ole Ole, against innocent people going on their own.
        I sometimes wonder why criminals like you evil supporters of this axis of evil party called Apc, will always behave like the Lagos thief by calling innocent people Ole Ole just to cover the nefarious looting of Nigeria that you guys are presently doing.
        I have a template for the war against corruption which I have published in various fora s, but because what these guys are doing is a grand deception, they will never agree to a holistic fight against corruption that must surely expose their hypocrisy. A holistic war against corruption shall most certainly rope in rogues like you guys who are mocking Nigerians for their lack diligence in discovering the fraud that you guys are into while posturing war against corruption as your smokescreen to deceive the unwary.

  • Noble

    BAAAM!!! There is nothing surprising about Senate denial of Maggu. The next thing is for PMB to use his veto power.

    • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

      Buhari can not use veto power on issues as this, otherwise he will be romancing with impeachment proceedings.

    • Athos P. Aramis

      Veto power?
      Is magu an Executive Bill????
      Now I understand the problem of most APC minions..IGNORANCE!

  • Emmanuel

    The Malami Committee cleared Magu. There is a simple Act that needs to be resolved; did the AGF “cooked” the report or Corruption is “Mightier” than the government?

  • Okokondem

    From time to time in various countries around the world, you see crowds assemble to fight for one issue or the other. Does it really mean no cause is valued vital enough to get Nigerians to stand up to agitate. Who do Nigerians expect would fight the fight for them on issues that affect their lives?

    If there’s a consensus that Magu’s approach to fighting corruption is yielding results, doesn’t it stand to reason the people, Nigerians should fight to get him confirmed? Do Nigerians honestly believe they have no constructive role to play in their own affairs other than make passing comments at best?

    • Acting Citizen of Nigeria

      Trash! Yielding results like finding bags of mint naira notes (without names or details with which it was loaded on the plane) at Kaduna airport, just few hours before he was to appear before the senate? You think that the source of that money is any other place but from EFCC to make people like you believe he’s working?

      Please wake up.

      • Okokondem

        Alright, let’s go with your premise that no Nigerian has the integrity to do the job as czar of EFCC. What are you prepared to do as a Nigerian to fight the scourge of corruption? Casting aspersions as the only thing Nigerians do best will not bring an end to corruption.

        • Acting Citizen of Nigeria

          Please show me a line in my submission that says, or even suggests “…no Nigerian has the integrity to do the job as czar of EFCC…”, as you’ve written here as my “premise”. Look, you people must stop these nonsense that you people are doing on social media, making careless people believe that only Hausa/Fulanis are saints. This is how we ended up with this present predicament in Aso rock. There are more than 50 million people that are cleaner and can do the job better than Magu.

          I hear about paid e-rats, and I’m tempted to believe that anyone who goes around reposting the idea, the way you do, that only Magu can head EFCC is a paid e-rat. What if Senate confirmed him today and (God forbids) he died tomorrow in an accident; are you saying EFCC would be scrapped the day after, or would never have a chairperson again?

          In fact, how old are you?

      • Dom Ugo

        My thought Bro!!

  • musa aliero

    Anybody who watched the confirmation screening knows magu is less than qualified for the post both intellectually and psychologically! His answers are vague and dull a man who doesn’t know about the rampant corruption going on In the EFCC, that his men raided mans house, took his land documents, only for the man to find out days later that the EFCC are trying to sell off his lands illegally to make money! This is the height of corruption and intimidation. And me magu claims he doesn’t know about it! I am sure we have better people than this man, pls bring them forth!

    • Okokondem

      Point well taken, everyone in the country is tainted in one way or another. But we still need someone to occupy that position as the chief of EFCC. Who would you recommend?

      • musa aliero

        Let them bring back ribadu or sometimes the people that do the best jobs are not the popular well known individuals! It could be a quite officer within EFCC or elsewhere.

  • onos

    Hmmmmmmmmmm who no no go no!

  • aghogho oboh

    So if you had to two contradictory reports, what do you do? Shouldn’t they step aside and query the DSS on the origins of both documents.Over and over, he responded to the allegations against him, in my opinion, his testimony had no hanky panky. This senate going down in history as one of the most reckless bunches of elected officials in Nigeria’s history

  • bashkano

    With EFCC’s ongoing successes in tracking down huge amount of monies, which can never be said to be legitimate earnings of those behind them, one is conveniently inclined to believe that the anti-graft Agency is gradually winning the war against corruption in Nigeria.. Whoever is heading the Agency must therefore be taken to be a very serious person. There is no perfection with all human settings, hence, Mr.. Magu being human, can never be expected to be immune to reproach. He must have committed one sin or another just like any one of us could have done. Notwithstanding all these, Mr. Magu has, at least, proved himself outwardly a practicable personality worthy of leading EFCC. Unless the public is made to know clearly what Magu’s crimes are to warrant his disqualification to head EFCC, many insinuations will never cease to be made by curious observers of the Nigerian politics. Refusal to confirm Mr. Magu by the Senate is indeed one refusal too many.

  • Athos P. Aramis

    Hey..wait for minute guys!
    This is happening in an APC DOMINATED senate??
    Why are the APC minions wailing here?
    No be una vote dem???
    I dey laff ooooO!

  • alhaja tunsj soyemi(iya basira

    The only reason the e-zombies hate saraki/senate so much is because he defied their lord tinubu to become SP.
    They pretend to hate Saraki because he is corrupt. Yet make all sorts of STUP1D excuses when the corruption issues have to do with the grasscutters and owners of properties in dubai!
    Magu went after Saraki and the CCB was set on him NOT because he is corrupt..but because he ‘outsmarted’ certain powers to become SP.
    Pikin wey say him mama no go sleep….


  • Okokondem

    Everyone has made an appearance here this morning to make a passing reference or comment regarding this development and in their mind they have performed a civic duty, a contribution to the fight against the albatross that is corruption that has consumed our country. Well that is not true. Participation in democracy doesn’t end with casting a vote or simply voicing an opinion. Sometimes you have to do what works, what other people in other countries have and continue to do when misrepresented.

  • Abidilagungun

    This is embarrassing. The DSS is run by a certain Daura, who is Buhari’s man and Magu is Buhari’s nominee! This government confounds me

  • thusspokez

    I am sorry to say, but Magu is not very smart. About a year ago, I advised him on another Nigerian website to take a leaf from J Edgar Hoover ‘persuasion techniques’ to get his way around difficult politicians. Very few Nigerians politicians do not have skeleton in their cupboards, and the EFCC has dossier on most on them — enough dirt to destroy them. But Magu chose to play gentlemen even when he could clearly see that his opponents are playing dirty games with him.