El-Rufai is training militia, he’s after me – Apostle Suleman

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai

The Omega Fire Ministries has accused Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, of masterminding the recent series of allegations of infidelity against its General Overseer, Johnson Suleman.

The spokesman of OFM and Mr. Suleman’s communications manager, Phrank Shaibu, in a statement on Tuesday, said that facts and available intelligence incontrovertibly point to the Kaduna governor as the mastermind of the allegations.

According to him, Mr. El-Rufai decided to sponsor the allegations as a strategy to silence Mr. Suleman (popularly known as Apostle Suleman) and to take revenge for the latter’s famed audacity of standing against the persecution and killing of Christians in Southern Kaduna.

“It is clear that Mallam Nasir El-Rufai is the mastermind of these allegations. The masquerade has been unveiled and is now dancing naked in the market Square. We don’t need to look any further for the source of the smoke,” he stated.

Mr. El-Rufai did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In his statement, Mr. Shaibu contended that apart from the initial suspicion by the church that Mr. El-Rufai may be behind the plot, the latest revelation by a woman who identified herself as Queen Esther, who claimed to be a former usher at the Omega Fire Ministries, convinced them the Kaduna governor was sponsoring the myriad of allegations against Mr. Suleman.

“When Festus Keyamo in his first letter to our pastor made allusion to Fulani herdsmen, we dismissed it as a coincidence. Then intelligence revealed that some persons are lodged in a hotel being trained on how to clone Apostle’s voice and crop videos,” Mr. Shaibu said.

“The first question that crossed our mind was who was paying the bills, especially the huge media blitz that has trailed the spurious allegations. We did not have to wait for long before El-Rufai exposed himself. Indeed, he could not wait for long before coming out of the closet”, he revealed.

The spokesman wondered why Ms. Esther, who declined to reveal her real identity, should give as a condition that the Kaduna State Government must guarantee her safety if the governor had no hand in the plot.

“Why is the said Queen Esther asking for protection from the Kaduna State government. Is the government now the police or the Department of State Services (DSS)? Why did she not mention any other state? Is it not obvious that she is telling us what her sponsors are willing for Nigerians to know?” he asked.

Mr. Shaibu argued that it was more than a coincidence that these allegations are coming up no soon after the preacher had an altercation with the same Kaduna State Government over the persecution and killing of Christians in Southern Kaduna.

He urged the security agencies, particularly the State Security Service, to investigate Mr. El-Rufai’s involvement in the unfolding saga, particularly the possibility that he may be harbouring a private militia.


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  • tundemash

    What a cl0wn ! The fake “apostle” floated a fake name Queen Esther last week to justify this latest scam he has put out. Was it also Elrufai that bought a car, registered it in “apostle”‘s name and gave it to Daniella, the Nollywood actress ? Was it Elrufai that tool Ms Otobo to Italy and gave over the tithes and offerings for a round of sex ?
    If fake “apostle” feels anyone is threatening his life, he should report it to the police as he reported Ms Otobo to the police without informing us first hand anyway.

    • Uzoma John

      Well said bro. Fools listening to the devil himself. No reasonable person will have time for this rogue called Suleiman.

    • Julius

      Aptly stated !!

    • Analyst

      His official name is not “Apostle” Johnson Suleman but Johnson Suleman. Your official name is not Mr. Tunde Mash but Tunde Mash – though this is your fake name. Your Passport don’t hear Mr., Bishop, Apostle etc. Any car registration will only carry your official name.

      Investigation show that, Suleman’s haters produced fake passport with “Apostle” Johnson Suleman which doesn’t exist, gave the actress the car last year after registering it with the fake name. They were building up data to smear Suleman. Otobo was given the name of Daniella to give the media by her sponsor. Few days later brought out to fake car registration. Daniella is now surprise as she never knew it was a set up. Nigerians should use their brain.

      • tundemash

        ha ! ha !! ha !!! Randy “Apostle” Suleman, is that you ?????? ha ! ha !!! What a defence .

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      The man is a shame and disgrace to the body of Christ in Nigeria.

      Those who defend Mr. Suleman and other pastorpreneurs of his type do not believe in Christ, but in the worship of money.

  • adekenny

    Pastor suleman is a deceit! Murderer and hypocrite! Thank GOD the atrocities he has committed are being exposed gradually! Don’t be surprised for more revelations are coming!

  • Mama Kay

    This “man of God” who preaches that he can save people should save himself now from the militia being trained by El Rafai. After all, he conducts miracles everyday in his church and the crusades he conducts.

    I am still waiting for these miracle workers to go and heal all the disabled people begging on our streets.

  • Bashir Danyaro

    Funny and Laughable ! You will continue to descend down until you come clean and accept your sins before you can see any salvation from the Lord. Your cup is full ! So adding more can’t reduce the content inside the cup, but can add more dishonor to your person. You a only digging out more dirty sins you have committed ! Stage managed things can’t save you, Mr. Johnson SULEMAN !!! All people of conscience can easily see through your tissues of made up lies to depend yourself against what you have done !!!

  • Ali A-ly

    if El-Rufai wants to impress me ba, he should take this clown to court on these allegations

  • Olu

    It is becoming clearer that the so called apostle sulaiman is may not be innocent at all. every reasonable person will in no time see that the queen esther is connected to sulaiman, the fake queen story is sponsored one, no wonder. his cup is full.

  • Victor

    Toto lover. You are getting desperate bro. Come clean and confess your sins before it’s too late

  • Ali A-ly

    So the prostitute was part of the Militia abi?

    • tundemash

      Na so we see am o !



    So many false prophecies (Biblical standard for identifying a false “Apostle/Prophet”) …… and …. incomplete answers to claims and allegations made by Stephanie Otobo.

    For instance Ms Stephanie Otobo claimed that “Apostle” Johnson Suleiman transferred money at various times to her UBA Plc Bank Account …… true or false ?

    All this talk about El Rufai is rather too cheap and does not answer to the sexual sins of “Apostle” Johnson Suleiman.

    • tundemash

      Somehow you have not been taking your “kaikai” since this randy pastor story broke and you are somehow sane. I will advise you stay away from it henceforth!

      • Uzoma John

        I don die for laugh o. My colleagues are asking me why I’m laughing out loud. I beg, Tunde no make Oyinbo comot me for work o.

  • Ola

    HELP…….the Pastor has gone MAD again, now he is beginning to see VISION of people wanting to kill him.
    Should he be afraid to die for what he believes in , if he is a TRUE man of GOD?

    • Neo

      It’s even more bewildering that you up voted your silly comment!!! Can it be insanity?

  • Neo

    From day 1, we saw the Kaduna little man’s fingerprints all over the place. The ethnic chauvinist, religious bigot and Islamic jihadist has failed woefully!!!

    • Frank

      Neo the gullible.Continue defending the indefensible.

    • Julius

      Smdh! you are incurable.You too will be exposed soon.

    • Mikky

      Hey! but I thought the Apostle predicted the death of the same governor?

    • tundemash

      Mor0n, your mini-god said you, his mumu followers, should stop commenting as he obviously know you guys can’t think ?
      The fraudster who pronounced a death judgment on gv. elrufai last year is now scared of common ‘militia’ ? Where is his power over lie and death ? Did he give that to Ms Otobo and Daniella aside your regular tithes and offering he hands over to them ?

    • Danladee

      Please use your brain. The so-called Queen Esther is hired by the church to change the narration of the whole saga. Esther has been couched to mention “Kaduna State Government” to divert attention. Why is ‘Esther’ afraid of presenting herself or her photograph if truly she wants to ‘expose’ the ‘Apostle’?

    • Ngozi Ngozi

      What proof has he presented to back up his claim? Apostle suleman should go and pick his clothes where he had his bath! All the while he was busy giving her money to change her stripping life, we didn’t not hear about el Rufai, now that he has been caught in the act, instead of owning up and asking for forgiveness, if it’s not marine kingdom, it is el Rufai, he said he keyamu doesn’t retract his claims he will sue them for 1billion naira, its over seven days! Another one was that Stephanie will confess after 24hrs should I remind u it’s over 72hrs? Since that distraction didn’t work, now he’s back with this! In all this he hasn’t filed any lawsuit oooo, but he’s on social media posting rubbish!

  • Julius

    lol, the old playbook…distraction !!!. No, fake pastor, your own shadow is following you. The judgement day is coming .

  • Keen Observer

    Dear commentators, what informed us now that Apostle Johnson Suleiman is a Cheat, Murderer, Liar, Dubious etc. etc.?
    And what in our right senses triggered us to resolved that Ms. Stephanie Otobo & Queen Esther (The Accusers) are the SAINTS that you guys should believe? Open questions for us to sit back & think about…!
    So if we have 2 options presented before us (A Preacher & A circular Singer which has been acclaimed by many media as stripper / prostitute). And we are asked to choose between the 2 of these: Just like Jesus Christ when the Roman King PONTIUS PILATE presented Jesus Christ & the 2 Thieves before the public. To choose who to crucify & who to set free. What did the Bible say? The people shouted …..J-e-s-u-s…, J-e-s-u-s…..Crucify Him…Crucify Him….Crucify Him…….!
    What really has Jesus Christ done wrong to the crowd that shouted Crucify Him….??? The crowd that He has healed, the crowd that He has defended, the crowd that He has assisted etc has turned around to shout …A-w-a-y with Jesus…Crucify Him, Crucify Him ..Crucify. They Choose a THIEF instead of a SAVIOUR. Who will you chose for the benefits of doubt? Suleiman Johnson or Stephanie Otobo / Queen Esther? Your answer is up to you to defend.
    That is what we’re currently repeating in this world of Evil, Jealousy & Strong Hatred. I’m not saying Apostle Suleiman Johnson is Innocent but why not lets quietly wait as we monitor how the events unfold, for the TRUTH will definitely be revealed. That is where I’m coming from.

    • tundemash

      All this rant just to shore up the sagging integrity of your randy”apostle”? By the way, has same “apostle” not told his mumu followers to stop commenting on the issue ??

      • Keen Observer

        Commenting on the issue will not make any difference from what the issue really is. Let the Apostle & his accusers go to the court of law to sort themselves out with evidences. Your anger & hauling insults on any of these alleged offenders will solve NOTHING. After all no one is held guilty until evidence before the court proved him/her guilty. Tundemash or whatever you call yourself cannot judge neither the Apostle nor the Accusers, let the court do it’s job..!

        • tundemash

          So ask the randy man to go sue his “blackmailers” instead of his daily fake press releases. Direct your advice to your mini-god.

    • pworld

      You say El rufai will died. We are yet to see him died. El rufia challenge you to tell him the day he ll die if you are truelly the man of God but up till now you fail to mentioned it. How can someone you claimed is dead be after you? If you ate truelly a man of God why are u affraif of the short devil u are accusing

      • Bakanridi

        Excellent!You have said it all.

    • Absolutely Sane

      How does your biblical example relate to the case of Suleiman? Every evidences presented by those mistresses are obviously straightforward to convince the public of who the so called apostle truly his. I believe all the balderdash he saying here is just to explore the poor thinking state of some Nigerians and to cover up is bad deeds. Why can’t he stand up against this ladies in court to prove his innocence? Forget all this your ranting and save your questions for JAMB and WAEC. You may like to include NECO sha.

      • Base Okonjo

        Since he is guilty as said by so called Mistresses what is now your headache? If u are a member of his church pls change to another one

  • realist

    Personally, Suleiman is guilty of the offence, because we now have two solid eye witnesses- 1. Otobo 2. Queen ester. God word says by 2 or 3 witnesses the truth will be established.

  • Allwell

    No comments, waiting for the truth at the end.

  • FreeNigeria

    I hope he gets you and burn you to ashes, fake Apostle, womanizer, hypocrite

  • tundemash

    Bro Kay, most people’s problems aren’t spiritual if only they can think a bit out of the box. If the “GEJ FOREVER” guy can just demand for a retrieval of his destiny looted and some given to this randy “apostle”, maybe it might not be too late for him really.

  • Man_Enough

    Ms otobo has given facts and figures. please disprove those facts and figures instead of beating about the bush.

  • tundemash

    To clean up ! lol!

  • Bakanridi

    Mr So called man of God, you should stop dragging our Governor into your infidelity saga.You should face the allegations made against you by your former mistress. I believe the Canadian based stripper is not a Hausa/Fulani; as such concentrate on how to clear your name, if it is possible.

  • Dan maikoko

    Pastor Suleiman should know that his reputation is all that he has as such he must take all the allegations seriously. Debunk them and clear your name who ever is behind the allegation is irrelevant take your case to the courts and get a ruling.