What we discussed with Buhari — Saraki, Dogara

President Muhammadu Buhari (Middle) with Senate President, Bukola Saraki (left) and Speaker, House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara (right)

The president of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, said they visited President Muhammadu Buhari to discuss matters of “national interest”.

The leaders of the National Assembly met with the president behind close doors for 40 minutes.

Mr. Saraki told State House correspondents that the president “engaged them very well”.

He said they specifically “came to discuss issues and activities of the National Assembly during the absence of the president”.

Mr. Saraki said the meeting centred on the “budget, the economy, CBN, Euro bond, the issue of the ambassadorial list, the stability in the Niger Delta, and a whole range of issues”.

Mr. Saraki said the Senate has a target to pass the 2017 budget this month.

On his perception of the president’s state of health, the senate president said Mr. Buhari met with them for 40 minutes, adding “I was not talking to myself.? He is doing very well, we discussed issues of national interest”.

On his part, Mr. Dogara said they were not at the villa to assess the president’s health.

He said the journalists who are always there surely knew the president was doing well.

On the relationship between the executive and legislature, Mr. Dogara said it was not in the place of the legislature to fight the executive.

“We fight on issues but mostly issues of national interest. We fight on behalf of the people for the purpose of progress.

“There is one government and no division. If he fails, we all fail, so it is in realisation of this that we always extend the needed support to ensure that he succeeds, so that the government will be rated as a success,” he said.


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  • D a n g o t e-C e m e n t-P r


  • Poilitical Observa

    Premium Times Editor,

    Two blind mice: Bukola Saraki & Yakubu Dogara

    Not once since 2015 has Bukola Saraki seized popular imagination with thought
    process, unlike in other countries where the Senate president is putatively the
    alternative voice of wisdom to the national president’s of the country. But in Nigeria,
    Bukola Saraki, as Senate president, is so empty-headed, crass and vacuous that he
    spews platitude and nonsense. Anyone who’s not read anything Bukola Saraki ever
    uttered for want of thought is better for it. Bukola Saraki does irritate intelligent people
    with his mordant ignorance, besides that he stinks of frauds and thefts.

    Ditto, the Speaker of the Nigerian Speaker of the House of
    Representatives, Mr. Dogara, who’s mucked up by financial scandals
    reported as breaking news in the past months, that he looks more like a
    financial criminal than the equivalent of Congressional Speaker in America –
    who is a leading intellectual light of his Republican party on tax and health
    reforms in the United States. Whereas, in Nigeria, because of the politics of
    thefts there, the worst thieves float to the top like flotsam and jetsam, whilst
    clean and honest men – imbued with intellectual clarity of thought – are further
    made to sink by an illiterate electorate which un-erringly vote in utter ignorance
    for this continuous rule of thieves in Nigeria.

    • Okokondem

      You said better than I would. Ever wondered why the allegations of what they have artfully coined ‘budget padding’ against Dogara and others never received a deserved sustained attention and scrutiny in the media. In your erudite opinion do you think average Nigerians do enough to fight back system malfeasance in the government, and if not, what would you suggest?

  • Okokondem

    Most of civilization report to work wearing what would suggest they are indeed ready to work, but in Nigeria our people come to ‘work’ adorned in what can only be described as a ceremonial attire, no wonder the country has failed to move forward in 50 plus years.

    Just look at these three men, compare them to their counterparts in South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, the list goes on. On the other hand, their mode of dressing reminds you of people like late Mommah Gaddafi, Yayah Jameh, go figure.

  • FreeNigeria

    Mr. Saraki said the meeting centred on the “budget, the economy, CBN, Euro bond, the issue of the ambassadorial list, the stability in the Niger Delta, and a whole range of issues”.all of these serious issues in 40 minutes. vagabonds

  • Julius

    Otile didn’t believe they met with President Buhari. He said Buhari was dead almost a month ago. When Mr. intellectual speaks, morons like him listen and they believe him.

  • Okokondem

    In our system of government laws are passed, and existing ones are changed or amended through legislative process in the national assembly. My understanding is there is a department or agency in the government that is responsible for setting salaries and remuneration for all civil servants, including those at the highest echelon such as the executive branch and members of the legislature.

    It is no longer a secret that members of the legislature have for the past several years abandoned that salary structure and instead legislated for their benefit salaries and allowances that not only do not comport with the law but in fact is the largest anywhere in the world.

    The dilemma is how does the country bring these outrageous salaries and allowances back to earth when it is not in the interest of the legislators to pass legislation to achieve that. Is that the end of the story, are we stuck with these salaries and security allowances that not only rob us all but also insults our collective intelligence, or is there a recourse? And this is the basis of my posit.

    To the legal minds in this forum, does the Nigerian constitution make provisions for using a referendum (plebiscite) as a recourse to address some legal issues such as deciding or regulating salary structures for the national assembly?

    I honestly believe that it is in the country’s best interest, short and long term, to reign in this runaway salary package the legislators have bequeathed themselves. Denying them this gravy train will incentives them to do everything possible to deny everyone else an opportunity to defraud.