Disarm all herdsmen, Reps tell Nigerian govt.

House of Reps

The House of Representatives on Tuesday Called on the Federal Government to urgently constitute a presidential task force to disarm all herdsmen in Buruku Federal Constituency, other parts of Benue State and throughout the Federal republic of Nigeria.

This was contained in a motion jointly sponsored by the Benue State caucus in the House of Representatives.

Speaking on behalf of the lawmakers, the Chairman, Rules and Business, Orker Jev (APC), lamented that communities in Buruku local government area of Benue State, especially Binev Council ward, was invaded by “armed and strange herdsmen”.

“The herdsmen destroyed farms, plundered yam barns and looted houses deserted by innocent and armless villagers,” Mr. Orker said.

Mr. Orker said the marauding herdsmen started indiscriminate attacks and killings on Saturday around the communities of BerAwuna, Dogo, Ortese – Mbashian, Tse Igyu, Tse Gebe, Anbighir, Tse Iwa, Gbaikyo, Agudu, Nyorum,Shonto and Abuku in three major kindred of Mbade, Mbagoho, Mbashian, Mbaboor and Wuav of Benue State.

He further stated that the violent attacks continued unabated without any intervention from any security agency throughout that Saturday, and said 20 people were killed by the armed herdsmen, out of which 10 bodies have so far been recovered and deposited at the local government.

“We are worried that these strange herdsmen are heavily armed with sophisticated weapons, seem to be operating or supported by a killer squad of mercenaries that arrived the communities on Friday night on motorcycles and unleashed the mayhem the following day,” Mr Orker added.

The Binev Council ward lies on the Bank of River Katsina – Ala in Buruku local government area with mass water bodies and large portions of fadama lands suitable for rice farming and aquatic life.

Most residents of Buruku are farmers and fishermen.

The lawmakers urged the National Emergency management Agency (NEMA) to send food and relief materials to the affected communities.

The lawmakers also resolved to summon all heads of security agencies to brief the house on their efforts so far to curb the excesses of the herdsmen.

The deputy speaker, Yusuf Lasun, who presided, mandated the Committees on Special Duties and Police Affairs to ensure the implementation of the resolution.


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  • John A

    Disarm the bloodthirsty fulani herdsmen or armed the rest of the people, so they can easily defend themselves against these cave men.

  • Chris Anyanwu

    They were waiting for their master to return before they strike as usual without anybody doing anything & it’s going to get worse & those who do not understand the stratagem will continue to be fooled by their explaining the continuous attacks away in the name of cowsmen- farmers clash. People wake up. Benue will continue to be the hotbed of these incessant attacks as it is considered the gateway to the East

  • Marshal Johnson

    The herdsmen would have long been disarmed or shot at on sight by soldiers if they belonged to any other group that isn’t Fulani.
    Since they are Fulani people, Buhari will not disarm them. Didn’t Buhari say they were Libyans at some point? So Libyans have right to carry AK47 around in Nigeria?

    • ayomi

      We may need to stone our reps if they fold on this issue

  • Jaspa Matanga

    This is most disgusting. What type of Government will arm people from a section of its population and allow them to slaughter other citizens to satisfy ethnic jingoism.

  • Senator D

    Are this guys just waking up? Every Politician in Nigeria MUST be forced to collect minimum wages let’s see if Nigeria will NOT become better…

  • Gary

    Instead of going after their ethnic herdsmen to disarm them, the DSS under Daura is instead on a campaign to disarm the victims of genocide.

    They have made a public spectacle of arresting Ex-Governor of Benue Suswam and the Senator representing Southern Kaduna for having guns in their possession. Middle Belt Christian leaders, including General Joshua Dogonyaro have been quizzed by the DSS for their fundraising efforts to rebuild the destroyed churches and homes in the region.
    Meanwhile, the emboldened herdsmen militia continue their rampage and pressing southwards in search of grazing lands.

  • Otile

    Nobody can disarm them. For one thing those armed Fulani herdsmen are rearing the cattle for emirs, top Fulani military officers, and chief Imams. Who arms the marauding Fulanis in the first place? Do you think the haggard Fulani herdsmen own the cattle? As time goes on non-moslems of Benue Plateau state will be wiped out.

  • ayomi

    At last, these reps are hearing the lamentations of the people they represent. It is a start and pressure must be put on them to make this happen

  • AryLoyds

    To disarm all herdsmen is like telling Buhari to to walk naked in eagles square.

  • ukoette ibekwe

    Nigerians are so inept. The purpose of have representatives from different segments of the society is primarily to have every segment in the process of charting good governance but in Nigeria it seems like the representatives think that they are there to represent their specific constituencies only. The case of these Tiv representatives is a case in point. They were quiet when herdsmen murdered hundreds in agatu simply because it was an idoma speaking area. The hundreds murdered in southern Kaduna, they kept quiet. Now the caliphate soldiers are grouping in Tiv areas, the representatives have decided to join the chorus. It’s unfortunate, that the choir will be tuned out by the security agencies and the President because it the plan of the APC as led by Buhari to annihilate those who are not Muslims/Fulanis.

  • Senator D

    Imam Bubu is back… Let the invasion kwontinue…

    • FirecloudOFGOD

      Food for thought!

    • AryLoyds

      Buhari is a fulnai muslim warlord!

  • AryLoyds

    Mallam , leave delta oil alone , blood is thicker than oil , with all the oil blocks in fulani hands , they still is so much poverty in the north.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    After the lull of the last few weeks, another round of Jihad is on the way!

    This whole issue of “foreign Fulani Herdsmen” ramping farmlands is a carefully coordinated attempt between those who wish to bring about famine in Nigeria by plundering the farms and stocks of food, disruption of family life as you know and those who wish to establish a caliphate and Sharia law. As wild as it sounds, I can assure you that it is the sole objective of these armed ‘civilians’ that can go about armed publicly despite the prevailing laws of our country that says you must register all arms!

    This law is coming rather late!

  • Gary

    Ask him o. If NDA is going around Nigeria killing people and trying to seize territory.

    That is how the dunces in and out of government have tried to draw moral equivalence between the legitimate agitation for resource control in the Niger Delta with the mindless Jihad to create an Islamic Caliphate in the North.

    They want to enjoy the benefits of oil money and gas for electricity while the indigenes of the despoiled region live in poverty and beg for crumbs from those stealing their resources.

    Now Fayemi says the Buhari regime will partner with states to mine solid minerals all over the country. But Niger Delta oil and gas belongs to everybody. Una dey try.

  • Gary

    Which Police, under Idris as IGP? How many of the marauders have been arrested and attacks foiled even when the Police were present in Benue and Southern Kaduna?

    Even Stevie Wonder can see evidence of collusion between officialdom in the security services and the hit-and-run attacks of the Fulani herdsmen milita.
    The Police only show up in time to stop reprisal attacks and disarm the victims from protecting themselves.

    • Augustine

      ⛔ No need to counter your points, I wont waste my precious time quoting news reports that prove you wrong
      ⛔ Reason is, I know you as one of the internet trolls jumping all over internet spreading anti-government campaign for the election losers and corrupt treasury losers that pay you to work for them, everything FG does is bad, thats what you are paid to say

  • emmanuel

    When we ask that Nigeria be splitted, Benue people keeps quiet and would rather be used by Foolanis to drum ‘the unity of Nigeria is sacrosant’. What a pity.
    They have not seen anything yet, they will clean you out soon and take over your state.
    Which stu**d caucus? David Mark was senate President and we begged him to do the needful, end cattle grazing. The mumu got busy enjoying loots.
    Do they expect the patron of the herdsmen to stop them? no.
    PT delete my comment because it is hate speech.
    But you report the hate hate killings and publish miyetti Allahs leaders comment when they justify why they killed in a community – shame!
    Nigeria will collapse on all of us and by then you would wish you publish the cries for restraint by the foolanis.

  • emmanuel

    Danladi or Umar, shut your gworo mouth. Your tribesmen evil will not continue forever. buhari has started upon his arrival.
    If God gave him the privilege of returning for his men to resume mauling down Nigerians, then he is an ingrate and deserve to return to London on permanent basis

  • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

    It is a shame that this is the type of effective security of Nigeria that Buhari promised during his campaigns, what baffles me is the manner in which some Nigerians are trying to justify this evil because they thought that they are now enjoying political patronage from Buhari. What a shame that Nigerians are murdered in cold blood in their homes by an invading terrorists and yet we have a government. Buhari is a big let down to those that voted him into power.

    • emmanuel

      Benue people wanted Buhari by all means and they are getting the reward of their indiscretion. Audu Ogbeh told Nigerians that they received five million tubers of yam as donation for Buhari’s election.
      But now, all the Yam farms are destroyed by Buharis men and the owners killed.
      I give thumbs up to them.
      Gemade, Akume, Ortom, etc. enjoy your armed robbers allowance while your people are hacked down. But someday, when the villagers are all gone, it would be the turn of rumaging your mansions to get a share of your wealth. yeye people

  • real

    it is very sad that when this happened in the SE, their lawmakers were too busy looting. Now this has happened in benue, their lawmakers have quickly push a vote to demand the federal government do something. This kind of problem would not be solve until we have state police. Each state can then deal with this terrorist as they please. what is the military doing, the police, civil defense, DSS. we have a large number of security forces and yet this kind of killing is happening.
    The lawmakers should immediately pass a law banning all herdsmen from carrying any kind of weapon. Then they need to get the police, civil defense and other security unit to immediately disarm any herdsmen found with a weapon.

  • Buhari d scarecrow.

    Buhari is just a pig that is d bottom line.

  • AryLoyds

    You again 🙂 The northern elites can not remove their hands from the cookie jar. Just look at how delta oil has made the northern elites wealthy.They should go back to farming and cattle rearing. Greedy lot.

  • AryLoyds

    Hide that your mumbo jumbo , so why are the fulani herdsmen killing and taking peoples land ? The hate your ethnic group create will last generations to come.